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Ianinnihon comments

Posted in: NHK and Johnny's reportedly feuding See in context

The sooner SMAP evaporates the better. Too bad Vulcan Boy's society-shaking fall from grace didn't do it.

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Posted in: 3 men held for accommodating two 13-year-old runaway girls in return for sex See in context

Lucky they weren't murdered...

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Posted in: Ebi-chan See in context

What's with the Triton coming out of her head?

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Posted in: Why are there no good-looking guys on daytime TV? See in context

If you watch too much J-TV, especially the excuse for entertainment afternoon variety, your gray matter will undoubtedly become miso over time...

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Posted in: Kumi Koda See in context

Tinker-bell on 'roids...

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Posted in: Kusanagi returns to showbiz after arrest See in context

What a disappointment...I prayed he was history...

This guy appears so often on TV that the viewing audience has been brainwashed into believing he (and his groovy SMAP buddies) are interesting. My gut contorts when I see his skinny Vulcan face on 3 programs at the same time and then on cm's in between...

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Posted in: 'Teen repellent' in Adachi park spurs flood of inquiries See in context

I live directly across the street from a fairly large park. The city (Urayasu) decided to put a basketball court and skateboard course with no surrounding fence in the middle of the park. Resultantly, I've been listening to to all night basketball games and skateboarder clangs and crashes for 4 years. The only quiet nights are when it rains. The cops come when I call at 3am but phoning them up and detailing the situation in Japanese (always required) when I'm half awake is irritating. I pleaded with City Hall and they finally put up a sign, "No use after 7:30pm" but it's effectiveness is laughable. Otherwise City Hall doesn't really seem to give a st. I'd like to buy one of these teenager "repellant boxes" myself and install it. It would be even better though if it were equipped with a laser-beam vaporizing function which rendered the inconsiderate little adolescent aholes into harmless puddles of plasma. Their sudden demise would probably pass unnoticed anyway, especially by their parents.

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Posted in: Maid in Akihabara See in context

Good to see a foreign woman breaking away from the norm.

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