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Posted in: Brad Pitt discusses how a visit to Japan changed his view on face masks See in context

...they can keep your face warm. 

A mask warms your breath on cold days. A tip from a respiratory physician friend of mine.

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Posted in: Who owns the street? Seattle protest zone sparks property rights debate See in context

But residents and businesses who have spent weeks behind barricades put up by the city to contain the protest zone 

“by the city”? Some? There is video of protesters dragging barriers into place.

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Posted in: Which current world leader do you respect the most? See in context

Macron. At least he’s defending France’s heritage.

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

Japan has a history of this. The Burakumin. The Hibakusha. Fukushima victims. No surprises at this reaction.

From a scientific viewpoint, shunning people who have been exposed to an actual virus is tragic but not irrational.

Shunning burakumin, etc., on the other hand, IS irrational.

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Posted in: Do you think the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in authoritarian behavior by governments around the world, posing a growing threat to democracy, free movement, free speech, public assembly and other civic rights? See in context

The wholesale assault, injuring and murdering of citizens by the police for little to no reason bringing a rise of authoritarian behavior in the United States? 

You know this statement is absolute bull. Why don’t you go Stateside. There’s still a chance to pick up some electronics at a five finger discount. There’s probably a statue of Lincoln with your name on it.

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

What happened on 8 December 1941 did not have to happen if Hirohito had listened to his mother, the Empress Dowager, instead of the military fanatics.

”...listened to his mother ...”

Interesting. Do you have a source?

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

Sorry to say, Mel Blanc is dead.

If Mel were alive today he’d be limited to one voice. Elmer Fudd?

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

Hold on a minute. Shouldn’t the Simpson family be given voices by ... “yellow people” (whoever they are)?

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Posted in: M6.2 quake rattles eastern Japan, including Tokyo area See in context

It’s when the shaking DOESN’T stop ... like in 2011. That’s scary.

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Posted in: Did TikTok teens, K-Pop fans spoil Trump's comeback rally? See in context

Only shows that traditional, 19th century electioneering is dead. The same could be done to Biden should he decide to leave his “bunker”.

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Posted in: Bolton says North Korea's Kim laughing at Trump See in context

I think the walrus has it right. Pushing him out was a mistake. Of course, he was criticized as too hawkish, even mad.

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Posted in: Trump campaign seeks to reset after flubbed rally See in context

“Flubbed”? With a minimum of 1 million viewers at home, hardly. Typical left wing commentary.

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Posted in: AP changes writing style to capitalize 'b' in Black See in context

There will be a Black Party soon, I’m not sure that will be just for Blacks and not Whites though?

Wouldn’t it have to admit Whites by law?

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Posted in: AP changes writing style to capitalize 'b' in Black See in context

some Black people don’t trace their lineage to Africa.

Does this refer to Dravidians, Melanesians and Aboriginal Australians?

I hope it doesn’t refer to some “super Allies”.

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Posted in: Cities around the world are taking steps to remove statues that represent cultural or racial oppression. Do you support such moves? See in context

Fine, Fine. Just lovin’ it.

Once all the offending statues are down, let’s start with renaming universities starting with Yale (that slave owner and slave trader).

Oh, can’t touch Yale? It’ll hurt the job market value of the diploma? I weep for you.

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Posted in: World alarmed by violence in U.S.; thousands march in London See in context

... (imagine Trump choosing his bride from an ICE cage) ...

Imagine you making sense.

Not much has changed since the Watts Riots or Rodney King beaten to death by cops.

It is apparent that facts are irrelevant to you, Zichi. Read the following. Were you too lazy to do just a wee bit of googling or were you too anxious to “speak your truth” before shooting from the hip - and missing?

Re: death of Rodney King (Wikipedia)

“In 2012, King was found dead in his swimming pool two months after publishing his memoir; the coroner found evidence of alcohol and drugs in his system and ruled these and his history of heart problems had likely resulted in an accidental drowning.”

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Posted in: Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged See in context

He's too cowardly to face up to the violence that his hateful rhetoric caused.

Sad state of affairs that big man Trump has to hide in the WH bunker shaking down to his bone spurs.

Once a coward, always a coward.

Secret Service SOP. A little more fact, please, and less uninformed opinion.

Get the economy open now!!! The people of the world etc!!!!!

Do you think that there just might be some people who don’t want the economy opened just yet?

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

Very fortunate that none of the people on the highway were injured or killed.

I wonder if the truck driver had his Trump 2020 banner and Confederate Flag waving as he drove into the protesters...

I'm sure his license plate read "MAGA Baby!"

I’m sure you don’t know.

Tien An -----Minneapolis!

Get a grip on history, guy.

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Posted in: Civil unrest rages in Minneapolis over racially charged killing by police See in context

It takes a special kind of viciousness to put your body weight on the neck of an already subdued man. And the police already had complaints against him ... yet remained on the force.

And America thinks it has moral high ground to lecture China on human rights LOL

The USA does not put thousands of Muslims in concentration camps like the Communist Chinese.

When looters are identified, if ever, I bet many are not from that neighborhood. Shops were looted and destroyed; shops that already had been driven to near bankruptcy by the pandemic lockdown. One tear for those ruined entrepreneurs if you please.

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Posted in: Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures See in context

the economy is made up in that it is a tool made by society. People made it up, so it's not something that should be controlling people against their health

Education has failed on so many levels as illustrated here.

I got it. The government is bleeding cash to mitigate the effects of the virus on the economy. They just put money over life into this.

Education ...

I'm still wondering what Japan did. Japan has not done worse or better than any other country along the western side of the Pacific Ocean.

The “k” variation of the virus probably predominates here. It’s much less harmful. Just luck perhaps.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

they should compromise with China and slowly wait for China to evolve.

Communist regimes are incapable of evolution. They persist intact or disintegrate.

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Posted in: How do you think the coronavirus will affect the climate change issue? See in context

It won't


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Posted in: Oscars may be postponed due to coronavirus: report See in context

Mother of all calamities!

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Posted in: Biden's VP search puts spotlight on how long he might serve if elected See in context

The article and several posts brings to mind the lead musical number of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”.

Biden is rarely known for sticking to a script, and the comments are evidence of his candid style.

”Candid style”? That’s extremely charitable. What’s left of his mind has taken to wanderlust. “Candid style” actually describes Trump’s.

Pence would just carry on Trump's legacy.

Pence won’t run in 2024. A much stronger and younger candidate will.

Biden's intellect is far superior to Trump's, ... and Trump is by far the less honest of the two.

“Biden’s intellect”? LOL.

“... the less honest”? Nice partisan way of avoiding “Biden doesn’t lie as much as Trump”. Did you, poster, “drink your lunch”? If you are unfamiliar with this phrase, look up the circumstances of the death of Biden’s first wife and the entirely false accusation he made - and never retracted - about the truck driver.

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Posted in: Trump hopes for COVID-19 vaccine by end of year, 'maybe before' See in context

He predicted the virus would be gone by April.

The universally respected Dr. Fauci said in January that there was no reason to fear this virus. He was wrong. He looked at new findings and corrected himself. That’s how science works. Trump used the hope. It doesn’t seem that everyone knows what that word means either.

It can't be bargained with. 

It can't be reasoned with. 

It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.

And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

Off yourself now, bro, and let the rest of us have your share of the oxygen.

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Posted in: Obama emerges as central figure in 2020 presidential race See in context

How necessary yet not really unexpected. Is BHO strong enough to carry “Tiny Tim” Biden on his shoulders? Will Jill Biden deliver the line “God bless us everyone” for Joe?

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Posted in: Wear a mask? Even with 20,000 dead, some New Yorkers don't See in context

Irrespective of who voted for them, the leaders of a country should set standards for their countrymen.

In that case, who’s the Democrats’ nominee going to be?

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

Most studies show people carry on working anyway but it completely eradicates poverty. 

... until inflation comes in.

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Posted in: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been talk of a basic universal income. Do you support the concept? See in context

Having a job does not necessarily mean you have the means to support your lifestyle.

Change your lifestyle.

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