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Posted in: All tsunami warnings lifted after M7.3 quake hits northeast Japan See in context

"Maybe after 3/11 a 'mere' lower 5 is no great shakes."

Yeah, I think that's the thing. Most of us probably will be using 3/11 as a reference point.

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

Advice to Jguys. Find this girl's phone number, borrow a car or pay for a taxi ride around the block and have some fun. Then when you're ready to settle down, find yourself a nice sensible girl who likes trains and live happily every after.

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Posted in: According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012. In case it is true, how are you planning to spend the day? See in context

I will be in my bunker sending my last few dollars to a tele-evangelist who promised to send me a manual on how to survive and trying to drown out the cries of you fools who didn't listen. He got it wrong a few times before, but he really knows this time. God told him...

Or maybe, I'll just go the gym, have dinner and some wine, and try to seduce my wife.

Decision decisions.

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Posted in: Drink up: Beer has anti-virus powers, study finds See in context

Always works for me

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Posted in: Japan issues order to shoot down N Korean rocket See in context

"Missile launch - JSDF detects it - notifiy Defense Agency - notify cabinet and Prime Minister - they issue order - relay it to JSDF - SORRY MISSILE JUST LANDED IN TOKYO.

Hope the chain of command has improve since then or else...."

In one of those links, someone will probably send a fax. Which will be found a few days later.

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