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I am Sam comments

Posted in: Trump believes N Korea will denuclearize; says he gave up nothing See in context

give it some time - the kinetic options will always exist but before that you gotta give peace & diplomacy a chance

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Posted in: Aso ridicules N Korean leader's plane See in context

Lol....I like this guy...

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Posted in: Associates shocked at arrest of suspect in 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

Absolutely tragic, beyond comprehension - prayers for the little girl and her family and friends from California.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to move rapidly on trade deal: Hagerty See in context


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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 37th year to new record low See in context

Make Love Not War! Seriously, we need more babies.

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Posted in: Moon tells Abe he'll raise Japanese abductee issue in N Korea summit See in context

Sincerely hope that one day soon all families of the abducted and families separated the 38th parallel on the peninsula are able to find comfort in the arms of their loved ones. And for those who have passed - I hope the families will find solace in the memories of their loved ones.

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Posted in: Man charged with libel for hate speech against Koreans See in context

No matter what your political beliefs - targeting children outside of schools is just out of bounds.

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Posted in: Abe asks Moon to visit Japan before inter-Korean summit See in context

to much drama... give the guy a call and see...much ado about nothing

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Posted in: China to hit U.S. soybeans, cars, planes with retaliatory tariffs See in context

Too much doom & gloom reading these comments. Firms and businesses like candlestick & wheelbarrow makers of centuries past go bust - producers innovative & invest in new opportunities and life goes on.

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Posted in: Gov't demands dismissal of forced sterilization damages claim See in context

Absolutely shameless of the government. Good luck to the victims.

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Posted in: Many Japanese travel to Philippines to study English See in context

Dont worry about accents when learning English or be self conscious of yours. Most people don’t care as long as you’re able to communicate & express yourself.

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Posted in: S Korean president lashes Japan over wartime use of 'comfort women' See in context

Moon is just gaslighting.

There’s a lot of discontent among the South Korea conservatives after the liberal Moon bear hugged the leaders of the jung un regime, paid millions for them to stay at 5 star hotels, and the international notoriety of SK athletes’ bullying of their teammates at the Winter Olympics.

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Posted in: Facebook faces big challenge to prevent future U.S. election meddling See in context

If Facebook doesn’t do better job of implementing a process to better recognize & filter out foreign propaganda and continue to haphazardly commoditize our private information & personal photos without fully notifying the users

Facebook will become tomorrow’s America Online, AIM, Myspace, Windows Messenger, Netscape, webcrawler, Lycos, explorer, Napster etc...

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Posted in: Lots of talk, little action in Congress after shootings See in context

The gun lobby and their moneyed politicians ( ie Paul Ryan over $ 300k from NRA) having been telling us that we don’t need more gun control reforms, we just need enforce the existing laws on the books.

It’s put or shut up - the right wing control every branch of the Federal govt and majority of the states’ governorships. If these mass murder events continue to happen under their watch, we need to start pointing fingers at the leaders who are failing to enforce existing gun laws!

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Posted in: In Olympic corner of Asia, web of relationships is complex See in context

Despite the complex and at times, tense, relationships in NE Asia, most of the countries in the region became global economic & cultural powers in a very short period of time.

Perhaps a little complexity and historical perspective is not a bad thing.

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Posted in: Takata settles with injured drivers to exit bankruptcy See in context

They should rebrand

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Posted in: N Korean leader invites S Korea's Moon to the North See in context

Without the financial assistance, the access to international markets, the technology & cultural transfers and resources of the US & her faithful allies - I wonder if South Korea will be able to absorb the North Korean economy with collapsing.

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Posted in: Dancing in the streets with North Korean athletes See in context

Perhaps, one day, when the fratricidal Jong Un & the North Korean regime stops pointing thousands of artillery pieces at Seoul, stops shooting tin cans over the Japanese archipelagos, and stops threatening to nuclear annihilation of the US with ICBMs. We'll all join in and dance & sing in the streets together!

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Posted in: Trump aide to leave White House after abuse allegations See in context

Lets call a spade a spade-

This is just shameful that an (alleged) wifebeater was given so much power and access even after the FBI warned NO-CONFIDENCE-KELLY of the anger issues and spousal abuse.

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Posted in: N Korea's cheer squad, sports officials arrive in S Korea See in context


Hide the knife behind the smile

-Wang Jingze, 36 Stratagems Book of Qi

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Posted in: Brutal cold raises concerns over Olympics opening ceremony See in context

I feel so bad for the winter olympians being forced to compete in winter temperatures with where it’s so cold that water is literally frozen into ice and snow is falling from the sky instead of a snow machine!


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Posted in: Trump says it's 'un-American' not to applaud him See in context

Before debating on what’s considered “unAmerican” there must be a baseline on what’s considered American -

5 American Ideals set forth Jefferson & the Founding Fathers

1. Democracy

2. Equality

3. Liberty

4. Rights

5. Opportunity

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Posted in: Trump says it's 'un-American' not to applaud him See in context

I believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.

— William Tyler Page, The American Creed

No matter the political ideology or partisan tribe, if you believe in those words & act accordingly - you can’t be “un-American”

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Posted in: Japan protests unified Korea Olympic flag with disputed isles See in context

i wish there was a better picture with a higher resolution of the “joint” flag accompanying the article. The only prominent island depicted is Jeju located SW of the pennisula.

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