COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: As the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus, do you feel safer in Japan (if you live here), or would you prefer to be in your home country right now? See in context

I don’t know if I actually AM safer, but I FEEL so. Why? There is a decided lack of media driven hysteria here.

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context


The virus is the result of our changing relationship with our habitat 


I think the use of this word needs to be examined and especially its applicability questioned in this time of pandemic.

As the American newsman/commentator Paul Harvey was fond of saying, “It’s not one world.” People are NOT the same wherever you go.

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

Can we send a camera crew and the CDC to confirm?

Not unless their safe exit is guaranteed first.

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Posted in: Senate passes $2.2 trillion virus rescue package See in context

Republicans continue to obstruct instead of working with democrats to assist the American people. Smh.

No. A deal that Senate Minority Whip Chuck Schumer praised as bipartisan was scrapped on the arrival of Nancy Pelosi.

Please, cut out the propaganda.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

“All Quiet on the Eastern Front”.

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

May my last meal be a bowl of rice topped with natto, onions, mustard, soy sauce and a raw egg!

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Posted in: Coronavirus deaths in Italy overtake China See in context

Soon China will be calling this "Italian Respiratory Syndrome" or similar. and no one likes IRS.

”Italian Respiratory Syndrome”: a merger of Death and Taxes?

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Posted in: What to do about the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The “official“ numbers of infected people in Japan is an insult to everyone’s intelligence but no one seems to really care to be fooled...

Is your intelligence insulted by China’s figures as well?

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Posted in: 'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel See in context

Conveniently forgetting that left wingers were the first to be locked up and beaten on the streets, in Nazi Germany.

Yes. Fascists of the left and right saw themselves locked in a life or death struggle since 1917. The Fascist right got the upper hand in Germany in 1933; the Fascist left in Russia in 1917. Both liquidated their rivals when they got the chance. (PS Howard Zinn didn’t devote a chapter to this.)

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Posted in: Rocker Neil Young calls Trump 'a disgrace' See in context

THE Neil Young said that? Who gives a ...

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Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

Who was that unmasked man?

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Posted in: California to apologize for internment of Japanese-Americans See in context

Sneezy: “We learned nothing: there are concentration camps on the border now.”

”Concentration camps”? Please define. The term is inflammatory as you well know. The association for the past 75 years has been with Nazi death camps. No, there are none of those on the border.

Nice try. No cigar.

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Posted in: California to apologize for internment of Japanese-Americans See in context

If only sanctuary cities had been in place in 1941, eh, Governor Newsom?

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Posted in: Battle of Iwo Jima 75 years on See in context

“Lucky the US didn't pound the rest of Japan and only limited itself to pounding Nagasaki and Hiroshima.”

The rest of Japan WAS pounded and pretty hard, too.

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Posted in: Xi's early involvement in virus outbreak raises questions See in context

There is a Chinese scholar by the name of Xu Zhangrun who wrote a very interesting response to this health crisis dated February 5, 2020. I urge all the look it up and read it. I read it in CHINAFILE.COM . He has since “disappeared”.

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Posted in: Democrats turn to Nevada, South Carolina after Sanders' New Hampshire win See in context

Just waiting to see how Bernie’ll get screwed this time.

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Posted in: Body of 3-month-old baby found in suitcase See in context

“They said the baby’s mother faces a charge of corpse abandonment.”

‘corpse: a dead body, especially of a human rather than an animal’

Now maybe a human, at least in death.

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Posted in: Australia to join U.S. in Strait of Hormuz maritime security mission See in context


The way Trump is handling Iran,

The only thing Trump needs to do is photoshop and deephack the Ayatollah’s face and voice in “compromising” gay activities and he’ll be thrown off the roof of the tallest building in Tehran. Problem solved. Iranian people liberated.

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Posted in: Trump offers to mediate 'explosive' Kashmir standoff See in context


Let Kashmiri people decide if they want to be a part of India or Pakistan or become an independent country.

The religious composition of Kashmir is 68% Muslim, 28% Hindu, and others including Buddhists and Christians.

“Let Kashmiri people decide” would probably result in the formation of either a new province of Pakistan or an independent state that would not respect the rights of Hindus, Buddhists or Christians.

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Posted in: Starbucks vs two popular Japanese coffee shops: Which gives best value? See in context


I've been to Tully's only once and ended up throwing out half my coffee because it was disgusting.

Sounds like a Starbucks experience to me.

Joeintokyo, with a moniker like that you should know what you’re talking about.

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Posted in: Omar: Go to Israel, see 'cruel reality of the occupation' See in context


It’s true that many Israelis are of Jewish European descent, but others are from families who fled Muslim majority countries at and after Israel’s founding.

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context


Why not? Why should women and men be paid differently if they are equal?

Compared as individuals men and women are not “equal” if you mean they, on an individual basis, have exactly the same skill level (unlikely), education (unlikely) and experience (unlikely) as well as other factors and therefore should receive the same pay.

However, for example, some individual women have superior skills to some individual men. Do you think that such women would welcome those men receiving the same pay based on “equality”?

If you think so, there’s a high paying job in Venezuela awaiting you.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein abuse claims: report See in context


Trump had Epstein at Mar-a-Lago in 2000, way before that.

For non-native speakers on this site you might want to rephrase this. How about “Epstein was a guest of Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2000, way before that.”

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Posted in: Do you support so-called “quota systems” to achieve gender diversity by promoting women to senior leadership positions in companies? See in context


I don't exactly agree with the quote. Equality of output is by definition discriminatory

Not sure what you mean by “output”. Do you mean “outcome” as in “equality of opportunity” vs. “equality of outcome”? An auto-spell check problem?

I’m all in favor of equality of opportunity, but people are not of equal ability, attitude, tenacity, etc., so equal outcomes (commensurate pay) cannot be guaranteed.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of shorter hospital stays (in most Western countries) vs longer hospital stays in Japan? See in context

My longish stay in a Japanese hospital kept me away from bickering at home. Definitely a plus.

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Posted in: Sanders' criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population See in context

Agreed on the mentally ill, but my guess is that they cannot simply be released into the general population. Institutionalization in a mental health facility is another form of incarceration and it will be expensive.

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Posted in: Hippies young and old keep the 'real Woodstock' flame alive See in context

Flakes then, flakes now.

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Posted in: Rival rallies as Hong Kong's divisions deepen See in context

This sounds ominous. While “silent majorities” exist, by definition they don’t get out in the streets.

A possible exception was the participation of 1 million Hong Kongers in an earlier march against the proposed extradition law. If one asks why it hasn’t been repeated there may be a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, harassment by triad gangs, activities of agents provocateurs and a desire to disassociate with violence. It seems that the Hong Kong silent majority have returned to character. I don’t blame them.

The “across the harbor” protests, in contrast, though purportedly a reflection of the same “silent majority” bear the hallmarks of old-fashioned “spontaneous outpourings of support for the government”, i.e. counter demonstrations organized and orchestrated by the CP of the PRC. To be fair, many participants may just want a return to normalcy and punishment of the “intelligentsia” they may hold responsible for the troubles.

These protests it should be noted are much more accessible from Shenzhen where military units are awaiting orders. I can well imagine the triumphal entry of these units through flower-strewn streets and past deliriously cheering crowds welcoming their saviors.

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Posted in: Trump moving to make immigration whiter, wealthier See in context

I read elsewhere that Cuccinelli’s statements were taken out of context. No surprise there.

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