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"A civil nuclear energy pact with India would give Japanese nuclear technology firms such as Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd access to India’s fast-growing market when they search for opportunities overseas to offset an anti-nuclear backlash at home in response to the Fukushima radiation crisis."

This is a smart move, this is exactly what Japan is desperate for in current state of affair and there is no other country around the region where they can go and do this. For India it is a great opportunity to be at the receiving end of the technological inflow which is reap benefits for India`s quest for energy.

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Posted in: India's PM says Japan a natural partner on sea issues See in context

@some14some Actually context, and intentions were not related to Japan-China relation. This article is about trade and maritime security. Mr Singh has the prerogative to not interfere between China and Japan relations about their land sovereignty. India-China had a issue over land few days back and it was sorted bilaterally at diplomatic dais. It is right on his behalf to take no stand as Island dispute has a huge history associated with it.

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Inflation is a relation between supply and demand, however to increase demand the financial easing should reach the end consumer. In japans case that easing has not been able to reach the end consumer as of now. The companies that receive this easing have not let out this money out. This is something that happened in US after the first bailout came out, Banks didnt let out the money to the markets.

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i dont think anyone can complain much about currency manipulation as yen has been over valued all these years and it okay to under value it, but the interesting question is by how much. Yen has been undervalued by 20-25% already since december election. What level can be treated as permissible and what cannot??

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if i know what is going to happen at my workplace i wont show up...

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Posted in: AKB48 singer's YouTube apology still stirring debate See in context

If it was a marketing gimmick, i think it has backfired on AKB48.... they should never have posted it in the first place, it has only given them wrong name...

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If ferrari wants to win constructions championship, they dont need Vettle, they dont need Webber, they need to get Adrian Newey... he is the brain behind redbull racing.

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Posted in: Olympic judo coach to quit over beating claims See in context

forced or remorse whatever be the cause, i hope it teaches those schools coaches to mend their ways of teaching..

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Posted in: N Korea says it plans nuclear test aimed at U.S. See in context

I dont know why North Korea is called Democratic People`s Republic of Korea .... i dont see any of those words in practise there... Atleast with this they admitted the purpose of rocket launched in december ...

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Do you think you could track it will all the junk that is already floating over our heads?

I agree it is impossible to track these satellites, but questions like who is spying and what are they spying are answered by these news. I just feel it should be done more secretively. thats all...

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Posted in: Marines beat a retreat in Beyonce lip-sync flap See in context

i agree that fumbling while singing the National Anthem would have been a bad thing and in that way it is sort of justified by playing it, taking a safer option but why do this drama of holding a mike and fooling people. They could have just just played it without Beyonce pretending to sing and people would join themselves. Holding a mike and pretending was just fooling.

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if this news is all over the world, it is no more a spy satellite..

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6-0 6-0 6-0 6-0 6-1 6-3 6-0 6-1 6-2 6-2 .... maria sharapova is in form of her life... good going

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This not a new issue. We all knew it was going to happen before the elections as well. We have actually voted for this, so now lets stand by it.... Hope it works.

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with new inflation targets in place and process of yen devaluation underway, govt should advice companies to revise their wage structure so that income levels come at par accounting inflation and devaluation... i want a raise now!!!

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Posted in: As yen weakens, BOJ governor says easing to persist See in context

weakening of yen is a good thing for japan, its economy is hard hit and exporters have struggled a lot over last few years. This move will be breather for those exporters. this is also important as internal consumption will keep on decreasing due to declining and Ageing population. Ramires - well there are many ways to raise that kind of money, one you already mentioned raising taxes, other by government bonds and most importantly by monetary policy changes like printing more money. Printing more money money will flood market with cheap yen and will increase inflation and hopefully we will reach inflation target of 2%. This is were Abe need BOJ, BOJ is autonomous and does not believe in unreasonable yen printing, that is why there were some differences between Abe and BOJ before the election. As the current Head of BOJ retires in June we can expect Abe to get more aggressive with his policy of yen easing.

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Posted in: Armstrong tells Oprah he doped See in context

i feel he is still hiding the truth. he is still denying the fact that he failed a drug test in 2001 and paid off ICU to cover up. He was not very forth coming about his admission to the doctor about using drug when he was been treated for cancer. I think his every word was drafted by his lawyer. he does not have any guilt or remorse, he just pissed that he got caught.

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