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Posted in: Germany's past and present ties with Yasukuni shrine uncomfortable for some See in context

So Germany of all countries is going to examine a Japanese shrine and sit in condemnation of Japan? Really have you got to be kidding me.....

Yubaru The Geneva conventions as we know them today were not formed until 1949. Before that the league of nations was a joke to begin with. There are no real rules in war to be honest. While it did suck for people who were help prisoner by the Japanese imperial army they were following a code of ethics that believed to die in battle is better than being taken alive. Japan more than paid a heavy price, more than any other nation honestly paid in WWII except for Russia. More on the Geneva conventions can be found here http://www.britannica.com/event/Geneva-Conventions. I am not comfortable with Germany being a moral judge for anyone during WWII, they started a genocide that they are still funding to this day and they were assisted by the population of most of Europe who is also funding groups in the middle east that want to finish was hitler started.

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Posted in: Survivor recalls life in internment camp for Japanese-Americans See in context

America did in fact in the 1980's issue a government apology for that and compensated people for all the lost land and monies etc..... America today is not the same America yesterday....

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat: Hiroshima A-bombing should never be repeated See in context

@Yamashi no American thinks there should be more nuclear weapons used on people. What attitudes do you see Americans having towards Japanese? All the Americans I know love Japan honestly... Dont be that person. Talk to Americans and ask them... They will talk to you honestly... Do not talk to English Teachers and assume they Are American... a lot are not.

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Posted in: Japan PM calls for probe into WikiLeaks claims of US spying See in context

Something also tells me that Abe is gonna get a lot more compromise from America (obummer) than he was before... It's wise to keep political capital than to spend it all at once stirring up a public mess...

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Posted in: Man tries to rob pachinko parlor See in context

When I lived in Fussa someone did rob a pachinko parlor and got away with 200k worth of yen or 20 million yen

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Posted in: Temp workers: Helping or hurting Japan’s future? See in context

Lets not also forget that part time in Japan is 40 ~ 50 hours a week also... Also if a Japanese person does not pay into the social security portion of the Japanese system for enough years they do not get to collect benefits when they reach retirement age.... So I am sure the government is looking at all this part time work crap as a way to save money for the national budget in the future to boot...

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Posted in: 5 interview questions employers in Japan are no longer allowed to ask See in context

Now a days Japanese companies do not do the lifetime employment like they used to. And women get asked a lot of crappy questions honestly...

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Posted in: Okinawan governor, Suga to continue talks on U.S. base relocation See in context

The Japanese government wants the US bases to stay in Japan so they do not have to spend nearly as much on their own defense. This has allowed Japan to spend a lot more money on things like healthcare and social programs. The Japanese government would have to change the defense treaties with America to reduce the number of US forces in Japan, otherwise the US is obligated to keep so much capability in Japan to honor the defense agreement. If the US pulled all its troops out of Okinawa the Japanese SSDF would just move in. Okinawa is strategically located in the ocean it will always have a military presence from some country or from its own forces.

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

The same Chinese government that starved tens of millions of its own people during their revolution really cares about the civilians who dies during WWII? I doubt that. It's been 70 years and they have to keep spiking a football when they did not score any touchdowns, its childish and immature...

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Posted in: Is Japan a good place to raise children? See in context

Western public education also molds students in to automatons that blindly vote the way the educators want and are actually kept very ignorant about most real subjects. Mostly social engineering to be honest. Japan is a great place to raise your kids. Most foreigners should be able to get a good job in Japan unless they have no college or an unmarketable degree... Japan is really safe compared to most other places for kids. They seem to have a lot more educations programs for kids. Teletubbies and other cartoons of that ilk are just babysitting a person's kid for them without adding any benefit to anyone's life.

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Posted in: Donald Trump is a superhero – but not in a good way See in context

Blah blah blah, the people who write crap like this story would be writing equally bad things about the top polling Republican no matter who it is. They always say the same things... Its not original.... To call ANYONE a bad racist after this administration has whipped up race wars over the last 6 years is laughable...

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Posted in: Docomo to collaborate on 5G with five additional vendors See in context

Why bother with more speed to the phone. Will they increase the data caps? People are just going to use their limited data on their unlimited data plans faster....

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Posted in: Suspected Jewish extremists burn Palestinian child to death See in context

Where are the articles and the global condemnation when islamic extremists murder many people in Israel? The Israelies did not celebrate this criminals actions either.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

Americans living in Japan dont really pay US income taxes.... But I do know that all nations, even friendly ones do spy on each other. The spying on allies usually does not endanger national security

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Posted in: Morrissey claims sex assault at US airport security See in context

Dude the TSA strip searches infants, little boys and little girls and their "normal" procedures for patting down is more invasive than being molested...

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Posted in: China envoy warns Japan not to backtrack on WW2 remorse See in context

So why does Germany get to be released from their WWII restrictions in 1995 but Japan never can? What makes Japan so different from Germany today and during WWII? What China wants is for all its neighbors to be defenseless so they can win any conflict without having to fire any shots....

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Posted in: Philippine top court orders gov't to defend Japan drills See in context

The PI Government asked Japan for participation. This is a court case from a wacko fringe group in the country

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Posted in: Disavowed by party leaders, Trump has supporters cheering See in context

America does have a serious problem with having too many illegal aliens and not even knowing where a lot of them are really from... No other country on earth would tolerate 12 ~ 17 million illegals living in their country.... some of whom are encouraged by politicians to vote even though its illegal.... bah

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Posted in: Gov't to allow more flights over Tokyo as Haneda slots increase See in context

I think it will be better for the economy of Japan to get more tourists into Japan... Plane tickets never really significantly change in price... Baring world changing events like 9/11

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to end U.S. production See in context

The only plant with UAW unions working and the only Japanese car company to shut down totally.... hmmmm...

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

Are there even any people in America who asked for this or demanded this? I mean yeah maybe if those veterans are still alive but what will this accomplish? Someone who did nothing wrong in their entire lives are going to apologize for something they could not prevent. Then the next generation wants an apology and money... then the next and the next and the next. If you think this sounds crazy there are people in America who want money and apologies for things that happened over a hundred and fifty years ago... trust me these idiots will never stop once you show them what they do works...

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Posted in: Japan interested in joining NATO missile consortium See in context

Well Aly, maybe non Japanese citizens should not be telling Japanese people what they should do, how they should be nicer, how they need more immigration, and who they need to vote for.... unlike western countries which cling to suicidal policies the Japanese do not...

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Posted in: Honda to pay $25 mil to settle U.S. discrimination claims See in context

250 dollars more over the entire loan of the car? That's an interest rate increase of .01 I would bet that like 5 percent more minorities got the extra 200 dollar shaft... Why would a Japanese owned car company stick it to Asians in America with discriminatory interest rake hikes of .01 or .005 percent.... This is just blatant redistribution of wealth. Did Honda post good profits because our Justice Department has fined every single multinational company for various reasons after they post good profits...

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Posted in: Father of bullied boy who killed himself files criminal complaint See in context

Hold parents accountable. Usually the kids are not much different than their parents anyways. My son was respectful and nice at age 3. Its not impossible if you start young...

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Posted in: Pope asks pardon for church's crimes against indigenous people See in context

Maybe I did jump the gun, I apologize.... But almost 100 percent of the world was barbaric at those times.... Today we will be judged in a similar matter in a few hundred years....

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Posted in: Only half of Mount Fuji climbers paying voluntary fee See in context

Well my son is Japanese so I want everything kept so he can enjoy it with his kids so I am biased... People just breathing and walking affects the place in large numbers... can not avoid it but can help repair it once they leave....

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Posted in: Japanese should take heed of Greece's woes See in context


Do you understand that Japanese people and companies spend lifetimes and hundreds of years saving money? Japanese banks also do not work like banks in most other countries.... try again buddy...

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Posted in: Pope asks pardon for church's crimes against indigenous people See in context

Jimizo so only Christianity was barbaric? I think you are ignoring a lot of history there... the whole world was barbaric at that time... but hey right details, they dont matter to propagandists and historical revisionists...

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Posted in: South Sudan promises probe into claims girls raped, burnt alive See in context

When will Sudan make slave trading illegal? I would just like to know because in my country that made slaver illegal like over a hundred years ago the nation of Sudan is still selling slaves and no one gives them shit but I get shit....


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Posted in: Iran now pushes for an end to arms embargo in nuclear deal See in context

interesting to bring up Israel when talking about Iran like that, it bellies what you really think. Of course Iran wants its arms embargo lifted when it can sell all of its oil, they have terrorists to equip in Israel and other parts of the world. The US will cave. They have not because if they do the other nations will probably pull out of the deal all together. Iran is most certainly seeking nuclear weapons and their religious leaders have given sermons about using nuclear weapons on Israel and how islam would benefit from it... they are saying exactly what they want and what they will do just like nazi germany did.....

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