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One of these days a japanese crew member will get injured.. Then what?! Guess watson wont be prosecuted.. What a terrorist group. Guess if the judge order in favor for japan he would be faced with angry activist

The United States will never be in favor of Japan's whaling actions, so give up now. The US government has already made their stance on the issue of whaling and you're only wasting your time. Like I said in an earlier argument with OssanAmerica, YOU WILL NEVER WIN! Stop wasting your time and money in the American judicial system because you will not get anywhere.

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YuriOtani, is SSCS an organization incorporated in the United States or in Japan? This is what determines the forum of any action to be brought, the jurisdiction of the Defendant. .

The court is going to throw out the case, just watch. The US does not care to support Japanese whaling.

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I have explained to you that the vast majority of Americans, regardless of their position on whaling, abhor unauthorized vigilantism and acts of violence, the very issue that this suit is about. In addition most Americans consider Pasil WAtson and his SSCS to be eco-terrorists, sometying which we have little tolereance for.

Yes, that's exactly why they have a TV show on Animal Planet, yup that's exactly why a lot of Americans support SSCS, yup you're right. Personally, I think it comes down to the fact that governments and the IWC will not stand up to the Japanese government for abusing a "legal loophole". They are actually doing something to stop whaling which is NOT being conducted for research and is being abused under the title of "Research" for profit. It's a fact, the Japanese government does not do it for research because there's no need to kill 1,000 whales for scientific purposes. There are non lethal ways to conduct research on whales. "Americans don't support violence" FALSE. If there is no other way to stop something, then violence is the only way to do it. Americans really don't give a crap if there's a mess on the deck of a Japanese whaling ship because SS threw a bottle of butyric acid on their deck. BIG DEAL.

If the US Federal court issue an injunction ordering Watson and SSCS to cease their activities against the Whalers until the case is heard, and that order is ignored, an arrest warrant will be issued for Watson for contempt of court. If the case is heard and the court rules that Watson/SSCs must cease their activities and Watson ignores it, again an arrerst warrant will be issued for contempt of court.

Sure, but they're not going to issue an injunction against him. The US government does not like whaling and they're not going to stop a group that's doing something to help stop it. The US government is letting somebody else do their job for them, so the favor is in Watson's hand.

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I imagine that, if Watson ever does turn up at US customs, he's going to get arrested for previous actions.

Arrested for what? He lives in the US and goes to Australia for the trip to the Antarctic every year. If the US government really cared about him, he would have been arrested already. He isn't breaking any US laws and they can't do anything about anyway it because it's in international waters. If Watson is arrested for breaking US law, the whalers that are summoned to court would be arrested as well for breaking US law. So, your logic doesn't make any sense.

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The word you are looking for is "registered", ie; flying the U.S flag. Ships throughout the world are owned and operated by one-ship shell corporations. In must cases such owning companies are of a different country and the vessel's flag of registry is another country, It is a relatively simple procedure to prove a direct relationship between the vessels and their actual controlling interests. This is all the more so in the case of SSCS which proudly declares these vessels as their "fleet" on their website and in their literature.

What you don't realize is how much the United States government is against the practice of whaling. The federal government will not rule in favor of the Japanese government, just watch. The case will get thrown out of court and they will say that there is no jurisdiction because the ships are not registered in the United States and the actions they are taking are in international waters, which the US has no jurisdiction over the area they are in. This weekend, the Empire State Building was lit red to bring awareness to the dolphin slaughter in Taiji. So sir, you have no support in the United States, take it elsewhere. -- Oh and just because, let's say, an oil company owns a ship registered in Australia, but the corporation is based in the US, the US has jurisdiction over it? No, same thing applies here. The case will get thrown out.

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Fortunately, in a court of law, the party that approaches the other with the declared intent to harass and interfere with their operations and takes the first hostile actions will be looked upon as the aggressor, All of the acts that the Whalers are accused of qualify as self defense, because they are not the ones approaching the SS vessels. Their only interest in in approaching the whales, a subject which is not part of this law suit. It's about time that the frothing-at-the mouth uneducated SS sheep with no concept of law and order get a lesson in growing up.

Honestly, I don't think you know how the American judicial system works. First of all, the US government does NOT have any jurisdiction over this case. Because the ships are not US endorsed (for lack of a better word) they have NO jurisdiction over them in international waters. If these ships were in American waters, yes, then there would be jurisdiction, but we are talking international waters here. If these ships were US endorsed, then there would be jurisdiction. In response to the "loophole" that the Japanese whalers are abusing, if the case was brought the US federal court, I think the judge would look past the "legal loophole" and dig deeper to see if a true violation was occurring on the title of "research". The United States legal system isn't DEFINITE. Again, the United States has no real jurisdiction over this case unless it is filed in International court. The US district court will again look at the actions of the Japanese whalers in response to the SS actions. Honestly, I don't think "self defense" will be even considered by the court because an organization acting in self defense? No. Even so, if the judge finds anything that he doesn't consider an act of "self-defense" (which will be pretty much everything that the whalers of done), the court will throw out the case. Throwing spears at another ship "in self defense" in reality, is not self defense.

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