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""A motion picture has to take some liberties, otherwise it won't win the viewers emotionally," he said.

What? Does this person need to bend facts to make a good story?"

I love The Wind Rises but I wouldn't love it nearly as much if it followed the facts. I found the love story incredibly touching when the woman never even existed in real life.

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@LaWren "A peaceful, respectful laying to rest of the dead is a sign of a civilized society." So you lay the blame of the changing of the seasons on Japanese society? You say they are not doing their utmost to bring the bodies back. How many rescuers have to die before you consider it their utmost? At least one, I guess. You seem to have the mistaken impression, especially from where you say "Surely they arent going to be easier to find in the spring," that you don't understand how dangerous weather can be, especially at those altitudes where it is extreme and unpredictable. Obviously you have no idea what the conditions are like up there and yet you feel superior as you criticize the judgements of professionals from your warm home. Shameful.

"I was not aware that everyone had to hold the same opinions nowadays."

Everyone has an opinion, but they aren't all equally good.

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So very sad to hear it. I met him twice, first time, was on Melrose blvd. in Los Angeles, I was standing at an ATM and he was standing in front of me, I was with a buddy of mine and my friend whispered to me, "that guy looks like Robin Williams" and he overheard him and turned around and replied "Yes, I am him." he pulled both of us out of the line and asked me first, what shoe size do I have? I replied a 12 (Jpn-30 cm) and then he said, "Oh, tough, sucks for you." He then quickly asked my buddy the same question, he replied "I have a 10 (Jpn-28 cm) and he said, "Excellent, this is your lucky day, sir!" He then whisked us to his car, opened up the trunk and gave my buddy, some kind of a one of a kind custom Nike shoes, funky as hell, He said, the one pair were really too tight and he didn't want to throw them away. He signed the shoes on the side and it read "NOW you really got sole" totally classy, totally funny, a real gentleman, smiling and just talking to us as if he knew us for a long time.

What an excellent anecdote. I've been reading a lot of great anecdotes like this today. He really knew how to brighten up people's lives, didn't he?

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Dorian Johnson told television station KMOV that he and Brown had been walking when an officer confronted them, drew a weapon and shot. Johnson said that Brown put his hands in the air and started to get down, but the officer kept shooting.

This can't be right... I thought he was shot while in a police car? Someone is lying, and lying badly. Whether or not it's the police officer or this guy will be easy enough to prove once more info comes out.

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I don't see the problem. If you want to pass on your genes but are unable to then this seems like as good a solution as any. I just feel bad for the gramdmother who doesn't get to have her genes passed down.

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What was he thinking? There's no way he could have gotten away with this.

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alot of the local businesses looking to capitalize on the World Cup have lost money. Can't sell the Samurai blue shirts, bars, restaurants, etc., using the world cup name will be in vain. oh well, maybe next time.

I keep people saying you can buy the Samurai jersey's cheap now. Well, I want one, but they're still expensive everywhere. Where can I get one?

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What a stupid comment to make. He didn't see how saying something like that would bite him in the a**? I used to live and work in Hollywood. I wouldn't say Jewish people run Hollywood, but sure there are a lot of higher ups.

Coincidentally I was just back in Hollywood this year for my friend's (Jewish) wedding. My best friend from college (incidentally also Jewish) let me stay at his place. These people work in the film industry but they aren't big shots by any stretch. People making claims like Oldman make it sound like if you are Jewish you get a free ride in Hollywood, or if you aren't Jewish you can't make it. Obviously neither is true, so what's the point of making comments like that?

By the way, Oldman's apology was absolutely fine. At least it was much better than I would have expected (or maybe I'm just used to Japanese politician apologies). Anyone saying his apology is insufficient or is complaining that Oldman didn't personally call to apologize is just out for blood.

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