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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

Yada yada yada...and the crap still goes on. China is trying to get a rise out of Japan. Don't play into their hands.

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Posted in: Foreigners love Japanese conbini so much they made a song about them See in context

John Occupythemoon daly: I admire your bravery. I got only a minute into it and got violently ill. LMAO!

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Posted in: China warns North Korea; blames Japan for tension See in context

These countries are like a bunch of children. Stamping thier feet and crying if they don't get thier way. Grow up!

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Posted in: Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth See in context

What is with health care professionals. Anything to make a buck, (or yen in this case).And people who actually want this done, OMG!

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Posted in: Man brings virtual girlfriend to own wedding See in context

Is this the reason the population rate is declining in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan's seniors work on into retirement See in context

A wise old man said "When you rest, you rust" How true this is in today's economy

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Posted in: It’s never too late to change bad chopsticks-holding habits See in context

Moondog: I am not bashing the use of chopsticks. I just think we have evolved a little more than that. I for one enjoy eating with chopsticks when I eat at my local Panda Express. I am just learning the Japanese language ( in Romaji of course ). I am way to old to try to learn how to write in Kanji. I am a great fan of the Japanese people and would never try to insult them. I have a penpal in Yamaguchi City who is teaching me Japanese using Romaji. My sincerest apologies.

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Posted in: It’s never too late to change bad chopsticks-holding habits See in context

Amazing!! Thousands of years of progress and people are still eating with sticks.

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