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" I have said it before, and will say it again, Japan is its own worst enemy when it comes to foreign relations because they belief they can say one thing, and do another to please domestic interests, and no one will care. If you are going to talk-the-talk, you have to walk-the-walk, and Japan falls far short in that regard."

Under the rationale that the word martyr is going a bit far, although technically it is correct, it can also be said that the US goes a bit far when insisting that visiting the Yasukuni Shrine is equal to visiting the dead.

So it is a bit like Liar, liar, pants on fire. You are lying when you think you can visit the dead, and you are also lying when you think you know the relations between China SKorea and Japan are not good.You are flaming lying. You dont really know is what it is. And here's the catch, China is big, and if you think that you know how to handle China, Id guess you were wrong. Japan on the otherhand does pretty well compliment China. Like one of the biggest catches if you havent noticed is the language (but before you start throwing around your tests of ability, how about learning some culture to really get it) China knows it and Japan knows it. SKorea also adds great spice.So whoever wants to stir the talk up, if you havent realized, you are talking to yourself. Work is easy, just press repeat until someone realizes that that flame has been burnt, and then things would move a little quicker-which is by the way what they are always frothing about.

Dont worry livvy I wasnt ignoring you-your just stuck in that "you dont understand" whine, and Im one of the type who has deaf ears to that sort of whining.

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Why does that sound like America talking? While Im not much of a Abe fan-he played their game. Decidely using the word martyr means he knows that it isnt entirely incorrect. Is he showing off to SKorea and China that he thinks he really knows the game? That's where I find Abe and the Buddhists so disenfranchising, they really do think that it is just words. Then again there's times when the other parties seem to think so too.....And as for Germany, they ARE in denial right now over how un-German their country has become, ignorance alive and well there.

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Abbott is still a puss. He may have some idea about some things, but he is tunnel-visioned and doesnt really see the bigger picture. He is playing straight into the US's lap without really knowing where they are headed. And dont worry there is plenty on the right that see Abbott's left-handedness. And that whole right left talk really doesnt show that youre sitting in a circle, going loopity-loop. On this though with that amount of money, when he is cutting back everywhere else, it wouldnt surprise me if he has his own little army of 'kill'em and get rid of them' thang happening. Which let's face it, if he even said what he really thought, there wouldnt be that many in Australia who could hear the truth. Because theyve been lied to so much-right and left -have both lied so much and that includes Abbott as well.

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For goodness sake! It's called talking. The two countries have their talk about the situation and deal with things when they crop up, and get out of hand. Like any two normal people and their relationship. SHeesh! Seems to me like the US wants to make a 'crop-up', so that the talk starts rolling again. Seems to me like some places dont know how to leave talk mid-sentence and always want the talk to be rounded off to a conclusion-like as if there is an end. Well news for you, not everyone talks and communicates the same! How about that!! Some people, and countries, have no problem having a discussion and cruising with it when the time is right. It is correct to say that their relationship wont improve anymore, it already is pretty much at an excellent standard. Unless you wanted perfect-in which case you will be disappointed, and not only that may learn some lessons along the way.

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SamuraiBlue "The only way to deal with it is to talk fact. Just look at some of the poster on this forum that turns into broken record players that can only regurgitate the same propaganda when someone post fact as argument."

LOL that there is a perfect example of one reason why wars start. Your fact, isnt the same as someone else's. When you consider your fact could be wrong, how capable are you of just swallowing that loss? Then multiply you by x number factor and there is one ticking bomb. Reallly! gave me a laugh that one. Fact?????

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" 30 years....okay boredom"

Get real!!! after 30 years if you left without seeing each other, it's called knowing each other. And you would know that something isnt quite right in this sort of circumstance. While I agree with the rest of what your saying, I dont think that gives you the right to be derrogative of marriage, and in this case women. Robyn Williams made many a statement about how he thought women deserved a better attitude than what you just did; at least he knew how to grow from his situations. It is definitely depressing when you see people around you who make the same mistakes, or have similar grievances or struggles, or whatever really, but they never take the opportunity to grow. Seriously, time and time again, that would be depressing.

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@Valery "I sure hope this is just the beginning. Although I'm native Russian, and for the time being I live in Russia"

I know Im going off the topic here, but you say your Russian and even a foreigner can talk good english, sheesh even Australians can talk good english, but Id really enjoy your being native and talking like one, otherwise you just seem to me a fake.

God knows the truth though.

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NathalieBAug. 07, 2014 - 01:23PM JST

In the US and the UK (the two countries in which I have experience as a working mother so I cant comment on others) it is possible to work 9--5 (or thereabouts) and then go home and tend to the homework, dinner, spend time as a family, and yet still be considered a serious careerwoman.

In Japan, if you work those same hours, you are not taken seriously and are considered nothing more than a "part timer" - if you can even get a job at all, or get your old job back afer maternity leave without being shunted off into some meaningless side position """

Honestly I think this opinion is formed because of the cultural habits being slightly different. Japan respects women with a career. Japan also respects the family. So they dont give prefernce to women with a career, or belittle motherhood like in say places like the US or the UK. You maybe just need to tweek your cultural sensibilities to understand that Japan isnt lacking, they just dont show favoritism.

But as for that link that empirical shared, thankyou.

I dont see how it contradicts what I stated. Sorry I didnt source you out with something, (in fact the lady who has one of my books with a bunch of sources could you return it please), my usual sourcing tends to be different to somewhere like goldmans. Nevertheless a quick search of terms like birth dearth, fertility rates will show the same results. My comment wasnt that wide spread, there is enough discussion to consider it a very real situation. Which btw you link highlights just as much. Exhibit 2 shows just a few countries, and tries to state that Japan is particular but if you look at the graph the line is the same. Exhibit 3 has me wondering if they want women to work construction and security. Or whether they just want to push men into menial work and have women being the boss-which a lot of the rest of the article seems to highlight about having women in leadership roles. Which is kinda weird cause the there is a heap of exhibits and stats showing that Japan has improved and that in fact the number of wome working is really high 73% on page7. Which if you take into consideration that some women are having children and the elderly, that sounds pretty much like all of them!! Then if you consider that Japan does place high value of family and doesnt belittle it in comparison to a career based woman, then the idea that Japanese women would understand that leader roles are more suitable to men. They would choose that they could give quality to motherhood and women in the home, whilst also working and contributing to society. Exhibit 19 gives weight to the argument that a single income is dropping and that it has probably facilitated the necessity for women to work. Also the positions rather than the gender reflect the earnings and their differences. The average income for men is no different to women, and it is this single income that has dropped significantly so that women have been forced to overloaded with motherhood and work. It has also devalued men, and unempowered them . I would ask Japan would you want that for your son? Would you want your son to feel like he isnt capable of being the man in his family? Japanese men nowadays do share in household activities, but in taking upon themselves that chore, does it have to be that they sacrifice their strength as being a good provider, a strong pillar for their family???

Im mean really looking at the report shows how Japan has made improvements, continuing to say that it needs improvemnets is just as some comments say in a round about way: who the fack are these foreigners think they are dictating to everybody. As for the taxes that is just government trying to get more for themselves, and hiding behind the feminist voice, as if they are the gentleman. I mean how can you be a gentleman and not be a provider. That sounds more like a gay guy. No offense meant, but gentle and not being able to provide for a family, just doesnt sound like a man that I would want for my daughters. And the constant attention to child-minding facilities bewilders me-havent they noticed how much Japan has this. This article even states as much. Things the like the entrepeneur input just doesnt make sense isnt that something that is encouraged across the board. It is not something that you can just say well if we push a certain gender it will improve.Retraining is also another thing I just dont get. For eg, use an older women with her skills in people management or whatever and use a younger employee with pc skills whatever and create a balance. Learn from each other on the job. Workers are needed right why send them to school when they can learn on the job.And contribute as well with knowledge they have. The weirdest thing I ve heard of hairdressers needing retraining? I heard that in Amrica they need to constantly update their license or they cant work. Unbelievable!!!!! Exhibit 22 Clearly shows that women would rather value their children than work. I cant see how you would read anything else into that. They quit their job, they chose their child, why would they choose work again? Unless the single income wasnt enough?????? And Male champions of Change, what silly thing is that??? Stating that women dont like women and those who encourage women working do??? Sounds like lazy men to me, but I guess there could be some positiveness to it, but like is that serious. And like myth 1 based on 1500 women, what is it a party? but still it reflects that Japanese women have more family ideals naturally inclining themselves to being a mother--what is wrong with that?

As for exhibits 26 and 27, they think they conclude the article but that is where the biggest deception occurs in this article. Whenever the fertility rate is below 2 your fertility rate is dropping. What these exhibits do show is that over the year there has been an increase. YEY. So what it suggests to me with all this deception is that somebody is starting to panic and worry that Japan is improving and wants to show a negative. Show how women in Japan are so negatively represented, wants to deceive the govt-who are always deceiveable if it menas they can get more power and money, and wants to detroy the Japanese family before they get an idea that soemone is trying to destroy it.

Anythingelse I will comment later should it be necessary to point out that Japan is in the process of being deceived with this assembly for women. The question us at this point in time, do Japanese women have the ears and eyes to see and hear the truth and not bend to the deception. Going on things so far the answer is yes. But because of that strength those who would oppose are upping their effort-hang in there Japan!!!!!

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But a lack of childcare facilities, poor career support and deeply entrenched sexism are blamed for keeping women at home, and for one of the lowest birthrates in the developed world as young women see having children as obstacles to their careers

Crup! It is well known that as a country the greater it becomes facilitated with education, the living standrads are raised, and women are given equal opportunity, birthrates drop. THAT trend doesnt change no matter which country. So in fact with modernisation women have again become the back seat, and lied to about their value. It doesnt make sense that women who are more educated are less inclined to love and have children. There is so much available for the support of women in an advanced society and yet women are being victimized again. Their value as mothers and wives is taken away from them.

Because it is such an emotionally involved topic, sometimes it is just the devil, sometimes it is the women who have become victims and are dealing with their own sadness, that this voice of again creating an illusion, deceives and destroys families, children and the country as a whole. I wouldnt be surprised if the women surrounding Abe and advising Abe are like this. But I think he isnt deceived as some expect. I guess we will have to wait and see what this meeting brings to the table. I am certain of one thing; it will bring a lot of gnashing of teeth.

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""""Pressured to be the all perfect mother, whilst also being able to multi-task a job, a household and whatever else (judgmental, dictator) society wants to throw at them.

What are you talking about? I know very few Japanese mothers (of infants) who have to multi-task to that extent. Especially not the job part."""

Okay Ill explain it. When a mother has a job and little children-little as in babies. Why dont I draw a better picture. Let's say a mother of 2, one is youchien age and the other is 6months, or a a year old. Something like that. In the situation in which I envisage a mother working, I would say the mother multi-tasks with the housework, as well as preparing the older child for youchien, as well as any contribution of time with involvement surrounding the youchien. Then she would also possibly still having not full night sleeps, so that pressure and lack of sleep. Plus the baby she may have to take to a minder or prepare things for a minder-IF she was working. And dont forget all the little mother child moments and time that would also be a part of her day. Then IF she had a job there would be all the things involved with that, perhaps having a make-up routine of some sort, making sure certain clothes are ready and available, and then getting to and from the job, as well as any other sort of job prescription alligned things that would crop up-overtime and such. Then let's not forget that there is a husband or a father in the situation-usually- and time together as a couple as a family, plus all the family meal preparations, buying the food cooking the food, clean-up and so on that add to just one day of the woman's world-IF she is a mother who has a job. I would say that is multi-tasking.Now where does the baby carrier come into that-perhaps she uses it when taking the eldest child to youchien, or perhaps she uses it while making dinner. It is a personal choice after all. Maybe she uses it when the youngest one is crying and it helps get the baby to sleep while she multi-tasks hanging the washing. Really that part is hard to draw a general picture because it can all be so very individual-like the type and timing of the job. A english teacher may only have evening jobs, a nurse may have shift work etcetcetc.

And of course this is one situational picture I have drawn, just an idea, there really is so many variation on top of that right.

So it wasnt silly what I wrote at all. In fact there is a lot of people who would attack what I wrote because of things like that meeting being held in Japan in amonths time trying to push and pressure women more into work. Like Tessa you would notice Howard Stern. Men need to be empowered to be able to support their wives and the mothers of their children. The government needs to empower the men so that they can empower their family. Not the government cloaking the use of women in the workforce with feminist type of analogy, but being a true femminist voice and empowering women who are mothers as well; that what they do is important, just as important as any other job. Stop trying to make them do everything and them belittle them when they as in this article-what it sounds like to me-that they are going a hundred miles an hour to keep up with all that society presuures them with. Slowing down. Any of those carriers are safe if you are using them sensibly, as soon as you start to go a woman without any children's pace, like moving the baby from front to back or vice versa while you are multi-tasking anything else, you are compromising the child, but more you are falling for society's dictator-like, un-mother like, communistic, approach to mothering. You are allowing the voice of society to push you beyond what you know is sensible just so you can keep pace with those loudmouths who seem like they care. Be strong, get a clue, (get velcro) and show those loudmouths know-it-alls that you know how to be a mother and they are not going to faze you!!!

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saving kids-you mean children right?-lives is not what this is about. It is about regulation. It has nothing to do with reading instructions on condoms either, whoever made that ridiculous comment. Why presume that everyone uses condoms? Sex on your mind eh. And all the comments that either just out right abuse mothers in general, to the abuse those who use slings carriers whatever you choose, to a quick rebuff whereby it sounds like there is trying to be a line drawn between what culture woman uses it and therefore a specific sense about using them comes with culture.

So for your information what I understand from this article-besides the wasted monies spent on studying them-is that there is more and more the case that women, who are mothers are pressured. Pressured to be the all perfect mother, whilst also being able to multi-task a job, a household and whatever else (judgmental, dictator) society wants to throw at them. There is times when I ve used one of any type of child carrying device, and there are times when I just havent wanted to, decided not to or whatever. The ability to utilize such things is a blessing. The ability to say when it is enough is also a blessing. I would hope that other mothers reading this would step back and think about that, perhaps either slowing down, or deciding to slow down and take the 'thing' off for a while......but also know that they are useful for those times when you are pushed to get other things done, or to use when it may help you carrying them for a while.

As for all the judgemental comments, I just cant believe that you can be that way; what bitterness are you storing away? I pray it doesnt come back to bite you, but better still I pray that you can find a peace and satisfaction with where you are at in life.

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wow that bridge would be hard to build!

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unless you are there watching and timing each and every move precisely, you can not judge.

illsayit: I was not present at the Holocaust. Should I keep an open mind about it? I've never had Ebola. Should I try it, so I can make an informed decision?

your pinprck is quite big there, spanning what? 6o+ years.Trying to get the camel through the needle hole are we?

and as for Tamarama, I kinda thought the english would be something to set your flags off. Who can be bothered fixing up me english for a forum where you hang out. eh??? I do not know you and you do not know what is going on in Israel, too bad if you claim youve been there before-from reading other comments youve made youve claimed to have been a lot of places. Never in one place long enough to really know what it is like Id say.

And you still have no idea when you cant even talk about the word Palestine. And it still gives your genetic dust no meaning. Or rather there is meaning but when you stop at the science and ignore the theological, which btw, it is obvious you havent really investigated it, well you just make no sense. Talk the theological and it it will probably lead you to where Israel is at now eh! But that part is too difficult, so just wipe it all under the mat with one big swipe of the word religion and you think you have a heart of compassion. Honestly, you have no idea.

And. you use the wantonly waaaaaaay tooooo wantonly. You say that the situation is difficult, and then suggest that there is some sort of random killing with absolutely no excuse for it. As if 2000+ rockets being fired at you isnt a little bit of a reason to retaliate. Noting that it is a nations decision versus a individuals decision. And you continue to avoid all the other aboslutely reasonable situations for retaliating-like the tunnels, the use of civilians to protect arsenal, and wtf, how about how come the Un has Hamas warfare in their schools???? Like I may know nothing about this sitaution but hello, that seems rather a big booboo.

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@Tamarama how much murdock news you been watching lately? eh??? he is disagreeable to you when the story suits you but when his story aligns with yours your ready to sit and preach it? Where did the word Palestinian come from? that would wrap up your genetic load of dust about religion? I dont see any light shining there at all. If people like you would take the time to understand the differences in the religions rather than just sweeping it together because it is too difficult, youd probably start talking some sense. Your so quick to point the finger at Israel-id say that is definitely too much murdock media-jumping sides are you-and not even state the obvious that the situation is really difficult, and that unless you are there watching and timing each and every move precisely, you can not judge. And as for Harold, havent you noticed the US is trying to let everyone else deal with theri own shat. It is talk like you do that always throws the guilty towel at them and tries to draw their participation more-albiet they do sometimes jump in by themselves-but arent you for them keeping to themselves and not judging the situation from a distance..

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I do think that full-time workers deserve a little bit of a raise in wage, to meet living standard costs. Especially so that men (or in some/rare cases women) can support their wives during motherhood. Make it possible to live off one wage. People dont mind working hard, or long, so long as it has value, and they are felt valued. And the top people in a company should realize that paying off their company loan does not take priority to their workers -loans-. So what if it ups their (companys) ability to make loans and establish their credit ratings, they have to place more value on their workers than their credit ratings and be thankful for where they are at this point. Having said that I think it is normal for most families that when they have had the second child the first child is looking at youchien, and that cost becomes a burden around the parents' neck. Often enough to encourage the wife to take a job. I would suggest a big campaign to blow youchiens and child-care out of the sky. Campaign that the mothers are capable, that there is no value to such things as child-minding facilities (aka child concentration camps). Campaign to show how in this day and age, with computor technology, and all the facilities that the government have spent taxes on like museums, parks, -high quality by the way- and whatever else; that there is a way to raise your child without forking out cash to stupid child-care. Let the women who want a career use them and help others (the bulk of married women) to realize that they are just as capable as a youchien teacher to raise their child and meet with peers, read a book, play with toys, do crafts whatever else that children do at that age. Poverty is relative in some aspects, but your approach and your lifestyle can either make it or break it. Cutting out child-minding minded lifestyle would cut everyone a lot of slack.

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If the workforce needs to be increased there is a huge pool of tertiary educated students that could learn just as much on the job as they do at some of the tertiary aimed schooling. Semon gakkous etcetcetc, even I would suggest some unis, a bunch of young adults who could work hard, at their prime for energy, just sitting around feeding the education system all their parents incomes. imo it would be a lot healthier society if appenticships were encouraged more, more money to the community, which would stimulate spending in other areas as well.....Pity that it is so looked down on by the middle-aged generation. Wonder what it is, parents needing to be needed, or teachers needing to be needed? in any case this would then leave mothers to be mothers without further feeding the big construction/education business sector for child-minding facilities which lets face it are just child-molding programs. Or has the society been so molded that thinking out of the box like this is just too difficult for most?

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and whats wrong with what she stated she wanted to do? As if you could just mentally be aware that she was lying and that what she stated as what she wanted to do, was not what she wanted to do. Also you made the assumption that amongst the jobs available, that she wasnt able to get one of them. Bit conceited there I would say. Bit judgemental. Or perhaps just re-writing her truth to suit your agenda.

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@Graham I really cant be bothered with this argument or situation, but the use of the word coward here just seems way off track. Im pretty sure if it wasnt stupidity, it took courage to say something out against the policy being put forward. And I agree with crapahat, that it was something that this politician has no experience in. Im pretty sure that she is an example of that women are given opportunity in the workforce. Did you want my definition of coward, did I hear? One example would be a man who acts like he is Romeo, and all for women and would even make himself out as charmer to women who already have a partner, as if he could do better, but when push comes to shove would not take the effort to provide for a family and would expect that the woman have to work too......

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Japan should model Mongolia to stimulate population.

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@Kristianna-it is a well known fact that dancing unto the Lord is not considered a sin. It is also a known fact that judge and be judged is also a Bible truth.But most importantly where in the world does it say in the Bible "we" protect children by as a community setting a law to restrict ANYTHING?????? You're ability to remember the spare the rod spoil the child proverb fails to mention that that is talking to parents in their parenting!!!! Not all society on how to raise a commune. Parents would show their children appropriate dancing, parents would show their children how much to drink, parents would show their children that if you start down a road of drugs that we are all sinners and we can be forgiven with a u-turn. PARENTS. Not some NAZI ideal. Not some INTELLECTUAL ideal. Just family moving with the times. So Kristianna and Moondog, before you go setting up a bad example of Christians, it is well known also that other religions can be just as pig-headed about dancing-albiet the first Christians that came to Japan after the war were rather conservative, even most Christians nowadays would acknowledge that, but to say that Christians are the only ones that would be strict about dancing, (well just goes to proove that you havent even seen Footloose) is false. I would even suggest that it is purposefully misleading. Havent you even questioned whether the Bible is true? Researched anything? Not realizing that other religions are a lot more restrictive of dancing I would suggest that you arent even Christian. But this law being updated is good. Who would have even guessed that such a law existed with all the dancing, dancing classes etc going on. But perhaps that is the purpose of articles such as this; to phish comments. And to me that is almost as pathetic as some of the comments here.

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Must admit the amount I pay into Mediicare-or the Health Insurance System-certainly is way more than me or my family use in medical expenses. But that may be off topic cause the medical expenses are really good here compared to some places. Then again that is because Im on insurance....otherwise theyre terrible. Maybe all people-young or old- who rely on the medical industry have all just been sucked into the maelstrom.

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Good idea! I mean generally it is the white collar workers that arent interested in family anyways-that's the upper class I was talking about. They can get some sort of surreal sounding job and work. And it's the under-dog-well actually you could possibly call them blue collar but that just sounds demeaning-baggy-pants would hit the mark better and sounds a lot more classy-that have a better sense of family value, and they know how to work hard and do the dirty work. So just give them the idea that being at home and raising a family is idlic and a bonbon life. That's the trick!

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Some of the things mentioned here are interesting. I would add that because of the type of culture that Japan is, I would show more history of how Japan was more family orientated and encourage it from a patriotic stance. I also think while child-minding may state that children are possible, most women can do their math and realize that child-care isnt worth the money being forked out-especially with more than 1 or 2 children. So I would encourage shopping areas to have child-minding facilities. Maybe that wouldnt be able to handle babies, but who wants to have their wee baby minded anyways; shopping with a baby is a lot easier than shopping with a toddler, or toddlers, pre-schoolers. In fact I would push this more than day care centres. Day care centres start the dialogue that is detrimental to encouraging family. I would spend a lot more time talking/promoting the historical viewpoint of large families, family values. And I wouldnt necessarily show it as the upper class who were like that-cause they werent-but the under-dog, who when things in Japan were getting crazy, just kept to themselves and valued the good things in life-family. Look online and you can find lots of photos of large families of Japan. Take a trip to Tohoku-for the tsunami people if you like-get into the surrounding areas and hear how many people did have or do have lots of children(of course theyre aging now). Help tertiary education travel expenses and accomodation expenses for people who are out of the main city areas. Usually medical is pretty available-make more driving schools , or perhaps driving teachers (that is not necessarily having to use a ground, but public roads witha qualified teacher and a learner-car available) in places off the main drags......

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This might be a stupid question cause I know absolutely nothing about the science, but. Could Tepco and co be paying low etcetc because they would prefer to not "clean it up", but rather do something entirely different, like " just waste it" ??? And then spend earnings on new technology and science for safer energy. Or is that too vulnerable?

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I guess if you think that they might have been written while they were plugged full of speed, high quality, it would give a whole different taste. The so-called scum of todays Japan know very well that that was what was used by the kamikaze. Maybe facing family with an addiction would help pus you to death. Maybe it would help you write a bullsh*t letter about your leaders. And maybe if Japan of now would admit that drugs on the pilots, -I dont see that mentioned anywhere yet-were being being used, it may be easier by all on the whole. Not that China has any clean record either, but maybe the flavouring in how it is served could have a little more salt.

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While i think these letters should be registered and studied for the control that was prevalent at the time. I also think a lot more could have been done, up till now, to find Japanese people who went to great lengths to not be forced into being a kamikaze. There was, perhaps is, people like that who totally were not acknowledged for their choice to avoid being controlled. China can sweep all Japanese together if they want, but just like China, not all citizens are brainwashed and controlled. And most of these comments here just go to show how many can easily be controlled and have no way of really seeing any sort of light.

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@TumbleDry By the way you think-"sexuality is wired in the brain"-then youd have no problem understanding that genders are different (unlike the program that the education department is experimenting with, "combating stereotypes"), and that children are produced where there is one of each gender. I dont see how telling that truth is confusing to children. I understand that there is a homosexual stance. But this article is not about that. Or is that too hard to understand? Arent people allowed to say they think that children are formed by a male and a female?

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Sounds like he wants to get out of America. Sounds like there is a lot of people who want to help get him out. Sounds like we will find out if those who make money from him (and whatever else) how far their reach is into the white house.

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No one here said the rest of the world is America but for you to write it I guess you think it is. Dont hate on the americans because all the posters here are not americans or liberals

yeah and just like I forgot to put this in quotes, I did also with my earlier post. BUT. Boy do some people have a short memory if they are reading the thread. You would have noticed I quoted somebody else and saying exactly what you are saying. Sheesh! Couldnt you tell?????? Or did my name just get you hung up eh. Flattered.

I cant really even be bothered be talking about this issue cept for all the recent posts on other social sites that are accusative to Japan. And not to mention they are written in Chinese at times......

`igloobuyer I have no idea how you can put humans and dolphins on the same level. Honestly it is betond me how you can even state that they are the same. While ever your and others mindset is like that we'd have to agree to disagree. Cause there is a lot more people that I am concerned about before some ocean animal.

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What's ironic is that the most vocal protesters have the audacity to claim to be "liberals" where they in fact are the ones ardently pursuing the restraint of the liberty of others.

The application of 'Liberal' or 'conservative' is an American construct that the rest of the world doesn't feel the need to do to everyone, in order to try to pigeonhole them into a political paradigm that they feel fits that person's beliefs.

While you may find that some of the anti-dolphiners call themselves liberals, it will only be the American ones, and while you may find that some people refer to them as liberals, it will only be Americans doing so.

The rest of the world is not America

Oh grow up! Dont you even understand what liberal means-it doesnt mean a political party. So yeah, no we arent all Americans. And yeah liberal sounding viewpoints are, yeah, very tyrannical and undemocratic, and actually quite unliberal. Why do you even care about this years number of dead dolphins, if you even cared to think about this years number of dead people, killed by war, bombings etc, you wouldnt even have time to consider about this little number of animals. The only people who care are those who want to stir up trouble-like Kennedy. Americas true colours or would that be stripes starting to show eh. Or perhaps the true troubles and woes. People who dont really care about the numbers at all.

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