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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak sparks harassment at workplaces in Japan See in context

Sounds like her boss was trying to save her life.

Nice one, gogogo. “How dare you!”

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Posted in: A virus that hits all faiths tests religion's tie to science See in context

There does seem to be a huge number of cases growing out of religious communities of all faiths.

Correction: There does seem to be a huge number of infected congregants among various faiths. Religious communities do not necessarily behave the same.

Religion is so unhelpful.

That’s a matter of opinion, not fact.

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Posted in: Taiwan donating 2 million face masks to Japan See in context

Re the article: “Who was that masked man?”

That said, I’d love to see Taiwan take a seat in the U.N. as the Republic of Taiwan.

However, the PRC would probably launch an attack after issuing their veto. But Taiwan will probably never declare such republic as it (the loser) and the PRC (the winner) both espouse the “One China Principle”

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

Even where the Edo meets the Tone there were loads of people out.

”Where the Edo *branches from* the Tone” would be more accurate ...

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Posted in: Can a dictatorship better serve the public than a democracy in a pandemic? See in context

How many dictators step down after a crisis? (I’m leaving the legendary Roman dictator Cincinnatus out of this.)

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Posted in: Man arrested for vandalism after Tokyo gym remains open See in context

If this virus has been circulating since the end of January if not earlier, why isn’t Tokyo in as bad shape as NYC? It’s population density is greater than NYC’s, it’s public transport system is as extensive and crowded as NYC’s and it has as many if not more visitors from China as NYC. I hope I live long enough to hear the definitive answer.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

In january, the wise were already know the virus is dangerous, and prepared for it . In february, even the idiotsalso knowed that from the news around the world. Trump was worse than a idiot.

The wise? Like WHO? Like politicians such as Pelosi in the USA who considered use of the term “Wuhan Virus” to be racist in January. Give me a BREAK!

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

That's right, Cheeto-in-Chief. Blame anyone, ANYONE, except yourself.

After all, "I don't take responsibility at all."

Groundhog Day is long past. Go back into your hole in the ground.

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

This Social Distancing and Lockdowns will probably work. We should implement this every winter when infectious diseases peak to save lives.

Are you out of your mind? A population is safest when most people have been exposed to a pathogen and developed immunity.

However, nothing has prepared me for the economic malaise and the extreme speed of change in society.

The greatest danger is not the virus, but the impact on those, the vast majority and that’s a fact, who survive it.

A full lockdown is useless and creates more problems.

Indeed. Death is inevitable. Most of us try to delay it, but it’s still there. Live with it.

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Posted in: Fewer people on streets of Japan's major cities amid stay-at-home requests See in context

I hope that photo of Ginza isn’t supposed to prove anything. Many of the people there have usually been Chinese tourists.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll eclipses China's as reinforcements head to New York See in context

eclipsing China's official count

I see that many posters here are swallowing the CCP’s official line. Just don’t wash it down with aquarium cleaner.

If everything is peachy in Wuhan now, then why are the local police preventing Wuhan residents from leaving? To forestall spread of the contagion or anti-government, anti-Chinese Communist Party feeling?

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Posted in: As the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus, do you feel safer in Japan (if you live here), or would you prefer to be in your home country right now? See in context

I don’t know if I actually AM safer, but I FEEL so. Why? There is a decided lack of media driven hysteria here.

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context


The virus is the result of our changing relationship with our habitat 


I think the use of this word needs to be examined and especially its applicability questioned in this time of pandemic.

As the American newsman/commentator Paul Harvey was fond of saying, “It’s not one world.” People are NOT the same wherever you go.

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Posted in: Drop in China's new coronavirus cases; none in Hubei for sixth day See in context

Can we send a camera crew and the CDC to confirm?

Not unless their safe exit is guaranteed first.

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Posted in: Senate passes $2.2 trillion virus rescue package See in context

Republicans continue to obstruct instead of working with democrats to assist the American people. Smh.

No. A deal that Senate Minority Whip Chuck Schumer praised as bipartisan was scrapped on the arrival of Nancy Pelosi.

Please, cut out the propaganda.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japanese growing complacent of coronavirus risk See in context

“All Quiet on the Eastern Front”.

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

May my last meal be a bowl of rice topped with natto, onions, mustard, soy sauce and a raw egg!

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Posted in: Coronavirus deaths in Italy overtake China See in context

Soon China will be calling this "Italian Respiratory Syndrome" or similar. and no one likes IRS.

”Italian Respiratory Syndrome”: a merger of Death and Taxes?

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Posted in: What to do about the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The “official“ numbers of infected people in Japan is an insult to everyone’s intelligence but no one seems to really care to be fooled...

Is your intelligence insulted by China’s figures as well?

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Posted in: 'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel See in context

Conveniently forgetting that left wingers were the first to be locked up and beaten on the streets, in Nazi Germany.

Yes. Fascists of the left and right saw themselves locked in a life or death struggle since 1917. The Fascist right got the upper hand in Germany in 1933; the Fascist left in Russia in 1917. Both liquidated their rivals when they got the chance. (PS Howard Zinn didn’t devote a chapter to this.)

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Posted in: Rocker Neil Young calls Trump 'a disgrace' See in context

THE Neil Young said that? Who gives a ...

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Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

Who was that unmasked man?

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Posted in: California to apologize for internment of Japanese-Americans See in context

Sneezy: “We learned nothing: there are concentration camps on the border now.”

”Concentration camps”? Please define. The term is inflammatory as you well know. The association for the past 75 years has been with Nazi death camps. No, there are none of those on the border.

Nice try. No cigar.

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Posted in: California to apologize for internment of Japanese-Americans See in context

If only sanctuary cities had been in place in 1941, eh, Governor Newsom?

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Posted in: Battle of Iwo Jima 75 years on See in context

“Lucky the US didn't pound the rest of Japan and only limited itself to pounding Nagasaki and Hiroshima.”

The rest of Japan WAS pounded and pretty hard, too.

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Posted in: Xi's early involvement in virus outbreak raises questions See in context

There is a Chinese scholar by the name of Xu Zhangrun who wrote a very interesting response to this health crisis dated February 5, 2020. I urge all the look it up and read it. I read it in CHINAFILE.COM . He has since “disappeared”.

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Posted in: Democrats turn to Nevada, South Carolina after Sanders' New Hampshire win See in context

Just waiting to see how Bernie’ll get screwed this time.

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Posted in: Body of 3-month-old baby found in suitcase See in context

“They said the baby’s mother faces a charge of corpse abandonment.”

‘corpse: a dead body, especially of a human rather than an animal’

Now maybe a human, at least in death.

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Posted in: Australia to join U.S. in Strait of Hormuz maritime security mission See in context


The way Trump is handling Iran,

The only thing Trump needs to do is photoshop and deephack the Ayatollah’s face and voice in “compromising” gay activities and he’ll be thrown off the roof of the tallest building in Tehran. Problem solved. Iranian people liberated.

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