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Well...who is going to bail out the Airport Limousine?

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Easy prediction. But you really have to go back to the start of JAL to realize why it's in this position. Formerly government owned. Forced by pols to operate losing routes. When they became 50% private and then 100% private, do you think employees took pay cuts? Or got the same cush salaries.

You might be surprise to find how many Japanese are proud to work for JAL. If you're working for pride, you don't care as much about success.

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Posted in: Climate talks in serious disarray See in context

It's not snow. It's shredded emails disproving global warming

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Posted in: Obama announces new measures to spur job creation See in context

Obamao overborrows and now has $200M to spend? Sounds like a real estate scam to me.

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Posted in: Should JAL be saved? See in context

Sending a signal that the govt will back it defintitely will keep JAL from making the necessary changes. Put it on shore...let it flop around for a while before rescuing.

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