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Posted in: Japan warns Brexit may drive banks, pharma investment to EU See in context

@Japan Violet

Maybe you don't realise how idiotic and prejudiced your stupid comments make you sound.

People love to hate the UK, mainly because at some point in history we owned their country or kicked them in a war, but the fact is we have faced tougher challenges than this and come out smiling. Unlike many European countries, we are highly regarded on the world stage in our own right, and will do just fine on our own. Talk us down if you like, you will merely look foolish when we prove you wrong. Have a nice day :)

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Posted in: Hero lady apparently saves guy from groping accusations by posing as girlfriend See in context

Story sounds made up to me.

Right front pants pocket: Keys Right back pants pocket: Wallet Left front pants pocket: Phone

Only weirdos deviate.

Living in a country with pickpockets, you'll never put a phone in your jacket pocket.

Plus, it was summer...

You lived in a country with a pickpocket problem and still put you wallet in your back pocket? :o

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy turns himself in after killing mother, grandmother See in context

Whenever we go to stay with my in-laws in Japan, I’m always shocked at the hands-off approach they have when parenting their two young boys (age 5 and 2). There is zero discipline – any naughtiness is met with ‘kora!’ followed by…nothing. There are no consequences for bad behaviour. The 5 year old runs the house and does exactly what he wants, when he is told off he simply laughs, knowing that his parents will do nothing. Regularly slaps his little brother, throws things around etc. I have never seen him actually punished with removal of toys etc. My wife puts it down to cultural differences and says that when he gets older he will learn to behave, but I’m not so sure, I think most kids will, but there will be the odd one or two who will be set on a lifetime path of bad behaviour because of their experiences growing up with no discipline.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 7-year jail term for man who slashed two AKB48 singers See in context

Mental illness doesn't get the attention it deserves.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

Absolutely beautiful. Ganbatte!

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by train in Kanagawa See in context

I think it’s safe to say people who choose to commit suicide are mentally at rock bottom and not capable of rational thought – consideration for people who may witness their final moments being pretty low on their list of priorities.

It’s just incredibly tragic all round.

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Posted in: Abe adviser calls for stimulus after 'shocking' GDP See in context

@Pandabelle "Austerity never works."

It's working fine in the UK,.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

I can almost understand someone quickly reading an email or something, but when I was in Tokyo I saw a huge number of people playing games on their phones, in the middle of very busy stations at rush hour, while everyone had to dodge around them. Unbelievable!

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Posted in: Japan is still way behind in terms of anti-smoking policies, especially measures against secondhand smoke. You can still smoke in a lot of public places in Japan such as office buildings, coffee shops See in context

I have to say this is one thing I dislike when I visit Japan. Every café, bar and restaurant reeks of cigarette smoke. The smoking ban in the UK was controversial but has been so good for non-smokers, no longer do I leave places stinking of smoke.

Just ban it everywhere in public other than designated smoking rooms/ areas outdoors. Those smoking rooms you see in malls and airports are the best solution, let them stew in their own concentrated filth.

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Posted in: Bringing Britain to life for Japanese visitors See in context

"Going there in December with my daughter but got no Disney or Uni Stu to go to. How can I entertain her beyond fam?"

Take her to see The Lion King at the theatre. Or Wicked if she is a teenager.

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Posted in: Bank employee, Tokyo district court clerk held for groping same woman in train See in context

"So, they were caught. /Does not sound innocent.. Two witnesses including victim."

That in itself doesn't prove anything, they could be working together to receive compensation.

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Posted in: Step in See in context

"Foreigners is foreigners, in fact foreigners will never become a Japanese."

This is where you are wrong and is part of why Japan has this problem. 'Japanese' is a nationality, not a race, despite what many Japanese people think. Anyone who possesses a Japanese passport is Japanese, regardless of where they are born. The idea that you can only be born Japanese is inherently xenophobic.

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Posted in: Step in See in context

The sign is a little blunt, that’s all. They mean well. The best way would be to simply say “Everyone welcome” in English, but maybe that opens things up further than they want!

It’s a little sad that Japan has this reputation of xenophobia. I’ve experienced it personally and it’s not nice. In my home country (UK) a business would face stiff penalties for turning away ‘foreigners’ or discriminating in any way on that basis. Good to see attitudes change, little by little.

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Posted in: Early results favor 'No' side in Scotland independence referendum See in context

Yes those poor oppressed Scots have had their dreams and freedom crushed by their colonial masters, and will have to go back to their free healthcare, free military protection, buoyant economy and substantial social care. They could have had so much more....massive cuts in all those services, a currency they have no control over and major unemployment, for example.

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Posted in: Lamborghini Murcielago goes up in flames on Tokyo expressway See in context

That colour is awesome, it looks fantastic. Those calling it dorky probably own some unimaginative grey crapbox.

Unfortunately Lamborghinis do have a habit of going up in flames.

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Posted in: Stress can drive employees to do stupid things See in context

It seems like there's a serious blame culture in Japan - mistakes are always someone's fault and they must be reprimanded for them. The guy who loaded the wrong parcels probably knew - although it could have been an honest mistake - he would be severely punished for it, so why bother admitting responsibility? Might as well try and cover it up. It's the same reason there are so many hit & run accidents - guaranteed blame and punishment for the driver - might as well try and get away with it.

Japan needs to get out of this mindset and tolerate mistakes at least to a certain threshold. To err is to be human...

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Posted in: Is a man giving up his seat to a woman on a train or bus an outdated form of respect? See in context

I commute in London and always give up my seat for someone pregnant, elderly or unable to stand (in London, the tube company gives out ‘Baby on Board’ badges for pregnant women so people don’t have to guess and potential cause embarrassment by offering a seat to someone who looks pregnant but isn’t). However, I have found that many times when giving my seat up to a pregnant lady, I rarely get a thank or even an acknowledgment. Definitely some of them feel a sense of entitlement – so yes, I would say common courtesy can be lacking…but not in those offering their seats.

In Japan, I’ve offered my seat to elderly men and women and only about half the time was this accepted, when it was it was done with lots of gratitude. Holding doors open is an odd one, in the UK this is normal but I tend to get strange looks when I do it in Japan.

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Posted in: Norovirus detected at Capital Hotel Tokyu See in context

Norovirus can strike anywhere, the biggest restaurant outbreak ever recorded was at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in the UK and was traced to contaminated oysters. You can’t just assume it was caused by someone with dirty hands.

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Posted in: 'Cherry tree from space' mystery baffles Japan See in context

I'm not saying it was aliens....but it must have been aliens

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Posted in: Four ways Japanese isn’t the hardest language to learn See in context

Emphasis and tone are not the same thing.

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Posted in: Prosecutor for Crimea becomes a hit online in Japan See in context


Yep we should all just stop what we're doing and worry our little socks off like you, running around like headless chickens and wringing our hands about things we can't control screaming OH MY GOD WORLD WAR 3 PEOPLE

or....we could keep living our lives as normal, finding joy in simple things.

Just a thought.

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Posted in: Newlywed gets 30 years for pushing husband off cliff in Montana See in context

What a horrible human being. Not that I would have wanted her to get away with it, but one thing that puzzles me is why she didn’t just say that he fell…

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Posted in: Prosecutor for Crimea becomes a hit online in Japan See in context

Pretty, blonde hair, pale complexion, big eyes, uniformed and in a high position of authority – she’s got ‘otaku fodder’ written all over her!

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Posted in: Popcorn line See in context

Hasn’t this place been here for a while? I walked past here back in January and there were people queuing – at least now I know what it was for!

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Posted in: 6 things Japanese expats miss most about Japan See in context

I spend 2 or 3 weeks in Japan every year. Things I always miss when I come home

being able to buy sashimi in the supermarket great public transport amazing customer service cleanliness and respect shown for public areas (ie no vandalism/ graffiti) izakaya and karaoke!

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Posted in: Up, up and away for a live TV special from space See in context

UK Channel 4 did this last weekend.

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Posted in: Teens sharing photos of themselves 'praying' for victims of Tohoku disaster cause stir See in context

Surely it's the sentiment that counts, remembering those lost. Does it really matter how they do that?

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Posted in: Widower continues diving off tsunami-hit coast in search of wife's remains See in context

I’m sure he knows at best he will find only her skeletal remains but I know if it were me I would want to find those remains too. Unimaginable horror at the thought of your loved one lying at the bottom of the ocean, never knowing where she is.

I hope he finds her.

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Posted in: Moment of silence See in context

Yep, I think you're right.

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Posted in: Support your local police See in context

I misunderstood the part about renewing the card. It was confusing for me as the change to the new card happened while I was overseas. I'm still getting used to the new system.

Have you considered joining the Japanese Police Force?

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