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Posted in: Nursery worker arrested over murder of female colleague See in context

Kenji FujimoriToday  04:19 pm JST

RIP, he deserves the death sentence. I really think no man should work in such jobs around kids, imagined if he did something worse.

Wow what a sexist and stupid comment. I feel sorry for you with that backwards belief. Men and women are both capable of murder and commiting crime. How often do you see mother's on JT killing kids verses father's?


Now back on subject in regards to this article it was certainly premeditated murder with the way he went about getting in, if he truly is guilty.

If you take a life I believe you should loose your life if it's done this way.

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Posted in: Harried kids turning to energy drinks for a needed boost See in context

I work evening shift in Japan, my commute is 4 hours return daily and I'm in a fairly active job.

My office supplies free energy drinks and snacks full of sugar and energy to keep the workers active and awake 24/7.

I refuse to drink the energy drinks as I know how bad they are for you on a regular basis. Sometimes I will have 1 maybe a week... but I cannot imagine a kid having 1 daily!

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson's plans to play trans man spurs backlash See in context

Acting is acting.

We have non-Christians acting as Christians. We have people acting as blind people or down syndrome people yet they are neither. We have lots of cases like this.

I think the important thing to remember is, certain actors get preference because they are simply available at the time for the role, or they push their management to get it. If a true trans actor/actress wishes for the role then they need to compete for it fairly. You can't raise the "true trans card" and expect to get the role.

While one could argue "you wouldn't use a white person as a black person in a movie" the same could be said for this role... with that said though, acting is acting. The main character Dante "Tex" Gill was a white person, and was born a woman... I can see Scarlett fits the role perfectly.

Sorry if I've offended any people with my comment and view, but this is honestly my unbiased view on this.

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Posted in: Saitama teacher arrested for taking videos in restroom; tries to cover up by buying a new phone See in context

if you come across a recording device, never turn it in to a male teacher who happens to be lingering around the bathroom where the incident took place.

So according to the writer of this article any male teachers are considered perverts and child molesters. Great attitude to have mate, really great for a progressive world.

What this teacher did was disgusting and deserves a permanent sex offender status, and jail time.

Before you go white washing women and thinking they are never to blame for taking illegal videos of victims, you might want to do your homework on where most of the illegal videos come from.

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Posted in: Sit and think See in context

Honestly, I take the train daily to work and back and see this often. From the looks of his shoes he is sleeping. He is either exhausted from work or hung-over.

I work late daily and I'm on the train around 12:00am-1:00am, I see the night side of Japan with salary men/women coming home late on the last train, I also see the drunks who appear to be able to drink every evening. It's certainly a different light to the morning trains I used to go on.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing woman in apartment See in context

Lost job... using her for cash... stabbed.?

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Posted in: Tokyo man switched at birth 50 years ago seeks out parents, answers See in context

That is disgusting. If I was him I'd fight to death to get justice. Also the mother who had the child.... did not realise the baby was not hers? Like seriously? I saw the birth of my son and knew him from the moment I set my eyes on him. How can you NOT REALIZE???

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Posted in: Girls excluded from sumo event See in context

Poor treatment of women is still sadly common here in Japan.

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Posted in: Australian Muslim activist refused entry into U.S. See in context

So one MUSLIM WOMAN is denied access to the U.S on a wrong visa and it makes headlines on this website? Well that is pretty obvious what this site leans towards.... I find it amazing how much coverage the media puts over poor muslim victims...when was the last time you saw spam of Buddhists being murdered? or God forbid....Christians. Na no one actually cares because that isn't IN anymore right?

I support freedom, I love the fact that people still find some happiness in believing there is something out there looking over them. I don't support the fact that this woman in particular came to Australia and is openly saying she would follow Sharia law over the Australian law.... Have any of you actually looked into what Sharia law allows? I'm not going to list it because this comment would probably be removed for being SICK.

As an Australian and a proud one at that I've been really put off with her views displayed on Australian TV. She is always loud and aggressive in her debates and never really states facts. She got Young Australian of the year on one occasion when there is millions of other Australians that help much more that should have received it, that itself is bias. She disrespected ANZAC day with PRO muslim nonsense on her Twitter I do believe as well.

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Posted in: Female temp worker's fight for labor equality a full-time job See in context

Sadly this happens a lot with foreign English Teachers.

You get a 1 year contract, and then it's renewed every year. You don't get pay increase nor health insurance. You're literally a permanent full-time worker.

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Posted in: VIP seating plan a headache for Pyeongchang's opening party See in context

Not a hard thing at all. Sit them all together. Might work wonders for us. There is ice to be broken, and it's easy to throw insults at people you've never met.

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on train at station in Chiba See in context

Wonderful news to read. As a proud father of 2, this makes me happy to see she was looked after. Giving birth on a train would have been rather interesting. Happy to see she has a healthy baby!

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