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Hi there

This book is part of a series of 5 that cover the ryu ha of the bujinkan curriculum. There are a few chapters on the spiritual aspects of budo and takamatsu but most practitioners will buy it because it covers the techniques from the kukishin ryu happo hiken yari, bisento, naganata and jutte. Great book! lots of pictures of various densho some from other non bujinkan ryu ha and some nice ones by the author! Note that the publisher of this book is closing down so expect it to be a collectors item.

I have noticed from some of the posts that the armchair keyboard warriors have come out to play again. TMA this MMA that! Watching silly tv shows or clips on youtube etc. Anyone can get an internet conncetion people. It doesnt make them an authority on MA does it?

Like all martial arts want to do something constructive with your life then go and get some real training done!

Best wishes

idai 1st dan wado, jujutsu 5th dan bujinkan, Amatsu medicine.

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