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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama, Becky, Saki Fukuda among best jewelry wearers See in context

wow, how many more meaningless awards does Japan have?

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Posted in: Congratulations See in context

“this life, the next life and the life after that”

sounds like true love...good luck to the happy couple!

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Posted in: Anna Umemiya declares love for footballer See in context

The world needs to get their priorities straight...they send 30 reporters to meet her (who cares) and they probably sent 2 to cover the devastation in Haiti. How sad.

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Posted in: Minister cautions U.S. military after part falls from U.S. Navy jet, hitting house See in context

accidents happen

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Posted in: Nap time See in context

No wonder nothing gets done around here, they're all sleeping....reminds me of the U.S. Congress.

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Posted in: Lucky man See in context

I thought Ebisu was the god of beer?

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Posted in: Penguins See in context

Looks like Hatoyama's cabinet ministers in their Sunday best!

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Posted in: Life is a rollercoaster See in context

Ahhh, a bunch of new young girls...makes life worth living!

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Posted in: Junior high school girls arrested for marijuana possession in Kobe See in context

Hyogo police said they received information last summer? Jeez, a year long sting operation on teenagers...Hyogo cops must not be too busy or too smart, one of the 2.

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Posted in: Police release video image of Tiffany robber See in context

"originally believed to be worth 16 million yen, are worth approximately 15 million yen."

Well heck, that isn't so bad then....

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Posted in: Bomber at CIA base in Afghanistan was a double agent See in context

if they all blow themselves up, sooner or later there wont be any more of them and then we can get on with getting the oil

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Posted in: Post-it dispenser See in context

It actually takes more physical energy to remove them from this dispenser than it does just having them sitting on your desk...how is that more convenient?

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Posted in: Wendy's closes its doors in Japan See in context

White Castle, White Castle, White Castle...come to Japan, pleeeeeeeassse

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Posted in: Saitama man dies in love hotel fire See in context

Doesn't everyone checks into a love hotel by themself? hehehe

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Posted in: Robotics class See in context

When they develop one that is anatomically correct with Pamela Anderson I'll be the first in line to buy one!

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Posted in: Mother of 12-year-old girl arrested for selling daughter for sexual services See in context

"Hiromachi had previously been arrested multiple times on similar charges."????

Imagine that, the Japanese Police let him go? Someone should have thier arse handed to them for letting this guy back on the streets.

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Posted in: Tokyo Lightopia 2009 See in context

isn't this a re-run?

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested for urinating from JR platform See in context

the POO-lice or PEE-lice may be a more appropriate title for these clowns!

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Posted in: Party girl See in context

I'd party with her any day...or night...or heck, any damn time she wants to party for that matter. She's a hottie!

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for urinating into woman's apartment See in context

If she was into golden-showers, she probably would have went out with him

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Posted in: Decorative battledores See in context

They could have at least had Matsui in Yankee pinstripes, I don't ever recall seeing him in a gray jersey with a big red MVP on the front of it.

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Posted in: Skating at the Hills See in context

I've never seen a rectangular rink...isn't it easier to skate on an oval? Those corners seem a little difficult to navigate.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods to take 'indefinite' leave from golf See in context

Is the leave of absence to save his marriage....or to save his millions, many of which his wife is bound to be leaving with someday soon?

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Posted in: Saitama cop arrested for assaulting girl on street See in context

The Saitama police issued an apology to the victim?

With any luck someone should be issuing a big deposit into her bank account too!

I certainly wouldn't settle for that...OH, OK, you're sorry, it's all better now then, no harm, no foul.

Just another example of repressed Japanese men having no clue how to deal with women. He's probably one of those sorry as* guys who stands around the local convenience store reading the sex cartoon books.

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Posted in: Japan says talks on U.S. base issue suspended See in context


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Posted in: Ai Kago named KDDI campaign girl for U.S. service See in context

who the heck is Ai Kago, never heard of her?

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Posted in: Reaching for the Universe See in context


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Posted in: Race over See in context

damn, I thought there was something I forgot to tighten

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Posted in: Gals See in context

hot, I think they were all in a dream I had the other night....or maybe the one I'll have tonite!

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Posted in: Nail queens and king See in context

Japan Nailist Association? Is that a real organization? Just another useless award amongst the hundreds of others given every year.

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