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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for stabbing mother in back See in context

I think Kids in Japan can be very spoilt, yet again, In the UK they can get very bad

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Posted in: S Korean activists plan to send 'The Interview' to N Korea See in context

That film will probably want North Koreans to stay North Koreans, the Film is a distaster, it makes Americans look like they all hate North Koreans and The Korean Army Woman sounded like she was from Thailand who looked Chinese, Hahahahahaha

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor robber gets away with Y2.1 mil See in context

When i go to japan, everyone is so polite and peaceful, I guess I forget this kind of this happens, than again I have been there over 10 times and yet I still have not felt an earth quake. Maybe one day

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Posted in: Prince William to arrive in Japan on Thursday See in context

Im English and Go to Japan so many times, I think this will be a great opertunity to continue our relations and support of each country, William is the best person for the job and im happy his wife joining him.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stomping on 11-year-old boy, breaking his leg See in context

It Just shows you how stressful work can be in Japan and how it can drive you to do such crazy things.

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