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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing Brazilian couple in Shizuoka Pref See in context

Nintendogirl, reckless made two guesses or assumptions and not just adultery. And I'm guessing he could also be wrong....

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing husband See in context

The lady was ten years older than her husband, a bit unusual in my culture. Secondly the stabbing was at 3:45am, not a good time for a middle aged couple to have an argument.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping newborn baby’s corpse in drugstore toilet See in context

To Sir_Bentley28

*No they didn't. They perhaps put the baby feet first in the toilet and tried to flush it where the torso clogged the toilet, thus the vacuum from the flushing caused the tender, thin new baby skin to be separated. *I've seen 2 cases like this before.

OMG what type of work do you do if you've to see something as horrid as this?

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for attempted murder after beating woman with hammer See in context

All good and valid comments here. To me the kid is a psycho and a coward. Random target, no, the kid picked what he thought was an easy target.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpse of newborn son See in context

Sad in all senses and not much more can be said.

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Posted in: Fake schoolgirl prostitution extortion ring busted by Tokyo police See in context

I had no difficulties understanding this article and it was reasonably straight forward to me. I think we are putting too much emphasis on the precise English and forgetting the message. ... The guy picked up what he probably thought was a young prostitute, an offence in Japan if he had traded money. Then he was blackmailed, another offence regardless if the blackmailers were paid.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

This is the act of a very perverted nutcase. Predatory and primitive by nature. I wonder how he managed and got along with people in his everyday life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing yakitori, assaulting train station employee in Fukushima Pref See in context

57 is not old... yes a really stupid thing to do and I'm trying to speculate why a company man would do it and put his career on the line.

Ah yes, Japanese people and alcohol! Plus probably broke from all the drinking, really drunk and really, really hungry..... still hard to fathom, but has anyone else here ever done something really stupid when they were really drunk?

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Posted in: Mother arrested for murder after 4-month-old son dies in attempted murder-suicide leap See in context

We do seem to hear a fair bit of this type of crime here. Maybe it is more common in Japan than other countries.

Also does it appear that places like Saitama, Chiba and Ibaraki are more overly represented in crime statistics?

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Posted in: Parents appeal for public’s help 9 years after son’s murder See in context

The boy must of known the man if he warned the girl to run. Instinct should of made her look what she was to run away from. Was there a description of the attacker?

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Posted in: Hyogo Prefecture to relax waste water controls amid poor fish catches See in context

This is bizarre reasoning. Poor fish and it makes me wonder how they ever survived hundreds of years ago when there was little to no pollution.

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Posted in: Kerevi disappointed to cost team points for charge See in context

I thought Wales played well, but the wallabies were hard done by with many decisions.

The refereeing needs to definitely improve.

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Posted in: Man who served 10 years for attempted murder to be tried over 2006 killing See in context

No motive discussed, sounds like he is just another psycho.

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Posted in: Hunters, police search for bear spotted multiple times in Sapporo See in context

@ Ex tanker.

One is small and lethal the other is big and can be lethal.

But if we must compare sizes, then how about removing crocodiles, that would be an awkward task though somewhat different to a bear.

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Posted in: Hunters, police search for bear spotted multiple times in Sapporo See in context

It is sad that they wish to kill the problem rather than remove it. We have extremely venomous snakes here in Australia which can often get into people's properties and houses. The policy is to call a snake catcher who finds, captures and returns the snake to the wild.

It is possible that the snake could return, find another property or even bite a person wandering around, but they are not destroyed here and there are no shortage of snakes in Australia.

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Posted in: 1 cyclist killed, another injured by car going wrong way on national highway See in context

No memory of causing the accident and he was three kilometers down the road with the evidence all over his car.... does the no memory escape clause actually work in Japan?

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Posted in: Bangkok court sentences Thai woman to death for 2015 murder of Japanese partner See in context

Curious that the brother in law who actually committed the murder got life ina Thai prison in 2016 and she got the death penalty now. I wonder which one got the better deal...

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Posted in: Man apparently kills himself after stabbing girlfriend See in context

The whole thing sounds suspicious to me. Let the police find the truth.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese get jail time in Australia for trying to smuggle lizards See in context

With accommodation and meals...

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Posted in: 2 Japanese get jail time in Australia for trying to smuggle lizards See in context

They just got lucky and managed to extend their vacations in Australia by 5 months.....

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Posted in: 54-year-old woman arrested for abandoning body of mother in Fukui See in context

Pocketing any pension may of happened, but it is not mentioned in the article.

Do the Hustle offers another explanation of cold heartiness which would also be a major factor.

Her father died in January and she moved out, then her mother died not long after. Maybe the expense and sadness of her father's death then her mother's was all too much for her so she just walked away and ignored it?

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Posted in: Former bar host arrested for prostituting his girlfriend in Osaka See in context

They both had debts to some type of hosting club. Just shows the type of people who would get involved in this type of activity.

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Posted in: Woman, lover arrested over murder of her ex-husband See in context

Maybe a silly question for this forum, but why was the murdered husband and the wife's surname different?

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Posted in: Tokyo named world's best city for 3rd year in row outside U.S. in Conde Nast Traveler poll See in context

Melbourne came third? The list is somewhat debatable....

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing university student in his car See in context

The whole story has some big gaps and question marks in it. With the information supplied here I would be very reluctant to speculate on what probably happened. There are two sides to every story and the information here is vague at best.

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Posted in: Japan drops bid for World Heritage listing of southwest islands See in context

forests that home to rare species such as the Amami rabbit and Okinawa rail."

Unless I'm misinterpreting what an Okinawa rail is?

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Posted in: JR East reports about 350 cases of obstructed travel incidents since March See in context

I'm wondering why this incredibly interesting and mentally stimulating article has received absolutely no comments from anyone but me? It is very important news after all...

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Posted in: Police arrest graduate students for Kyoto intersection 'kotatsu' stunt See in context

Many UNI students are often on a tight budget, so they were most probably just chowing down on a bit of roadkill.

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Posted in: Cabbie injured as thief steals his vehicle See in context

Statistics released on a previous post about foreign crime in Japan indicated Vietnamese were the highest offenders I recall. So I'm guessing due to statistics that the suspect is probably Vietnamese ;-)

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Posted in: Man's body found on Tohoku Expressway in Saitama See in context

@strangerland lol

Probably but I think there could be a bit more to it... e.g. were they too selfish to not care about the major disruption they will cause, or did they want to cause a major disruption to give themselves some type of notoriety?

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