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Ichigo comments

Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

Genuinely asking, but can you get mountain sickness suddenly as a delayed reaction long after the fact? According to this guy's story, he was already driving when it hit him. Why was he driving?!

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Posted in: Tokyo German Village See in context

And since when was Sodegaura in Tokyo?

About the same time that Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Narita International Airport were discovered to be in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan OKs 1st domestic-made COVID shots tailored for Omicron subvariant See in context

Message to Japan: the pandemic has mostly been over for 18 months. Humanity won.

Message to humanity from coronavirus: We are still alive and thriving, after killing millions of you and leaving countless more with chronic or permanent damage, all because you refused to accept basic scientific principles about how respiratory viruses are transmitted. We won.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing mother by scalding her with boiling water See in context

Let the judgements begin. We don't know enough about this situation.

A woman was scalded to death with boiling water by her son. That is all I need to know. Even if you try to justify murder, there are more humane and sane ways of doing it.

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Posted in: Trump surrenders at Atlanta jail on charges he tried to overturn his 2020 election loss See in context

He completed the process in 20 minutes, providing officials as is customary with his physical measurements: 6 foot 3 inches. 215 pounds. Strawberry or blond hair.

That weight must have been self reported. There are stories from physicians and police departments (who actually physically weighed him) that is he closer to 270 pounds. A 6'3" man at 215 would have to be pretty lean. Trump is a pathological liar and not even a good one.

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Posted in: Ghosn's rise, fall and dramatic escape is subject of new Apple TV+ series See in context

This series sounds very biased. I'm sure Ghosn in his narrative is neglecting the part about knowingly breaking Japanese law and greedily and arrogantly demanding more for his performance. And even if he isn't as business savvy as he is made out to be, I have worked in executive positions at three Japanese companies and highly doubt that no one advised him what the laws were. Yes, many other Japanese executives also do what he did, but not to that extent and not so ostentatiously. He was turning into a problem for Nissan not for being foreign, but for being disruptive.

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Posted in: Trump surrender to overshadow Republican debate See in context

At this point, Ron is damaging his chances for 2028. People just don't like the guy and his personality only makes it worse.

As much as I dislike Trump for embodying nearly every negative psychological trait possible, DeSantis could potentially do a lot more harm to the country because he is actually a fascist and not as lazy as Trump is. (Trump is a lot of talk, but thankfully not a lot of action unless he can directly benefit.)

I'm not particularly a fan of Biden, but I would go Biden over DeSantis if it came down to those two in the actual election.

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Posted in: 2 men report to police over DJ Soda groping case See in context

Witch hunt in my opinion.

"Witch hunt" implies that someone is being persecuted for imaginary crimes with no evidence. Yet here we have video footage proving that the assault happened.

First of all what that Idol expect to happen if she will go into the crowds?

You generally would not expect a well known person or performer to be sexually assaulted like that in front of everyone, in any country where the law is observed.

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Posted in: Trump says he will skip GOP presidential primary debates See in context

Trump loves the attention he receives at events like these, and he obviously has the free time to attend. He can only be skipping for his own benefit, which is in this case due to legal reasons. The situation must be pretty bad for him to be heeding the counsel of those around him. (He usually behaves as a child with no common sense.)

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Posted in: Decapitated cat carcass found near park in Himeji See in context

Some animal activists came up with the false narrative that serial killers start with cats -there is little to no evidence of this, the majority of serial killers start with people.

It's not entirely a false narrative. Jeffrey Dahmer started with animals, and there may be others. People who feel no empathy towards people are not likely to feel empathy towards animals, either. (Although many serial killers might not target animals simply because they have no motive to.)

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Posted in: Brightly flashing 'X' sign removed from former Twitter's San Francisco headquarters See in context

The chaotic rebrand of Twitter's building signage is similar to the haphazard way in which the Twitter platform is being turned into X. While the X logo has replaced Twitter on many parts of the site and app, remnants of Twitter remain.

Musk seems to be acting without consulting any experts first or checking to see if what he is about to do is financially viable, let alone legal.

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Posted in: Why Musk's 'X' will struggle to become a Chinese-style super-app See in context

There are not so many "unbanked" in the United States today and credit cards are accepted everywhere -- leading Schaefer and others to wonder why anyone would need to use Musk's app to pay for something.

Cybertheft can happen to any institution, but given Musk's track record with Twitter, I doubt that he is going to want to put in the effort and expenses to make sure that the app is secure enough to handle all of the issues that will surely arise. And he seems less willing than ever to listen to security and financial experts now. So not only would most people not even need an additional payment method, but I doubt most people would be willing to trust this particular app with their money and personal data.

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Posted in: Musk wants to turn tweets into 'Xs,' but changing language is not quite so simple See in context

I'm still calling it "Twitter" because I'm afraid most people will have no idea what I'm talking about if I call it "X", and it just doesn't sound like a distinctive enough word to stand out in conversation, given how short the name is and how it shares sounds with other words. Why couldn't he have come up with a clearer name like "Facebook" or "PayPal"?

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Posted in: In Japan, which bans dual custody, a table tennis star refuses to hand back her son to her ex See in context

As far as I know, he was very abusive and dominating and that was the reason for the divorce. 

If this is true, it would have been good for everyone to know before he won custody. Does he still have his daughter in Taiwan? Is it typical for abusive fathers to actually want to raise their children? (My impression is that abusive fathers typically don't want the responsibility at all.)

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Posted in: McDonalds’ branch in Kanagawa bans entire school from entering restaurant See in context

This is a human rights violation that only seems possible in Japan.

The human rights of the workers and other customers were surely being violated, and this should take priority. Having taught at lower level Japanese junior high schools myself, I can only imagine how bad these kids were (given that police officers had to be called in). I have seen junior high school students smoke in the classroom during class, destroy school property, bully other students, and disrespect school staff.

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Posted in: Crown Princess Kiko tests positive for COVID See in context

“it’s only like a cold now.” Except that a cold doesn’t have the risk of giving you Long Covid. Down vote all you want, it’s true.

Very true. I personally know someone who has had persistent asthma now for six months after "recovering" from COVID, and may or may not completely recover over time. I also know someone whose pancreas was damaged by COVID and they are diabetic now. 

The virus can cause damage to any number of organs in the body, sometimes permanent. It is not just a respiratory virus, but a virus that attacks your immune cells and causes extreme reactions in the immune system of some otherwise healthy people. This is far more dangerous than the typical cold or flu precisely because it is so new to our bodies and attacks the immune cells in our respiratory tract first.

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Posted in: Musk says Twitter to change logo to X from the bird See in context

Do tell us what you do that pushes the world forward.

Narcissistic billionaires like Musk are pushing the world down, not forward.

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Posted in: Decaying bodies of two elderly people found in Nagoya house See in context

found at around 2:15 p.m. Saturday by relatives who hadn’t heard from them for a long time

"A long time" is very vague. Are we talking weeks, or months?

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Posted in: Fugitive ex-auto tycoon Ghosn sues Nissan for irreparable damage See in context

Good luck Mr.Ghosn. Hope that you win. 

I don't understand this unconditional support for Ghosn. People are on his side just because he was at one time considered a successful foreign businessman in Japan? Bad foreigners do more harm to your cause than they do good. Many Japanese execs abuse their positions and companies often turn a blind eye and cover up the paper trail, which is a bad thing, but Ghosn did not respect conventions and went way too far with his greed and pride. He had to have known exactly what he was doing, if he was actually such a clever businessman.

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for killing 84-year-old mother with wooden sword See in context

Komine is accused of using a 100-cm-long wooden sword to beat his mother about the head several times at her home between May 16 and May 17, 2022. An autopsy revealed that Katsuko sustained several injuries to her arms as well, most likely while trying to defend herself.

This is horrific, to die a slow yet painful and violent death at the hands of your son. The defendant couldn't have been drunk this whole time, and must have sobered enough at some point to realize that his mother was dead, even if he didn't mean to kill her. There is no defense for this disgusting piece of scum.

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Posted in: Fugitive ex-auto tycoon Ghosn sues Nissan for irreparable damage See in context

The lawsuit is "based on many crimes that Nissan has committed in Lebanon,"

What crimes has Nissan committed in Lebanon? Genuinely asking.

"Nissan will have to pay for what it has done to me and my family," he said. "I just want to make sure all the criminals and plotters cannot sleep quietly in their beds."

What Nissan did to Ghosn was very shady, but did they actually break the law? Ghosn, on the other hand, did in fact break laws, although he did no worse than what many executives in Japan are guilty of.

He spoke from Lebanon, where he sensationally fled to in December 2019 while out on bail awaiting trial for allegedly underreporting remuneration and misusing Nissan's funds.

So Ghosn flees from the laws of the country where he lived, worked, and made much of his wealth, but he expects Nissan to subject itself to the legal system of a country of his choosing?

seeking over $1 billion in damages over allegations that include defamation

Ghosn defamed himself even worse than Nissan did. His fleeing the country was huge international news. This seems to be about Ghosn being greedy, as he always was.

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Posted in: No. of Japan households with kids falls below 10 mil for 1st time See in context

They're not paying for my pension. I do something called "saving money" to see me through retirement. You should try it sometime.

Some people's salaries are not enough to see them through retirement, no matter how much they save, due to rising costs and stagnating wages. Having children is simply not an option. Having only one spouse work is simply not an option. The bubble has burst.

If you have saved enough money to see you through retirement without any need for pension, be grateful to the society and economy at large that you have been benefitting from. It would be simply impossible for everyone to have as much as you have, because resources are finite.

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Posted in: Food prices are squeezing Europe. Now Italians are calling for a pasta protest See in context

The story says "including wheat for the flour used to make pasta." Oops that is a bad factual error from AP.

Where is the factual error?

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Posted in: DeSantis hits Trump from the right while the ex-president looks ahead to the general election See in context

Hutchinson, Scott, Haley and Sununu would be stronger general election candidates than either Trump or DeSantis.

This is the truth, ironic as it is. The Republican party is probably going to go with Trump or DeSantis, even though a more rational or moderate nominee would be more likely to beat Biden (or whoever the Democratic nominee is) in a 2024 general election.

Regarding the 2020 election, more actual Democrats would have preferred Sanders or some other candidate over Biden. But the Democratic party as a whole was smart in choosing Biden, because when contrasted with Trump in a general election he was more appealing to moderate voters.

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Posted in: Kishida fires his eldest son as executive secretary See in context

What Shotaro did was not that bad. But he really didn't deserve that position in the first place either, and he is old enough to know that you should act with greater propriety when given responsibilities.

Note: Some Japanese media have also reported that he was staying at love hotels with college students. As long as the students were willing participants I have no criticisms of this personally, but you would think that he would be more careful about his actions.

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Posted in: Netflix expands password-sharing crackdown worldwide See in context

On Tuesday, it announced it was expanding the policy to more than 100 countries.

Is Japan included in that list?

I haven't gotten any e-mails from Netflix other than recommendations for new offerings.

My partner and I both use Netflix regularly, including at the homes of our parents and at a company dorm in a different city, and we haven't noticed anything different so far. But we do have the premium account, so that may help keep us off the radar.

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Posted in: Newborn infant’s corpse found at sewage plant See in context

This story is truly disturbing, to think that a live healthy baby may have been flushed down the toilet like human waste. Do they know from the remains whether the baby could have been born prematurely, or stillborn? Could DNA testing be done to potentially determine the identify of the parents?

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Posted in: Trump indicted on criminal charges; appeals to supporters for legal defense funds See in context

Shortly after, Trump appealed to supporters to provide money for a legal defense. He has raised over $2 million, according to his campaign, since he incorrectly predicted on March 18 that he would be arrested four days later.

Wait, why does he need donations for his legal defense, if he is really such a business genius and successful tycoon?!

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Posted in: Nootbaar's pepper grinder move unwelcome in Japan high school tourney See in context

It would have helped if the article had at least explained what the pepper grinder gesture even means. (Before researching the matter, I started to suspect that the gesture had some sort of violent or obscene meaning, given how it was banned. In the end, I am realizing that the gesture apparently is apparently used to encourage the team to "grind" out more points... and any gesture at all would have been banned at the high school game.)

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Posted in: 70% of Japan flight attendants report photos taken of them secretly See in context

How would they known either way, if the filming was done in secret?

There are apps that allow you to take pictures without making a sound. Perhaps some of these flight attendants suspected that pictures were being taken of them because of the way that passengers were facing their phones toward them.

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