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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

you want to chance your life on an experimental drug?

Yep, if it means safety, health, freedom, and ensuring the economy.

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Gun crime is the ONLY type of crime in America where people argue that the solution is FEWER laws, not more.

Nah, there's still a huge movement towards decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana, and plenty of other calls against punishment towards addicts instead of trying to help them (failed "war on drugs").

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Just an update for y'all, the petition has made its way to CNN news (was first on Reuters). Even if the petition doesn't change the IOC's or Japanese government's minds, your signatures are helping the issue gain international attention.


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You do great work on this site.

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Glad you think 10,000 is almost zero. I will have to tell my former math teacher that, he might enjoy it.

You do know there are 126,000,000 people in Japan right?

I think you maybe should have clarified by saying "almost zero percent (0.008%)." But that's only based on the "official" numbers, so moot point regardless.

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Posted in: Biden says he plans to back WTO IP waiver for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

The crisis in India is of its own making. There is absolutely no reason why countries where the majority of vaccine research takes place should step in to solve third world problems.

Aside from the obvious moral, ethical and humanitarian reasons as to why the US should help, the country could really use some good karma after the crapshow past few years.

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It would be again as the time you said CDC no longer said vaccines do not cause autism, something that was very easy to prove wrong with a few seconds of googling to the CDC site where they said precisely this.


Watch and understand...


"Vaccines do not cause autism."

"Vaccine ingredients do not cause autism."

So what exactly are you on about??

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Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm far from an anti-vaxxer. I'm fully vaccinated and so are my kids, that is with real vaccines that were the result of many years of study and research.

The covid vaccine on the other hand, it's been pushed down our throats by media, politicians and billionaire overlords, if your gut feeling doesn't tell you there is something wrong, I guess they did a good job on you. I guess I am a covid vaccine only anti-vaxxer.

My parents who got vaccinated over a month ago have already been "carded" (proof of being vaxxed) a few times already before entering places. Since I got my second dose of Moderna yesterday, I won't have to worry about being refused entry anywhere I go as things open up. So I'm glad that they "did a good job on [me]."

Also, out of 10 vaccinated family members (including myself) that I've spoken to, we've experienced very mild to no side effects. I'd happily take these minor effects (or even worse ones) over actually getting COVID any day. And I hope one day you and your family will feel the same.

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Posted in: Italian court hands U.S. tourists life sentences for murdering policeman See in context

I was originally going to comment that that sentence seems quite harsh for a self defense homicide, but then I read the rest of the charges and article. Life sentence seems fair.

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I really wonder if the US...would be so adamant to hold this event.

Oh boy, you know they would! (not a good thing, though!)

But I also wonder, if the situation were reversed... what if the US, while pushing forward with hosting the olympics, had "low" cases and deaths but abysmal vaccination rollout, while Japan had the highest number of cases and deaths in the world, but a pretty great vaccination rollout... would Japan really pull out of the games? Even if it meant their athletes committing career suicide and possibly being banned from all future Olympics? I highly doubt they would.

The responsibility to cancel lies on the IOC and the Japanese government. The government's request for 10,000 medical staff and 500 more nurses will cripple the already struggling medical system, the shameful lack of vaccination and slow vaccine approval will put the Japanese medics, volunteers, etc at risk, not the (mostly, if not all) vaccinated foreign athletes and staff.

And even if a big country or two pulls out, are you sure that would cancel the entire Olympics?? I don't think the US is so special that if they pull out, the entirety of the Olympic games would collapse. At least half of the countries participating would have to pull out. But even then, Suga and the other stubborn politicians might still go through with it regardless, even if out of spite.

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