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Yeah because nothing we have been told was a "conspiracy theory" ever turned out to actually be true later on.

Keeping my eye on the Flynn case...

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands See in context

Unless China makes an aggressive move towards USA Japan on its own.

You do know who’s in the White House, don’t you?

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Posted in: Facebook, YouTube remove 'Plandemic' video with 'unsubstantiated' coronavirus claims See in context

If masks make us sick,

Remember back a few months ago when people in the US were told by the media that masks might not (were not?) be necessary? Nonsense, right?

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Posted in: U.S. unemployment surges to a Depression-era level of 14.7% See in context

That requires Dodd and Frank to create a law to reimpose regulations and a democratic president to fix the economy. Will democrats have to save the economy once again from Republican incompetence?

What’s next, central planning?

Government intervention, i.e. planning, only makes economic downturns worse. It is said more often now that FDR’s schemes only served to lengthen the Great Depression.

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Posted in: Drive-in theaters experiencing renaissance in U.S. due to pandemic See in context

How about in Japan?

File under “dated”: there was a drive-in movie theater outside Sapporo 40 years ago.

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Posted in: Do you think the coronavirus will change the way people work, shop and socialize in the future? See in context

The SECOND Wave will start when there is no lockdown anymore. Its not based on season with this illness.

That’s exactly right. It refers to a second wave of exposure and infection resulting from the introduction of a new population, i.e. those who have been locked down.

Covid19 was here, is here and will be here for some time.

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Posted in: More businesses reopen as gov't eyes end to emergency measures in some regions See in context

looks as if a second wave is inevitable now

A second wave was always inevitable.

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Posted in: U.S. infection rate rising outside New York as states open up See in context

People who don't follow science and data

Scientists don’t agree and data is usually incomplete or even faulty.

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Posted in: U.S. infection rate rising outside New York as states open up See in context

Opening with sufficient capacity to test and trace so as to be able to control spread while we wait for a vaccine is the only solution. 

That’s not going to happen any time soon. The spread will NOT be easily controlled. Waiting for a vaccine is NOT a good option.

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There seems to be a great misunderstanding among posters here about the purpose of the lockdown.

Whenever it is that people return to work or venture outside their homes they will be exposed to the virus. It is there, it will be there. It may be a year or longer for a vaccine to be fully tested and produced (the vaccine, like all vaccines, will kill some of the recipients though the number will be small). If anyone thinks that any nation can wait to resume work until that time, then prepare if you can for economic collapse - and you won’t be able to. Fantasize all you want about a new progressive order being ushered in, but it will fail immediately.

Opening up in a calm, calculated manner while protecting the most vulnerable is the only solution.

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Paul died in 1968.

Change to: Paul’s death was revealed in the autumn of 1968.

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Posted in: Empty street See in context

George is going in the wrong direction and Paul has disappeared.

Paul died in 1968.

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Posted in: In televised town hall, Trump pushes for economic reopening See in context

If thousands of people die in the process between now and November, will Trump still have everything under control? Trump's a gambler, but he's gambling with the lives of people now, not his own money.

Okay. Fine. Leave the lockdown. Hand out trillions more. Inflate the currency. Create useless jobs for the unemployed. Start a “war against suicide”. Great. My vote’s for Joe.

What could go wrong?

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Posted in: Guardians of unborn See in context

They are guardians of travelers as well.

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Posted in: Armed U.S. protesters enter Michigan capitol to demand lockdown end See in context

America appears to be on the slippery road to becoming a failed state. It wont be too much longer before the national and state governments are unable to fulfill the basic conditions and responsibilities of their sovereign roles.... The lunatics will then have complete control of the asylum...

The last I heard, the people were sovereign, not the State nor any state.

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Posted in: Armed U.S. protesters enter Michigan capitol to demand lockdown end See in context

If the protestors weren't white, the outcome and response by the authorities would have been completely different.

A race-baiting comment. Pictures selected for inclusion by an editor for that person’s purposes are probably not representative. At other such rallies I have seen photos that included POC.

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Posted in: Sex assault allegation raises questions for Biden, Democrats See in context

25% unemployment will be a hit against Trump but will it be a knock out punch. Failure of millions of small business who were promised support.

If the unemployment rate remains high into October (many people vote early) that may be a factor but don’t count on it. It’s not enough to say - falsely - that job losses and deaths are Trump’s fault. People won’t buy the Democrats’ alternatives, i.e. promises of “well paying” jobs in some Green New Deal scheme. That will be seen as the fantasy it is.

Why don’t you start scripting Bernie’s triumphant arrival at Union Station with masses of workers then storming the White House?

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No one ever said women are to be believed no matter what. That's just the Right playing the victim card.

Biden's accuser has more hokes in her story than Swiss cheese. Kavanaugh's accuser passed a lie detector test.

The allegations against Biden are much stronger than those against Kavanaugh by a wide margin.

As for the lie detector test, a little coaching beforehand will allow most people to pass one.

Biden: “Dead man walking.”

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Posted in: Essential workers taking risks despite harassment during virus crisis See in context

It just shows that people in any society can be selfish idiots when put under a little bit of stress - the veneer come off and the ugly truth emerges.

And other people are the opposite. Start adding “otsukaresama” with service workers.

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Posted in: Are you worried that you might become infected by the coronavirus? See in context

I had to vote and check the results so far. 30% said no.

Unbelievable. So this is one reason why it's spreading. EVERYONE should be worried about being infected.

I take precautions. My family takes precautions. Taking proper precautions allows people to remain calm and carry on. Worry can come later.

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Posted in: Tesla's Elon Musk calls coronavirus lockdowns 'fascist' as profit streak continues See in context

3 million cases worldwide. 200,000 deaths. Death rate 7%. America 1 million cases. 61,000 deaths. Death rate 7%.

You are referring to reported cases. There’s enough data in already - and more coming in every day - that show that the actually infection rate is much higher than reported. Therefore the death rate will eventually be adjusted down. It will be more than seasonal influenza, but nowhere near 7%.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context

Yikes. Auto spell took over.

That’s “... to buy time for hospitals to GEAR up, ...”! Fear is always present.

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Posted in: Koike calls for state of emergency to be extended nationwide See in context

At least 80 per cent of the population must stay home for the infection to be brought under control.

Stay home if possible please.

Sorry, but that’s not the way it works.

As soon as that 80% is released from captivity they will be exposed to the virus and a certainty number, hopefully a small number, may develop severe cases. Lockdowns are just meant to buy time for hospitals to fear up, palliatives tested and a vaccine developed, if one ever is.

The good news is that the greatest number of relatively healthy people will weather it with hardly a bump.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass Vietnam War toll as Florida governor meets Trump See in context

More than Vietnam? It only goes to show that Trump should never have declared war on Coronaland!

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Posted in: Beijing bans 'uncivilized' behavior to improve public hygiene See in context

The laws aim to promote "civilized behavior" and relate to combating the pandemic which has infected more than 82,000 in China alone.

I wish writers would stop repeating this Chinese government propaganda. “82,000”? My aspidistra.

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Officials puzzled by outbreak on docked cruise ship in Nagasaki

What first came to mind was another Diamond Princess. Yes, technically it’s a “cruise ship” and though the crew is very large, there were no passengers as the header lead me to expect. Was the editor going for a sensational headline?

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Posted in: Trump campaign tests lines of attack to define Biden See in context

The playbook was written months ago.

The Democrats have not been following a playbook written 1,262 days ago?

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Posted in: Over 210,000 hotel rooms secured to treat coronavirus patients See in context

Let’s hope all the “guests” will be able to check out.

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Posted in: If you haven't already been tested for the coronavirus, do you wish to be? See in context

Yes, but others need access to the tests before me. I’m an older person.

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Posted in: Q&A: How do I receive ¥100,000 from the government? See in context

Lots of American living in Japan, will not get 1200 dollar.

Of course not. Why would non-resident (in the USA) American citizens receive $1,200 from Uncle Sam while living here in Japan?

Does anyone know of a reputable charity in Japan that accepts donations to help those families or elderly who still won’t be able to get by?

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