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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

If anyone should be prevented from being a steward of any part of this planet - Trump ticks every box.

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Posted in: High-yield rice seen as savior to Japan's rising food costs See in context

The cost of food as a % of income is much lower than a few decades ago. Cheaper food simply means more food waste.

As with the rest of the cuurent economy the focus is simply on cheaper, lower quality goods and produce.

We grow as much of our own food as possible - healthier, tastier, no packaging and no chemicals.

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

More e-waste.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic construction worker dies of suspected heatstroke See in context

Such shifts are no longer possible, though, due to international broadcasting and sports schedules, including the U.S. American football season and European soccer.

In other words - the needs and dictates of the corporate sponsors outweighs the 'sport' and the athletes.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

Papigiulio Interesting, how can a house cool itself? Just different kind of insulation?

Gygene how’d you do that? Build a house that doesn’t need air conditioning in this heat?

The house has VERY effective insulation - Superquilt (easy to find on internet) but shipped from UK and triple-glazing with UV cut. Other than that, trees and open design of house ensure breezes run through the house.


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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

We built our house to cool itself rather than having AC, which further heats up the planet directly (discharging heat energy outside buildings), and indirectly (consuming vast amouns of energy).

If all modern houses were built with better insulation (against winter heat loss and summer heat) and good design for passive cooling, it would go a long way to creating a more pleasent environment for everyone.

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 1 dead in southwestern Japan See in context

A slightly misleading headline - with a scale of 1 to 5, this typhoon is barely a category 1 typhoon, slightly more powerful than it's previous status as a tropical storm.

A very useful site during the typhoon season: http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/tracker/dynamic/main.html

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Posted in: How much water have you been drinking a day during the current heatwave in Japan? Are there any other drinks you prefer to quench your thirst? See in context

Japan should make drinking water freely available in public spaces - train stations, parks, school, hospitals etc

Healthier, better for environment, and cheaper than supporting corporate vending machines.

My students are currently running a campaign at my university to get water refilling machines installed as an alternative to using the vending machines.

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Posted in: Heat wave claims more lives in Japan See in context

@JJJetplane:Trump has gone on record this year saying he doesn't believe in climate change

Facts are facts - the existence of man-made climate change is no longer a debatable topic - you cannot debate facts ... despite the wishes of those in the Trump, Australian and Brazilian administrations to do so.

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Posted in: Heat wave claims more lives in Japan See in context

With weather related records being broken (wlidfires, arctic/greenland melting, droughts, temperatures, rainfall...) all over the globe it must be now impossible for even the most ignorant of leaders to ignore the realities of global warming

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Posted in: Olympic robots to offer 'virtual' attendance, help out on field See in context

suitable for here - looks like a kids toy.

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Posted in: Planning a BBQ? Not if you want to save the planet See in context

This article missed 2 important points.

All the charcoal sold in Japan comes straight from Burma, Indonnesian or Malaysia - irresplacable rainforests! - check the boxes.

And BBQ equipment is now basically viewed as disposable - and create massive amounts of garbage left behind every weekend and on every beach and river bank in the county.

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

How exciting. Can't wait for the results....

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Posted in: Japan struggling with social worker shortage to help recluses See in context

Yet another symptom of a system that is brocken, and becuse the political staus quo is too entrenched, there is no chance of fixing it.

Need to take note of the progressive high taxed and 'Happiest' countries of Scandinavia.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says Japan is AI 'developing country' See in context

@alwaysspeakingwisdom: Japan is home to most nobel prize winners 

No, Japan is 7th

US, UK and Germany - top 3

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Posted in: Low voter turnout expected among politically apathetic youth See in context

And still some may wonder why Japan does so poorly in the world Happiness Index rankings.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

@Andrew Crisp (Coal) ...safer than Nuclear power stations

May be you need to check the statistics that show how many thousands of people die from coal mining, air pollution, water and soil pollution from toxic sludge from coal mines before you claim coal is safer than nuclear.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

Tell me more about how electric cars are "zero emission"

Very simple - charge them using renewable energy - it's not rocket science.

And besides, even dirty fossil fuel sourced electricity with centrally produced emissions can be much cleaner than fossil fuel burned and emitted by regular cars - especially in congested cities.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

Any government or voter who puts economy above environment is short-sighted and completely unware or ignorant about the severity of the situation (climate change, extinction crisis ....) our greed had led us too.

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Posted in: Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space See in context

A good illustration of one of the many positive effects of a falling population - in general, if managed by pogressive 'leaders' can result in many opporunities to increase quality of life in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe offers Saudi crown prince help in reducing oil dependency See in context

Really? Just like Japan has diversified away from its reliance on the construction industry and stimulus packages, and a wonderfully diversified and resilient agricultural sector....

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Posted in: What's behind Japan's support of whaling? See in context

Answer to headline: ignorancence, jingoism, and hypocracy

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Posted in: Typhoon may bring heavy rain to eastern Japan, disrupt transport See in context

The very rliable Tropical Storm Watch website dowen't even show a tropical depression, let alone a typhoon. Where did information on this no-existant "typhoon" come from?

And yes, the forecasts here in recent months have constantly been way off.

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Posted in: Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat See in context

Careful - you don't want to spook the sponsors ... Coca cola and such.

Own drinks? Using "my" bottles ... what next? Free public water fountains convenienly placed to even further reduce the milions of PET bottles that are needlessly used everyday.

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Posted in: Abe, Xi agree on need for 'free, fair' trade See in context

As long as neo-liberal ideals continue to dominate policy decisions free FAIR trade will continue to be an oxymoron.

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Posted in: For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage See in context

The headline sums up these leaders and meetings very well - all retoric and image is everything - no substance on the things that matter - tackling inequality, climate change, reducing the power and reach of the global corporations.

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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

For more context see the baffon Balmer laughing off the launch of iPhone ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eywi0h_Y5_U

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven Japan to sell 'onigiri' in bioplastic wrappers See in context

Good news, but as usual japan has a lot of catching up to do.

And if they stopped giving away plastic bags with every purchase large or small they'd save a lot more the 260 tones mentioned in the article.

AND sell take out coffee in similar plant based plastic or even better, customers' own mugs - not even an option as far as I know.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic tickets: Be prepared to be disappointed See in context

May be ticket sales in other countries were lower because the people were more cynical/less gullible to the hype and commercialism of the games.

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Posted in: Arctic could face another record hot year See in context

The IPCC projections mentioned seem to already be out of date.

Several recent model-based studies, expert assessments and national assessments suggest an upper bound for 21st century global mean sea level rise in the range of 1.5–2.5 m.

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