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It is the sensible thing to do.

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It made perfect sense to the USA to intern them after they were attacked. What they didn't know at the time was how fanatical the Japanese were, but they found out eventually. They took the approach of better safe than sorry, and during a war, this is even more true.

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I like big "things" and came across it while researching our first visit to Japan. We took the train out to check it out. It is a fantastic statue. As an engineer, i was impressed. The monkeys were a reminder of how the Japanese need to lift their game when it comes to animals.

As was the caged Puma in the backyard of a house as we walked from the Buddha to the outlet shopping mall about 1km away.

I have mentioned the Daibutsu to many Japanese people since then and most have never heard of it.

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zichiMar. 10  05:27 pm JST

Fire bombing of a city of civilians in my opinion is a crime against humanity. There can be no justifications. Just like the fire bombing of Dresden ordered by Churchill. In Tokyo, 75,000–200,000 civilian deaths; roughly 1,000,000 displaced.

So is decapitating Allied prisoners of war. Oh, and lets not forget the forced labour and starvation.

Japan is now a great country because they lost the war and they were forced to examine why they were the aggressors.

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