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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing university student in his car See in context

The whole story has some big gaps and question marks in it. With the information supplied here I would be very reluctant to speculate on what probably happened. There are two sides to every story and the information here is vague at best.

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Posted in: Japan drops bid for World Heritage listing of southwest islands See in context

forests that home to rare species such as the Amami rabbit and Okinawa rail."

Unless I'm misinterpreting what an Okinawa rail is?

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Posted in: JR East reports about 350 cases of obstructed travel incidents since March See in context

I'm wondering why this incredibly interesting and mentally stimulating article has received absolutely no comments from anyone but me? It is very important news after all...

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Posted in: Police arrest graduate students for Kyoto intersection 'kotatsu' stunt See in context

Many UNI students are often on a tight budget, so they were most probably just chowing down on a bit of roadkill.

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Posted in: Cabbie injured as thief steals his vehicle See in context

Statistics released on a previous post about foreign crime in Japan indicated Vietnamese were the highest offenders I recall. So I'm guessing due to statistics that the suspect is probably Vietnamese ;-)

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Posted in: Man's body found on Tohoku Expressway in Saitama See in context

@strangerland lol

Probably but I think there could be a bit more to it... e.g. were they too selfish to not care about the major disruption they will cause, or did they want to cause a major disruption to give themselves some type of notoriety?

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Posted in: Man's body found on Tohoku Expressway in Saitama See in context

If this was suicide and I'm assuming it was can anyone explain to me why so many people decide to do it on a motorway or a train line where they know they will cause a major inconvenience to so many other people

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Posted in: Man held over murder of Sapporo woman in Nov 2016 See in context

The circumstantial evidence is pretty strong, I wonder how long it will take him to confess.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 62-year-old mother to death in Aomori Pref See in context

I appreciate and respect all the comments above and definitely don't sympathize with the offender. But I do know long term unemployment and living off the family being dependant upon them for support is an extremely difficult situation to escape from for many, many people. My son was in a similar situation and trying to get him out of it without overly criticizing him and forcing him into more depression was a precarious situation. Long term unemployment is a mental and attitude illness I feel and criticizing the person worsens the situation which can develop to the state which happened here. I got my son out of this spiral just by constantly letting him know he is good and valued always and thus making him believe in himself again, but it did take quite some time.

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Posted in: 19-year-old daughter stabs father in back See in context

I'm with Harry on this one and going to wait for the facts to come out before assuming who is right or wrong.

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Posted in: Cairo named most dangerous megacity for women; London, Tokyo best: poll See in context

I feel this article is quite believable as it is only comparing mega cities with each other of which there is only 31. Most of these mega cities would be in third world countries and therefore culturally it is not such a high beam to be in the top of the list. Of course there would be many better places for women and health around the globe than the winners here but as they are not mega cities they are not included in the comparison.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of 9-year-old son, and her mother See in context

She certainly has some issues and a few demons appearing from her. Maybe she just needs a bit if a break to sort herself out and regain a proper perspective on life..... maybe that is.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked in third place, behind London and New York, in Global Power City Index 2017 report See in context

@Stranger land. If it was about the weather then Sydney would also beat Tokyo, New York and London ;-)

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked in third place, behind London and New York, in Global Power City Index 2017 report See in context

Hi everyone, I'm from Australia and find the rankings and commentary very interesting. For Sydney to be in the top ten would also cause an outcry here from people in Melbourne who constantly brag that their city often gets rated the most livable city in the world. So the argument here in Aus is not about Tokyo's rating but how did Sydney beat Melbourne?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of husband in Tochigi See in context

She killed him because "she was afraid if him committing her to an institution"? Well she has done the work for him in the worst possible way.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought for 'black widow' serial killer See in context

I don't know what's worse being executed quickly or waiting on death row for the rest of your life. Whatever it is she deserves it.

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Posted in: 6 dead, including 5 children after apartment fire; father turns himself in See in context

Pure evil is all I can think of.

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Posted in: Principal of school where student attacked teacher criticized for half-hearted apology See in context

This kid is a serious bully and needs to be taken down a few pegs as an example. I have read several other articles here about the bullying culture in Japan schools and by the reports of the other students laughing and cheering as a means of encouragement then that culture does not look like it will go away any time soon.

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Posted in: Japanese adventurer to embark on unassisted solo trek to South Pole See in context

No problems with polar bears down there, only a few pesky penguins. Of course this could also possibly be some type of clandestine whale reconnaissance.

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Posted in: Don't look for truth in the courtroom, Japanese thriller suggests See in context

A story without a definitive conclusion, I don't think that will work well with western viewers and certainly not me.

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Posted in: Woman’s ex-husband attacks her, male friend on Osaka street See in context


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Posted in: Kyoto eyes introducing lodging tax amid increasing tourist numbers See in context

I agree with Sangetsu. The proposed tax may deter tourism to some extent and be perceived as gouging .

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Posted in: Cat-and-mouse game continues in underage schoolgirl dating services See in context

@ zichi and goodlucktoyou.

That's a really alarming statistic about STDs for children in Japan! I can't imagine how this could happen in a 1st world country with school children. Makes me wonder what the STD rates are for the other demographics across the rest of the country.

Incredible and concerning.

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Posted in: 32 windows smashed at junior high school in Tochigi Pref See in context

I cannot understand for the life of me why people (mostly minors or young adults) commit wanton vandalism. I just don't get it and I see a lot of it here in Australia. Can anyone please explain to me why people do this?

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Posted in: Man randomly stabs another in Asakusa; says he was 'angry' See in context

Wasn't there an article here before about a New Zealand person dying in a Japan mental health hospital because they were strapped to the bed for a few days? That does imply to me there is something very wrong with these Health Centres.

Also I believe the stigma of going to a mental health clinic is definitely disappearing in western cultures. Recently in Australia a great sportsman checked himself in due to depression which was applauded by the public in general for him having the courage to come forward and do it. Depression is common amongst all of us but can sometimes spiral out of control like so many other conditions if left unchecked.

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Posted in: Copyright watchdog files lawsuits over background music in stores See in context

This is so petty and these people should find a real job.

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

I'm siding with MJ here as it is totally plausible and probably the fact of the matter. Three guys before reporting the activity, and I bet the first of those three guys was not her first. Lastly not all young girls are angels but often can appear to be.

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

Yes two sides to every story and no harm speculating what those sides may be. I have already formed an opinion of what likely happened on the scenario given, but will keep it to myself to avoid conflict with my fellow readers here.

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Posted in: Ex-gang boss on death row charged with another murder See in context

I hope this gives some sort of closure and a sense of retribution to the family of the deceased even if it is years after the event. Yes I realise it is only a charge and no guilty finding yet and the alleged is already on death row but it is worth it.

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Posted in: Mother suspected of killing 2-month-old daughter by lacing her milk with drugs See in context

Did I miss something here? There is no mention of a father and the young mother was living at her mother's house. Maybe a bit more to this story than meets the eye.

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