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Posted in: Low voter turnout expected among politically apathetic youth See in context

And still some may wonder why Japan does so poorly in the world Happiness Index rankings.

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@Andrew Crisp (Coal) ...safer than Nuclear power stations

May be you need to check the statistics that show how many thousands of people die from coal mining, air pollution, water and soil pollution from toxic sludge from coal mines before you claim coal is safer than nuclear.

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Tell me more about how electric cars are "zero emission"

Very simple - charge them using renewable energy - it's not rocket science.

And besides, even dirty fossil fuel sourced electricity with centrally produced emissions can be much cleaner than fossil fuel burned and emitted by regular cars - especially in congested cities.

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Any government or voter who puts economy above environment is short-sighted and completely unware or ignorant about the severity of the situation (climate change, extinction crisis ....) our greed had led us too.

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Posted in: Depopulation in Japan leads company to renovate two apartments into one huge living space See in context

A good illustration of one of the many positive effects of a falling population - in general, if managed by pogressive 'leaders' can result in many opporunities to increase quality of life in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe offers Saudi crown prince help in reducing oil dependency See in context

Really? Just like Japan has diversified away from its reliance on the construction industry and stimulus packages, and a wonderfully diversified and resilient agricultural sector....

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Posted in: What's behind Japan's support of whaling? See in context

Answer to headline: ignorancence, jingoism, and hypocracy

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Posted in: Typhoon may bring heavy rain to eastern Japan, disrupt transport See in context

The very rliable Tropical Storm Watch website dowen't even show a tropical depression, let alone a typhoon. Where did information on this no-existant "typhoon" come from?

And yes, the forecasts here in recent months have constantly been way off.

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Posted in: Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat See in context

Careful - you don't want to spook the sponsors ... Coca cola and such.

Own drinks? Using "my" bottles ... what next? Free public water fountains convenienly placed to even further reduce the milions of PET bottles that are needlessly used everyday.

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Posted in: Abe, Xi agree on need for 'free, fair' trade See in context

As long as neo-liberal ideals continue to dominate policy decisions free FAIR trade will continue to be an oxymoron.

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Posted in: For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage See in context

The headline sums up these leaders and meetings very well - all retoric and image is everything - no substance on the things that matter - tackling inequality, climate change, reducing the power and reach of the global corporations.

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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

For more context see the baffon Balmer laughing off the launch of iPhone ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eywi0h_Y5_U

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven Japan to sell 'onigiri' in bioplastic wrappers See in context

Good news, but as usual japan has a lot of catching up to do.

And if they stopped giving away plastic bags with every purchase large or small they'd save a lot more the 260 tones mentioned in the article.

AND sell take out coffee in similar plant based plastic or even better, customers' own mugs - not even an option as far as I know.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic tickets: Be prepared to be disappointed See in context

May be ticket sales in other countries were lower because the people were more cynical/less gullible to the hype and commercialism of the games.

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The IPCC projections mentioned seem to already be out of date.

Several recent model-based studies, expert assessments and national assessments suggest an upper bound for 21st century global mean sea level rise in the range of 1.5–2.5 m.

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Posted in: Japan's private lodgings grow 8-fold in 1 year; half run by businesses See in context

... quo

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Posted in: Japan's private lodgings grow 8-fold in 1 year; half run by businesses See in context

Japan inc protecting Japan inc. Air B'n'B should stand by it's original purpose of facilitating the peer to peer economy, not the greedy status.

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Posted in: Sweet lemon bars with 'biwa' (Japanese apricot) See in context

Might try - we have too many of them at the moment from our trees - its seems this year was a good one for biwa.

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Posted in: Gov't to require mobile phone operators cut cancel fees by 90% See in context

Complete rip off for what is essentially an unnecessary product. I haven't had a phone for over 10 years.

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Posted in: Spreading the joy of marmalade across the sea from Ehime See in context

Luckily, we are able to make copious amounts of marmalade every year from our hasaku and yuzu trees. Superb fruits for marmalade.

But sorry, I have to say that most shop marmalade is too tame - often too sweet and not chunky enough.

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Posted in: G20 finance leaders say trade, other tensions 'intensifying,' but pledge action to counter risks See in context

And where are the rest of the women?

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Posted in: Kuroda warns of uncertainties on global recovery prospects See in context

Totally agree with JeffLee - in addition, with only GDP as the current goal of most policy makers - any slow down or fall in "growth" can only be a win for the planet when current growth just means more mindless fossil fuelled consumption.

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Posted in: Airbnb touts Japan recovery, bolstered by hotel listings See in context

Japan’s strict attitude to companies operating in regulatory grey zones has stymied the growth of “sharing economy” 

In other words - Japan inc. still does everthing it can to protect Japan inc. as the expense of innovation and a fairer distribution of economic activity.

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

I hope this is a genuine effort to clean up the planet and not just PR for the run up to the 2020 Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

Better late than never. Bangaldesh was the first country to ban plastic bags. Japan should be bolder to catch up - follow Europe and UK and ban other single use plastic items - straws etc.

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Posted in: 2 AI robots guide visitors during test trial at Tokyo Station See in context

Just another immature gimmick.

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Posted in: Japanese firms getting serious about food waste; households lag behind See in context

The crux of the problem with is that the consumer-oriented system we've been cursed with means that everthnig is too cheap so there is less incentive to reduce waste.

Also if there was better education to encourage more people to grow their own food, more people would understand the real value of food.

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut number of dementia patients in 70s by 10% over decade See in context

How can you cut the number of patients? Is there a cure?

Seems a very misguided plan ....

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Posted in: Japan looks to prevent water shortage during Tokyo Olympics See in context

And in other news: the Japanese government is desperate to reverse Japan's falling population.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 38th year, hitting postwar low See in context

Issues of overpopulation and overconsumption are are much important and it's pure ignorance of the goverment of simply trying to reverse population fall in order to blindly keep chasing economic growth.

Many quality of life issues are linked to Japan's high popualtion density.

To put everything into perspective, in 1950, not so long ago, population was 83 million (over 50 million less than now).

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