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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls, entry quarantine from March See in context

Japan is planning to ease its cap on the number of daily new entrants from overseas

that is a good decision.

in general Japan government must allow more foreign students who desire to study in Japan to enter through a whole year.

But at the same time, it needs to inspect carefully if the students are attempting to steal a lot of technologies to make use of military after they are back to their country, such as totalitarian countries.

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Posted in: Moon expects next S Korean gov't to improve ties with Japan See in context

The relationship between S Korea & Japan won’t improve dramatically even if whoever become new president.

It can’t be helped because of it relying on Chinese stronger economy and also the geographical disadvantage.

S Korea is connected to China and N Korea. As long as China economy weakens dramatically, S Korea won’t get closer to Japan or democratic countries.

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Posted in: Ukraine envoy wants Japan to do more to ease tensions See in context

We believe that Japan can play a very important role in that Japan is the only G-7 country" in Asia, he added.

yes. It’s right for Japan to take some actions as a leader in Asia.

Unfortunately as long as Kishida stays as a prime minister , nothing will be done. Cannot be expected. He’s just focused on how he can win the election coming this July and keep higher his approval rate.

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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context

As long as the relation between the government and the ministry of finance being NOT dramatically renewed, Japan’s economy will continue to be a slow growth and behind other countries.

Also if many people realize there are a lot of media controls existing, they can discriminate which information is better for Japan’s economy and economic security also.

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Posted in: Canada, UK join Beijing Winter Olympics boycott See in context

How will Japan prime minister decide for it.

I hope he take an necessary action as a Asian leader.

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

I don’t 100% agree with Kishida’s economic policy but,

as he mentioned above,

“The upcoming election is about choosing the future of Japan."

It’s not an exaggeration that next election is going to be a touchstone for Japanese that which thought they support, which thought can lead its economic growth in future. Which is Democratic or Communism.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st typhoon research institute opens in Yokohama See in context

I really hope that Japan shows it’s leader ship in the field. Also look forward to making the developments happen and success in real for near future.

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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

It was unfair for two of the women not to to be asked about national security and diplomacy during debate in the japan national press club (JNPC).

Takaichi is the only person other than 4 candidate that she has obviously mentioned the necessaries of national security.

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Posted in: Typhoon heads for eastern Japan; Olympic rowing events rescheduled See in context

Good or bad for surfing match ? Even though there is possibly higher wave but , wind direction may be north , could be different from sea wind. I wish the event are held safely

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Posted in: Japan takes gymnastics lead; reigning champ Uchimura bows out after fall from high bar See in context

I’m very sad not to be able to see his play in this Olympic.

But he did his best. 

He was in like God’s territory as a gymnast for a long time. He’s an all-round player. I remember even Chinese gymnasts, strongest team in the world, gave up catching up his score and beating his beautiful performances at other Olympic

I wish next new wonderful Japanese athletes appears.

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Posted in: U.S. to seek global rules on AI misuse, Blinken says See in context

I think this rule is going to be important for not only US but also other Democratic countries.

In EU it also made a rule for AI as an ethical code.

All these are for valuing an ethical perspectives and preventing greater control from some authoritarian countries

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Posted in: Japan Airlines reports ¥286.7 bil loss See in context

Since the bankrupt in 2010 and the government support, it seems JAL experienced drastically a cost cut and also maybe a rational business.

I wish it recovers from pandemic as early as possible and become one of the world top airline companies

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese military likely behind cyberattacks See in context

China wants aerospace technology desperately, that’s why the ministry might’ve attempted the hackings.

One Chinese IT company became the largest shareholder of RAKUTEN.

Japan government and USA constantly investigate Rakuten accordingly, and monitor what the Chinese company has attempted.

So we have to keep an eye on many possibilities which they may attempt.

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Posted in: Taiwan envoy hopes Japan will play greater role in regional stability See in context

Japan have to show more leadership. Unfortunately so far the government has struggled with everything they have done.

Even though Japan has more trade with China, it have to make up its mind of sacrificing its economy down by shifting the trade to other counties.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

I dont think the cities in Tokyo last weekend was quieter ,following the preventive measure for Tokyo region.

To make Tokyo Olympic successful, we have to stand the coming Golden week under state of emergency or more strict measure for short time.

Im not sure Suga-san has taken current situation seriously or not.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Good news and also French government recently dispatched its military to Indian pacific region.

I think unfortunately the totalitarian country will make an invasion into Taiwan and other island even if democratic coutures defend its attempt. They won’t care how many people are died.

So the key is called “soft power” as US president try to do I think.

Not only US but Germany , Japan and other advanced counties have a “Soft power” also

Specifically, Democratic counties make alliances strongly and withdraw supply chain from the totalitarian counties to weaken their economy so that they cannot afford war expenditures.

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Posted in: Japan, UAE to collaborate on hydrogen technology, supply chain See in context

The key I think is corporations in the two countries come true under the called Cold War between democratic countries and totalitarians

I think it will be important for Japan to show its Asian leader ship and corporate with Middle East countries and attract democratic way and expand it

Also it will become concern that the emissions (CO2) appear in the manufacturing process of Hydrogen, they are captured and used for industry though ...

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms' early bloom due to climate change, say experts See in context

The cherry blossom blooming depends on how much it was cold on winter. 

This winter , especially mid of December to January, it was very colder than usual. 

And higher temperatures (During February)after the cold days would’ve made accelerate the timing of Sakura Blooming.

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Posted in: U.S., allies dissatisfied with WHO-backed COVID origins report See in context

This result is predictable in spite of the the announcement of the report was delayed for a few weeks

The truth was shrouded in darkness

It having said that samples were hushed up already as of early 2020 last year.

I wish the democratic counties ally and make the economy of totalitarian counties weaken by “soft power”

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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context

Totalitarian counties will think they would be willing to war to make an invasion on Taiwan or other islands if Democratic countries strongly take an objection to the attempt.

So that I think I hope Democratic counties should get tie and union to get an arrangement of their army as early as possible

also we Democratic should make totalitarian’s economy weaken in a few years. Like withdrawing supply chains to other countries.

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Posted in: China attacks foreign clothing, shoe brands over sanctions See in context

Tesra aggressively began establishing its factory in China.

on the other hand ,recently China started to reject to buy or use the car because of information secure by camera installed on the car.

Is it correct way to invest factory in totalitarian countries?

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Posted in: China's embassy in Philippines takes swipe at Japan over South China Sea See in context

The shift of supply chains to other countries and patience is are important

The possibility might be getting higher than before that Totalitarian countries have allied and make an invasion in Taiwan or other regions without negotiations with democratic counties.

I hope that this Cold War is slow down with no injure and death

The best way I think is that making economy of totalitarians weaken

Democratic countries would be better to shift their supply chains to other counties

Our economy could slow down for many years, but need to be patient

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

It’ll be as government had expected, as the prime minister Suga also was so relaxed about the risk of infection that he went for dinner with confined space. Many Japanese follows the policy of the government well.

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Posted in: SDF deployed as record snowfall blankets parts of Japan See in context

I wish the cars trapped on highway and residents nearby were not serous injured. food supplies and warm cloths and so on

this case was I think because of La Niña

During this winter season, there is obviously a trend of the phenomenon which often brings cold air from Siberia

Also in December water surface in Sea of Japan has been still warm which could lead heavy snow to the area

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' global output rises 2.7% in October See in context

It’s looks a just result in slightly reviving from the declaration of state emergency. And also it indicates car manufacturers have to relay on China market.

Once governments shifted its policy to an eco friendly, I wish Japanese automobiles makers become No1 EV manufacturers.

Is it too late ? I think so. But I just hope.

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Posted in: Japan rejects China's proposal for easing tensions over isle sovereignty See in context

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had suggested fishing boats from both countries be kept away from the uninhabited islets in the East China Sea and only government ships be allowed to sail near the islands to "make sure suspicious boats don't enter sensitive waters."

It is disgusting.

Japan will have expected sucha suggestions, though.

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Posted in: China, Japan to cooperate in reviving virus-hit economies See in context

This Chinese foreign ministry’s visit to Japan dinting pandemic outbreak indicates their strong impatience by surrounding by counter influence.

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Posted in: Chinese foreign minister to visit Japan to discuss virus, regional concerns See in context

Totalitarian will just insist on the island is his own territory, no matter what an international law say.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan to bolster defense ties amid China's rise See in context

This is the best way for Democratic countries to have bilateral defence each country to stand up against totalitarian states.

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Posted in: Japan to urge Biden to focus on Indo-Pacific as well as U.S. issues See in context

For Japan it’s still weak to show a leadership in Indo-pacific region. Besides military power, it’s better to relay on USA.

whoever being elected as president, it’s good idea for Japan to involve USA on Asian issue.

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