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I've told you that there are crazy people in Indonesia (but mostly have a strong connection with politic), and try not only read international news regarding one country, read also the local law with local language will you (if possible). As for Aceh, it was twisted during the reign of 2nd president, it had a long history of suppression, that's why the 'stupid' twisted law kinda flourish there, it's due to so many injustice happen there, and many uneducated people there. I have few friends from Aceh, that's why I know for sure, NOT EVERY Aceh people are like that. the saria law in Aceh is under surveillance of the Indonesian gov, but yeah, some are quite stupid law manage to pass in Aceh. Many people complain about it.

As for the STUPID anti-pornography law, again! I'm telling you, this type of people is trying to sip into every corner of the gov. some succeeded, some failed, those who success to infiltrate the gov system, will always trying to make something as stupid as this law, which I hope the parliament will not pass this. The Parliament got many bad names when this law was brought up to public, many bad mouthing them, that's why now 'they' are trying other way, such as bring it some unrelated issues so the public will not notice this. Somehow 'they' haven't succeeded, and I hope they will never success.

Also, due to next year election, many of so called religion based party got a BAD reputation right now, I hope these people (the crazy religious people) will be kick out of the parliament, but I guess it might be a wishful thinking due to many voters are still a lower education people.

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Posted in: Most Muslims want sharia law, but divided on interpretation See in context

From 12% in Turkey, support for sharia as official national law stood at 56% in Tunisia, 71% in Nigeria, 72% in Indonesia, 74% in Egypt and 99% in Afghanistan.

I want to see the full report on this report, since I'm an Indonesian by birth, though I've been living abroad for almost 10 years. Yes, yes I'm also a moslem, but heck I say no to saria law! some crazy people from Arab country had brain washed some Indonesian, special those are poor and in rural areas (also in some part of the city, but not really widely spread). This happen due to low education for many people. Just recently that the gov have enough brain to make the public school free of charge until middle school. But it'll take a generation to educate the whole country.

Why I said no to saria law, eventhough I'm also a moslem, but I hate saria law! No WAY! and for those who said that Indonesia should be under saria law, where are you during the independent war to fought the Dutch? where are those 'Arab' people so called moslem who try to change into saria country? Did they also fought in the independent war during the early 20th century. If they did, they will not, I'm telling you, THEY WILL NOT change the country into saria country. Because we have a national HEROES on as many religion we have in Indonesia. We have Heroes with hindu religion in Bali island, if any of you know's Bali airport ( Ngurah rai ) is named after the lokal balinese hero which was a hindu practitioner. Also there's more from other religion, such as Christian, Buddism, Islam, even the beliefs in spiritual practice, also once was living to fight the war of independent. Some in my family was also fight in those war, so we could gain our independent by join together side by side to fought the Dutch that was once occupied the whole country.

So for this number, I would like to see the report, where they do this survey? and when? So don't tell me that this is a valid survey, specially done in my country that have a foundation of believing in 5 religions and may other believes, wanting to change into saria law. I'm not saying that, there are no crazy people out there in Indonesia that wanting this law for their own benefit, but this is all politic, and the majority of Indonesian citizen will not let this law to be the country law. We will not forget our independent war and our fore fathers just to make 'them' satisfy! And by the way, saria law is not islamic law, may of them are being twisted just to satisfy and benefit those who are in power. Like many other laws.

Excuse me for my many grammatical error....... English is not my first language

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