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Posted in: 'The world's gone mad': Kate Bush on 'Stranger Things' and chart reprise See in context

Great series, great song. Can't wait for Season 4 Volume 2, and hope it features a remix of the song like we heard in the recently released Volume 2 trailer!

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Posted in: Kishida, BOJ chief discuss rapid fall of yen See in context

The central bank will closely monitor currency movements and respond appropriately in coordination with the government, the BOJ chief said.

This sounds a lot like how the J government handled the coronavirus: Just "monitor" it and let is run its course, without taking any action that would involve too much cost or effort.

Only this time, there is nothing that the common people can do to protect themselves.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet See in context

But is the camera in the actual toilet or just in the restroom? There is a difference here.

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' stays aloft with $86 mil in its 2nd weekend See in context

This is what happens when you focus on what the fans want, not what message you want to push onto fans. Take note Disney.

Not sure what you're implying here.

Having movies like the new "Top Gun" is fine, but many fans also want to see a diverse range of characters, or else you are pushing the message that only straight white men matter.

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Posted in: Man wanted for beating girlfriend in Tokyo in March arrested in Okinawa See in context

The glorious effects of alcohol, if only someone would admit it might be a problem instead of putting a commercial on every 10 minutes and glorifying it

Alcohol may have exacerbated the man's violent behavior or at the very least reduced his inhibitions, but this is an issue of violence rather than alcohol. This man has a psychological problem if he punched a woman in the head 20 times, whether he was drunk or not, and whether she started the "argument" or not. Alcohol does not have this effect on most people, and can even have the opposite effect of pacifying people.

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Posted in: Man wanted for beating girlfriend in Tokyo in March arrested in Okinawa See in context

But let me take a guess… he got drunk and the girlfriend got mad, instigated an argument or started yelling at him which triggered him. No logical person would start a fight with a drunk. I’m not justifying his actions but it’s usually the women who initiate the fight. 

We have no idea whether she started the argument or not, and you are in fact justifying his actions by suggesting that starting a fight with a drunk person inevitably justifies that person beating an innocent person nearly to the point of death. Being drunk is never an excuse for such violence. This man is obviously abusive, and may have been triggered by something that wasn't even her fault.

At least he didn’t kill her.

He punched her in the head 20 times, and may easily have killed her. This monster needs to be put away, for the protection of innocent lives.

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Posted in: Lebanese judge questions Ghosn after Interpol notice See in context

Can Ghosn defenders please explain why the support?

Do you think that foreigners in Japan should be allowed to be as greedy and criminal as they want and get away with it, because it's all foreigners vs. Japan in your mind?

Or do you think that Ghosn was really that ignorant about Japanese laws despite holding such a high position and no one at Nissan advised him?

I can personally verify that greed and corruption are the norm at the executive level at corporations in Japan, and most of the execs know exactly how much they can get away with and how to get away with it. The enabling needs to stop. But that doesn't justify the most greedy and corrupt of them all getting away with it just because he is foreign. He either knowingly broke Japan's laws and arrogantly went beyond the accepted norms for corruption, or wasn't qualified to hold such a position in Japan to begin with.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol wanted notice for Ghosn See in context

I hope they get Ghosn.

I realize that this comment is going to be dislike-bombed by the Ghosn supporters who only see this as a "Japan bad, foreigner good" issue, but evidence strongly indicates Ghosn is in fact guilty of everything he has been accused of in Japan and France.

If you think he is not guilty, then you also admit that he is an idiot for being so oblivious of Japanese law, and that he is incompetent of having held such high-ranking corporate positions in Japan and elsewhere. Even lowly peons would be more aware of the legal reporting standards in Japan that he blatantly ignored.

No, it is not fair that other officials at Nissan and other Japanese corporations constantly get away with what he did, and Nissan pretty much sacrificed him for their own agenda, but Ghosn is as guilty as they come received more illegal remuneration than legal.

His vehement denial and strong desire to flee are a strong psychological indication of his guilt.

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Posted in: Battle for Mariupol draws toward close after surrender See in context

The Ukrainian troops were likely starved and miserable inside the plant, but I fear for them even worse now that they are in Kremlin custody. The Russians could further starve, torture, or kill them, and Putin seems to be too unwilling to negotiate for a prisoner swap to be arranged.

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Posted in: Man offers to pay back mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil COVID funds 'little by little' See in context

On the man's claim that he used all the money on gambling, Norihiko Hanada, the mayor of Abu, expressed surprise earlier. "We want to trace the flow of the money in the lawsuit. I want him to return it, it's not too late."

Assuming that the money was actually spent on overseas online casinos, how is it going to be possible for the young man to return it? Are the casinos going to just issue a refund? This mayor sounds like a buffoon to me. If it is possible that the young man is hiding the money away somewhere, that possibility needs to be thoroughly investigated. (The young man could pay back the money little by little, while keeping the main stash hidden and intact.)

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

The landlord described the suspect as "handsome". After seeing a picture of the suspect's face, I have to say I strongly disagree.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 6 deaths, 350,000 ill after admitting COVID-19 outbreak See in context

"North Korea, which likely doesn't have sufficient COVID-19 tests and other medical equipment, said it didn't know the case of the mass fevers."

Should "case" be "cause" instead?

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't plans to start same-sex partnership system in November See in context

This is of course a step in the right direction, but what practical benefits do the partnership certificates confer, especially if they are kept so private? Same-sex marriage needs to be made legally binding by Japan as a whole.

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Posted in: Driver hits 78-year-old man; then takes him home where he later dies See in context

Why did the driver go back to check on the pedestrian's condition if he thought he was alright? The driver should have taken the pedestrian to the hospital immediately instead of home.

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Posted in: Abortion training under threat for U.S. med students, residents See in context

Why is it just "a medical procedure" to mutilate an innocent baby in agony? I am OK with abortion as long as it is done early before the baby has nerves.

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Posted in: War transforms Ukrainian brothers' gaming YouTube channel See in context

I agree with MarkX! This article did not explain the context, and made little sense until I realized that the "two Ukrainian brothers" have been living in Japan, not Ukraine. (I have been living in Japan for 18 years, have worked in the gaming industry, and watch YouTube literally everyday... and I still would have appreciated more context to understand the point of this article!)

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

Kishida's statement only specified giving consideration to "Japanese nationals". Will foreign permanent residents, spouses, etc. also be able to make reservations for return flights to Japan, or even enter the country when they get here?

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