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ikemen comments

Posted in: Middle-aged males suffering from epidemic of wife-induced disease See in context

"and we still have sex 4-6 times a month"

I'd consider that sexless.

This articles and many like it aren't really deep sociological research. Just a fun piece to give people a smile on the 2 hour commute home.

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Posted in: Japan becomes first team to qualify for 2014 World Cup See in context

Can soccer fans help me out with a question. Is it just soccer or just Japan - why don't they have the captain of the visiting side address the crowd too.

I'm used to at least the captain being interviewed in the international games I know or representative games - even if they are booed, but at least there's that tradition.

What's up with just interviewing the whole team for the stadium while the other team are nowhere to be seen. Or did the Aussies run away?

(not a soccer expert)

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Posted in: Filipino woman to be charged for allowing 3-year-old daughter to starve to death See in context

re 14 yr olds. Yeah, some 14 yr olds can look after siblings better than 30 yr old adults. My older sister could have. But, my parents would have never left the country and told her to take care of the others.

But obviously it would be ridiculous to blame the 14 yr old in this case.

"Yubuaru, You don't know what happened. I would wait for full police investigation report. People with mental depressioin uses poor judgment and sometimes reckless behavior."

I get tired of this line. She may have had mental problems but she was in charge of her faculties enough to buy a ticket, and get herself to Narita and board a plane. If she can do that, she can probably buy groceries and ask someone for help.

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Posted in: Aging Japan complains over the noise of children See in context

"“We were once told not to take the children for a walk” because they make too much noise, she said."

How sad. If people next to a day care center don't like the sound of kids going for a walk, they should be told to move.

I'm the opposite. The older I get the more I like to hear the sound of young, genki kids who still know how to have fun and like being alive.

Sad, morbid old people. But in a few years they'll be unable to look after themselves and be lying in an old folks home just wishing they could see some young kids faces.

Miserable old sods.

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

This is really hard to understand. If my wife didn't think she'd could get money from the city office and had not a friend or relative left in the world, I'm sured she'd seek help from a church, temple, crazy religious group, or even get a job as a stripper before she'd let her daughter starve to death.

Really, there's no reason why anyone needs to starve to death in Japan. Maybe they need to start teaching survival methods in schools.

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Posted in: Two students found safe after spending night lost on Shiga mountain See in context

This is great news that they were found. Great when a story ends well.

No doubt, hiking trips will be better supervised. Surprising that it took so long to find them, but there are often multiple tracks, and one mistake can mean that they were just getting further away.

Now maybe kids will know why teachers are so strict and make so many rules - well most of them who don't lose kids anyway.

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Posted in: Court invalidates Y4.8 mil bill after teen takes dad's credit card on tour of hostess clubs See in context

And you thought you were daring for stealing the milk money!

What a great story. At least nobody was killed. The father should have to pay something, the clubs should all be fined for not checking the boys ID etc, and the boy should have to clean up outside the clubs or at an old folks home everyday this summer.

And someone should give the poor mother a tissue, and some counseling about how to face the neighborhood mothers and the PTA!

Someone will probably make a movie out of this.

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Posted in: In memory of WWII victims See in context

There is no need for political or anti-Japanese comments regarding this photo and went on here.

It is what it is. If people bash Abe and Japanese over this, it will lead them to think that no matter what they do they will be attacked and criticized.

I have no problem with Abe attending this ceremony in his position as Prime Minister. Many of those in attendance lost loved ones who were not guilty of anything.

Lest we forget.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

He's basically just publicly epousing the rightwing old lines.

And lots of Japanese will come to like him, because they WANT to believe that Japan was only as bad as other countries during WW2.

There is a incredible lack of knowledge about WW2 in Japan. The majority of Japanese I have met over 20 years (admittedly they aren't the English speaking types but the average Taro) think that there was a war, that war is bad, that Japanese did bad things like other countries, but that because they lost they had to put up with the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal which was unfair.

Hashimoto holds the same opinion as the uyokusha and lots of LDP people, and then lots of other people who just don't know anything, but know all about Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

The only good thing about this is that western people will finally find out Japanese attitudes to WW2. Most of them have no idea. Until they visit yasukuni and read the stuff in the museum.

And hashimoto is picking the right time because the public is fed up with China and the two Koreas.

What people should really be asking is - what exactly is this guy's job description? Is he the foreign affairs minister, or the PM or a history professor?

He seems to have a lot of time for giving impromptu history lessons.

Given that he is bashing the US and other countries, I suggest the US withdraw all troops and let Japan to themselves. Hashimoto and Ishihara probably won't be so tough without being able to shout insults behind their big brothers backs.

But I would never allow my kids to be drafted here as Japanese soldiers to be sent to die because of a loudmouth like him. If this guy becomes PM, I'll be buying some plane tickets.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologizes to Muslim world for gaffe See in context

"Tokyo Gov Naoki Inose on Tuesday apologized to the Muslim world after saying Islamic countries have nothing in common but Allah and “fighting with each other.”"

How could be have possibly said such a crazy thing? How inept!

He forgot to mention oppression of civil rights, anti-semitism, beating up people of other religions, and blowing people up all over the world.

He needs to think before he speaks!

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

Interesting that the ones saying that 14yr old girls don't know what they're doing are women, but the ones adamant that a 14yr old girl knows what she's doing are men.

I think the women probably have the better idea. And they no doubt realize that when this girl gets to be the age of her customer she will totally regret what she did. Pathetic that this guy only regrets that he got caught and will probably still not think he did the wrong thing at double his age.

As for the comment about buying and advertising... if there were no willing customers, there'd be no exploitation.

Simple, the guy is a rat. What man at that age could pay a girl that age for sex and then have any respect for himself if and when he has a 14yr old daughter of his own.

All we can say about the girl, is that 99% of 14yr olds DO have enough sense to not do what she did. At least I hope it's 99.

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Posted in: Modern etiquette: Wedding dilemmas in the 21st century See in context

I used to think that the Japanese way of a standard gift of 30,000 yen or whatever it is now was crass. But it sure simplifies things. And if you don't like it you can always just not go.

And you don't have to worry about complaints of spouses rich relatives who drank up big and just gave a cheap useless present.

But the main thing is to have a wonderful day and live happily ever after. Should be easy right?

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Posted in: 14-month-old boy dies after being hit by garbage truck See in context

This incident and the comments below it would make a good child safety lesson.

First let me say that the parents don't need to be punished - neither does the driver probably. I'm sure all are sad beyond words right now.

But -yes, this accident didn't need to happen.

@Yurie Yoshida. Your thinking is exactly what leads to injuries and death.

You said that maybe the mother just went in to the house for 20 seconds and that would be okay. Well I would NEVER leave a 3yr old and a 1yr old on the street for 20 seconds.

Why? Because 20 seconds is all it needs for a car, or a weirdo, or heaven forbid - a garbage truck to turn the corner.

If I were baby-sitting someone's kids, I wouldn't let them out of my sight on a road. That's common sense, and it's why so many people are making the comments they are.

It's called imagining the worst case scenario. So if I had that age kids playing on a road I wouldn't be going anywhere because I'd be thinking that whether it's 20 minutes or 2 minutes or 20 seconds is immaterial. THe only thing that changes is probability.

And most child deaths sadly take place in those few minutes or seconds. It's not usually "my back was only turned for an hour", or I just left them in the bath for 30 minutes - it's "I only went to check on the stove..." Famous last words.

And no matter what you say about the driver - the parents weren't there.

He's my philosophy as a parent and I'll use your example. I'd rather have my kids alive, and put up with bringing them with me for 20 seconds to check the phone, or tell them to stand at the door for those 20 seconds, then to have my one year old die, and me to be blaming some garbage truck driver for the rest of my life, and having my 3yr old grow up always thinking - maybe if i did this or that my little brother would still be alive.

Please, until you realize the incredible danger of leaving a kid less than 2 on the road without your being there, don't have kids.

And now thanks to you, I have the perfect baby sitter selection test question. " Would it be negligent to leave the two kids on the road while I went to get my phone etc?"

If they answer like you, they wouldn't be looking after my kids.

Now, get angry with me, but I won't bother answering. But hopefully before you have kids or get a babysitting job you'll remember the poor little kid.

And yes, I'm another one who sees potential accidents almost everyday in Japan. People say it's tough because the roads are small and there aren't yards, and sidewalks etc. Exactly, that's why you have to be MORE careful with kids in Japan.

Don't worry - there are lots of Japanese women who think like you. I'm married to one, so I've had to teach road safety and child safety to her like I'm dealing with a 13yr old.

We have to start thinking!! There's always a bad driver or a new driver or someone who just for those incredibly important 10 seconds is distracted.

Let's look after our kids until they can look after themselves. Please.

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Posted in: Older women form 'Obachan' Party See in context

If the two on the right are obachan I think I'll definitely join the ochan supporters group.

But what will our responsibilities be....?

@Peter Payne. Good one. "Yet Another Party". Never a truer word...

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Posted in: Older women form 'Obachan' Party See in context

All we need is the ikemen party, the AKB48 party, and the Chikan Party.

I've never had a problem with obachans. I usually find them the best group of people in Japan. They are the most likely to give their seat up for a pregnant woman.

And I love the way when you offer them your seat they refuse the first two times then are so happy, and take the time to thank you when they get off the train.

But is it really a political party, or just as excuse to get together for lunch?

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Posted in: Tokyo store concierge service helps clueless men shop for girlfriends See in context

Mr Chibachick sounds like a lucky guy

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

Not sure which is sadder. Three unmarried siblings believing the staying with their mother's skeleton while she becomes a god, or three unmarried siblings being so hard up for money that they stay with their mother's skeleton to collect pension money.

Put it this way, living with my two unmarried sisters and my mother's skeleton is pretty much my idea of hell.

As much as these three sound completely weird, you have to wonder how they were brought up.

Maybe the mother bad brainwashed them? I love Japan. 90% of the people are completely normal and boring. But the other ten percent are off the planet crazy.

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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

This is ridiculous.

It's common decency for both men and women to leave a toilet just as clean, or preferable cleaner that it was before you used it. Actually, if I used a toilet (esp one that women also used) and it was dirty, I'd clean it for the next person. Have people no shame?

As for standing up or sitting down, that's nobody's business. Do cartwheels if you like, but common decency means you would keep a toilet clean. This woman has every right to be mad with her husband.

As for this silly problem about leaving the seat up or down - if women want the seat left down, why is that such a bid deal? Put the damn seat down.

And as for cleaning the toilet, I married a beautiful princess so I wouldn't want her doing that. Let me do the dirty work.

Come on guys, lift your game.

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Posted in: TEPCO accused of blocking probe into nuclear crisis See in context

FOr those who don't know who this guy is, read this and weep.


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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing her child to death in Saitama See in context

There needs to be a major public campaign and quick.

This is ridiculous

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Posted in: 2 U.S. firefighters shot dead, 2 wounded in arson 'trap' See in context

Just remember that guns don't kill people - people kill people. And that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

So can solve the problem.

Armed guards in every school, and every teacher and firefighter needs to have a loaded gun at all times.

And maybe doctors and nurses. And priests.

Okay - back to sanity. American, we have a problem!

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Posted in: Two women slashed on trains in Yokohama See in context

Obviously a silly question - but why do people do that?

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Posted in: What single women in their 40s want out of life See in context

Are there men looking to have a family who are willing to be more engaged with the effort? Sharing more in the household maintenance and upkeep. Looking after the kids?"

Enough with this outdated late 20th century feminist whining!

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

To me the result wasn't unbelievable at all. Those who are surprised about this don't know Japanese people.

So, if you were honestly surprised about this result, then maybe you should think twice the next time you proudly pontificate about what Japanese are thinking.

The result was totally as I expected.

I might add that I think the result is terrible unfortunate. But, it went the way I thought it would.

If you are a foreigner in Japan, I would be prepared for Japan to become increasingly right-wing and anti-foreigner. Because the economy is not going to get better. There will no doubt be another big earthquake somewhere in Japan in the next few years. LDP has no fresh good ideas about how to fix Japan. That should be obvious. But, the more Japan sinks, the one thing LDP and Isshin no Kai will be able to say that will resonate with the Japanese public is that the old days were better and Japan has to go back to it's roots.

Look at how Tepco was not held to account, and still isn't. Japan isn't fixing the fundamentals, and LDP getting in means there is no hope for that now. Japanese people have poor memories.

I suggest....if you want to know the way Japan will go - just keep watching Japanese TV. It's the best indicator.

The simplest way to influence people who don't think deeply is with TV. And TV still rules in Japan.

btw Yuri. I love Japan. Unlike you, I live in Japan and are raising my children as Japanese. I encourage them to sing kimigayo and wave the hinomaru, I send them to public school here. and I want them to love Japan.

And I wouldn't mind if they went to Yasukuni.

After the earthquake was the best time in since WW2 to change for the better. After harassing Kan, and this election, it should seem obvious to anyone that Japan has missed it's chance.

But, Japanese will can come back. Japanese are great people. They just deserve better leaders.

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Posted in: Japan's alienated youth overlooked in elections See in context

"“One main reason why we don’t vote is that we don’t have any information. We don’t know what they say at their meetings,” she said. “And when they do tell us, we don’t really grasp the meaning of what they say.”

If you're 20 years old and can't bother buying and reading a newspaper, and can't understand Japanese, then maybe you shouldn't vote.

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

"While mostly of my relatives were bayoneted and may have experienced terrible things and one of my grandmother was raped & got pregnant and my Japanese uncle is still with us. We have forgotten those things already and I never heard anything bad against towards the Japanese people from my family."

I would say that your family is exceptionally forgiving. If a Chinese said the same thing, there would be many rightwingers who would accuse you of lying.

If North Korean invaded tomorrow and did the same thing to Japanese families, do you think they would just forget it, say that in war stuff happens, and never criticize North Koreans?

Like I said, you have an amazing family. I hope you realize it.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

I'm no engineer so maybe someone can correct me. Shouldn't those bolts be actually replaced every so often? Is that routinely done?

It probably should be obvious that things don't stay up forever, so let's hope bridges and tunnels etc around the world are being reinforced or replaced regularly.

My guess is that probably many times the bolts and concretes were checked by someone with little experience. Probably someone was shown a few times how to check them and then they were on their own. And probably most people had a look, hit a few times with a hammer and thought "sounds ok. This one's sounds a little different ...nah, ok, It's getting late".

Water seepage and regular earthquakes probably aren't great for steel bolts.

Hope the subways in Tokyo are looked after a little better.

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Posted in: Are you proud of being whatever your nationality is, or don't you think about it one way or another? See in context

The older I get the less proud I am. But, I'm not especially proud of that either. I want my kids to be able to be proud to be Japanese though. So how's that for weird.

I probably have a stronger identity as an English speaking westerner, if that makes any sense.

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Posted in: TEPCO admits to shady hiring practices at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

"but it will be extremely time-consuming,” Hirose said. “It’s a difficult task we cannot do on our own. It will take heavy-duty work. It involves history and business ties, and could even hurt the industry.”

Wait, wait wait Mr Hirose!!!!!!

You just admitted to shady hiring practices. And you're the boss. Fix it! And if you can't resign.

It involves history? Okay, give us a history lesson. The company that had time and money to buy up real estate and go on junkets, and entertain and throw money at academics and media ---you never had time to ensure the safety of workers at a nuclear power plant? And still don't??

and "business ties"??

Fess up. Which businesses, and who did the tying???!??!?!

Forgive me, but there needs to be a royal commission, or a congressional hearing or whatever they have here. If that's too hard, how about a kangaroo court and a firing squad.

These guys at the top of Tepco were the scum of the earth.

Just get ONE man in charge of hiring and make it his responsibility to make sure every gets paid and documented and well looked after. The men working there should be on big bucks and great conditions. Whatever happened to danger money?

Typical Japanese businessman. Rotten to the cure but blames ....well...Mr Nobody. In this country it's always Mr Nobody, or Mr Everybody.


As for politicians, this all started decades ago in the LDP years. But looking at the present, I call on Noda to just take over. Tepco has just admitted that they are UNABLE to take responsibility for people who work at the plant.

They are inept and corrupt.

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

What happened during the Cultural Revolution, or is happening now in Tibet, has nothing to do with Nanking.

Nanking is Nanking. Rightwingers in Japan need to stop talking about other things and just simply admit that terrible things happened in Nanking.

As for this lady and her motives, if any of you experienced what she did, I doubt you'd simply just forget it - even after 75 years. And if the country whose soldiers did it said nothing happened, I'd say you be pretty upset too.

Japan has nothing to gain from denying the atrocities at Nanking. Nothing.

As for other countries - yes most countries have things to be ashamed of. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that people of your nationality did terrible things in the past. You can still acknowledge that and be a patriot.

Most sensible people understand that.

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