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Posted in: Toyota, Mazda, Subaru to develop new engines in hybrid push See in context

@smuf I think it's more sustainable not to change your car every few years than to follow trends. 

Very true. Our big old Hilus Surf that we run on WVO (waste vegetable oil) is over 30 years old and still going strong.

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Posted in: Swarmed with tourists, town blocks off popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

I assumed it was going to be on top of the Lawson building roof.

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Posted in: Experts say coral reef bleaching near record level globally because of 'crazy' ocean heat See in context

unscrupulous people will still insist there is nothing to worry about it

Or indeed, down thumb your very legitimate comment.

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Posted in: Japan’s wedding gift etiquette rule too expensive, young people in survey say See in context

I would not consider an "in-return gift" as a "silver lining".

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Posted in: Overtourism in Japan and what it means for visitors See in context

Save yourself the hassle of traveling with bulky suitcases, forward them to your next destination instead

No, just pack more sensibly, and use a rucksack. I just can't imagine how those wheels suitcases became so popular. Sheeple mentality I suppose.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidays start amid post-COVID tourism boom, weak yen See in context

"I'm worried that the cost of souvenirs will be higher" 

So don't buy any. Save money, and pointless wasteful packaging.

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Posted in: Oil sprays from an ANA flight carrying 213 people as it lands in Hokkaido See in context

Rather than ANA, this is another bad headline for Boeing.

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Posted in: Japan launches new alert system as heat stroke deaths rise See in context

@PTownsend but if there were better construction measures it would be easier to keep buildings cool

Yes exactly. We designed and built our own house to be as energy efficient as possible - with no need to install AC

We had to import the insulation etc because effective options were still not available here.

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Posted in: Toyota launches all-new land cruiser 250 series in Japan See in context

Isn't that the new Land Rover Defender? Did they use the wrong photo?

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Posted in: 'Civil War' might be year's most explosive movie, but director thinks it's just reporting See in context

@proxy Pure fantasy. If there was a civil war in the US it would be over in a week as the left blue-haired teachers suffering anxiety would not put up much of a fight against the pick-up driving, hunting right folks with guns.

And there we have it. Comments like this are the crux of the problem - or at least the thinking and people behind such comments.


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Posted in: World in grip of new major coral bleaching event; reefs at risk See in context

The predictions are dire.

99% coral loss with a 1.5C rise in temperatures from pre-industrial time.

We are heading to pass the 1.5C threshold by 2030.

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Posted in: Alpine sightseeing route showcasing giant snow walls opens in Toyama See in context

The depth of snow is much lower than average. Almost as low as 2020.

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Posted in: Prepare for warmer days with newest version of Thanko cooling vest See in context

The irony.

More climate warming emissions from these products which will create huge piles of non-recyclable landfill.

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Posted in: Why batteries come in so many sizes and shapes See in context

In many cases it's part of the planned obsolescence we see with many products.

It suits companies for consumers to have to buy many different products rather than a few that are multi-use.

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Posted in: Japanese firms' plans for CO2 export, storage in Southeast Asia on rise See in context

Surely, it's easier to invest in technology and system changes lower emissions than capturing, transporting and burying the emissions.

A similar comparison is looking to inhabit the moon/mars rather than taking care and safeguarding our life support systems here on earth.

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Posted in: Universal Studios in Osaka to double foreign employees by year-end See in context

The Japanese staff may be very polite, but until USJ starts putting limits on the numbers of people attending each day to reduce the horrendous waiting times, USJ (and Disney) will continue the biggest rip off Japan has to offer its visitors.

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Posted in: Staking out their spots See in context

How lovely to be amongst nature - surrounded by blue sheets and 1000's of people.

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Posted in: Planting trees in wrong places heats the planet: study See in context

I think the only place this would be significant is the tundra where the permafrost is melting and forested areas spreading towards the poles.

If more countries legislated or helped encourage the whitening of rooves there would be a significant lowering of temperatures, especially in urban areas.

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Posted in: Smoky way See in context

Looks horrendous.

Surely the main pleasure of going to any religious site is to find some sense of tranquility and solitude. There are so many very beautiful, quiet temples and shrines in Japan that people could go to, instead of all crowding to the same few 'famous' ones.

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Posted in: Here are the big hurdles to the global push to build up renewable energy See in context

The biggest obstacles are bad leadership, big oil, and lack of awareness or apathy among the general public.

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Posted in: Paris 2024 hopes to be model for lower-carbon Olympics See in context

The only way to make it low carbon is to not have it.

Can the world really afford to have these type of events given the cuts in carbon that are urgently needed.

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Posted in: Japan’s space agency says it hopes to forge profitable launch business with new H3 rocket See in context

Love the traffic cones.

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Posted in: Tips for reducing screen time (and why that might be a good idea) See in context

How about not have a phone.

I've never had a so called 'smart' phone to distract me from the real world.

iPod for music and podcasts and my laptop for work etc.

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Posted in: Scientists create new idea on how to hack a warming planet: drying the upper atmosphere See in context

Here's a geo-engineering idea that is guaranteed to work and will be:


technically possible

carbon negative

not risk runaway unforeseen consequences

beneficial to all living things on earth


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Posted in: Bezos dethrones Musk to reclaim title of world's richest man See in context

3 words: Global Wealth Tax

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Posted in: Spring has come early: February likely warmest on record amid climate change See in context

A run of temperature and other wether related records being broken year upon year should seriously worry anyone expecting to live decades into the future.

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Posted in: Which Japanese convenience store has the best 'onsen tamago' hot spring eggs? See in context

Most eggs, despite different retailers, are pretty uniform here in Japan and of high quality.

I'd disagree. Most are are from battery farmed hens and those eggs, so we are told, compare very unfavourably to the ones we get from our free range chickens.

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Posted in: Unusually warm weather in northern Japan puts damper on winter events See in context

Ocean surface temperatures are so high scientists are struggling to explain what's happening.

Very worrying trends.

Hottest year 2023, Hottest 7 months in a row. 2024; hottest January and now February (so far) on record Etc. Etc. Etc.

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Posted in: Nearly half of the world’s migratory species are in decline, U.N. report says See in context

Another shameful legacy to add to the long list we human's are leaving.

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Posted in: From New York to Jakarta, land in many coastal cities sinking faster than sea levels are rising See in context

@YGHome The latter effect is more rapid and powerful then the former,

Do you have any references to this 'fact'?

I'd be very interested to see them.

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