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Icewind007 comments

Posted in: Mexico finds 28 more bodies in border pits See in context

As the 11th richest nation on earth, they have a sickingly large gap between the wealthy and poor. They even have the richest person in the world in Mexico.

This money needs to be distributed to an economy that promotes education, industry, and, finally, a means to destroy the drug cartels.

As long as this huge gap in wealth exists, the poor masses will be powerless to stop the megapowers that are the drug cartels.

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Posted in: What is hell? Book stirs debate about afterlife See in context

When people say "loving, merciful God", they should know they are not referring to the gooey soft-spoken love people use for each other. The Christian God says we should all be killed and roasted in Hell for having the slightest taint of sin. The "loving, merciful" part is that He actually cared enough to make a loophole to get to heaven.

Remember this is the same God that smited thousands of people before Jesus came into the picture. This God has some serious tough love.

So just to be clear, based on the above, through no fault of their own, everyone born before Jesus is in hell because they didn't "accept Jesus"?

Actually, it was stated they are given a chance to repent. Even Satan had that chance.

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Posted in: UV Cut See in context

So does anyone know that much of normal clothes offer a great amount of UV protection? A dark denim long sleeve shirt is just about 100% protection for what it is covering. Polyester and nylon a great UV protection due to their reflective properties.

Here's a tip: It's what you don't cover is what is vulnerable. Wear a hat!

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Posted in: Nintendo ready to take 3D gaming to mass market See in context

ThonTaddeo, gaming systems are more often for the mass market, not niche markets. The great majority of people are right handed, have steroscopic vision, only need a single language, and, therefore, play only local region games.

Not to mention left handed people can play the games with little practice.

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Posted in: Deputy US Marshal dies of wounds from gun battle See in context

Why does this news stand out enough to be "world news"? Many people are killed in the line of duty, so why does this man deserve so much coverage?

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Posted in: Norwegian shipper: Kill pirates on the spot See in context

Jacqueline Smith, president of the Norwegian Seafarers Union, described Stolt-Nielsen’s views as “barbaric” and said killing pirates could endanger the 700 seafarers now held as hostages in Somalia.

I bet if the means to protect themselves was more "barbaric", there wouldn't be 700 hostages right now!

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl slashed in face and neck in Osaka See in context

These random slashings are just plain weird...

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Posted in: Smoking, obesity are why U.S. lifespans lag a bit See in context

The worst problem I see in America concerning the overweight is that they often complain that it's the fault of HFCS, processed foods, and fast food... This "blame someone else" culture is what is the problem.

Just about anyone has access to foods without the extra stuff. Not only that, we can control how much and how often we eat.

This is nothing but self-control. If you lack it, you are weak and will become a "victim" because of it.

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Posted in: 8 graffiti messages pleading for help against bullying found in Shiga See in context

Unfortunately bullying is something that's always going to happen. It's basically a constant.

However, I think that there should be a new approach. Many like to think that the bullies themselves are the source of the problem. I think that the source of the problem are kids without self-esteem, purpose or pride. They are the most vulnerable to being bullied and to become bullies.

This stems from a culture of worth along with not standing out. This collision creates so many problems in the phyche of kids that they simply retreat and lose that self-esteem that they need.

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Posted in: Power of nature See in context

That is so cool.

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Posted in: 2 million Americans lose jobless benefits as holiday season arrives See in context

So much focus on presents... Why can't Christmas be celebrated by being with family and friends, playing some games, or even singing some carols? Why does it have to be ruined by not having presents?

Just edge away from this material culture for once and appreciate what you all have right in front of you!

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya: 'No one could kill someone who looked like me' See in context

When asked by a journalist what she would do in the event of a real face-off, she answered, “No one would shoot a girl as cute as me.”

With all the crazy people out there, challenging them would be the last thing I'd do.

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

I know that at such a young age, such events seem nearly impossible to avoid. I wish kids could only know more pride in themselves so that suicide would not be the only way out...

She probably could have made more of a difference alive if she could only have had the strength to stand up to others.

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Posted in: Dinner is served - for your dog See in context

My dog shakes with excitement no matter what the food is...

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Posted in: 74-year-old Kanagawa woman killed in hit-and-run See in context

Unfortunately, we will probably never know whose fault it is. It could be either for wreckless driving. I cannot blame anyone for the initial incident based on what is told in the article.

Also unfortunate is that, in the eyes of the law, it will just about always be the car driver's fault regardless of the circumstances. Their lives can be ruined by a single event that might not have been realistically avoidable. A cyclist can run into the road from no visible point in the matter of a split second, and depending on the normal speed limit, it may truly be unavoidable. Of course, there is the obvious possibility that the car driver was not paying attention...

This also leaves a car driver with the unfortunate most logical, though not moral, thing to do is run. If they stay, they are ruined. If they run, they have a chance of getting away with something they may not have been able to avoid. I hope that the law will one day be more reasonable in these circumstances.

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Posted in: TSA has met the enemy — the people See in context

They are doing nothing but exercising control under the guise of safety. They say they do it for that extremely small chance that someone is going to try to blow up a plane.

Now, what kind of terrorist, whom of which are often quite intelligent and do their research very well, will pass through a security point in a way they will get caught? If someone wants to take down a plane and have enough backing to do so, I doubt we can really stop that. Even then, they have every chance in the world to do more damage before a plane even takes off at the airport and that is currently nearly impossible to stop.

As I said, it's an exercise in control. If we refuse the scanner, we are punished with intrusive pat-downs that were ever so conveniently introduced when the scanners went into effect. They even went so far as to openly insult and belittle those who opt for the pat-down...

This is just one issue out of many in America today. I don't know about others, but just as my forefathers, I am not willing to give up my freedom for the sake of safety. The very thing they fought for is once again being thrown away...

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Posted in: What do you think of Wikipedia? See in context

Sure, it's not exactly a repuatable source, but it is one of the BEST places to get info on whatever. Even for a college level paper, I used wiki as a starting point in order to know what to even look for in the subject.

I hope they continue to grow and always have a growing standard in good information!

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Posted in: Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers in U.S. See in context

I think a good portion of the male population would mind a pat down from a pretty lady...

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

I am sure it's part of the "Make Christmas every day!" campaign. Give it a decade or so...

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Posted in: The freefall of Japan’s anime industry See in context

^ I second Key.

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Posted in: 3,000 pairs of stolen panties found in home of underwear thief See in context

Do we have a world record?! Probably not...

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Posted in: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine: study See in context

I don't know what you mean by 'trust being around' but if you mean giving your car keys to, I'd trust the guy who just shot up most because he's not going anywhere soon. Next would be the guy who just smoked a joint because, if he ever figures out how to get the car started, he's going to drive about 5 mph. The cocaine guy and the beer guy are just going to wreck my car so forget about them.

You wouldn't trust a guy after a single beer? He didn't say a can of vodka, he said a beer. Have you never had a beer before? That would be literally no imparement for most people.

Also, a joint will not make one wreckless. Nor will they drive 5mph... This is another ridiculous assumption of something you apparenently know nothing about. They would drive normal for the most part after a single joint.

About the other two, your guess is probably as good as mine...

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Posted in: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine: study See in context

The gross bias in this uncontrolled "study" sickens me. There are so many excluded factors that I can't even mention them all right here. I've known enough various users of alcohol or drugs and I can tell with certainty that alcohol is not where these cheap sensationalist put it.

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Posted in: Do you think restaurant menus should list the calorie content for each item? See in context

Yes, people should have easy access to the amount of calories they are consuming. It is not always easy to know, especially in well mixed food such as casseroles, soups, ect. so there should be a good estimate available to base one's judgement off of.

The real problem are those restaurants that attempt to depict themselves as healthy with certain advertised keywords or images, yet they can be as calorie packed as any junk food.

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Posted in: Bear killed after attacking man and son in Fukui See in context

I am pretty sure I could hold a 50kg bear at bay while I back away with a child. Even a good kick could send a small bear like that running.

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Posted in: Man who 'fished' underwear from balcony arrested in Kobe See in context

This is so funny, seems to be right out of some anime.

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Posted in: Make way for the Butt Police See in context

I think we need to introduce a movement of mobile vaporizors which eliminate the need to get rid of smoking all together. They don't smell, the harmful effects are negligable (except on the wallet, little change there), and they still get a perfectly good nicotine fix. They even look like cigarettes.

The butt police wouldn't even be required since there are no butts with vaporizors.

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Posted in: Too much katakana contributing to Japan's malaise See in context

For us English speakers, we're SUPPOSED to differentiate foreign words by putting them in italics so that it it obvious that the word is not from the English language.

I've never head of this rule before... From what I've seen, we simply give the best phonetic approximation (usually) and fully integrate it into the English language. Sometimes it's changed, sometimes it stays exactly the same as the origin.

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Posted in: How do you feel when someone you are greeting wants to hug you or kiss you on the cheek? When is it appropriate and do you think the custom can be misinterpreted in some cultures, such as Japan, for e See in context

To each culture their own. Don't be insulted if you are greeted in another culture the way they do. Don't be insulted if they greet you the way they expect you to be greeted.

If you are uncomfortable which such a small gesture, you've traveled too far out of your "safe zone" in this world.

And if you worry about sanitation due to simple handshakes, congratulations, you are part of the ignorant masses who think you are clean or safe from germs otherwise. Wash your hands and dont stick them where you are vulnerable. If you are in a crowd, you are snorting up ariborne germs whether you like it or not.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of university student in Tokyo hotel See in context

Hmm.. Perhaps the girl said she would cry "rape" if Konno didn't cough up more cash... Just speculation, but it did jump to mind.

This is the same unfortunate incident I was thinking of. It's far more likely to drive one into a rage, due to how unfair and unbalanced such a claim would be.

Unfortunately, without the girl we will most likely never know the truth.

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