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Posted in: Japan plans huge stimulus package to cushion blow from coronavirus See in context

Current economic system needs to end - stimulus packages by governments are the most visible sign that the current system is far removed from reality, and in its death throes.

Stimulus - money pumped into an economy to boost what is ultimately destructibive cycle of over-consumption but to maintain countries competative egos and 'all important' stock markets.

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Posted in: Stormy year ahead for Japan's tourism industry See in context

Articles like these simply focus on the negatives and money (economy). How about the huge increase in quality of life - less congestion, pollution, slower life and more time to spend with family?

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Posted in: Nikkei gains sharply to 18,000 level on BOJ fund buying impact See in context

Ultimatelty, higher taxpayers debt going into the pockets of those who choose to and can afford to buy stocks.

As always the gov't is going all out to protect the fake free market economy at the expense of all else ... including rational thought.

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Posted in: Over 1.5 billion globally told to stay home to avoid virus See in context

Meanwhile in Japan ....

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Posted in: IOC chief rebuts growing calls for Olympic postponement See in context

just let them get on with it and hold the games - and no-one go.

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Posted in: Abe says G7 supports 'complete' Games, but polls back postponement See in context

unprecedented meeting with other G7 leaders by videoconference

Should be standard - would save huge amounts of taxpayers money and associated carbon footprint (travel of leaders, leaders goons, security etc)

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Posted in: Tokyo shares erase early losses to end slightly higher on ETF hopes See in context

purchases of exchange-traded funds by the Bank of Japan

In other words - more public debt and taxes to feed the stock market - capitalists protecting the capitalists.

And when the stock market is doing well again, and the city is making billions gain, will they be paying it all back?

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Posted in: Nara deer leave park; head to station for food as tourist numbers tumble See in context

It's cruel that these 'wild' animals have been allowed to become so dependant on tourists.

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Posted in: Oil price crash: Will it affect the move to green energy? See in context

"a perfect opportunity to remove the subsidies to oil companies because oil prices are low".

"It's a good time to put the carbon tax very high to accelerate the energy transition."

Exactly! It's immoral that governments are still protecting this poisionous exploitative oil industry.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

...have been canceled only in wartime.

Well, that's just how many experts have likened the fight against the coronavirus - a war. Seems like these old men are in denial by not considering any alternatives.

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Posted in: Live music venues emerge as new coronavirus transmission sites See in context

While are their daily reports of numbers infected for most countries very often it seems difficult to find ud-to-date reports of numbers here in Japan.

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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis taking its toll on Japan's tourist industry See in context

Most of those complaining have been making easy money for the past 6 years or so on the back of expanding tourism.

They should be realistic and not expect the easy times to last forever.

Much of the hardship will be resulting from those greedier establishments that over expanded with what was obviously an unsustainable growth in tourism here.

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Posted in: Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe See in context

Shows how inately greedy and selfish humans are. In times of crisis it shoulfd be natural to conserve for the most deserving - not consume extra for what utimately will be a waste og moneyh and resources for most.

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Posted in: Abe says gov't ready to boost fiscal spending for virus-hit economy See in context

Sure what else could we expect.

Protect the precious economy which is ultimately just a destructive stream of largely meaningless consumption.

No concern or commitment to solving any other social or environmental issues.

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Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will take necessary steps to stabilize markets jolted by virus See in context

More taxpayers money being wasted on artificially propping up the capitalist system.

When markets go up investors get rich, when the markets go down, they are compensated by the system. Amazing they are still allowed to get away with it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon limited to elite runners over virus fears See in context

Tokyo organizers and the IOC have repeatedly said the Tokyo Games will go ahead as scheduled 

This seems very arrogant, if not naive - how can they know this, and what direction the coronovirus will take?

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Posted in: Outbreak starts to look more like worldwide economic crisis See in context

Conditions reducing the ability of people to fly when they don't need to fly, and over consume is not a crisis - just a slowdown in the eletes precious and all encompasing "growth"

The real crisis is that an economic system built on the myth of infinite growth has been allowed to continue for so long.

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Posted in: G20 offer little reassurance over economy amid virus outbreak See in context

Leaders are still not leading because as commented on above, they still have a narrow minded focus on economic growth at the expemce of other more importsnt social and environmental issues.

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Posted in: Southeast Asia feels the burn as virus keeps Chinese tourists at home See in context

Until econimies break free of fossil fuel, this is good news for the planet. In addition to the reduction in mindless consumption and comes with mass tourism, demand for oil is now already at a 10 year low.

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Posted in: Japanese economy sinks amid fears about virus impact See in context

Japan's population is falling so naturally demand for goods and therefore growth should fall with or without the coronavirus issue.

If managed properly, falling population in a country that is frankly over populated (the population was 30m less in the 1960's) could offer many benefits. Less consumption, pollution, lower housing density....

Of course it will hurt Japan Incs ego, so they will simply continue borrowing to artificially hold up the economy, and their short-sighted belief that GDP is a good measure of development and progress.

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Posted in: Climate change sending Hakuba's snowfall fortunes downhill See in context

Rich governments have been trying to ignore climate change while poorer nations have been suffering the effects.

Now it is starting to effect rich nations econonies they will be forced into action.

Poor leadership motivated by money - nothing else - and will problably mean too little too late in terms of avoiding the severe tipping points in the earths climate systems that scientists have been warning us about for decades now.

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Posted in: Snow shortage putting heat on 2020 Summer Games See in context

Well, if they had decided to have the Olympics centred in the cooler regions - such as Niigata, Nagano - they wouldn't have to deal with the inevitable problems they're going to have with summer heat.

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival ending after unprecedented lack of snow See in context

As always, city ego and economic interests first.

No thought about harmonising with nature - if there is no snow, don't waste tonnes of fuel trucking in snow from far away. Mental!

And the irony - the organisers not caring about their carbon footprint, will just ensure more and more snow free years.

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Posted in: Pranks and patience: Passing the time on the Diamond Princess See in context

A problem with the consumerist society - people no longer know how to enteratian themselves without consuming instant content or material goods.

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Posted in: Japanese warship heads to Middle East to protect oil tankers See in context

An other indirect subsidy to prop up fossil fuels.

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Posted in: Aeon aims to start selling eco-certified sushi in time for Olympics See in context

"Ideally we want to bring it (sustainable products) to around 20%"

Err no. Surely you mean "ideally" we want to bring it to 100% - Why ideally would you want to be selling 80% unsustainable fish? The clue is in the word ... UNSUSTAINABLE!!

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Posted in: Couple dreams of revitalizing Fukushima with Jersey milk See in context

How about the matter of intellectual property that Japan was moaning about in connection to Kobe beef? Should work both ways.

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Posted in: Japanese firms join global calls to ditch coal-fired power See in context

The only way to get this govenment to develop sensible policies - Shame them into acion - which is what more and more countries are doing - leaving Japan behind when it comes to transitioning to renewables.

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Posted in: Costs for managing Japan's nuclear plants to total ¥13 trillion See in context

@ListenTheTruth: What a stupid way to boil water. Dangerous. Toxic. Wasteful. Obscenely expensive.

Particulalry when you consider the wasted potential of Japan's Geothermal - non-toxic, renewable,, cheap.

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Posted in: Japanese firms not well prepared for increasing floods: poll See in context

Unfortunately, rather than rewilding flood plains and riverbanks and letting rivers take their natural course (as is the trend now in many countries) here it will mean more concrete - making flood water flow faster and creating (ironically) worse flood conditions.

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