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Posted in: Laforet Harajuku highlights fashion & activism with special Vivienne Westwood anniversary exhibit See in context

Would love to organise a study trip there for my university classes. More activism can only be a good thing here.

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Posted in: In land of sushi, squid moves out of reach See in context

It will only take stories like this - concrete evidence that diretly effects the ECONOMY - to make governments take responsitibily for the critical issues related direcly to over consumption and climate change (which is ultimately a result of over consumption itself).

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Posted in: Abe says he won't force sales tax hike if economic conditions worsen See in context

Either the tax hikes are the right thing to do or they are not. This guy blatantly chases votes - not what is right.

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Posted in: Nature pushed to the brink by 'runaway consumption' See in context

I was going to add a comment as soon as I saw the headline but all the above comments sum up very well my own views and feelings to this news.

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Posted in: Japan retail sales growth slows See in context

Good - human footprint is already using 1.6 earth's worth of resources - any fall is consumption (the using up of resources) needs to be regarded as good news

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Posted in: Heat wave boosts April-Sept air conditioner shipments to record high See in context

talk about a vicious circle....

The house we build it carefully designed to be naturally cooled .... no need for AC. If we can do this ourselves, why can't housing companies do it?

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Posted in: Kanye West delivers surreal Oval Office show See in context

Another lunatic in the asylum.

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Posted in: Japan's 'tankan' economic survey shows decline in sentiment See in context

As always too much focus on the economy and growth (greed) at the expense of all else. Japan should be happy with it's current position as an industrialized country and focus on quality of life issues - ie QUALITY not QUANTITY!!

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Posted in: 65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland See in context

At windy.com VERY strong winds forecast for Tokyo bay area - sustained winds of 90kph - gusts over 150kph.

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Posted in: 7 injured after motor boat slams into quay in Hiroshima Pref See in context

We live on the lakeside of Baiwako - reulalry see idiots driving 'motor' boats. To seriously injure so many it must have been driven recklessly. And why not call it what it probably was - a 'speed' boat.

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Posted in: Heat wave in Japan sends record 30,000 people to hospital in August See in context

Too much over reliance on airconditioner - it’s making people’s bodies weaker.

we don’t have any air conditioners in our house, only fans, & our whole family are perfectly fine when venturing out into the hot summer days

I totally agree and ditto ... we also have no air conditioning - just a well-designed, well-insulated and naturally cooled house.

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Posted in: Railway services to typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume See in context

 who was heading to Kyushu from the airport

This person talks about the train being most convenient way to the airport - yet is taking the time to go to an over-crowded airport, to check in go through passport control etc etc to fly the short distance to Kyushu.

Why not take the train? MUCH less hassle, more planet friendly, and more comfortable.

Flying should be only for longhaul or otherwise VERY expensive/taxed.

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Posted in: Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts See in context

Great to finally read an article in the Japanese media that mentions the elephant the room - the clear pattern of changing weather = climate CHANGE.

This needs much more exposure in Japan to fe-focus away from the reletness desire for consumption and growth - the main drivers for the problems we face.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit Kansai airport partially resumes int'l flights See in context

Quote from the airport in Asahi report “We geared up for a typhoon, but the typhoon was far stronger than we had expected,”

They are in the middle of the sea so they should be geared up for much worse. Relatively speaking - although it was a bad typhoon, the reality is that it was only a category 1 and it’s only a matter of time until a category 5 storm manages to sustain itself and hit Japan as a category 5.

Such stupidity at the highest level to build this airport as it is, and not be prepared for anything even remotly close to a worst case senario.

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Posted in: Businesses in western Japan reeling from after-effects of typhoon See in context

Reeling? Just 0.27% of turnover per day.

Too much concern with the money economy, growth and profit - the route of most of the probelms in today's society .

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Posted in: A controversial comeback for a highly prized tuna See in context

The cautionary priciple dictates that it should be taken off the menu. Human's should stop being so selfish and short sighted and start thinking more sustainably.

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Posted in: Fish fry: Heatwave threatens famed tuna auction See in context

This trading in an endangered species should end. Shameful it's not an issue in the media here.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon churns toward Japan; airlines cancel scores of flights See in context

sparking fears that the busy morning commute in the capital could be disrupte

Trival 1st world problem. Just stay at home ... common sense!

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Posted in: Temperature tops 40 C for 2nd day in row See in context

the meteorological agency called the deadly heat in July "abnormal."

Well they are going to have to get used to calling it the new 'normal' or are they happy to shy away from inconvenient truths too?

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Posted in: Deadly month: Japan's weather-related deaths top 300 in July See in context

The record heat reignited a simmering debate about how athletes and spectators will fare at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

but they weren't extreme enough I guess to spur the media here to even mention the growing evidence that the pattern of extreme weather could and the small issue of climate change.


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Posted in: Japanese Finance Minister Aso wants G20 meetings to 'nip crises in the bud' See in context

"Aso said on Friday that he wanted the Group of 20 meetings in Osaka next year to focus on identifying problems in the global economy"


Problem 1 The whole economic system is based on greed and the crazy idea that growth can be infinite on a finite planet Problem 2 The system ignores quality of life and SUSTAINABLE development Probelm 3 The system is run by old men who are either crooks or controlled by crooks.

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Posted in: Toyota plans to expand production, shrink cost of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles See in context

"hydrogen will become a key source of clean energy"

This is a common mistake - coal oil gas, solar etc can all be used as SOURCES to make hydrogen. Hydrogen is just the storage medium for the energy.

To make hydrogen a meaningfully sustainable, it should be made using clean and renewable SOURCES such as solar, wind, biogas etc

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Posted in: Volunteers struggle with heat in flood-hit areas; evacuees suffering ailments See in context

More trees! Go to any SE Asian city and many of the main streets are shaded by trees - acacias etc.

Here parks, car parks, streets are often devoid of trees or any trees there are are so severly cut back they only provide little shade.

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Posted in: Japan household spending drops sharply See in context

Great news - less trash, waste and pollution.

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Posted in: Unlicensed lodgings remain listed on Airbnb after new law takes effect See in context

Thanks to this article now all Air B'n'B hosts now know how to creat a false registatration number :-) the debacle continues....

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Posted in: Japan's antitrust watchdog sees 4-year payment plan for smartphones as problem See in context

Or just save yourselves all the hassle that seems to come with phones by not having one. I lost mine 9 years ago, realised i didn't need one, and have never replaced it.

Looking around on trains at all the phone zombies and the content consumed on phones - was the best decision ever.

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Posted in: Pet insurance market in Japan expanding due to rising vet bills See in context

Our goats are well looked after and have healthy environment - not pampered and kept inside all the time - and so far have never gotten ill or needed a vet.

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Posted in: Hokkaido melons fetch record Y3.2 million at season's 1st auction See in context

The only thing that would make these rediculous stories acceptable is if the money raised went to charity.

Otherwise - just another example of crass capitalism.

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Posted in: Only 1% of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey See in context

Another piece of the climate change mozaic that politicians are still ignoring or at best just paying lip service to when it suits them.

Climate change is here and is only going to get worse - just how much worse until real effective action is taken is anyones guess.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer free iced coffee — for 5 days only See in context

More trash for the system.

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