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Posted in: ANA pulls TV ad after online furor See in context

@john doe

Nail - head.

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Posted in: ANA pulls TV ad after online furor See in context

Imagine instead of a rubber nose and blonde wig, he had black face paint and a big afro.

Still acceptable?

It’s NO different, except that different racial attributes have been chosen. Those of you who find this completely ok are missing a bigger picture. It's the thin end of a very large wedge.

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Posted in: 77 suffer food poisoning in Aomori; 25 have norovirus See in context

I picked up food poisoning in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago from some bad chicken in a Vietnamese restaurant in Ginza.

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Posted in: Two dead in automobile blaze in Tokyo See in context

Unless the car literally exploded into flames (which they rarely do), I don’t understand how the passengers didn’t have time to get out – getting out of a car takes seconds. Unless they were asleep…or already dead. Why did the driver run away?

Surely there will be more to this story.

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Posted in: China memorial to Korean assassin sparks Japan feud See in context

Why do these three countries obsess over the past? It was 70+ years ago, time to move on.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

What a load of claptrap. My wife is Japanese and I don’t relate to a single one of these.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Regardless of whether anyone finds it personally offensive (I don’t, even though my nose is bigger than average!), this kind of thing shouldn’t be in a TV ad – it serves to reinforce racial stereotypes and make people think it’s ok to lump everyone together based on the way they look. Aside from making the company look stupid, of course.

An ANA spokeswoman said the carrier “has received calls from customers, mostly foreigners, complaining about the ad.” Tsk - those pesky foreigners, always complaining.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl killed by bullet train left note hinting at bullying See in context

Look, you cannot MAKE people like someone. All the rules in the world won't ensure equal or fair treatment for all. Some kids have social problems that just cannot be fixed by anybody. Some kids you can truck to every school in the city, and they still won't be able to make a friend. Frankly, the smart ones become hikkikomori. If that is what some kids need, fine by me. Beats having them jump in front of a train.

You will find it’s the bullies that have social problems, projecting their own issues on other vulnerable people.

Getting along with people you don’t like is a valuable and essential skill for anyone who wants to work and be part of society, and is definitely something that teachers should be in control of. You don’t even know how this girl was bullied, but I can assure you if a 12 year old takes their own life because of it, it would go further than ‘not being shown a picture’. The dismissive, one-dimensional way you portray bullying shows a lack of appreciation for how serious it is. Suggesting that they should just become hikkikomori is a truly repugnant.

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Posted in: Missing girl says she can't remember anything of past four days See in context

Glad she’s back safely. Amnesia of that sort is very unusual, unless she was unconscious for the whole time. Yet she was uninjured and wasn’t hungry which suggests she had been eating.

My suspicion is that she is covering up to avoid getting herself or someone else in trouble (maybe she met up with someone).

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Posted in: JAL grounds Dreamliner at Narita after battery problem See in context

It may not even be an issue with the battery itself but could be the system that charges it, or something else related. The fact that they don’t even know and consider the overheating and venting to be normal is highly worrying, and I will avoid flying on one of these planes wherever possible. This problem is being smoothed over to save Boeing some money; passenger safety does not seem to be the highest priority.

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Posted in: Police release photo of missing 11-year-old girl in Kanagawa See in context

She is more than likely dead. That being said, I hope I am wrong. This is the worst thing that can happen to a >family...

For future reference, thinking something doesn’t mean you have to then say it.

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Posted in: 10 injured in escalator accident in Kawasaki See in context

This happened while I was staying with my sister-in-law in the apartment block just above where this escalator is. On seeing the escalator in question I couldn't understand how people were hurt so badly, but if it moved after stopping I guess that would explain it.

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Posted in: Looking their best See in context

Ah yes, job-hunting for new graduates in Japan ...

-same hair styles -same suits (black) -same bags (black) -same make-up (ie. almost none) What ever happened to making an impression?! Let them wear what the hell they want!

Archaic Japanese companies at their worst.

Yep, all they want are people who fit in rather than people who stand out - says a lot about Japanese working culture.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan teases gamers with shots of PlayStation 4 stockpiles; warns of inflated prices See in context

I’m taking one over to Japan for my sister-in-law and her husband next week!

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Posted in: Best and Westin See in context

I love this hotel, we had our wedding reception in Victors, the food and service were simply astounding.

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Posted in: Japanese gamers feeling left out in the cold as new consoles launch elsewhere See in context

Completely agree that Sony has to put its resources into fighting the Xbox in the larger western markets, since Japan is already won.

I'm visiting relatives in Japan for New Year and will be taking a PS4 over for them as a surprise present, can't wait to see their reaction!

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Posted in: Wealthy Japanese weigh pros, cons of foreign tax loopholes See in context

afanofjapan - I like your attitude, wish I could give you more than one thumbs-up. My parents who were never rich left me nothing bar a few sentimental trinkets; what they did do was make sure I had a good solid education so that I could stand on my own two feet, much more valuable than a sum of money that I wouldn't get until they were dead and that could only be spent once.

They also left you with a massive chip on your shoulder. Poor you and your bitterness towards those better off than you.

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Posted in: ANA undecided after Airbus unveils Japan ambitions See in context

The 787 problems are probably not going to help Boeing's case.

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Posted in: Architect says 2020 Tokyo Olympic stadium too big See in context

So that's about £800 million / $1.3 billion on a sports/ event stadium - I can't help but think they could get a perfectly nice stadium for half that cost and use the rest of the money to help rehome all those displaced people in the Touhoku area.

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Posted in: Thai man jailed in Bangkok for 1993 murder of Japanese woman in Tokyo See in context

9 years for murder? The Thai justice system is a joke.

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Posted in: Chinese exchange student rescues 9-year-old boy from fast-moving river See in context

Great story; but why the melodramatic, cliched writing style?

It's always like that on JT, it's especially in the editorial pieces.

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Posted in: Japan balked at steps to control Fukushima water in 2011, memo shows See in context

Protecting corporate interests before dealing a problem that is likely to blight Japan for centuries if not dealt with properly, utterly shocking. The government need to get a grip on this.

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Posted in: Wearable tech See in context

I wonder if she responds to multi-touch gestures?

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Posted in: TV staffer makes hilarious walk-on appearance during live news segment See in context

I love how her reaction is perfectly framed in the shot, she realised her mistake at the perfect time (for us).

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Posted in: Abe, Inose discuss how to make Tokyo more visitor-friendly See in context

A good start would be multi-lingual restaurant menus and asking izakaya staff not to refuse entry to foreigners for no reason other than because they’re foreign....

"Oh sorry, we are full" (said standing in front of several empty tables)

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Posted in: U.S. scientist operates colleague's brain from across campus See in context

So all we need now is for someone to build the giant robots and we're all set to fight the Kaiju.

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Posted in: Police probe cause of blast at fireworks show in Kyoto town See in context

bookowls Bit OTT to call in the crime investigation squad, when this is obviously just a result of lack of due care and attention.

When so many people are injured (some very seriously by the sounds of it) that lack of care and attention becomes criminal, so definitely something that needs to be investigated as such.

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Posted in: New wiring defect found in ANA Dreamliner See in context

I have zero confidence in this aircraft and will be extremely uncomfortable if I ever have to fly in one. I get the impression it has been rushed to the market at the expense of a complete, in-depth test programme.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for July 30 mace attack in toilet at train station See in context

Most likely just pepper spray, which the word 'mace' has become a generic term for.The original mace isn't used much any more.

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Posted in: Has preferential treatment for women gone too far in Japan? See in context

Ok, and what happens when they leave the library and the pervert follows them home?

How far will it go before someone decides to tackle the real problem of why there are so many perverts around getting away with abusing women? It’s a typically short-sighted ‘solution’ to a bigger problem.

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