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Iain McSwan comments

Posted in: 6-month-old girl drowns while in bath with mother See in context

I think the day it dawns on her that she killed her baby out of stupidity will be enough. Rehabilitation is more constructive than jail.

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Posted in: Prices of food items rise from 4-13% See in context

Its typical that like everywhere the rich will stay rich and middle class will get wiped out and become the poor. Taxing cigarettes and non essential items is good in theory but people have their vices and they are still going to buy it. It doesn't help, they need to restructure their tax systems so that high income earners stop avoiding tax. How about Japanese politicians take pay cuts? Can you see that happening hahaha zettai muri

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Posted in: Three men die in hot spring gas poisoning in Akita See in context

Safety precautions? Where were they?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 17-year-old son See in context

Mum must of been on edge a bit and blew a fuse. If shes a single mother so life cant be easy. Still no excuse though.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

Either way she's HOT so who cares if she's "haafu"

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Posted in: Japan signs arms deal with France to broaden military role See in context

Drones are hardly defensive these days.

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Posted in: Hachiko’s new statue now open to public at Univ of Tokyo campus See in context

I love the story of Hachiko, we also owned a Akita-ken aswell and she lived proudly for 14 years. Great to see this statue as the story of Hachiko is a testament to live by.

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Posted in: Deserted Fukushima town to remove pro-nuclear signs See in context

Surely this is a good idea to use natural energy alternatives.

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Posted in: Fukushima residents torn over nuclear waste storage plan See in context

I just feel sorry for Kimurasan. Poor guy lost everything. Land and money mean nothing compared to the loss of his daughter, wife and father. The Japanese government is as greasy as it ever was. Nothing has change regarding politics in Japan for thousands of years. Normal hard working people are still being screwed.

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