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Ignacio Heredia comments

Posted in: Many Japan Today readers hate AKB48 and insult them every chance they get. Yet the megapopular all-girl group has tens of millions of fans in Japan and Southeast Asia. Why so much hate for the group? See in context

Oh, where to begin? I hate that they have raised over 1.25 billion yen for earthquake and tsunami relief, and that was as of February 2012. Also, I hate that they are in commercials for the Red Cross, and they were on posters to prevent teen suicide. I also despise how they went to the affected areas after the earthquake and tsunami and performed free mini concerts to encourage the communities. I hate how every year when they are ranked, all their speeches are very humble and sincere. Well, joking aside, one thing that I really don't care for is how young some of the members are. I'm a fan, but I only like the older girls, some fascinations I see on fan sites creep me out too. I'm also a man who likes care free bubble gum pop, so they are right up my alley. I also don't care for the love ban crap, let them love and do what they want. To not experience dating because of a career is stupid.

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Posted in: Former singer Keiko Fuji, mother of Hikaru Utada, falls to death See in context

Wow this is so weird, I just started getting into Enka and listened to her tracks for the first time just last night on youtube. Very sad news, her music is amazing.

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Posted in: Japan gets tough on law-evading hallucinogenic herbs See in context

I'm assuming this means no more Mario games then.

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Posted in: Jordan rejects Japan's laser complaint at soccer match See in context

I actually know quite a bit about lasers and yes if they were industrial high powered lasers the size of the dot wouldn't increase, but those lasers are not, they are for civilian purposes and not that high quality. I'm not saying it's right for them to be used and shot at players, I'm just saying lasers are nothing new and aren't a problem yet. They occur in european games all the time, and europe takes soccer more seriously and if they were a problem for the games in europe they would've already been banned from stadiums are at least brought to attention earlier. If you watch a lot of football like I do you'd realize this. flood of down votes

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Posted in: Jordan rejects Japan's laser complaint at soccer match See in context

Lasers have been present in soccer for a while. I'd watch la liga games with those green lasers pointed at players during barca games and many others and I honestly don't think it's a bother. They never complained about them in Europe, and it's actually pretty common in European games. Also judging by how big that laser dot is the laser has to be pretty far away to expand to that size and the player only sees a tiny green dot for like what, 1/10 of a second? The player sees a dot the size of the laser pen at however far away it is, so it's going to be a really tiny dot. Now when they start producing higher energy blue lasers at lower prices then we might have some problems.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe joins cast of Hollywood's 2nd go at 'Godzilla' See in context

With this and Pacific Rim coming out this year, kaiju are making a come back!

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Posted in: Nakama plays teacher of troubled kids on remote island in new drama See in context

I love Gokusen! I hope this show is awesome as well. YANKUMI!

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' becomes YouTube's most watched video See in context

Heeeeeeey sexy lady!

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Posted in: Cool Japanese music video brings back 8-bit Google Maps…kinda See in context

Already removed from youtube :(

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Posted in: Giants beat Cardinals 6-1 to force NLCS Game 7 See in context


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Posted in: Maki Horikita, Arashi chosen as hosts of 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

I don't even know why you'd watch anything other than Downtown's batsu games.

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Posted in: AKB48 give smart look to men's suit maker in ad campaign See in context

Little girl? I think all these girls are 18 or older. i could be wrong. but doubt it.

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Posted in: China to land first moon probe next year See in context

I hope China advances their space exploration, hopefully this will cause the US to invest more into space which is essential for humanity to live on. M-A-R-S! Mars!

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