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Posted in: St Louis tops list of most dangerous U.S. cities See in context

I, personally, really like St. Louis. Granted, there are some areas of the city where you absolutely DON'T go to, but if you keep your wits about you, it is a very nice city.

I think this report is a little flawed. The most dangerous city is definitely across the river, in East St. Louis. Do a search, and you will see why.

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Posted in: With staid Japan as host, no silly shirts for APEC leaders See in context

Have you ever actually worn a men's Kimono with Hakama?

As a matter of fact, I have. Putting it on takes a little time, but taking it off is quite fast.

I was not Japan-bashing, just making a sarcastic comment. Talk about hypersensitive!

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Posted in: With staid Japan as host, no silly shirts for APEC leaders See in context

the “silly shirts” photo, often representing the host country’s culture

ergo... Japan has no culture?

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Posted in: China Airlines launches new Tokyo services See in context


China Airlines is Taiwanese-owned, based in Taipei. Nothing to do with the China problem here.

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Posted in: U.S. states weigh letting non-citizens vote See in context

theFu said:

t isn't about the money, rather it is about the common knowledge of history, government, language

I was with you until the language comment. There is no official language in the US. Because white people of European descent have run the country for over 200 years, people assume the "official language" of the US is English, but there is no official language.

Please know your history before making such comments.

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just looked and the yen was 80.99 -- looks like tomorrow will be even better!

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Posted in: Kan says freeing Chinese Nobel winner 'desirable' See in context

Between releasing the Chinese captain and this comment, I have absolutely NO trust in Kan the clown protecting Japan and its interests.

Any world leader should have the cajones to tell China exactly what it thinks... China thinks it's the big boy in the room, when actually, they depend on the rest of the world for their GDP.

If the world were to ignore China and return business to their own countries, there would be another "Great Leap Forward" mess in China.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim, heir-apparent son appear on live TV See in context

@geronimo206 --

Along with inheriting NK it looks like the heir-apparent son has also inherited his Dad's hair style, pudgy figure, his really poor sense of fashion in clothing and maybe even the sunglasses too.

You obviously haven't seen his grandfather, Kim il Sung... he is the spitting image of him. Rumors have it that he had plastic surgery to look like his grandfather.

In NK, it is believed that if the leader of the country has a "pudgy figure", it is good for the country.

Before making statements like that, try reading Google news first.

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Posted in: Iran claims computer worm is Western plot See in context

The malicious computer code...has also emerged in India, Indonesia and the U.S.


Iran claims computer worm is Western plot

It sounds like Iran's paranoia level is reaching that of North Korea. Anything that happens there is automatically the fault of the US and the West.

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Posted in: 20 kidnapped in Acapulco; shootout leaves 14 dead in Durango See in context

My grandfather owns a house overlooking the river between the US and Mexico. I've never heard of anything happening near where he lives. But he does say that you must be careful about what taxis you take, as you might be kidnapped -- he has a dedicated taxi driver for when he and his wife journey into Mexico.

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Posted in: Who wants to work abroad? Almost no-one See in context


Yes, there are some nice places, but there are also places where people really don't want to be placed.

A major Japanese company has a couple of factories in and near my hometown (5000 people), so there are a few hundred Japanese in the area. When I worked for that company, I became friends with several of the transplants. Some of them were happy to be in the middle of nowhere, but many told me that they wanted to return to Japan.

I can understand the feelings of those who don't want to go, or once they are there want to come back. I would not want to be placed in a job 100 miles from the nearest city, with absolutely NOTHING to do in my spare time.

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Posted in: Newest iPods get it right, as expected See in context

Interesting how the prices are quoted in dollars. With the current exchange rate, we should be paying MUCH less than that here in Japan, but someone in the middle is making a lot of money.

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Posted in: Holocaust denier tours Nazi sites in Poland See in context

I don't agree with what he thinks or says, but....

So much for the idea of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECH... one can say what one believes without fear of prosecution.

It's obvious that some European countries are far behind the times.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

For those of you screaming back and forth at each other -- who the hell cares if paris hilton was denied access to Japan? It's NOT news.

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Posted in: The gang's all here See in context

Isn't this photo usually taken at the Imperial Palace? That's what I was told on the tour...

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Posted in: Japan fattens textbooks to reverse sliding rank See in context

It's not the number of pages, but the quality of material that counts.

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Posted in: U.S. judge: Military's ban on gays is unconstitutional See in context

The fact that this lawsuit was brought by the Log Cabin Republicans is a very BIG factor in this decision. I had a good friend in this group, and always asked how he could be gay AND a Republican. It seemed to be a conflict of interest to me.

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Posted in: Air France begins A380 Flights between Paris and Tokyo See in context

I would hate to arrive at Narita at the same time as this monster -- just getting through immigration would be a nightmare due to the mass volume of people. Has Narita expanded their immigration lines for this? Probably not.

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Posted in: Carter leaves N Korea with freed American See in context

News flash - Carter and Gomes are on their way home from Pyongyang right now.

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Posted in: Carter arrives in North Korea to bring home American See in context

With Carter's history of relations with NK, he stands a good chance of bringing Gomes home. Good luck Mr. Carter!

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Posted in: Marines find 72 bodies in northern Mexico See in context

Welcome to Mexico!

We have beautiful beaches, cheap prices, and plenty of death squads!

Why not just blow up the whole country and start over?

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Posted in: Garuda Indonesia to launch Jakarta-Tokyo flights See in context

rainman1 - don't forget the crash in Fukuoka where they left the plane just past the end of the runway for a long time, claiming they didn't have the money to clean it up.

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Posted in: Garuda Indonesia to launch Jakarta-Tokyo flights See in context

Well, since the flights begin on Aug. 31 and Haneda's international terminal doesn't open until October, I would guess that it's "the inconvenient one".

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Posted in: Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated See in context

Freedom of religion is a good thing - as long as it's your religion.

It's amazing how many Americans will twist the Constitution to fit their own wacko beliefs. Time magazine online has a great photo essay on the history of intolerance in America, dating from colonial times.

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Posted in: Bright lights See in context

And just how much will these little gems set us back? The price of LED lamps is just too high for me to justify changing all the lights in my house.

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Posted in: France declares war against al-Qaida See in context

When did the French grow some cajones? With their history of capitulation to the enemy, this is quite a surprise!

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Posted in: Taxi plows into pedestrians near Dotonbori canal in Osaka; 7 hurt See in context

kyushujoe said -

there was a problem with the accelerator

Does anyone know if it was a Toyota?

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Posted in: Ex-champ Kobayashi arrested at New York hot dog event See in context

Cops in the US don't mess around, compared to the J-Cops. If he is convicted on these charges, he may not be able to enter the US -- ever.

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Posted in: A cool night's sleep See in context

I've got 2 in the living room/kitchen and one in the bedroom. The problem here isn't the temperature so much as the humidity. That night, the humidity was 80% in the house, so I had no choice but to turn on the air (dehumidifier function),

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Posted in: A cool night's sleep See in context

Sarge, I like your thinking, but it's just too hot where I live to do that. The other night, even at 9:30pm it was 30 degrees on the first floor, and even hotter upstairs.

I've seen these mats in the stores, but wonder if they really work.

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