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Sorry...what was the point of this comment...I started nodding off.

Search "Sleepy Japan" on YouTube. Its kind of funny, sort of disturbing, and a little bit sad.

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i feel sorry for all you who make comments but don't play this awesome game. if you do you know that the mother and daughters dress very promiscuous. they wear much make-up too.

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80 hrs. OT = 20/week = 4 per day = Big Whoop!

The far more insidious problem is that if you speak with the people catching the last train home from work...more likely than not they CHOOSE to be at work. Given the abysmal conditions back in the mansions, the comforts of an office (a chair, desk, internet, free tea, AC, and a little elbow-room) seems like paradise.

(Crappy Home Life plus Crappy Job - Vacation) x (No Hope)= Death at 45 (q.e.d.)

What other country in the world does one hear Hang in There! and Persevere! (i.e. がんばって!) 10-20 times a day? Any place where someone needs to be continually encouraged to just keep going has got some fundamental lifestlye issues to address.

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