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Posted in: S Korea regains old embassy in Washington; snipes at Japan See in context

@Ossan America Hope the South Koreans are mature, smart anddignified enough to use this building to instill pride in themselves, not throw hatred towards Japan. This isn't a building in SKorea it;s in the United States.

A nice thought but.... Nationalism is based upon many varied basis; blood-links, arrogance over one group's perceived superiority, etc. Living in Korea, a lot of the nationalism being drilled in to the populace is to reinforce a 'martyr-syndrome', with all the problems being someone else's fault, primarily the Japanese, and most heroes coming from those who fought against them; I Sun-Sin, Gwon Yul, Gwak Jae-U, through to An Jung-Geun, Gim Gu, and An Chang-Ho. Indeed so much in Korean historiography (admittedly, not just Korean) and thus national pride, is based upon the fear and hatred of the other.

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Posted in: Out of control See in context

Maybe it's just me, but looks like the cop is telling him to get back in the demonstration....

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Posted in: Thousands of Chinese protesters besiege Japanese embassy See in context

@Darren Brannan "

Japan earned the hate, but having said that, the Chinese need look no further than the number of Chinese killed in the war between the Communists and the people's army, which gave Japan an early footing, and then the Chinese killed during Mao and the Gang of four's heyday. Tianenmen Square also happened. The Laobaixing are easily mobilised, when the Chinese govt want them to be. They suffered most before the Japanese even set foot in China."

Just on a historical note, Japan had sizeable toeholds in China (including Taiwan) from the 1890s, long before the 1911 Republic and the outbreak of the Guomindang-CCP conflict.

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Posted in: Water restrictions go into effect in Kanto region See in context

Save water by washing the dishes at the same time as you shower. Or use paper plates.

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Posted in: Tanigaki withdraws from LDP leadership race See in context

Hurray! Just desserts for the most negative figure in Japanese politics (and that's quite an achievement).

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Posted in: Sister act See in context

Wonder how long it will be before they face the wrath of some mad imam.....

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Posted in: British band One Direction tops MTV video awards See in context

I'm clearly getting old; I have no idea who half these acts are, and I can't name a song from half of the ones I have have heard of.

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Posted in: Yuka, Kusakari, Eikura, Kiritani winners of The Best of Beauty 2012 See in context

TokyoGasSep. 08, 2012 - 10:01AM JST

Looks like the woman in white is wearing a bath towel from a semi-quality hotel.

Indeed, looks ridiculous. Take it off!!

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Posted in: Best gamers in Asia prepare for grand finals of Asia e-Sports Cup 2012 See in context

Why is there no Korean participation? They didn't qualify, or threw a tantrum and boycotted the event?

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Posted in: Japan to play Romania, Georgia in rugby See in context

Smacking around Korea and the ex-pats of Hong Kong in the A5N is all-well-and-good, but Japan seriously needs to get some players out of the Japnese league and into foreign leagues to get experience in different styles of play; foreign coaches alone are never going to bring the blossoms success. The problem is getting players enough skill to create a big enough profile to tempt foreign clubs.

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Posted in: ANA invites passengers to submit designs for aircraft body See in context

Just a big Rising sun on the tail-fin and emblazioned down the sides of the fuselage 'Takeshima is our land' in Japanese and Korean.

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Posted in: Machimura to challenge Tanigaki for LDP leadership See in context

Personally don't think it matters who wins any jiminto election, but just glad to think that it's not just outsiders who think Tanigaki is a pointless anti-anything leader without any ability to offer anything.

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Posted in: Tokyo city officials survey disputed islands See in context

Actually, it is very well disputable. Or if not, Dokdo, where the Koreans make the same argument, is Korean land and also not disputable. Question is, why weren't these people arrested?

Is it because they didn't land? Just guessing.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context

@couversaka This is what happens when citizens are disarmed. Even one legally-armed civilian with a pistol could have put a swift end to this murderous rampage.**

Great idea, guns in bars and nightclubs just in case trouble breaks out, especially since all legal gun-holders know what's to be done in this kind of situation. When even our trained professionals screw-up with firearms, I believe the last thing we need are vigilantes.

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Posted in: Tokyo city officials survey disputed islands See in context

I think Alex's point is not questioning the donations (raised to by the islands), but that it would be just interesting to check if this survey didn't involve any public money. Always good to keep an eye on how public funds are utilized.

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Posted in: Mysterious cluster of lights spotted above Osaka on Aug 30 causes UFO buzz See in context

A UFO? yes, until it's identified. Alien? Probably not, doubt they'd come all this to show that they've copied standard navigational lights.

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Posted in: Japan, Nigeria advance at women's under-20 World Cup See in context

This story got about 10 seconds of coverage on KBS.

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Posted in: Upper house passes censure motion against Noda by 129 to 91 votes See in context

I just hope the voters wake up and vote against Tanigaki and his childish legion of political aparatchiks, and give his anti-anything policy just what it deserves.

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Posted in: Gov't turns down Tokyo request to send survey team to disputed islands See in context

@Probie; 'Wait wait wait. IF these islands are still privately owned, and the owners have no problem with Ishihara going there, why does the government have a say? They're privately owned, right?'

Privately owned but they are leased to the central government.

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Posted in: Opposition preparing to file censure motion against Noda See in context

Does Tanigaki have any policies other than censure motions? It seems that his whole raison d'etre is to be an obstacle. An election is coming, in October or November, so can he just wait, assist in the passing of bills he has claimed he would support, and just act with dignity at a time Japan needs some kind of leadership. At least we can get an impression of what his term in office will be like.

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Posted in: China tough against Tokyo but reins in activism See in context

Years of PRC government rhetoric and public opinion manipulation coming back to bit them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening TEPCO employees with sword See in context

So, just to clarify, was it a sword or an umbrella?

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Posted in: Showing what they can do See in context

There's a lot of folks out there who like to slate the SDF, but usually it seems to come from those who wouldn't put on the uniform for their own country. I respect anyone who voluntarily chooses a career path that involves doing all the dirty work in disaster situations at home and abroad.

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Posted in: Korean man assaulted by extremists for protesting Japanese war crimes See in context

I am certainly not condoining the racist attack on him, but I get a terrible feeling that he held his protest in the hope that he would create this kind of incident =).

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Posted in: Japan to ask international court to settle S Korea isle dispute See in context

I would like to see SK and Japan at the ICJ so both sides can present evidence of their respective claims not just dodgy maps and rhetoric. I would also like to see both nations peacefully accept any ICJ decision. However, if the ICJ ruled in favour of Japan, do you think any Seoul government would simply agree and vacate the lumps that make up Deokdo? It would be political suicide and domestic factors in Korea (as well as elsewhere) are the major factor.

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Posted in: S Korea urges 2 Japanese ministers to scrap Yasukuni visit See in context

Just an idea;

Japan agreed to give a full cherries-on-top apology, gives fair compensation to former-sex slaves, and gives Korea the lumps known as Dokdo, but asks for the 1965 normalization treaty to be nullified and all the cash and soft-loans (and all the profits which were accumulated from such funds) to be returned.

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Posted in: Bitter memories, current rivalries straining Japan's ties with China, South Korea See in context

Sir_EdgarAug. 15, 2012 - 11:23AM JST

"Well, the peoples of these two countries each have 5,000 and 10,000 years of history and civilization, respectively. This is longer and richer than Japan's with only 2,000 years of history. That these countries suffered humiliation to the "upstart Western copycat" Japan is a dagger in the heart to their pride. You just can't compare Africa with Korea and China."

Can you please define "history"? Clearly you are accepting Shang, Jeulmun, etc, but ignoring the Jomon.

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Posted in: Bitter memories, current rivalries straining Japan's ties with China, South Korea See in context

Memory is important (and Japanese forces did horrendous things throughout Asia) but I have the daily misfortune of watching Korean TV; it swings between the utterly puerile (more so than anything one may see on Japanese TV) to nationalist clap-trap to the pure and simple racist; foreign teachers are often chiuld abusers or have HIV, many Chinese residents are part of a cannibal ring, and Japanese are..... (I need not continue, just watch MBC). Even Arirang, the English-language channel, is something Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of.

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Posted in: Lee says emperor would have to apologize if he wishes to visit S Korea See in context

Lee is in the last few months of his failed term as president. Riddled with scandal, and even his own party distancing themselves from him, he needs a legacy other than growing societal differentials, some of the lowest 'happiness' rankings in the OECD, and a state only benefitting the likes of Samsung; BINGO!! just before the last Liberation Day of his presidency he just happens to visit Dokdo, and will be forever noted as the first SK president to do so.

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Posted in: S Koreans back soccer player over banner See in context

@funkymofo "virtually ensured they would never host the Olympics again" Not quite, Pyeonghang has the 2018 Winter Olympics

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