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What's an honest man to do? When I hear lefties rip rightists I agree, and when I hear righties rip lefties I also agree! Both sides of the political class are complete hypocrites.

Right wingers want government to be a father-figure, left wingers want it to be a mommy. When will you fools realize that government is good for only three things: robbery, enslavement, and murder? It's a big club, and you ain't in it. Read Rothbard.

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So interesting to see how peoples of different ideologies can see the same event and reach totally opposite conclusions about it. Here and most other msm news sites show it as an obvious embarrassment. Go check Drudge, and you'll read about how he kicked the media's butts.

If you are on the msm side of things, disparage sites like Drudge all you like, but the readers there are just as sincere as you, and convinced that their opponents are either evil or stupid, as you probably are.

The question is: how is the country going to resolve the growing differences between right and left without bloodshed? I don't think trying to ram one's policies down the unwilling throats of people of different cultures every eight years (and being the victims of the same for the other eight) is going to end well.

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"Placing Vladimir Putin and the United States on a moral par is ridiculous."

That's right. Putin never dropped atomic weapons on cities full of innocent civilians, killed 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions and become a beloved icon on the Left while doing it, destroyed jungles with Agent Orange, etc., etc.

What an amateur!

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Ban guns and no more mass shootings. Ban pot, cocaine, heroin, etc. and no more recreational drug use. If government is so powerful that it can end social problems simply by outlawing them, why not just ban mass shootings?

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