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YuuuuESSSS Pinkey!!!!

The Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun shall rise again!!!

I can already hear Kimigura.

Btw, the red sun was off center both before and during WW2 as well.

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One of the first observations I made during my first year in Japan was how dangerous the environment was; no guard rails, open storm drain trenches, valve handles sticking up in the middle of sidewalks, no safety rails on the edges of train platforms, lack of sidewalks on major roads, etc.

Then I realized that in Japan the idea is personal responsibility; not to have some paternalistic, big brother government try to keep you 100% safe during your every waking moment.

Yes, there are no safety rails on train platforms. The solution; make train platforms as safe as possible spending an ungodly amount of money in the process? Or make people responsible for their own safety, use good judgement and stay far enough away from the edge to avoid death in the event of an accident?

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In a region of the planet where underage sex and prostitution have gone hand-in-hand for thousands of years just how successfull do you think the imposition of western morality will be?

By western standards it's reprehensible for children to be sold for sex acts. Yet most western countries have active and very lucrative human trafficing venues that specialize in underage sex partners.

So, take a good long look at what's going on in your home nations before you bash Japan too much.

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