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Almost any other Dem will have a better shot.

Waters-O’Rourke in 2020?

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Any man - even at age 17 - who doesn't understand the difference between seduction (fun!) and attempted rape (criminal!) needs to do some serious rethinking. 

“Attempted rape”? Before you all drag Kavanaugh out of his cell and lynch him, you’d best give him due process.

I propose a solution to this ongoing “problem”: have the FBI vet EVERY candidate and nominee for federal office. Furthermore, have the FBI investigate the background of EVERY sitting member of Congress and all federal judges. I’m sure you’ll find offenses even more horrible that the one Kavanaugh is rumored to have committed.

To ensure a fair process put Bill Clinton in charge.

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If Russia is doing it in their territory, there is not any problem in there. Is there? 

After the conclusion of these exercises I have complete confidence that the Russian combined arms will find an incursion into Sakhalin child’s play.

Though the terrain pictured could pass as many spots on the west coast of Hokkaido or northern Honshu landings there would make no sense barring a world war.

The exercises are the equivalent of Mr. Putin going big game hunting bare chested. Trying to impress, but ...

Meanwhile we are doing the same in China’s sea.

”China’s sea”? I didn’t know China has exclusive legal claim to any sea. Does the Gulf of Mexico belong to the Mexicans, etc.?

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Naomi Osaka Is Black, Too — And We Need to Say So

I’m curious. Why don’t we need to say she’s Haitian? It is obvious from her complexion that she has black African ancestors so why the need to say so. Is race her defining characteristic and not her considerable athletic ability?

I’ve gathered from the media over the years - the last 10 especially - that race always trumps nationality. From my personal observation this isn’t so.

Put black and white Englishmen and Americans together in a neutral, social venue and sooner or later most will group themselves according to nationality and not race.

It depends on other important factors as well such as regional identifiers like accent and cultural factors such as education. But, overall, I would contend that nationality is the biggest magnet that draws people of different races together. And it is the positive aspects of nationality that accomplish that. I except, for obvious reasons, members of the KKK and NOI from this statement.

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This whole topic and its responses might as well be black woman speaks out and is judged by white people who live in Japan to get away from scary, outspoken black people.

Serena Willians is not an “outspoken black” person, but only a confirmed has-been who refused to go out with a graceful display of sportsmanship.

As far as living in Japan to get away from obnoxious people, I seemed to have failed.

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It pains me to say it, because there are plenty of good Republicans.

I’m sure “good Republicans” are relieved by these words of yours.

Have you considered that many Republicans are not actually enamored of Mr. Trump, but agree with policies his administration has introduced?

Clarify your position: do you hate Donald Trump or do you hate conservative policies? I suspect many on this site hate the latter and are hoping that removal of the former will expedite a return to a progressive agenda. Unfortunately, the progressive agenda of the Democrat old guard (literally old) like Nancy Pelosi is being replaced by that of harebrained proponents of “Democratic Socialism”.

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Things we have come to expect from barely literate Trump supporters.

At least they are barely literate.

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President Trump has the huevos to cut funding to terrorists.

I believe that’s “cojones” (balls), not “huevos” (eggs). A victim of Spanish auto-spell?

Anyway, ... ME problem(s) fixed by the posters yet?

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Of course, peace could easily be achieved if we ever wanted such a thing.

”We”? What happened to “they”?

So, the US is actually the arbiter of war and peace?

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Wow. That's more than was killed in that mass shooting in California.

And this, not being about guns, will attract fewer posts.

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You bring up a good point. In 2 years she will have to decide which to be

Given her notoriety she will no doubt be asked to decide. The Foreign Ministry seems to let some “unknown” people fall through the cracks - good for them.

In her case, if she declined Japanese nationality would she remain a celebrity?

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If this guy wants to be the real hero of the "resistance", go public with hard evidence, at least at that point it's much harder to just dismiss it as fake news.

Just so.

I’m sure he/she would be willing to sacrifice everything if Nike offered another contract.

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sounds like a jealous lover and he shot the other bloke involved, then his wife then himself.

My thoughts exactly. But we don’t know yet. But I see we are looking at this the same way: why? The how is obvious.

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HOW was the first person shot? Then his wife? The others?

I repeat my question: why was the first person shot? etc.

You’re entitled to your opinion and question but don’t hijack mine.

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Very little known at this point. Why was the first person shot? Then his wife? The others? No one knows.

Nothing at all appears random here. The shooter seems to have had a list. Probably.

As usual, this site qualifies as “the fastest with the leastest”. Just enough for anti-gun people to make their quips.

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We have a vocal but tiny, bigoted, hateful minority of the public who can't handle that.


Tomorrow you’ll be saying how large their numbers are. Be consistent with your propaganda. Remember Mark Twain’s words: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

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Despite the backlash, Nike's embrace of civil rights activist Kaepernick was seen as deepening the brand's appeal to millennials and non-white consumers. Many marketing experts saw it as a shrewd cost-benefit calculation in a politically divided, Trump-era United States.

Thank you, Nike, for “bringing us together”.

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"There were around 20 people chasing him. They started throwing Petanque balls at him," 

It’s good to hear that some Frenchmen, native or naturalized, still have balls.

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The only person left is the janitor.

No. The butler.

The difference being that the New York Times has 150 years of overwhelmingly ethical journalism, ...

But, sometimes ... For a fun read see the story of The New York Times writer Jayson Blair who resigned from the paper in 2003:

”After internal investigations, The New York Times reported on Blair's journalistic misdeeds in an "unprecedented"[14] 7,239-word front-page story on May 11, 2003, headlined "Times Reporter Who Resigned Leaves Long Trail of Deception."[2] The story called the affair "a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper."

The Times must have made a miraculous climb out of its admitted trough.

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Let the people in these countries sort things out for themselves without any outside help whatsoever. Majority rule. One man one vote. Ahh, but that'll never will happen, will it?

Fine. Then when will “popular opinion” outside that country, enraged by their media influenced by barely visible actors, decide intervention is “necessary” to “save innocent lives”?

Majority rule? It turns on the tap to prepare the next bloodbath.

Democracy needs constraints such as laws that protect the rights of minorities. Dictators tend to empower minorities especially if their own origin is from a minority - President Assad is an Alawite.

Discontent among some in Syria over the supremacy of that minority led to the original unrest that was later channeled by extremists.

“One man, one vote”? At the moment and for the immediate future that “one man” is President Assad. Think he is evil if one wants, but he seems to be a rational dictator. The problem with rational dictators is that they often become irrational and are removed by a charismatic from a different minority that ... then ... and so on.

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PTownsend wrote:

Curious that modern Russians, proponents of rightist ideology, would defend Stalin, a putative communist. But then he is Russian's greatest hero.

Lenin was sometimes a Communist (the Civil War “War Communism” phase) and sometimes a Fascist (“New Economic Policy” phase). It’s no secret that he admired Mussolini - as many in the West, like Roosevelt, did. Many historians believe that Lenin would have prolonged the NEP (that marriage of Soviet police control and privately owned corporations) into the 1930s if he hadn’t died prematurely. Then ...

Stalin, on the other hand, was impatient and so began the collectivization of industry and agriculture by implementing “scientific” central planning. I would call this a variation of Fascism. Labeling Stalin a “rightist” or even a “leftist” means nothing.

That Stalin is now praised is not surprising because Russians have always been comfortable with strongmen either Czar or Commissar.

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Actually, what's happening now, be it on a much smaller scale, is more similar to the Russian starvation of 7,000,000 people in Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 under Stalin.

Change “Russian” to “Soviet” - ideology and not ethnicity was a factor.

There were two periods of mass starvation in early Soviet history with similar causes.

The first (1921-22) was primarily felt in the Volga River valley- a huge area of fertile crop land - and killed an estimated 5 million people. It’s natural cause was a severe drought that dramatically reduced yields (these occurred every 5-7 years in the 3 major grain and meat producing regions of the USSR.). The human causes stemmed from the economic and transportation chaos resulting from WW1 (1914-1917 in Russia) and the Russian Civil War (1918-21).

During the Civil War grain was routinely seized from growers to feed the belligerents, both Red and White, sometimes with compensation but often with none. The later was especially true of the Bolsheviks whose propaganda labeled some growers and livestock producers as “kulaks” or “rich peasant”. (The term “kulak” was later revived by Stalin.) This allowed the expropriation (“expropriation from expropriators” was the official slogan) to proceed under the banner of “War Communism”. One response of farmers was to plant less and so production dropped even further.

A bad natural situation exacerbated by warring factions under the cover of ideology.

The second famine (1932-33) was again caused by many factors.

Some writers point to natural causes, but, like the earlier famine, the situation was exacerbated by Soviet policy. It occurred during Stalin’s rapid industrialization of Russia and accompanying urbanization. In order to secure a stable food supply for industrial workers a system of collectivized farms was established. Those farmers who were once allowed private ownership and the right to employ a limited number of farm workers (started under Lenin’s “New Economic Policy” which replaced “ War Communism” of the Civil War) were declared “enemies of the state” as “kulaks”. Rather than have their livestock confiscated, farmers killed and butchered it on a mass scale. Meat literally disappeared overnight from the marketplace. With grain prices fixed, the incentive to plant for a crop surplus was gone.

It must be added that the Soviets were selling grain abroad for hard currency to increase industrialization during the famine.

Were the farmers mostly responsible for the famine or was the Soviet government. My opinion is the latter.

“Fake history”? Not in the opinion of respected historians I’ve read.

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"This is the movie that will end the insanity."

“Roger and me” was okay. Though I’m not a fan of the millionaire movie maker Michael Moore, I find the announcement of his approaching suicide, i.e. “ending the insanity”, rather ... ummm ... ahhh ... none too soon?

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How else will he make more in a year than most people make in their entire life?


That's easy. By 'sacrificing everything'...

Ex, you are a naughty, naughty boy. Go spank yourself. No matcha ice cream for dessert.

mukashiyokatta Today  01:19 am JST

Winner: Nike. Losers: Trump and fellow white supremacists.

Check under your futon. There may be a white supremacist lurking there.

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Nike and Kaepernick will survive this. 

I don’t care whether or not Nike survives. If it were to go down, another company will rise to take its place as long as the marketplace is truly free.

As for Karpernick, I look at this as a career move: he is, or soon will be, finished in pro-football. How else will he make more in a year than most people make in their entire life?

The more “controversy”, the more money Nike and Kaepernick make.

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StrangerlandToday  08:15 pm JST

Strangerland, riiiighhht....

Thank you for agreeing with me that it's right. Born in Japan, of a Japanese mother, with a Japanese passport, living in Japan.

You'd have to be entirely ignorant or racist to think she's not Japanese.

That said, some on this thread disagree with us and think she isn't Japanese. Morons right!

Who on this thread has said they don’t think she’s Japanese?

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@ Y Okitsu - Naomi-chan can keep the 2 passports until she is 22 years old. Then, she must choose one. 

Not exactly. She MIGHT be asked by a representative of the Japanese government (putting it this way as I don’t know which ministry or department is in charge of such things) to choose her nationality. At which point she would have to declare to the Japanese government that she has given up American nationality. Such a statement by itself, however, is not considered a legal surrender of American nationality by the US government. The Japanese government knows that she may not hand over her American passport to them because it is not HER property but that of the US Department of State. There are numbers of stealth dual-nationals in Japan. How is this possible? Explain to me how prostitution is illegal yet “soaplands” flourish. This is the incredibly bendable Japan after all.

theFritzX wrote:

Letme get this straight - shemoved tothe US when she was 3, has lived there ever since, cant speak japanese but "considers herself japanese." OK, got it.

‘Tis the way of the modern world, Fritzi. As you well know, among the natives here, if you look Japanese, you are Japanese. (Just keep in mind that the “one drop” rule does not apply). If you don’t look Japanese, you aren’t Japanese. I’m certain neither of us is really uncomfortable about that. But don’t go calling yourself Japanese unless you look the role and she definitely looks the part. (BTW, she really is American. She’s probably forgiven for being so.)

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Posted in: Willem Dafoe: 'I flirted with Van Gogh's ghost' See in context

Dafoe is pitching the movie all right, but it does sound interesting and he does sound like the right actor to portray Van Gogh.

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Posted in: Visually disabled man hit, killed by train after falling from platform See in context

People have to look after each other. Keep an eye out.

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Posted in: Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end See in context

Kaepernick obviously thought that the human rights violations by the US government were so severe that he risked his entire career and reputation to protest them in public, and Nike seems to agree with him that the brutality of the American government against its own citizens has gone too far.

“Kaepernick obviously thought ...”

No. Not obvious. You are making much too much of the man and his actions. He was well on the way out as a player. Why not “self immolate” if you’re not really going to get burned? I guess he couldn’t hack it if he wasn’t THE alpha male.

”Brutality of the American government...”

You missed your calling. Pravda is no more the organ of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

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