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Hey, this makes a lot of sense. It's like a batting cage. You don't need to pay 6000 yen to talk to a gaijin teacher at Gaba when all you need is speaking opportunities. They need to talk!! These chatbots are not to replace teachers. They are like a pitching machine. I think this is great. Finally, average Japanese person can speak English to someone (or something) without being embarrassed. They need to practice speaking, no more lessons. Most of Japanese people have 6 years of extensive grammar lessons. It is true that average Japanese high school seniors know more English grammar than American counterparts. But it is also true that 99% of them have never spoken English to a foreigner. Many of you guys here are missing the point. I can see all schools (junior and high) requiring their students to talk to these robots as homework. This is far better than having one ALT per school. Yeah, man, this is it..... This solves the core problem of all Asian countries, not enough native speakers to talk to.

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