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Posted in: China suffers legal blow in South China Sea; U.S. urges caution See in context


The big picture is that no one has exclusive rights to these regions. While this case was aimed at China (since the claims it was settling was against China), the wording makes it clear that it does not only apply to that nation. Only nationalist apologists would try to claim this is an exclusive ruling for China.

“It will certainly undermine and weaken the motivation of states to engage in negotiations and consultations for solving their disputes,”

This is only the case for nations that know their claims in a dispute is actually not legitimate.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house election; voter turnout at 54.7% See in context

“Especially since I see economic growth as the priority, I have little hope for the opposition parties,” said Yoshihiko Takeda, a 36-year-old IT company employee.

I definitely don't see hope with the current government, seeing as they've failed with Abenomics. However, blame does go to the opposition for not having better plans, rather than just saying "we oppose".

I couldn't give a damn about Japan. I'm not here to soldier along and support a country and it's policies , I'm here to support my pocket , educate my kids, put bread on the table and when I'm done .. I'm out of here.

This is an apathy of a different kind from the non-voting Japanese. Glad to see there are people care about the sustainability of Japan though, rather than just looking for the short-term gains.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for sending death threats to idol See in context

Wish they would've been this vigilant with the idol that was stabbed a couple months back. I'll be optimistic and think they learned their lesson in how to respond to such threats.

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Posted in: Japan voters seen boosting Abe in parliament vote See in context

First of all, 242 Upper House seats is WAY too many. Or does it take this many of them to change a light bulb?

And I seriously don't understand the Japanese when it comes to politics. Thinking along the lines of "We think the LDP is horrible, but the opposition is horrible too so I will vote for LDP" makes no sense. There's enough parties out there to find out which one fits your beliefs the best, but they just don't care to research. Not to mention, if they're both horrible, isn't it preferable not to give the one party overwhelming power, everyone single elections except for two years?

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Posted in: Will smart cities save Japan? See in context

Cut about two thirds of the words, and we could have a readable article about an interesting subject.

No kidding, I was starting to read the article because it sounded interesting, but then noticed a whole log of fluff and saw how long the article was, so I skimmed the rest.

While smart cities are nice, people and businesses should be encouraged to move to smaller cities and countrysides. With the advancement of home deliveries, this should become a realistic option (if only my company would allow remote working...)

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Posted in: Trump's vote-winning strategy - attack Muslims See in context

“Because you are terrorists. Every one of you are terrorists. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care what you think.”

This seems to be the definition of bigotry. A one sided hate not based on reason, but on emotion alone. And he even admits so.

He also said he would consider registering Muslim Americans in a database, or requiring Muslims to carry special identification cards.

I have heard/read Trump stating his belief on racial profiling, but when has he said these? If, in fact, he has said these, this is much bigger and more important than his support of racial profiling, as these go way beyond that. If these are a extrapolation of his words, these do not belong in a news article.

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Posted in: Bee supportive See in context

Japanese obasan are the easiest to spot in a crowd at tennis matches

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Posted in: UK will retain access to the EU single market, says Brexit leader Johnson See in context

While no one can be sure of what the future holds, I find it hard to believe that the EU will open its arms to envelop the UK with love after it gave them the rhetorical slap across the face.

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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

They restrict leg movement, forcing women to walk pigeon-toe style. They force women to push their leg and knee joints at extreme angles. Additionally, when not wearing a kimono, this pigeon-toe stance makes women look like they are trying to crap standing up.

I'll have to disagree. Although they do restrict leg movement, they don't force pigeon toed walking, as ChaosWyvern has pointed out. And it certainly does not explain why girls in their teens to 40s walk pigeon toed, when they where kimonos like 10 times in their entire life (unless you count yukata, in which it's a few days a year).

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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

“Chinese or Korean ladies don’t have these problems,” she said. “It’s a result of Japan’s kimono culture and shuffling about in straw sandals.

Don't know how kimonos can be blamed for bad posture and low self esteem. I find kimonos to be very elegant and great looking.

Not to mention, Chinese and Koreans don't traditionally wear high heels (they do have very low heels though). For that matter, is there a culture where wearing high heels is the norm for the average girl?

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry apologises over coercion claims See in context

Very weird news. I wonder if this is a make-up by the activist group.

Considering the industry apologized, it sounds like they know of the wrong doings. Otherwise, they'd keep denying

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Posted in: No July 4 fireworks at U.S. bases in Japan after Okinawa murder See in context

I understand toning down the celebrations on Okinawa, as is most appropriate. Not too much for cancelling all events on other bases.

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Posted in: Japan's pension fund sues Toshiba for Y964 mil over accounting scandal See in context

The GPIF makes a bad investment and sues to cover their losses? Sign me up too!!

Read Strangerlands comment above. The company lied = fraud = right to sue for shareholders. If you are talking about all their other bad investments they have been making, then no, they don't get to sue those companies.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia hold talks on elusive WWII peace treaty See in context

I am obviously not a reader, because I thought JiJi was a very appropriate name for news agency that reports on the Old Boys Club. Had to look up the kanji to find out what it really means.

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Posted in: Man with only Y42 on him runs up bar tab of Y137,000 See in context

What? I swear that reasoning works every time.

Yes, Koichi obviously could not help himself.

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Posted in: Divided America: Gun views fractious even as fewer bear arms See in context

But the fact does not change that the majority of the public support some sort of regulation (not banning) on guns, but Congress fails to act every. single. time. Four measures this past week, none of them absurd and three different approaches (two were pretty similar), and none of them pass by almost the exact same number.

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

Not much of think tank if they're doing research and polls to announce a known trend. True think tanks would generate ideas and suggest policies to counter the problems.

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Posted in: 17-year-old student arrested for cutting woman’s hair on train See in context

I understood the meaning as the ladies hair aroused him not the act of cutting the hair.

You're right. Saw this on the news last night, with the boy planning on taking it home for sexual arousal (eww). He really does need help.

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Posted in: Why Trump could be good for Japan See in context

And herein lies the opportunity for Japan. Trump is essentially a reset button for Japanese-American relations. Clinton likely has not one new thought or concern about Japan. Trump, however, given his comments on trade and foreign policy, clearly sees everything as negotiable. As far as Japan and America’s relationship goes, nothing is off the table.

If this is the writer's best argument, it's a terrible one. Trump has to be the "winner" in any negotiation and trying to get concessions from him would be near impossible for Japan.

Let's be honest, Jon; Trump would be terrible for Japan and just about every country in the world.

By contrast, Trump is basically a wild card; no one really has any idea what he will do once in office, probably not even Trump himself.

Although you seem to note the largest problem with having Trump as president already.

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Posted in: LDP has solid lead ahead of upper house vote: polls See in context

I wish these polls would not be published here. It just lets lemming voters flock to what is deemed the "popular" choices, and I doubt their authenticity and accuracy anyway.

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Posted in: Naked man strolls up to Akihabara Station in Tokyo to buy a train ticket See in context

True, if no one did anything, this dude would have gotten on the train in his birthday suit. As uncomfortable as I find the trains in Tokyo, this takes the uncomfortable levels to whole different level. Although my chances of encountering this man would be close to zero, much thanks to the station personnel.

I wonder what his reasoning was, and if he is being charged for public indecency?

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Posted in: Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism' See in context

Why did Trump mention Mateen's parents being from Afghanistan, as if putting a ban right now would have prevented the Orlando tragedy? His parents migrated here before Afghanistan was associated with terrorist attacks on the West, therefor putting a current ban would not have prevented the Orlando tragedy anyway. This disconnected logic said only to placate those with Islamophobia is not a solution; all the terrorist attacks in the past few years are done by those born in America. These people were raised in America. Children of immigrants, yes; but not the immigrants themselves.

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Posted in: Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up See in context

So the Trump campaign is blaming Lewandowski for letting Trump be Trump? I wish I could blame my colleagues for all my shortcomings too.

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Posted in: IMF urges 'reloaded' Abenomics for Japan growth targets See in context

Even if the LDP-Komeito reach 2/3 majority in both houses, I expect no changes because that is not where his focus is.

I sure wish IMF would have left off the 15% consumption tax hike off their list of suggestions. Japanese politicians would gladly promote this while shuffling their feet on needed reforms.

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Posted in: I really want people to think about what they use their money for. Money is worthless unless you use it, and I don't understand why people just keep saving it. See in context

So many great comments on two stupid sentences.

I hope this is also making the rounds on Japanese blogs like the angry mother so Aso and company can be embarrassed further.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context

Well, we can fix all this debate by having dear President Obama say "a terrorist attack perpetrated by a jihadist", "terrorist attack done by a white supremacist", "a terrorist attack by a radical right-wing anti-Brexit nutjob". Because I agree with Strangerland on one thing: terrorist attacks of all kinds, regardless of the source, should be condemned equally.

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

Be honest, how many of the folk on JT complaining about 55% inheritance tax have earned enough in their lifetime to be able to leave every member of their family in excess of 600 million yen each? Plus in excess of 760 million to their spouse?

I see your point in taxing inheritance money of the hoarding millionaires and billionaires that continuously keep the money in the money without any economic benefit.

What does that mean? Who earns money 'for the purpose of gifting out to posterity'?

My grandparents worked hard, earned their living and then still had a bit left over. They did take you suggestion, in that they passed out much of what they had left except what then continued to need, to their grandchildren as an inheritance before they passed away (it was still heavily taxed in the US as an inheritance, even though it was not nearly close to the amount you pointed out above). They gladly gave it away because that was their plan from the start, out of love of their children and grandchildren.

So there you go, that's what it means. Yes, you can gift it in ways like a huge family vacation around the world or whatever, but receiving a monetary amount is more flexible (helped most of us through college). Different from how you do things, but was gratefully received by me and my cousins.

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Posted in: Dead money: Battle for Japanese inheritances heats up See in context

The ones who get taxed are the ones who inherit. It's money they have not earned. Why shouldn't they pay taxes on it?

I understand that this is the reasoning governments use. However, the inheritance was essentially earned (and taxed once) for the purpose of gifting out to posterity. Or should birthday presents be taxed now too?

Inheritances should be tax-free. The recipients can then spend it to boost the economy, and will be taxed then anyway. This is much better than 45% of it going to the government, which will just spend it ineffectively.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context

Here is a government website that explains the problems with racial profiling (which includes religion in its definition, for those who insist that they are different):


Perhaps the most important point is that profiling creates a mistrust of law enforcement by the entire group, including those who are law abiding, and they are less likely to cooperate. As many readers point out, the most efficient way in finding radicalized terrorists is to have family members and friends inform law enforcement of potential dangerous people and situations, and profiling is extremely detrimental for this.

Surveillance to monitor known groups (and mosques) that promotes dangerous and hateful rhetoric may be appropriate, and, indeed, necessary. Profiling an entire race/religion is not appropriate.

Not to mention, I am more likely to be killed by a white dude or gang members anyway.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan's military (Self-Defense Forces), which have not taken part in actual combat abroad since World War II, can protect Japan from an attack by a foreign power, or mount an operation in See in context

I talked with several Jietai members and former members (rank-and-file soldiers) and was told unanimously that Japan could protect its borders for some time, but if a country went on an all-out or extended offensive, the Jietai would not be able to hold up as it currently is.

The Jeitai may have the technology, man-force, etc. that is needed to defend the country, but if it's soldiers do not have this belief, that alone can make the difference in the lacking the actual ability.

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