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Posted in: What is hell? Book stirs debate about afterlife See in context

Book stirs debate about afterlife

And will more than likely stir a LOT of debate on JT. To each his own.

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Posted in: Fukushima No. 3 reactor's container feared damaged See in context

And now there is white smoke coming from the No. 3 reactor. I really hope something can be done to stop all of this.

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Posted in: Nissin donates 1 million packs of noodles for quake victims See in context

Nissin is doing what is only natural in a time of crisis. I saw on TV today that supermarkets are still charging people for goods. They should be handing them out, then charging the government for them. People should not be expected to use their own money in a time like this.

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Posted in: Kan calls quake worst crisis since World War II; OKs power outages See in context


So (just want to clarify) they are only doing the blackouts in Kanto? Not Kansai, hokkaido, kyushu etc?

Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Kansai are not part of TEPCO. That's why there will be no blackouts in those areas.

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Posted in: New Zealand earthquake toll at 145 dead See in context

The King’s Education language school released a list of missing people presumed in the building: nine teachers and 51 students—26 Japanese

And NHK is reporting no other news than this. It seems that Japanese (state) media have no concern for people of other countries, especially those of native (NZ) citizenship. Shame on NHK and other TV stations that are reporting on nothing other than the Japanese victims.

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Posted in: Protesters hit by hail of gunfire in Libya; U.S. freezes Gadhafi assets See in context


he's paying his "supporters" and bringing in militiamen from other countries. They don't feel bad about killing civilians, as they are not their countrymen.

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Posted in: Wisconsin Assembly passes bill taking away union rights See in context

Unions are the reason that wages in the US are as high as they are today. Without unions fighting for the rights of workers and higher wages in the past, the US would still be a third-world country.

Republicans are crying "class warfare", but are really wanting to create a country of the "haves" and "have-nots". The rich will continue to get richer, while the common man will become the equivalent of a slave. Talking about stoking class warfare -- the Repubs are masters of it.

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Posted in: Gadhafi forces, foreign mercenaries strike back at revolt near Tripoli See in context

Libya -- North Korea with oil.

This nut is no better than Kim Jong Il. Check it out on the net.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi gets $34 million incentive for Memphis factory See in context

And what happens to this factory when a big earthquake hits the New Madrid fault system? Some say that when it happens, downtown Memphis will slide into the Mississippi River.

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Posted in: Extra insurance advisable for leisure activities See in context

How can liability insurance have a cap on it? If the medical treatment for injuries caused by the policyholder come to more than that amount, who pays? Getting said policyholder to pay would probably take years in court with millions (in yen) in attorney fees.

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Posted in: Pandamonium See in context

Do the target customers have an average age of 5?

No, just people with the intelligence of a five-year-old.

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Posted in: Obama to make state visit to Britain in May; stay at Buckingham Palace See in context

My invitation for a state vist should be arriving any day now.....

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Posted in: Tokyo's catnap culture See in context

This is not unique to Tokyo.

Here in Kyushu, it is not unusual to see truck drivers with their feet up in the dashboard taking a nap during the day, or the roving salesman in his kei car with his seat fully reclined and sawing off a few logs. Even school teachers will put their heads down on the desks for half an hour or so.

Japanese people always talk about how hard they work, but an article like this and my experience lead me to think otherwise.

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Posted in: Obama calls for $53 bil for high-speed rail See in context

SolidariTea at 07:39 AM JST - 9th February

America has nowhere near the population density that would make this viable

It doesn't have to stop at every little Mayberry between to population centers.

Take a Chicago-St. Louis route, for example. It could basically follow the route of Interstate 55 and stop in Springfield (capital of Illinois) on the way. High-speed rail is meant to cover vast distances in minimal time, not be the local JR line.

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Posted in: Korean Air to launch A380 flights to Tokyo, Hong Kong See in context

Korean Air’s Business Class, called Prestige Class, will have 94 full-flat sleepers with 188cm (74 inches) between seats

Is this really necessary between Tokyo and Seoul? It's what, a 2-hour flight?

Perks like these are great for long-haul flights, but a little too much for hopping over the Sea of Japan, I believe.

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Posted in: Toyota's quarterly profit slides 39% as strong yen bites See in context

Blaming it on the strong yen (weak dollar)? How long has the dollar been weak? Can't a "global" company like Toyota figure that in to their corporate planning? Just sounds like more whining to me.

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Posted in: Thieves in Malaysia steal $1.5 mil worth of condoms from Japanese company See in context

The thieves were merely trying to help Japan's falling birthrate. If those condoms had reached Japan, God only knows how many children would have been prevented from being conceived.

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Posted in: Kan, referring to Japan's debt rating cut, says fiscal discipline vital See in context

‘‘When serving as finance minister, I was reminded of how important fiscal discipline and government bonds are,’’ Kan said in a parliament session

And that all went out the window when I became prime minister.

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Posted in: Challenger: 25 years later, a still painful wound See in context

I remember well where I was when Challenger exploded. I was sitting in my 4th grade classroom when the PE teacher came in. When my teacher asked her about the space shuttle (because of McAuliffe), she just started crying and said, "It blew up."

It's sad that things like this happen, but many lessons have been learned because of this tragedy. Humans are not perfect, and there will be mistakes in judgement and technology. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to go further, explore more places.

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Posted in: Marauding monkey captured after daring cage break See in context

It really makes me wonder who is the monkey here -- I vote for the ones who can't keep Lucky under wraps.

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Posted in: How to not make a fool of yourself at a Japanese wedding See in context

Ever heard of Google? One should research these things (or at least ask someone) before making a fool of oneself. This is a waste of space.

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Posted in: How much would you take not to fly? Delta wants to know See in context

I'm not saying that I believe they are worth the same. I'm saying that I would be more inclined to use the cash than the voucher.

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Posted in: How much would you take not to fly? Delta wants to know See in context

I wish they would do away with the vouchers, and just hand out cold, hard CASH. If I had 5 smackers in my hand, I'd probably be more willing to wait for the next flight.

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Posted in: Palin explains 'blood libel' comment See in context

I hope she runs for President and actually captures the Republican (tea party) nomination. The Democrats will have a field day with her.

The more she opens her mouth, the deeper the hole gets.

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Posted in: KDDI enlists Korean stars for Smartphone campaign See in context

Pretty sad when Japanese aren't turned on by their own.

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Posted in: McDonald's starts home delivery from one outlet on trial basis See in context

I believe McDonald's has been doing this for a while in South Korea. Why is Japan lagging behind?

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Posted in: How bad do you think the tension on the Korean Peninsula is going to get? See in context

Some experts are saying that SK is just looking for an excuse for a military strike against NK because of their lack of retaliation over the Cheonan and Yeongpyong incidents. If this is the case, it could turn into an all-out war.

I'll have to wait and see if any good comes of Gov. Richardson's trip to Pyongyang before speculating on how bad the tensions will get.

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Posted in: Airline wars: The battle for overhead bins See in context

It is definitely a US problem. With the outrageous fees for checking even one bag, everyone is taking everything on the plane with them. It is really a problem on the smaller regional jets. The overhead bins are full before even half the passengers board the plane. From my experience, this is one real cause of flights being delayed backing away from the gate.

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Posted in: Storm socks U.S. Midwest, canceling flights, closing roads See in context

I'm glad I'm not going home for Christmas this year. Flying through Chicago is bad enough in good weather, let alone a snowstorm.

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Posted in: Bright and early See in context

So much for Japan being "eco" all the time. How much electricity are they wasting lighting up this temple? And to what end? A few oohs and ahhs?

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