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The way Trump is handling Iran,

The only thing Trump needs to do is photoshop and deephack the Ayatollah’s face and voice in “compromising” gay activities and he’ll be thrown off the roof of the tallest building in Tehran. Problem solved. Iranian people liberated.

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Let Kashmiri people decide if they want to be a part of India or Pakistan or become an independent country.

The religious composition of Kashmir is 68% Muslim, 28% Hindu, and others including Buddhists and Christians.

“Let Kashmiri people decide” would probably result in the formation of either a new province of Pakistan or an independent state that would not respect the rights of Hindus, Buddhists or Christians.

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I've been to Tully's only once and ended up throwing out half my coffee because it was disgusting.

Sounds like a Starbucks experience to me.

Joeintokyo, with a moniker like that you should know what you’re talking about.

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It’s true that many Israelis are of Jewish European descent, but others are from families who fled Muslim majority countries at and after Israel’s founding.

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Why not? Why should women and men be paid differently if they are equal?

Compared as individuals men and women are not “equal” if you mean they, on an individual basis, have exactly the same skill level (unlikely), education (unlikely) and experience (unlikely) as well as other factors and therefore should receive the same pay.

However, for example, some individual women have superior skills to some individual men. Do you think that such women would welcome those men receiving the same pay based on “equality”?

If you think so, there’s a high paying job in Venezuela awaiting you.

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Trump had Epstein at Mar-a-Lago in 2000, way before that.

For non-native speakers on this site you might want to rephrase this. How about “Epstein was a guest of Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2000, way before that.”

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I don't exactly agree with the quote. Equality of output is by definition discriminatory

Not sure what you mean by “output”. Do you mean “outcome” as in “equality of opportunity” vs. “equality of outcome”? An auto-spell check problem?

I’m all in favor of equality of opportunity, but people are not of equal ability, attitude, tenacity, etc., so equal outcomes (commensurate pay) cannot be guaranteed.

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My longish stay in a Japanese hospital kept me away from bickering at home. Definitely a plus.

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Agreed on the mentally ill, but my guess is that they cannot simply be released into the general population. Institutionalization in a mental health facility is another form of incarceration and it will be expensive.

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Flakes then, flakes now.

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This sounds ominous. While “silent majorities” exist, by definition they don’t get out in the streets.

A possible exception was the participation of 1 million Hong Kongers in an earlier march against the proposed extradition law. If one asks why it hasn’t been repeated there may be a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, harassment by triad gangs, activities of agents provocateurs and a desire to disassociate with violence. It seems that the Hong Kong silent majority have returned to character. I don’t blame them.

The “across the harbor” protests, in contrast, though purportedly a reflection of the same “silent majority” bear the hallmarks of old-fashioned “spontaneous outpourings of support for the government”, i.e. counter demonstrations organized and orchestrated by the CP of the PRC. To be fair, many participants may just want a return to normalcy and punishment of the “intelligentsia” they may hold responsible for the troubles.

These protests it should be noted are much more accessible from Shenzhen where military units are awaiting orders. I can well imagine the triumphal entry of these units through flower-strewn streets and past deliriously cheering crowds welcoming their saviors.

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I read elsewhere that Cuccinelli’s statements were taken out of context. No surprise there.

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Nice sign.

Any kids who can write, prints and display a sign like that just when cameramen are passing deserve admission into the USA and legal residence.

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Get well soon, girl. You’ve got a long, glorious way to go.

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I saw “Easy Rider” with two long-haired, dope-smoking friends when it premiered. Talking afterwards through a haze from burning weed the comments - when more than a syllable or two long - were very favorable. They were mostly of the “my confrontations with rednecks” variety (and I know from experience there were such occurrences).

Less than ten years later these guys were laughing their behinds off at the pretentious of the story plus the terrible acting (except for Jack Nicholson).

”Easy Rider” a classic? Of sorts.

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The comments here will probably show the typical division on JT.

No thanks to you Ms. Bahr and Mr. Dalton for droning on about a third rate actor and including comments from his 4th rate actress sister. If it weren’t for the skill and well merited fame of the great Henry Fonda, Peter would have spent his life flipping burgers if that.

He’s dead now and that’s a tragedy for someone. However, it’s no loss to the world of entertainment.

Go ahead, posters, and press your finger straight through the “-“ button.

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Nice one, guys!

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Beto is probably trying to maneuver for a cabinet post. “Minister of Truth”?

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@Mister X

Was the US government forced to get rid of their flag after the atrocities committed by their industrial-military complex ?

Military-industrial complexes don’t commit atrocities. People do either independently or under the order of military superiors.

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"I hate Abe. Abe should think about our feelings," Choe Jong Seong, a 21-year-old male university student said.

Key word: “feelings”. This is all emotion driven.

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Why display the naval ensign in the middle of Tokyo? It's not a port naval event.

Guy, gal, whomever, this is JAPAN. I was entertained for many years as I passed pachinko halls (passed I tell you!) by the strains of the Gunkan March followed immediately by Anchors Away. I don’t think it was a port naval event.

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Even obachans trying to chat me up in the stores.

Know what you mean. Then we both pass a mirror and break up.

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Just goes to show you cannot trust Kim to act rationally. SK should realize that, and stop hoping for anything other than containment of the ongoing threat the North offers for as long as the Kim Family Regime is in existence.

Kim has been acting rationally. It’s Moon who hasn’t.

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These military exercises are arranged by the US to provoke NK and to continue souring relationships between NK and SK.


NK and SK are capable of having a sour relationship by themselves.

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It will be interesting to see how the world reacts to what would be essentially the same thing as when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

It seems you are referring to Sadam Hussein’s claim that Kuwait had formerly been a province of Iraq and so, by sending his army in, was merely reuniting it to the fatherland.

Considering that Iraq itself had been a province of the Ottoman Empire, Hussein’s claim was rather disingenuous. Modern Turkey could have claimed Kuwait - and Iraq - by the same reasoning.

Hong Kong, on the contrary, was part of China until the British pried it away in the 19th century. When Hong Kong reverted to China the Chinese government made commitments to the people of Hong Kong (“one country, two systems”) which they now seem to be reneging on. That’s what the world is watching.

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@Melissa Shimosato

Question: Who gave Epstein the rope?? Answer: No One..

The guy who first broke his neck?

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Both the Japanese and South Korean economies are completely dependent on shipment of the things they produce to the USA.

It’s called trade.

There could be no more ideal climate for a repprochement between SK and NK and genuine reunification talks.

“There! Take that, evil Japanese!”

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@Toasted Heretic

The bravery of these protesters brings tears to my eyes. I hope so very much that China does not use brutal intervention.

Rest easy, T.H.

Professor Gregory Clark has already written China’s denial of a Tiananmen Square-style massacre in Hong Kong. He has even gotten a statement from the same Italian film crew who told him they had seen nothing in Tiananmen Square that they’ve already not seen anything in Hong Kong.

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Epstein may have actually killed himself.


I gotta ask you, Ike-in-Tokyo-from-89, do you really believe that?

What I know is that a man facing the rest of his life in prison without his accustomed “comforts” and facing hostility from other inmates is dead.

I think he decided on the quickest way to go.

He may have anticipated attempts on his life as well.

Not much to live for. Get it over.

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