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Americans, including talk show hosts, make fun of European accents all the time. However, a president should not disrespect another group of people like that. He is not a comedian. He is in a position that sets the tone for million of his followers. His words matter. The perpetuation of group stereotypes and their effect on people is something very few White Americans can understand. You can't truly understand something until you have experienced it. I am sure all the White people living in Japan have experienced negative group stereotyping at some point. You didn't like it, did you? Now imagine if you were born in Japan and had to live with it for the rest of your life. Not nice.

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South Korea's other half is North Korea, not Japan.

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By the same logic, any Asian-American voting Republican shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. If criticizing another country makes you "anti-" that country, then Trump is most definitely anti-Chinese, anti-European, anti-Mexican, and even anti-American because of his constant bashing on American communities and cities.

Trump is in campaign mode right now. He will say anything to rile the other side and win the elections. The way he aggressively tries to pressure the FED to lower interest rates says it all. He is desperate. Not that i support the Democrats, but if they want to win, they should attack Trump on the economy and point out his hypocrisy. Trump right now is doing literally the exact same thing he accused Obama of doing. It's amazing how nobody is pointing that out.

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Some companies said they won't be affected as they don't directly engage in business with South Korea.

Even those companies that don't do business directly with South Korea will be effected by the ripple effect. On the first place, the semiconductor companies that export to SK will be effected the most. Less exporting means less business, which means less revenue, which means job cuts, which means unemployment. On the other hand, the disruption of the supply of these materials means not only higher costs of the phones, which many Japanese people use, but also higher costs for the materials that SK exports, that are used in other industries around the world. The higher cost of these products will have an effect on the consumers back home. If it takes more money to buy these products, it means people will have less money to spend on other things, and those "other" business will suffer as a consequence.

I also find it repugnant that some business manager in Japan would complain about SK wanting to make peace with their other half.

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I wouldn't consider almost 2 million people in a city of 7.5 million a "small minority". That's over a quarter of the population.

Good example of English media brainwashing and misinformation.

It's not 2 million, not even close. The English media originally reported that 1 million people were protesting, but the Hong Kong media reported that close to 250,000 people were protesting citing sources on the ground, includes multiple policeman.

Also, citing BBC. Really? Seriously? Peaceful protestors? Just Google Hong Kong protestors on YouTube and see how peaceful they are. Throwing bombs at the police, attacking innocent passengers, destroying property. You call that peaceful? BBC is a state-owned FAKE NEWS that have been caught lying millions of times. Don't even cite that brainwashing machine again.

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The primary difference with Hong Kong is that it is already separate from China, and is being forced to join.

Hong Kong is not separate from China. Hong Kong is a Chinese city. One Country, Two Systems. ONE country. Not, two countries. ONE. The audacity to even talk about Hong Kong as a bargaining chip is astonishing. It's like i invade your home, kill your family and steal one of your rooms but let you keep the house. After decades have passed, and you are starting to grow bigger, i decide to give your room back in exchange for you promising me to keep the walls pink. You would be like "WTF? Just give me back my room, you thief!". What the Fake News English Media is doing with Hong Kong is no different than Mexico bashing America saying "Why is there so much homelessness in LA? We should have never given you back California". It's ridiculous.

If China is so sure of their system, then why not let Hong Kong go and build up Shenzhen as a rival?

Same thing can be said about America. If America is so sure about their system, why not let California go and build Nevada as a rival? If Spain is so sure about their system, why not let Catalonia go and build neighboring regions as a rival? The double standards and hypocrisy are really astonishing. If this was happening in America or any other "white" country (except Russia), we wouldn't even be talking about this. Protests in America calling for independence of their State are described as "rioters", "terrorists", "anti-democracy violence" etc.. The exact same scenario happens in another country, and the media jumps at the opportunity to destroy them calling them "pro-democracy heroes", "freedom fighters". It's disgusting. This is not journalism, this is not news. This is activism. Even if the US media is not strictly or directly controlled by the federal government, they are conforming to the government, pushing their narrative, and defending it mindlessly and obediently. There is no difference from the way the US media lies and the way the Chinese media lies. And don't even get me started on England or other countries. It's so much worse there, but that's besides the point.

10 years ago, I had high hopes for China, and told everyone it was moving in the right direction while the USA was moving in the opposite direction. No longer.

Why? Seriously, what do you want from China? You want them to adopt Democracy so badly? And then what? Who brainwashed you to believe voting is some sort of benchmark of human achievement? India is a democracy, yet look at what they are doing with their disputed territories. They are about to go to war with Pakistan. Their country is riddled with corruption and their standards of living are 50 times lower than China. Look at Japan. They have democracy, yet they are ruled by a single party for over 30 years despite people not liking it. What is this obsession with having democracy. You seem to think if only China has Democracy, everything will be great. No. There is no connection between the two. The goal is to have good governance, not elected governance. Voting should not be the goal. Assuring good governance should be the goal. That's why the US founding fathers only allowed adult working males who own property to vote, not everybody. That's why today we don't allow kids to vote, because we don't think kids are mature and smart enough to make the right decision. Well, what makes you think a bunch of low-IQ bums can make the right decision? Allowing everybody to vote have created the incentive for politicians to lie in order to get elected. US government is elected by a majority of minorities. They just promise each minority group what they want to hear, so they can vote for them. This system is not some sort of panacea as you seem to think. Also, the US founding fathers hated Democracy. The word Democracy is not even written in the constitution. It says Republic. Republics operate differently. They have fixed set of rights that apply to everyone, that are not subjected to voting. The FF also considered having the Senate be aristocratic and not directly elected in order to ensure they would be a check on populace policies pushed by the directly elected representatives.

Just because the government is elected does not necessary mean it will be a good governance. Again, look at all the countries around the world who have democratic elections yet struggle to move forward in their development.

I am not saying the Chinese authoritarian model is better than Democracy, i am saying their model is working very good for them, and it is gradually changing, and it will continue to change as their middle class increase. That's how societies change. While their government is not elected by the people, i would say their policies reflect the wishes of the people to a large extend. It's not black and white as you seem to think.

Each year, close to 200 million Chinese travel overseas, and they voluntarily go back to China. If they were living in some repressive regime, why would they want to go back? Millions of Chinese students graduate the best universities in America, and they choose to go back to China. Why won't they stay in the land of the free, instead they choose to go back to the land of the oppressed? Apparently because it's not the land of the oppressed. In China, you are free to do and say whatever you want so long as you don't threaten the government or try to organize a revolution or something like that. Yes, Americans may have more rights than the Chinese, but that does not mean the Chinese have no rights, or that they live in some sort of dictatorship hell like North Korea. Societies change gradually. Not over night, and certainly not by being pressured by a foreign country. The new generation of Chinese will have different expectations, they will put pressure on their government, which would have to respond. That's how societies change. Gradually. One generation at a time.

Also, while the Chinese government is not elected, i would say it has more incentives to keep their people happy than an elected government. The chinese government is very much afraid of the people getting angry with them. Their whole legitimacy is based on improving the economy and the standards of living. The Chinese have shown many times in the past they can riot, violently, if they are not happy with something.

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I am curious what exactly does Omar proposes as a solution? Does she want Israelis to just pack their bags and go back to Europe? That's what the Palestinians want. Does she know that Israel have proposed a Two State Solution to Palestine 5 times, and they have rejected all 5 proposals? So, what exactly does she want from Israel?

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If people want to determine their own destiny, they should be allowed to, whether it's Catalonia, California, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

And i agree with that, but they have to do it in a democratic way, not through forceful separation. If these protestors want Hong Kong to be independent, fine, petition the government to allow you to organize a referendum, and we'll see how many people in Hong Kong want to be independent. The fact is that, the majority of people in Hong Kong do not want to be independent from China, a small minority want, and they are trying to achieve that through violence.

You might say - "the Chinese evil govt. will never allow a referendum on independence", and you might be right, but neither would the American govt. allow California to have a referendum on separation, nor the French one would, nor the Japanese would for Okinawa or Hokkaido, and, as we all saw, nether would the Spanish govt. allow it. Remember when the people in Barcelona tried to organize a referendum on leaving Spain, and the Spanish police brutally beat the crap out of them and forcefully stopped people from voting? Remember that? Why do you expect China to allow this to continue when you don't have the same expectations for others? This double standards is what i am against.

If the people of Hong Kong really want to leave China, there is always a way to do it peacefully and in a legitimate way through a referendum.

The whole world has ganged on China in the most animalistic and unfair way possible. As much as i am against any form of authoritarianism, i am even more against unfairness and double standards, especially deception. And all i see is deception, deception and more deception. Cunning, unscrupulous deception. I cannot support this. You have to remain fair and objective as much as possible.

The Chinese govt. has done more for the Chinese people that any other government in their entire history. For just 10 years, they have lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and turned a backward nation into the 2nd largest economy on Earth. There are so many good things happening in China, and yet all of that is ignored. There are many protests in China that have changed local government policy, yet non of that is ever reported. Even if you don't trust any polls, just go and ask random people on the streets if they support their government. I guarantee you that 90% of the people will tell you they support their government, but non of that is ever reported on the "international" aka "English-media" news. I can't support this double standards and unfair attacks on China. My only allegiance is to the truth, and this is the truth as i see it right now.

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The British never should have returned Hong Kong to this repressive communist regime.

Then China would've just taken it back by force.

The "repressive regime" is the one that stole the land in the first place, not the one whose land had been colonized. Hong Kong under colonial rule did not had Democracy or any form of rights. Those were given to them when they became autonomous region. So, ironically, China gave Hong Kong what they think China is taking away from them, and the people who they seek support from are the people under which they had neither Democracy nor Freedom. This is the power of propaganda and brainwashing.

Speaking of stealing lands, when is England going to return Northern Ireland to Ireland?

Some people apparently have such a miserable life that they can't stop living in their fantasy version of the past, because it is the only thing that gives them sense of significance and superiority. China was the world superpower many centuries before people in England knew how to build a ship. The only reason China never colonized any European country is because they weren't of any use to them, not because they couldn't. Just putting it out there for perspective... you know, perspective, the one thing missing from English textbooks and media, apart from correct information, of course.

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That is on own soil. We are talking about the Chinese army going into Hong Kong, totally different ballgame.

Which part of ONE country, two systems you don't understand?

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"Once Japan is clear about its objectives, it will help to facilitate discussions," Stangarone said.

Don't hold your breath.

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The double standards and hypocrisy are astonishing. Can you imagine if there were rioters in the United States throwing bombs at the police, destroying private property and blocking airports? Is there anybody here that can honestly tell me the US government wouldn't send the military after just 24 hours and beat to death the protesters? Why imagine when we have an abundance of real life examples. Remember the Ferguson, Missouri unrest? Less than 200 people gathered, broke few windows and trashed the streets. Within 24 hours the US government sent in the military to forcefully crack down on protestors. They didn't just warn them, they literally used guns and weapons to shut them down. Can you imagine if there was a riot in California calling for California to be independent from the US, closing down airports and burning buildings, attacking the police and flying Mexican flags? You can bet your ass the US government would send in the military and there's going to be a bloodshed in California. And yet, rioters in Hong Kong have been inciting chaos on the streets for over a month now, attacking the police, destroying buildings, closing airports, and the English media threatens China "don't you dare try to stop these freedom fighters". Astonishing hypocrisy and double standards. I don't remember any media threatening Spain when they cracked down on pro-democracy protestors in Barcelona when they organized a vote and protested for a month, or even the ongoing French freedom fighting protestors.

The media is the new king. And the king is trying to protect his firm control over the narrative. That's all there is to it. Truth to these people means absolutely nothing. Zero. Truly the enemy of the people. 100 years from now, people would look back on us and feeling sorry how brainwashed and deceived we all were.

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When your judicial branch decisions are leading your country down the path to international turmoil, it's time to figure out a different strategy.

What international turmoil? What "strategy"? The Korean judicial system indicted a sitting president. That to me speaks of a highly independent judiciary. When is the Japanese judiciary going to indict a single bureaucrat, let alone a sitting minister or a prime minister? The Korean courts interpret laws and legal contracts. They have ruled that the Japanese-Korean treaty does not absolve Japanese companies from legal lawsuits over unpaid compensation. The Korean victims have then proceeded to sue those companies. It's as simple as that. The Korean parliament or President have nothing to do with any of this.

You want the Korean parliament to intervene and illegally overturn a court decision just so the Japanese government can be happy? That's like Mexico threatening to impose tariffs on US if the congress doesn't intervene and tell the courts to overturn their indictment on El Chapo. Can you imagine that ever happening? Even Saudi Arabia was angrily protesting when the US courts allowed US citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Can you imagine US bowing down to Saudi Arabia can ordering the courts to backtrack on their ruling? That's essentially what Japan is asking from the Korean government.

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Which part of his speech was supposed to be expressing the "deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions"?

"Looking back on the long period of postwar peace, reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse, I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated."

This text does not express remorse over Japan's wartime actions. It says "reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse" or i.e. "reflecting on our past, we feel deep remorse for loosing the war and causing a lot of suffering to the innocent Japanese people". That's how the average Japanese is interpreting his speech.

Non-Japanese speakers are too easily manipulated. The Emperor would never acknowledge Japan's war crimes or even acknowledge any guilt. That's a taboo in Japan. Nobody in high position is allowed to speak about that. The official narrative is that Japan is an innocent victim of a random war that came out of nowhere.

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Somebody should give Kono a book "Law for Dummies, Japanese edition", so he can learn about separation of powers. Apparently he and the rest of the old squad do not understand that the Legislative branch cannot interfere with the Judicial branch. But it's not surprising he would think it should. Remember when Taro Aso said they should learn from Nazi Germany on how to "quietly" push their policies. These people have no respect for separation of powers or democracy. In Japan, the LDP pretty much think of themselves as Monarchs who are entitled to the throne. Elections for them are just nuisance.

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Are you sure about that? Japanese restaurant and food processing industry would ditch Japanese farm produce and switch to American farm produce imports in a heartbeat if allowed to.

For example, Gyudon industry cannot exist without American beef and bentos are made with the cheapest available rice, often from Fukushima, so if even cheaper American rice became available, there would be a massive demand.

What you said did not disprove what i said. Those are private restaurants, and their decision to introduce American beef or other farm products is not dictated by the government. Ultimately, if their customers do not want to eat it, they will be forced to stop buying it. It is the customer that makes the final decision.

I agree that, if American agricultural products were freely sold on the Japanese market without non-tariff protections, it is likely that many Japanese would buy them, if not for the quality, for the price. However, that does not disprove my point, which is that, the government cannot force people to buy American products.

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Tariffs are a punitive tax on consumers for choosing to buy foreign products. Trump's economic ignorance, combined with his arrogance and hyper-hysteric urge to save face and "win" is a combustible combination that threatens the lives of average Americans. I would put Trump and AOC in the same group. They are really similar in many ways. Both are economically illiterate to a comical level, both are 100% certain they are right, both refuse to accept the possibility they may be wrong, and both are determined to force their views down on people's throats whether they like it or not.

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Who is Japan? The Japanese government cannot order Japanese people to buy American farm products. There are no state-owned agricultural companies in Japan to my knowledge, in fact, the agricultural industry in Japan is heavily unionized and organized in their lobbying efforts to make the government impose tariffs or non-tariff protections against foreign competitors. Even if American agricultural products are freely sold on the Japanese market, you can't make the people buy them.

Trump thinks he can micromanage an economy like he micromanages a business. It doesn't work that way. The economy is not a number or a machine that you can micromanage. Trump, as a businessman, is entirely used to focusing on the numbers, in this case, he think the GDP and trade numbers represent the economy, and therefore if he can make them go up, it means the economy is doing good. Well, it's not, and it doesn't work that way. Those numbers are entirely meaningless, because countries do not trade with each other, PEOPLE trade with each other. Standards of living are not represented in those GDP or trade figures.

Trump is sacrificing the entire population just to help few businesses have less foreign competition, as a result, the "figures" will go up, and he will think he is "winning", all while the average American will pay twice, even triple the price for everyday items.

Tariffs and other protectionist or trade-restrictrive laws must be forbidden in the constitution.

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This will only create more incentives for illegal overstays.

This whole proposal is so ridiculous i don't know where to even begin.

Why is Trump or anybody else in any position to say what is "enough income"? Enough for whom? Who defines what is "enough"? And to whom is a "low income" a problem? Just because somebody has a "low income" today, does not mean they won't have high income tomorrow. How many Americans change their jobs in an year? It's a normal practice to grow your skills in a job and move to a higher income position.

Also, about the "merit-based immigration". Who decides who has merit and who doesn't? Shouldn't the market decide that, or should it be a politician? Everybody has some merit. Even people with little skills have merit. And another constantly perpetuated myth is that, once poor, always poor. That is simply ridiculously untrue.

If Trump joins a software company, he will be a low paying cheap labor as he loves to put it. His skills will be minimum, his pay will be low. Within 3-5 months, hopefully he would have learned more, and he would move to a higher position, and his pay will increase, he will no longer be "cheap", he will have become "expensive" labor, but if you remove the "low paying" positions, then you are making it impossible for people to get to the high paying positions, unless they train some place else, or graduate the best university in the country and get hired directly.

No matter how unskilled and poor immigrants are at first, they are always benefit to an economy, because at the very least, they are consumers, they buy stuff, and they create demand. However, most immigrants do not stay "poor" forever, they change positions just like everybody else. If you do not allow low paying people to do low paying jobs, then those jobs will move to a foreign country, and there will be less production in the US, and more unemployment. Americans are not going to do a job that pays less than the welfare benefits.

Trump's entire understanding of economics is completely false. He also does not seem to have a lot of respect for the separation of powers, and consensus-based decisions, as he always wants to have his way without seeking approval from others. He thinks he is right, and he is too arrogant to accept the possibility that he may be wrong. He only hires people who agree with him so they can tell him what he already believes.

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All the rosy news about increases in consumer spending, lowering under-employment, etc etc,

That's the short-term effect of Quantitative Easing. Injecting borrowed money into the economy to stimulate borrowing, which creates artificial demand, which leads to higher employment and more jobs to supply the demand, jobs that would not have existed otherwise.

The article is about the long-term effect of QE. Once the cycle ends, there are no more easy money to borrow, that leads to rapid contraction in demand, which leads to unemployment, job cuts, less investment, less spending, bankruptcies, and overall economic contraction. This contraction is necessary to get rid of all the malinvestments done by the artificial increase of demand, and to also liquidate all the accumulated debt by borrowing easy loans.

Think about QE as getting drunk. It's nice while it lasts. The pain comes only after you get sober. You have to endure few hours of pain until your body get rid of the hangover. If you keep drinking to avoid the hangover, you will never recover. If they keep injecting QE after QE to avoid the hangover, the economy will never recover.

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Their lack of critical thinking is astonishing. The socialists in America have a child-like superficial thinking. They never go any deeper than the surface.

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Ridiculous analysis. Resurgent yen threatens the export industries, but presents a huge opportunity for the massively underdeveloped service sector industry.

This analysis was entirely from the point of view of the export companies, but from the point of view of the average consumer, rising yet is a very good news. It means cheaper imports, and more service sector jobs. They only focus on the losses in the export industry, but they neglect to recognize the unseen, which is that there will be more jobs created in the service sector. A lot more jobs will be created than lost, and overall, people's standards of living will increase as a result of the higher yen, because they can buy cheaper imports. People will have more money in their pockets, that's a good thing.

The ideal situation is to import as much as possible, and export as little as possible, not the other way around.

The trade war between US and China is a golden opportunity for Japan to strengthen their currency and escape the 3 decades long cheap yen cycle. All the government has to do is.. not do anything, just let the currency rise naturally.

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You must be so old that you have forgotten that 3 days ago the Japanese government threatened to pull out funding for Nagoya if they don't stop the Comfort Women exhibition. And where did you even read the word "government" in this story? You need new glasses, Old man. This was a consumers boycott of the business, not the government. In a democratic society, when you don't like what a business is doing, you boycott them, you don't call in the government to shut them down.

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So you're saying that the Japanese government and the Japanese public are apologetic, or have been apologetic? Then why do they keep denying their war crimes, and why are they not teaching any of it in their history textbooks? Japanese politicians, even Abe himself, have denied that comfort women were forced, they have accused them of being lying prostitutes, they have denied the Nanking massacre as Chinese hoax, they regularly visit the Yasukuni Shrine where Tojo is enshrined, they even claim they have liberated Asian countries, and not invaded them. PM Abe said "the definition of aggression varies", and then took a picture in a plane with the numbers 731. No, this was not "coincident". Nothing in Japanese culture is coincidental. The mayor of Osaka then Hashimoto said that the comfort women were needed prostitutes to relief some of the stress of the Japanese solders. The mayor of Nagoya have also denied the Nanking Massacres saying it was hoax. The 6 time in a row elected former mayor of Tokyo Ishihara is the Japanese equivalent of David Duke.

Are you seriously claiming these people are apologetic? Their so called apologies are ridiculous. If you actually read Japanese, and understand Japanese culture, you would know these are not apologies. They do not contain admission of guilt, and they speak about war in the abstract, as oppose to an act of aggression committed by them. It's always something like "it is regrettable that a lot of people suffered during the war". Does that sound like an apology to you? In Japanese culture, the context and words mean everything. You will not find a single admission of guilt in these so called apologies. Moreover, they are always followed by a visit to the Yasukuni, or a statement of denial, which completely erases everything that was just said. But that's all purposeful, of course. They do not feel any remorse, because they do not think they have done anything wrong. If they did, they would not be whitewashing their history and denying their war crimes, they would be teaching those war crimes like the Germans do, but they are not.

So, how can you claim they have been apologetic? When? I guess the only somewhat real apology i have ever heard was from Kono, but that was later taken back by other administrations, even the current Abe administration who said "our administration does not necessarily agree with the Kono statement". So again i am asking, how can you think they have been apologetic when they have a history of denying their war crimes? What makes you think they have been apologetic, other than their cunning attempts are silencing and burring this issue by trying to bribe corrupt Korean leaders to seal this issue forever? They have also tried to intimidate and force an American textbooks manufacturer to remove all mentions of "comfort women", and they are actively putting pressure on cities around the world to remove any statutes of "comfort women". Does that sound like something an apologetic government would do? To me it sounds like something a desperate and sick man who tries erase their history would do.

By the way, have you been to the Yushukan, the museum inside the Yasukuni Shrine? That museum is an open symbol of the Japanese historical revisionism and an expression of their view that they were the victims of a random war.

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Japan has never been apologetic in the first place. They are rather tired of trying to appear apologetic. The young generation in Japan are more willing to sympathize with Korea, but because of the revisionist education and nationalists-run media, young people in Japan have no idea why are Koreans so angry. They are misled to believe Japan never did anything wrong, and whatever wrong is done, they have paid for it. So, when they keep seeing Koreans protesting, they can't understand why, and they start to subscribe to the media narrative that Koreans are unreasonable and have anti-Japanese education.

It's really scary to think about how you can brainwash an entire population in 2019.

There is also a cultural element to it as well. Even if most Japanese spoke English, is it rather unlikely that they would seek information from non-Japanese sources, the same way, most English people do not seek information from non-British sources. It's a messy mix of a island mentality, a culture of conformity to majority opinion, and lack of exposure to information. A minority pushes certain narrative, the media blows it up, and most people conform to it, thereby becoming majority opinion to which other people conform and nobody wants to question it, because nobody wants to stand out.

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@NCIS Reruns

Comparing Japan with America is like comparing apples and oranges. Japanese people were never allowed to carry guns throughout their entire history, and they don't have 300 years of gun ownership tradition written in their own constitution.

Anybody who focuses on guns is misguided, and is only wasting their time. Gun ownership is part of the American culture, and there is no way on Earth anybody will take away all the guns in America. It's more than impossible. As long as there are people making guns, and people owning guns, it would always be easy for a criminal who wants to commit a crime with a gun to buy a gun. Chicago banned all guns, but that didn't stop the gun crimes. Guns are bought from other states. Guns are even smuggled in jails. What chance is there that you would ban all guns in America, and prevent illegal smuggling into the country? ZERO. You are wasting your time focusing on the weapon.

Switzerland and Serbia have higher gun ownership rate on per capita basis than America. Have you ever heard of any mass shootings in Switzerland? No, because the mere availability of guns does not make people commit mass shootings. Mass shootings are rather the result of culture of militarism.

A little known fact is that, mass shooters are disproportionately veterans, former or sometimes even current military people.

There is a connection between the glorification of militarism and mass shootings. SWAT for example was created and run by former military people, and they have been criticized many times for bringing weapons that are normally used in wars and using them for police work.

It's a very complicated problem, and there are probably more than one factors contributing to it. Focusing solely on guns is completely meaningless, especially when the chances of taking away all the guns is zero. Even if there are "intelligent background checks", it's not going to change anything, because if someone is committed to use a gun, they can always get a gun on the black market.

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I personally think the rise of nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment in the US has to do with the decreasing standards of living and worsening economic prospects.

If you have a high standards of living, a good paying job, and the economic conditions are so good, that you know you can quit your job and get a new one the next day, you would most likely not care about immigrants no matter what the news tell you. It is only when people are financially unstable, work a low paying job 8 or 12 hours a day, live paycheck to paycheck, have bleak economic prospects, and you can't explain to yourself why are things so bad for you, then comes somebody who gives you the answers - the economy is bad because immigrants come and suppress wages, they also commit crimes, and destroy our culture. When these answers and ideas go unchallenged, people believe them, as they are given no other alternative explanation.

It is much more easy to give people simple answers than try to educate them on the real issues. A simple argument takes 30 seconds to make, a complicated long argument takes 30 minutes.

I read some of the manifesto of one of the guys, he says his dream job is about to disappear because of automation, and his precious Texan culture is no longer the same.

Again, i strongly think that, the root cause of this surge of nationalism and anti-immigration sentiment is the worsening standards of living and bleak economic prospects. Contrary to what Trump is saying, the US economy is nowhere near "the great it has ever been". It's not even the great to begin with. In fact, it's not even good.

It's a vicious cycle and it's very complicated, because, on one hand, the way to make the economy grow and expand, you would first need to end the QE policy, by doing so, the economy will fall into recession. During that recession, what the government needs to do is massively shrink the government spending, cut a lot of the red tape and regulations, and get rid of all the anti-business, anti-entrepreneur laws. Minimum wage is one of the main reasons why the shooter's dream job has been automated. People need to get educated on how the economy works. All the laws that are supposed to help women and other minorities are making it worse for them. Taxes are also high. US's pain is a self-inflicted one. All these welfare programs are not helping poor people, they are making it worse for them. The entire economy is upside down. However, if any candidate proposes any of the changes i proposed, there is no way they would ever win, and thus, lying and keep going with the QE failed policies is the only option left.

It's a vicious cycle. As the rotten policies continue, the economy will continue to worsen, people's standards of living will continue to decline, and that leads to frustration and anger, and since most people don't know why this is happening, they channel their anger at the immigrants. It's very difficult to radicalize someone who's having a great life, it's very easy to do that with someone who is not happy with his life.

If a Democrat wins in 2020, things will get so much worse, but also better in some ways, because i think a Democrat will probably cut the military spending in half to pay for their socialistic policies, and by doing so, they will put an end to the military industrial complex and the endless foreign wars that have bankrupted the US. On the flip side, all the newly created inflation will kill the value of the dollar and the bubble will finally pop resulting in a massive recession. Hopefully after that people will give a Libertarian a try, and that will usher a new era of peace and prosperity for all.

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who at times exudes a typical Japanese demeanor

I am curious what exactly is a "typical Japanese demeanor"?

This "debate" is not unique to Japan in any way. It is rather common for every homogeneous society.

Last year when the French team won the world football cup, a lot of people were making jokes that "Africa" won, because almost all French players were of African origin. A lot of French people responded angrily to these jokes saying that France is a multiracial society and the team is 100% French, to which a lot of other high profile people responded by saying the French who defend the team are hypocrites because the same people who are now proud of the "African-French" team for winning were bashing them up until then for being African and not real French -- "when they win, they are French, when they lose, they are just Africans", said one Comedian.

I remember several years ago reading on the news that Scottish people were complaining that every time a sportsman, whose name and sport he is competing in i forgot, wins, the English press describes him as "british", every time he loses, they describe him as "scottish".

I know several Black YouTubers who are born in England. Every time someone in the comments (probably Americans) call them "British", you see a tsunami of replies saying "He is not British, he is Nigerian". I have also noticed Black people from England are very timid and afraid to call themselves British, because they probably know people will ridicule them or deny their identity.

I am sure the same problem exists in every other homogeneous society.

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Wouldn't it be smarter to monitor it instead? If the guy got radicalized in there, and posted his manifesto there, he must have indicated before what he plans to do. A much smarter thing to do would be for agencies to monitor the site and work with the owners, and if they detect a pattern that leads them to think somebody is about to commit a crime, they could track him down and arrest him. While users appear anonymous, in fact, they are not, their IP's get stored in the backside, that's why the moderators can ban users. If you have someone's IP, it's easy to find where they live, and track their posts.

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The prospect that Britain will leave the European Union without a trade deal — a risk that seemed to rise after Boris Johnson became prime minister last month — is imperiling Europe's economic prospects.

The way this is written makes it sound as if EU's economy depends on Britain, and if Britain leaves, EU's economy will collapse. You have it backwards. Britain is the one that will suffer if they leave without a trade deal. EU is the largest economic union on the planet, they are not depended on Britain for anything. EU makes up almost 50% of UK's exports, that's almost 10% of UK's GDP. On the other hand, EU's total exports to the UK are about 15%, and that was before the massive free trade deal with Japan that was made last year. Moody, among others, already said that a no deal brexit will sink Britain into a deep recession, and yet here we are looking at yet another article talking about how dangerous it will be for the EU that Britain will leave without a no deal Brexit, without even mentioning just how much more dangerous and devastating will be for England. Japan and other major investors in England have already warned that a no deal brexit will harm Japanese investment. The only reason countries like US, Japan and China invest in UK is because it was a gateway to Europe, if they leave without a deal, and all the investment is pulled out and relocated to the mainland, i wonder whose economic prospects will be "imperiled"? Let me guess, EU's!?

Bottom line is this. There will be some negative consequences for the EU, but nothing that can even be compared to what will happen to UK. For Christ sake, EU is 7 times bigger and richer than Britain. How much more delusional can you get to think EU depends on England?

I am very curious to know who exactly made that statement. I am 99.9% sure it was AN ENGLISHMAN.

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