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I hate foods comments

Posted in: New U.S. Ambassador Kennedy arrives in Japan See in context

Sweet Caroline. Her smile is the best diplomatic weapon in the world. Let's see what she will bring more to Japan.

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Posted in: 'Fukuppy' firm rethinking mascot after Internet ridicule See in context

How about the Red Skin Fukuppy! Must change the name. Lol. By the way, before Mr. Fukudome transferred to MLB, people talked about how the name of him would be funny in US. But in fact, people didn't care about it. Fukuppy should be all right as well; soon, people get used to the name and may even think it kinda funny and good naming. Moreover, the catchy name already has impacted many people here. That's a success!

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Posted in: Jury rules Toyota not liable for death of woman killed in accident in U.S. See in context

20 million? yeah, it's worth to try... they thought. however,as the result, only the lawyers are winners,as always. love USA!

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Posted in: From Yu See in context

Nice job! Yuuuuuuuuuuuu! Well, hope the Rangers wins tomorrow and goes to the play off games. By the way,as for me,Yu has been doing OK, but not really as great pitcher as he used to be in Japan, especially he has given up too many home runs and given runs in the first inning. He used to say in Japan," A good starting pitcher doesn't give runs before the opponent gives it," but he has been quiet about that of his pride. Hopefully, he'll show it to MLB in this post games. Le't go, Yuuuuu!

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Posted in: Line, WeChat: Asian social networks move to conquer Europe See in context

I still don't know whether Line is a Japanese company or Korean. It looks like LINE is Korean in Korea, Japanese in Japan. How convenience it is in this diplomatic environment. IMO, they are still Korean, but hiding their identity cleverly. Read the following from Wiki and search Google-- I bet, you never find the truth. It may be not a matter for users, as long as it is useful, but as for me, I want to find out who is making money with LINE. (From WIKIPEDIA, About LINE) SankeiBiz the "Korean-Korean system," Yonhap It is introducing the "Korean application" is, Nihon Keizai Shimbun It is introducing a "purely domestic, Japanese-made.” Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporter was expressed as "Net Domestic and Japanese-made" It's because that was planned and developed in Japan branch" economics - the Nikkei Special future century Zipangu-boiling scene "(April 15, 2013, TV Tokyo), the Takeshi Natsuno "communication services to world-class after a long time that a Japanese produced" is originally "the LINE introduces that it "became the company was a division of the Japanese company IT company called of NHN Korea made as a wholly owned subsidiary is an independent (of 2013) from April, Inagaki Ayumi by visiting the LINE Inc. There was introduced as a "developer-inventor of LINE"(which is the title sponsor of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the program "economics - the Nikkei future special century Zipangu - boiling the ground"). In addition, members of the development LINE is a multinational company name has changed, from April but remains wholly owned subsidiary

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Posted in: Abe has busy day in New York See in context

Abe is doing pretty well.May be that is why some neighbors don't like him. I am very hopeful that the Abenomics has been successful and the Japanese seem getting back their self-confidence with it. Still, a lot of things have to be overcome, but with Abe's strong leadership and tying up with US, we can do it. Let's go, Japan!

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Posted in: Kagawa has work to do, says Manchester United's Moyes See in context

Hanzawa Naoki. That Is who Kagawa have to be. If a manager shows feeling he doesn't like a player, it is hard for the player to play in such pressures from the manager and other teammates who care about the manager's feeling. It’s like the situation Mr. Hanzawa, a TV drama hero, was in. Having said so, Kagawa have to get it over by showing his capability of playing amonge the bests of the bests. Mean while, a trade is only logical solution for being looked down but I know he does’t like the idea. After all,Kagawa doesn't have much choices, only Bai-gae-shi(means punch back double) is needed and that is what I want to see with Kagawa in the game.

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Posted in: Best jumper See in context

Hope the Europeans won't change the rule for Sochi. I really do hope so.There is a history.

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Posted in: Sony bets on initial PS4 sales outstripping predecessor by 40% See in context

I don't play video games, but I want SONY to be back to the top again. Xperia, lense camera and this PS4 seem the new weapons from the One SONY arsenal. I think Mr.Hirai, CEO, is doing quite well though the hedge fund has been bothering SONY. After all, SONY's come back is able to encourage the country of Japan and its economy. I hope people buy more Japanese products like SONY's, instead of those expensive imported luxuries and cheap unreliable products.

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