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Posted in: Heavy rain hits wide areas of Japan See in context

Huh, we've been plagued by tons of thunderstorms in the NE US too. Guess it's just that type of year.

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Posted in: In bid to recruit new talent Japanese government 'anime-fies' its own agencies and ministries See in context


My guess would moreso be a gap moe trope of a cute, sweet girl being a kickbutt fighter. Bonus points if she's sometimes a klutz or is terrible at cooking (in an endearing way).

"Servant x Service" is a nice little anime and manga about civil servants working in a gov't Health and Welfare department. I doubt it's very accurate, though.

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Posted in: What's your situation concerning vaccination against the coronavirus? See in context

My whole family including...

mother (68)

father (69)

eldest sister (39)

next sister (36)

last sister (32)

myself (30)

my niece (18)

...have received the vaccine.

As well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and my 94 year old grandmother (who already had COVID in March 2020).

My sisters, niece and myself received Moderna, both doses (parents got either Moderna or Pfizer). The second dose for me was May 7th. Aside from a few days of mildy to moderately annoying side effects, everything was fine for all of us. No significant side effects for anyone.

I didn't even have an allergic reaction despite having a mild polyethylene glycol allergy. So everything went really well.

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Posted in: Biden announces milestone of 300 mil vaccine shots in 150 days See in context

What does mobility have to do with anything? FDR was in a wheelchair for much of his presidency (elected four times) due to paralysis caused by polio. Pretty sure he was going through rehabilitation and treatments during that time as well.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Getting the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccination has left side effects.

I have followed, a few days after the first injection, a spreading itchiness under the skin that has moved slowly and steadily upwards away from the injection site.

I won’t be going back for the second injection.

Why? That's a common side effect. It means your immune system is working and learning to fight off the virus. It's doing exactly what it's supposed to.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 452 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,554 See in context

The numbers have conveniently been declining in the week leading up to the end of the SOE. The SOE is conveniently set to end a month before the Olympics. Let me guess, nationwide cases will conveniently be in the double (or even single) digits by the time the Olympics start! They're not even trying to hide their lies anymore...

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Posted in: Why doesn't Father's Day carry the same importance as Mother's Day? Or does it? See in context

In the US, we get bombarded with the same amount of commercials leading up to both days. My family celebrates both in the same way (though father's day might include using the grill, because my dad likes grilling). I always wish both of my parents happy mother's day or happy father's day, respectively. And I recently gave them a nice bottle of wine as a joint gift for both mother's day and father's day. I've only seen mother's day be treated as more important in memes... as a joke.

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Posted in: Trying out Japan’s 'godly' French Toast ice cream bars See in context

Honest question: It sounds good, but what kind of French toast uses “pie dough”? I’ve never ever heard of that before.

I noticed that wording as well. I assume it's a translation thing. I'm guessing they mean some sort of sweet bread dough, like you'd use in normal french toast.

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Posted in: Why do we hate the sound of our own voices? See in context

I like the sound of my own voice. I sound better in recordings, too.

Still can't sing for crap, though!

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Ironic that xenophobes pick a foreign word for the name of an app (and then go on to mispronounce it).

Haha, I didn't even realize it was meant to be the French verb "to speak," I just assumed they couldn't spell "parlor!"

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Oh nice, I didn't know translations would be available!

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old son killed in car crash See in context

Oh I see. I was wondering how a booster seat would even fit in the back with 2 other kids. Though I'm not sure booster seats are the same in Japan so maybe that's not relevant.

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old son killed in car crash See in context

So I just googled Kei cars... they fit 5 people in such a tiny thing??

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Posted in: Some aren't ready to give up masks despite new CDC guidance See in context

Tbh, I'm still going to wear a mask all the time... but that's because of my extreme introversion. Pre-covid, my going out gear always consisted of sunglasses, headphones and a large hood, which made me very unapproachable. The mask now adds to that. I'll happily keep wearing my mask as a barrier to social interactions lol.

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While I don't support the Olympics happening in Tokyo this year, I still would love to see an authentic Kabuki performance someday. Even if I can't understand the words, I feel like it would be a truly wondrous and memorable experience.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' studio receiving threatening fan comments; will report offenders even outside Japan See in context

This is absolutely unacceptable. I understand some fans having very strong feelings towards an incredibly influential part of their life, but targeting and threatening the creators is not ok under any circumstances. As a huge anime fan myself, I know that the best thing to do is whine and rant about it to other anime fans and then move on. It sucks, but you'll be ok.

And I can't help but think of the Kyoani fire from a while back. Such a devastating, heartbreaking tragedy... no true otaku would want anything like that to happen again.

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old son killed in car crash See in context

How awful for all involved.

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Posted in: Tougher anti-COVID-19 measures begin in 6 prefectures See in context

You sound very sensible. Shut down the trains and hospitals as well?

• shut down non essential businesses (with financial support plans from the government)

• shut down schools (with remote learning materials/devices provided to students free of charge)

• shut down office jobs by forcing company owners to make their employees work remotely to reduce work and train exposure; also result in less crowded trains

• shut down dining in restaurants, BUT increase food delivery services so they can still make food and money; takeout is ok too

• keep the trains open, but try to run a few more (if feasible) to reduce the crowds

• keep hospitals open, but dear God send them nurses, retired nurses and doctors (with full wage payment), financial aid, ICU equipment and VACCINES with the authority to give them out to whomever whenever

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Posted in: Suga repeats determination to hold Olympics as he expands state of emergency See in context

Tons are talking about it already. I see news every day about Olympics concerns here in the US. The pressure needs to continue mounting, though. And I wish someone would call out the BS testing numbers.

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Posted in: Women-oriented 'fuzoku' - women 'buying men' as never before See in context


Now everyone can be equally toxic, is all! (in regards to cheating)

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun fined ¥100,000 for domestic abuse See in context

I don't know about Japan, but in the US it's actually illegal to open someone else's mail. But regardless of that, I really hope his wife and kids are able to stay safely away from him.

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Posted in: Suga repeats determination to hold Olympics as he expands state of emergency See in context

More pseudo lockdowns, more reassurances of "safety"... His actions don't match his words. It's plain to see how bad the situation is, yet he won't just cancel the games! It gets more absurd every day.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says he is 'afraid' about Tokyo 2020 See in context

Did y'all see this? (SoftBank son also quoted in the article, so kinda related). Rakuten has been trying to get the Japanese gov't to cancel the Olympics. He gave the gov't a 2/10 score on how they've handled the pandemic lol.


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Posted in: Misinformation surges amid India's COVID-19 calamity See in context

I don't understand how your articles' info differ from other "left wing" info. It's the same focus and information.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono blames drug approval system for slow inoculation drive See in context


Well, no one in my entire family or friends group had any problems, so...

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Posted in: Standing room See in context

It's the Ginza line (station 10, hence the G10 in the orange circle), from what I can tell. Other sources seem to claim the photo is from May 13th (apparently it was taken by an Associated Press/AP photographer?). No idea about time of day.

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Posted in: Governors refuse to allot hospital beds for COVID-infected Olympians See in context

Regarding international news coverage, not Chiba but...

This came as governors of Kanagawa and Ibaraki prefectures, which are near Tokyo, were reported saying their hospitals would not be able to treat Olympic athletes who fell ill.

From this article: https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/frustration-japan-leader-pushes-olympics-virus-77639782

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

Again I ask, Why? If it's not the guns, what is it?

Mental health issues.

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

Seriously, what are y'all even arguing anymore?? I don't think anyone said we should legalize murder or abolish all gun laws! You seem to be debating entirely different things, which is why you can't agree! This isn't an all or nothing issue. Each of you should do some actual research into the effectiveness of laws and reasons for gun violence in the first place before arguing about it online! Dang, reading all y'all's comments has been driving me up the wall!!

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Posted in: Shooting at Idaho middle school injures 3; student detained See in context

I think I can understand a bit of both sides in this current debate, but the situation is extremely nuanced and can't be simply fixed.

Many proposed gun laws aren't directed at criminals, but at law abiding gun owners. If a ban on shotguns were approved, legal gun owners would be punished, while criminals that obtain shotguns through illegal means would still have sources to get them.

"Gun free zones" would essentially impact law abiding citizens the most, but for a law breaking criminal, the restriction wouldn't be much a deterrent.

As the US stands now, there are a LOT of guns here, both legal and illegal, registered and unregistered, used for recreation/self defense and crimes. Creating laws that only target good citizens that would actually follow said laws does little to prevent crime. It only makes the gap between the good citizens' ability to protect themselves and the bad citizens' ability to harm them much greater.

I don't have any real solutions for this issue, but I think the main focus should be on somehow removing guns from illegal hands, improving gun safety and education and better equipping cops as well as individuals with information on how to deal with gun violence.

Until the US culture releases its stranglehold on "gun rights," I don't think much is going to change. I think gen z and whatever generation or 2 comes after has some hope, though. In time, they might be able to enact real change.

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