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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

I’m so sad that even in this century there’s a kind of battle between liberalism and authoritarian.

But as liberal countries, we might not have to interfere any affairs of each country. Whatever the countries are or not

I like this sentence

“Abe to implement measures to help residents of the special administrative region, such as allowing them to immigrate to Japan, as Britain and Taiwan have considered doing so.”

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Posted in: Japan to boost space cooperation with U.S. in revised policy See in context

I think the expanding of defense capability for space and cooperation with US are diplomatically needed.

Sea power , land power and next is added a space power? (How should I call the power in space )

I head that China has been developing rapidly in a space industry during plans for space shuttles in NASA was suspended (cancelled).

At the point, not only Japan but also any allied countries with US and EU might be necessary to take any technical developments each other.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; highest since state of emergency lifted See in context

The Increasing number of infection cases in Tokyo area is the result of easing restriction of economy I think.

As long as the government has monitored the trend and traced the each cases, So far it’s been under controlled.

but we have to keep careful of washing hands sufficient ventilation and ,avoiding confined spaces...it’s most difficult to keep for train commuters....

Another concern is that clusters happened in Utsunomiya city and Otaru city. Both are local.

I hope each local officials trace the all cases.

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Posted in: Number of landslides in Japan surges almost 50% in a decade See in context

I knew for the first time that the number of landslide recorded about 1.5time more frequently compared to previous 10 years

but it’s for sure that in western Japan for past a decade it easily brings downpours and torrential rainfall right this rain weather season because of very humid moisture flow

Global warming has made water surface temperature higher that forms more humid moisture in air. Which ends up easily triggering downpour especially in the region

Under the risk of the infection this season , we might have to more keep eye on weather information to make prompt decision to evacuate from homes

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