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Reality check, this is the 21st century.

Japan has always had the might of the USA to protect them, that might is waning;

As DeGaulle observed Would the USA really go to Nuclear option if we were threatened? ;

Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons, consequences; Ukraine was guaranteed defense, really?

Why should the USA play the buffer for Japan , our guys die for you all, without some reciprocal tit for tat;

China is one to accuse Japan of threatening the regional peace,, a case of the bully calling the kettle yellow;

That number 9, like #9 episode of THE PRISONER was the result of Emperor MacArthur imposition (with good cause). Surely, the Japanese have evolved beyond the barbarity exhibited in the Pacific War. Denial of that places you in the position of asserting that the Japanese have and always will be barbarian, needing a halter to inhibit their inborn traits.

One would wish the world has substantially changed since 1945, IT HASN'T. And, only a fool can see Nippon with its declining population pulling another Co prosperity Empire Plan. It is plainly obvious that the current crop probably wouldn't understand the concept of Yamato Spirit let alone have the ability to live up to it.

The above simplifications are meant for the naysayers. The intrinsic arguments for Nippon becoming its own nationhood with a reliable and reputable force to be reckoned with are to be sought elsewhere.

So, to those who will blather negations, I will respond with yeah, yeah, now learn to live in the REAL WORLD. But, honestly, I do wish it were different.

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I see that my earlier comments found negative responses from three individuals. Unfortunately they had not the gonads to respond why they found an apology with compensation inappropriate. I guess the U.S. gaijin concept of shame requiring a Presidential apology and compensation too soto 外, to comprehend. Either they cannot grasp the idea of a genuine indication of regret but only the empty formality of the bow making sure that their bow does not exceed propriety. The barbarity of the Japanese during the Pacific War and China/Korean occupation (including biologic warfare) is undeniable. A just settlement, though not alleviating the suffering of the victims, may show genuine remorse. I don't care what the Allies did with their pows (far more humane than that of the Japanese) but if we are an honorable people then let us discard the façade and honestly be as honorable as our ancestors committed themselves to at the cost of their own lives. Finally, forgive me, but take your thumbs down and stick them up you know where. Gomen Nasai, ne!

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China needs to look in the mirror to find what created this contemporary issue in the first place. Look in the dictionary for the words hegemony and genocide where you will find the PRC flag image. I am no apologist for the hideous atrocities that exemplified Imperial Japan and memories of that should never fade but it seems to me that one would avoid behavior that would resurrect Godzilla.

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Posted in: Japanese firm to apologize to U.S. WWII veterans for forced labor See in context

Screw that. The U.S. made reparations, justifiably, to Japanese for the relocations that caused them financial loss. Forget the formal apology since it has no substance. Own up and pay up in USC.

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