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Posted in: '3keys' NPO founder sheds light on Japan’s poor orphanage conditions See in context

I'm also a volunteer at a Tokyo-based NPO. Our organization is called JOYFUL (Japan Outreach Youth Foundation for Underpriveleged Learners). We are foreigners who give English classes to some Homes in Kanagawa and Tokyo.




We're also always looking for volunteer teachers because we want to reach as many Homes and kids as we can. Some Homes are harder to reach in the sense that the officers there are suspicious about us (since we're foreigners). But most are very welcoming and appreciative of our classes. I've always felt strange walking the streets to the Home I volunteer at. This Home is in the suburbs with neighbor's left and right. The weird feeling comes from the sense that the neighbor's don't know about the Home or "refuse" to see it. Other than that, it's been a privilege and a beautiful learning experience for me to give back of myself to this country I've considered my second home. And it has taught me a lot about understanding the Japanese society and psyche.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte to visit pope and apologise for calling him 'son of a whore' See in context

You're telling me Sen. Trillanes is a hoaxer?! That 210m pesos transaction history in a BPI bank account that he denied as his, but was actually really his and his daughter's, is not a finished business. Debunked?! ROTFLMAO!! But we're digressing. This article is about the Pope-cursing, rape-victim masochistic killer from a city with one of the highest crime index rate, that 15million Filipinos just voted into power. So let's not change the topic and shift blame about whatever to the Aquino administration.

Duterte is a child killer. He is proud of it. FACT! Duterte cursed the Pope. FACT! Duterte wanted to have been the first to fcvk that Australian lay representative who died in a hostage crisis in his city. FACT! Duterte has very close ties to JoMa Sison, exiled leader of the CPP-NPA. FACT! Davao city, where he's been mayor for more than 20 years has one of the highest crime index in the Philippines. FACT!! Duterte will jet ski his way to one of the disputed islands in West Philippine Sea, plant a flag there to declare ownership. FACT!! Duterte is willing to take on the bullets that China may shoot at him when he does this jet ski escapade of his. FACT!!

Really? That's the best plan he has about the territorial dispute going on?? I'll take that UN Arbitration case over the jet ski escapade anytime.

Good job Filipino voters.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte to visit pope and apologise for calling him 'son of a whore' See in context

Yes. This man does make Trump a pretty good presidentiable. Trump doesn't have blood on his hands, unlike this man who actually boasts of the thousands of people he killed and is willing to kill in the name of fighting crime. He doesn't care for due process. He doesn't care about the age. His youngest victim was a 15yo boy, a victim of mistaken identity. Drugs and rehabilitation? Please. He just set free 8 Chinese DRUGLORDS very recently in Davao City, his hometown. How recently? Sometime in April, while the election campaign was going on. I'm not going to bet money on the claim the he's the only presidential respected by the MNLFand MILF. Definitely though, he's well-loved by the communist group of rebels (NPA -New People's Army). Why? He's very close ties with the exiled leader of the NPA and he's plans of making a Socialist government during his term should explain that. China, a communist country, also loves him. This man is willing to give up the West Philippine Sea to them in exchange for a couple of trains. Jacksh!t my ass. Know your facts before posting your info collected from memes and satirical websites. Please try not to represent Filipinos as stupid and ignorant of current events. Japan Today, as I, sees the emperor with no clothes. This is a pretty diluted and kind write up of the man. And guys, don't bother to look at Davao City as an exemplary accomplishment of the man. Davao city is number four highest in index crime in the Philippines as per the latest PNP (Philippine National Police) statistics.

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