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Posted in: Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan See in context

Japan is what it us today because it isn't a melting pot or multiracial the way the U.S. is. The day mass immigration is allowed is the day Japan ceases to be what all of you pro-immigration types love. I side with the Japanese commenters.

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

"It's amusing how the Japanese right-wingers/netouyo can only talk big against China, only if they can depend on America... Whatever happened to "Strong Japan"? LOL... Are they sure that they are "patriots"? How can they be patriotic, when they are willing to be completely subservient to the US? They sure do contradict themselves. Besides, it's not like America will ever actually protect Japan."

This is a country who was forced by two atomic bombs to become pacifist? Since then, they have been staring into the barrel of a gun (Uncle Sam's) so they do not have a choice but to rely on US military for protection.

Japan would have stayed strong had they been allowed to keep on with their brutal empire. They never needed the US. They have been forced into this weakened situation. Japan was rightwing in the past so it isn't like they have all disappeared.

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Posted in: Man dies after jumping from moving train See in context

"I genuinely think a regions railways should club together and invest in two to four kilometres of track and run an empty automatic train up and down or round and round the said track. Advertise it for would be suicides, then one you can intervene with hope, love and advice at stations --the towering fencing either side of the track would not allow you to enter the track other than through 'stations'-- two the travelling public isn't inconvenienced and three no drivers traumatised. Different, controversial? Sure. Worth a try? I think so. IF it saves lives, why not?"

Sorry, you can't expect the government to save you from yourself. What if someone jumps out and still dies? There would be a lawsuit and the taxpayer ends up paying....for stupidity.

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Posted in: Russian forces to conduct drill in east, including disputed islands with Japan See in context

If US as a hegemon is weakening, which it is, there will be expansionism by Russia and China. I hope Japan beefs up its military for its own defense.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 1-year-old daughter See in context

Funny how when a woman commits a crime, all the justifiers come out of the woodwork trying to explain away her actions.

Men kill due to stress too. It doesn't matter what the reason is. She shouldn't have done it and will have to pay for it.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo See in context

North Korea is propped up by China anyway so the latter is responsible for the existence of the regime. Every time it threatens Japan, Chinese leaders are grinning with glee.

Japan has every right to defend itself and have nukes launch-ready against North Korea AND China. China will never get over its humiliation by Japan. China is not a minority group like Jews. China prides itself on its long history and cultural contributions, and it feels it is responsible for the cultural enrichment and development of Japan. To think little Japan was smart enough to modernize early and beat China to submission is infuriating to the Chinese. They want their revenge, and to prove to Japan and the rest of the world, especially the West, that it is no longer a paper tiger.

I had to edit a book at work written by a Chinese nuclear physicist and I was horrified how he praised the glory of nukes which will be used to demonstrate the strength of China. Whether China does get into war with Japan remains to be seen, but certainly they love fanning the flames and if North Korea frightens Japan, all the better.

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

Would the US really be willing to sacrifice Hawaii and Los Angeles to defend Japan? Those are the places China's long missiles are point at and launch-ready!

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