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Hi, just to to clarify, for the people that have made rather ill informed, or cruel remarks towards Scotland and its education system, BurakuminDes-Taj-Jimizo......the media, that was shown on the large screen, was prepared, and checked, and passed as fit to be used, by the Olympic football tournament organisers, in LONDON. Yes it was a mistake, interesting you assumed you screen footage for the match was arranged in Scotland, giving its the LONDON olympics...."Scotland, thanks for helping us hold the biggest event we have ever held, you can put whatever you want on your big screen, lots of love, London!:)"..yeah, right.

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I find it strange that, in this day in age, a first world country has segments on TV asking foreigners what they think about said country.

Why strange, I think its a good question, why is it so strange to ask questions these days:) For sure, some of the answers are not great, but if everything in life was perfect, we would all be dreaming:)

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Kagawa is top class, I thought he was older than 22 years of age?...the future is bright for Japanese football.

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its so great, that people like me, put so much trust into smartphones, and wallets, the sad truth is, these days, hackers can get anything they want, if they just put the effort in.

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Hey Miyazawa3, it is so sad that so much of this kind of thing goes on, but really im afraid, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You are right, I think more should be done in schools to prevent this from happening, but really, everyday manners, come from the home.

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