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Posted in: 5 fun facts about the flag of Japan See in context

"Five fun facts"??? What are the non-fun facts if these are considered "fun"?

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Posted in: S Korean boy band BIGBANG rocks in Japan See in context

Japan: always a good place to judge what music is popular, if not particularly of much substance.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's 'traitor' uncle executed: KCNA See in context

Typical event in a horrible state: evil man orders the killing of an equally evil person.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea hold joint sea drill in China air zone See in context

"The two Asian democracies have refused to recognize the Chinese zone, as has the United States." So why did Yonhap report that Seoul had told civil carriers to abide by the PRC's ADIZ rules?

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Posted in: Pop singer Miley Cyrus named MTV's best artist of 2013 See in context

Let's remember, this was from MTV, a showcase for the inane and puerile.

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Posted in: S Korea, Mexico and New Jersey ditched from F1 program; Austria, Russia added See in context

Hardly a surprise about SK being dumped. I attended twice but very disappointed; the course is miles from anywhere, faces dreadful weather in the early autumn, and the catering largely amounted to spicy street food (hardly what the F1 ticket holders are looking for).

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Posted in: Saitama couple use kids to steal from electronics store See in context

Let the usual comments about Saitama commence

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Posted in: Since when was Halloween so popular in Japan? See in context

Hear hear Harvey. Same story where I live.

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Posted in: China makes splash in pool; Japan wins karate gold at East Asian Games See in context

"South Korea 4-2 to win the baseball competition". Strange that I didn't see this on the Yonhap website.

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Posted in: China casts doubt on reports of Abe-Xi handshake See in context

So the PRC is denying a simple show of politeness. Says a lot.

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Posted in: K-pop star Rain to sing in Japan in first gig since military service See in context

Probably his management told him to re-start his entertainment career in Japan after his image took a battering in Korea for violations of armed service rules; pretty petty stuff but as the article says, military service is taking seriously in Korea.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' becomes YouTube's most watched video See in context

It's official, youtube say so, the World is dumb!

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' second most-viewed YouTube video after Justin Bieber See in context

Why all the hype for a Korean song that clearly Japanese people don't give a toss about?

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Posted in: Best dressed eyes See in context

I heard next year there will be an Urban Planning for Nomads Awards ceremony.

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Posted in: Japanese high school pitcher Otani opts for MLB See in context

Good luck to him!!

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Posted in: SDF show their playful side: Moe-style attack helicopter wows crowds See in context

Not just the Japanese, but the South Koreans, and Chinese too, use these cutesy characters to create a more likeable image amongst the young (and impressionable otaku) toward the police, fire service, miltary branches, etc.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

I live in Korea (and spent 3 years living in the district of Gangnam -basically Kabukicho + Harajuku but with less chartacter) and tired of saturation coverage of this new Korean hero. Perhaps the Japanese (for all their own awful modern pop outpourings) are right to not tow the line dictated by youtube rankings and online downloads.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context


Japanese resentment is also a big factor. Whenever the Koreans have success, the Japanese cringe, not just the nationalist ones, but the society as a whole.

So why are K-Pop and K-Dramas so popular in Japan?

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Posted in: Chinese writer Mo Yan wins Nobel literature prize See in context

Probably. His work is about the past not the present, and often in the 1947 period.

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Posted in: China faces tough road in qualifying for Asian Cup See in context

"China was drawn into Group C with the Saudis, Iraq and Indonesia." It's like an Amnesty International dossier.

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Posted in: Japan won't prosecute Chinese diplomat over espionage See in context

@ CrazyJoe

It tells you how weak the Noda government is.

This has nothing to do about Noda. The prosecutors, not the Cabinet or Foreign Ministry, dropped any possible case in the realization that the alleged crimes, while recognized and galling, could not be prosecuted due to the official's diplomatic immunity.

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Posted in: Romney says his 'heart aches' for jobless See in context

Of course, his heart aches for the jobless; if they don't have any cash how can Romney and his cronies fleece them?

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Posted in: Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election See in context

Well, if I had a vote in Japan, before today I was 90% sure I would have voted for Noda. After this it's hit 100%

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Posted in: Japan withdraws from rugby sevens tournament in China See in context

Sad but probably not a good idea to be a travelling Blossoms fan in China at the moment.

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Posted in: Chinese students protest at Japan's embassy in Seoul See in context

@Ch1nSailor Me thinks you didn't see one water bottle being thrown, lest the K-Cops (Real Police, not to be in any way confused with J-Cops. or J-Oops) would be arresting somebody, none of this, "Don't do that again, or I'll tell your mom!"

Have you been to Korea? I live here and the cops here are as much a joke as their Japanese counterparts. Just check out the Korean news sites but a catalogue of scandal and outright buffoonery. Sure they can act tough when encased in riot armour and there smacking around students or farmers.

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Posted in: Sequel planned to pioneer 'Korean Wave' TV show See in context

Well, that'll appease the old folk.

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Posted in: Chaos See in context

@SmithinJapan "Unlike Japan, they actually apologized, and continue to do so, and..."

I keep hearing comments from Chinese (admittedly translated) and Korean protesters (whom I can understand) and I keep hearing things let we can NEVER forgive, we can NEVER forget, et al ad infinitum. To people who seem to confuse demonstrating with looting, would any kind of apology honestly make a difference and bring the region the stability it has rarely had in the past?

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Posted in: Aya Ueto, HIRO announce marriage See in context


Takes a lot of confidence to get married on your birthday especially if you're a celebrity.


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Posted in: Noda says China must protect Japanese citizens, companies as protests resume See in context

Is anyone in China actually calling for calm?

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

Regarding attacks on Korean tourists, I live in korea and have heard none of this on KBS or Yonhap News.

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