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Posted in: Nozomi Sasaki's beauty secret - living without stress See in context

I read in some magazine that she causes lots of other talent/models a lot of stress. I guess she gives it away rather than keeping it herself.

Time for chicken soup. Fun to be back here, but busy. Ciao

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Posted in: Reefer madness: Marijuana throws brain regions out of sync See in context

If there was a refrigerator at the end of the maze with lots of cheese in it, you can bet your bottom dollar that the rats would have been there lickety split.

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Posted in: Junior surfer See in context

I hit the waves here with a body board. They can be awesome at times. Glad to see others doing it too.

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Posted in: Japan eyes simpler immigration procedures, including automatic gate See in context

I find it very fast with permanent residency here, but when I fly into Atlanta, it seems to take forever.

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Posted in: Miramax signs agreement to bring its films to Hulu subscribers in Japan See in context

Thanks for the info warallthetime

I will stick with torrents and they are free.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura's wedding ceremony to be held Oct 10 in Hawaii See in context

Is that one of the characters from Angry Birds on her blouse? If it is, it is very cute and I want one. Good luck

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Posted in: 6 Japanese freight forwarding companies agree to plead guilty to price fixing in U.S. See in context

21 executives from various airlines were charged and $1.8 billion in criminal fines have been imposed.

Is this number correct? It does not match the other dollar amounts in the story at all.

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Posted in: Single females mean big bucks to Japan tourism See in context

I enjoy traveling alone, eating alone, swimming alone, and even attending a funeral alone. Being alone allows one to be free to think things through and not be influenced by others.

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Posted in: Man arrested over plot to blow up Pentagon using remote-controlled aircraft See in context

So now we will not be able to bring model airplanes on planes any more.

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Posted in: TEPCO says temperature of No. 2 reactor has dropped below 100 degrees C See in context

What is the temperature under the reactor?

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Posted in: Amazon targets iPad: Ready, aim, Fire See in context

I like my iPad 2 as it offers so much more than this toy by Amazon.

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Posted in: Jackson's voice echoes through LA court as doctor's trial begins See in context

4 years and loss of license. Better than here in Japan where he would get a suspended sentence.

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Posted in: McAfee adds protection for mobile gadgets See in context

McAfee announced the new service along with the results of a global study that found people placed an average value of $37,438 on their total “digital assets,” including pictures and music collections.


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Posted in: McAfee adds protection for mobile gadgets See in context

Android, Symbian, or Blackberry operating systems.

All my Macs do not need any protection.

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Posted in: Japan has shown what can be done, quickly, to overcome an energy crisis. It’s a good lesson for the United States, with its fragile electric grid, huge power needs and raging fossil-fuel addiction. See in context

That is a ridiculous quote. The US grid has all the same cycles, not like this country split in half. It is also shared with Canada and Mexico. Electric can be re-routed easily. So who ever faked this quote should take a hike.

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Posted in: Ozawa's 3 aides appeal conviction over political fund violations See in context

Ozawa lends 400 million correct?

Shouldn't that have gone on his tax forms some where? Why does he get away with everything?

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Posted in: Fukushima City announces 2-year decontamination plan See in context

Agreed Smith

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Posted in: 2 arrested after teenage girl dies in 'exorcism' See in context

Religion is the opiate of the masses and has been used to kill people since people invented that silly stuff.

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Posted in: Miya Ando: 9-11 meets 3-11 in altered metal art See in context

Buddhist priesthood make a lot of money. I do not think she needs to make money.

She is pretty too.

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Posted in: Honda develops fuel efficient commuter-scooter engine See in context

I like the smell of grass when my Daddy cuts the lawn with his Honda Lawn Mower. Honda makes nice things.

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Posted in: NHK wins International Emmy for current affairs See in context

I like NHK. Especially the kiddie programs. The Zo-san song is my favorite.

I did not know NHK did a miner special. Omedetou

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Lotte Fit's gum See in context

Nozomi has nice legs and a unique Japanese look I think, but I have read she is a bear to work with.

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Posted in: Japan may buy more European bonds, finance minister says See in context

Would not have to raise our taxes if keep money here in Japan

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Posted in: Hitler lookalike on key rings, magnets on sale in Taiwan 7-Eleven See in context

I am a Jew but that is not offensive in my eyes.

I am more offended when Beat Takeshi wears the Hitler mustache and proceeds to physically and mentally abuse people on line tv.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino, jockey boyfriend announce wedding See in context

Everyone looks different with each passing year. Maybe she exercises a great deal, and if she does, then the muscular structure under her breasts will be firm.

Good luck to both.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly suffocating 9-month-old son See in context

I hate seeing mothers yelling at their crying kids on the streets and threatening to leave them. Children need hugs and kisses and love. It really stops them from crying.

This man probably had a bad hangover, and just did not want to pick up the child. WHere was the mother?

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Posted in: Edano raps TEPCO over high salaries, compensation forms See in context

Not only is he cute with those Budhha like ears, but he is very smart and taking a stand without being wishy washy. I like that is a man.

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