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Why not just give schools the autonomy to decide on their own working conditions instead?

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Which part of this text was the admission of guilt? There is nothing in this text that contradicts the official revisionist narrative.


First it says ''so called Comfort Women'', meaning, ''there aren't really comfort women'', second, it says their dignity was hurt under the Japanese military, again, a typical Netouyo would look at this and say "i completely agree. They were either sold by their parents into prostitution, or they were well paid prostitutes". "It is regrettable that the J-military had to recruit these women, it must have been humiliating for them". There is no mention that they were COERCED BY THE J-MILITARY INTO SLAVERY. That sentence is missing. Again, context is what matters. Also, Koizumi did visit the Yasukuni Shrine multiple times.

SKoreans should not expect Japan to apologize in the 1st place then.

I think most of them just want an honest recognition of history more than anything else.

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Is there anybody here who has lived in Japan for more than a year and seriously believes Japanese people are good at "solving real-life problems"? I don't know what those tests measure, but it isn't "real-life problem solving skills" for sure. These tests are useless.

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There should be a word for people like you. Actually there is, but if i use it, my comment will get removed. Listen, you apparently do not speak Japanese fluently, and you don't have a good understanding of Japanese culture. Read the texts in Japanese, and you will see that there is no admission of guilt. Japanese culture is all about context. Every word matters greatly. These apologies are crafted carefully as to convey one meaning for the international audience, and another for the domestic one.

I am not saying all of these apologies are fake, some were descent, in particular the Kono statement, but like i said, they were buried in a mountain of revisionism and denials. You can't possibly expect Koreans or anybody to take these few descent apologies seriously when they are followed by decades of non-stop revisionism and denials. Often the people who make them are themselves members of Nippon Kaigi. Imagine a German PM apologizing for the war, but later visits Hitler's grave, and is member of Hitler was a hero association. Would you believe anything that guy had to say? And furthermore, Japan is currently engaged in a worldwide crackdown on comfort women statues. You seriously believe someone who feels even a drop of regret or remorse would so fanatically pursue and even threaten other countries to remove all statutes and mentions of comfort women? Even the current PM himself have said comfort women were not sex slaves, and now you expect me to just believe he changed his mind? Don't make me laugh.

You know very well that there is hardly any Japanese politician who doesn't believe in the revisionist narrative of their history. Their actions speak louder than their words. In Japanese culture, apologies aren't what you think they are. Apologies are just formality here. People think as long as you say "i am sorry", you have done your obligation, and it doesn't matter whether or not your actions align with your words. That's the general culture, and that's part of the reason why nobody trusts each other in Japan. People lie to each other, and expect others to lie to them. Apologies mean nothing to people here.

Prof Ahn of Seoul University questioned 50 former CW and concluded that their testimony as "not credible".

Well if that's what Prof Ahn of Seoul University says, then it's settled.

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The vast majority of Japanese politicians are members of Nippon Kaigi, which a revisionist organization whose main stance is that Japan liberated East Asia, there were no conform women, no invasion of Korea, no nanking massacre and so on. Literally hundreds of J-politians have visited the Yasukuni Shrine, and dozens of high ranking politicians have made incredibly insulting comments towards Koreans, the ex-Mayor of Tokyo, the ex-mayor of Osaka, the ex-mayor of Nagoya, the current Prime Minister, as well as at least dozens of other LDP lawmakers whose names i won't be bothered to google. Meanwhile, there has never been a single South Korean politician to my knowledge that has ever made any sort of disparaging remark towards Japan.

As for your list of apologies, i have already addressed this many times before. These are not apologies as they do not contain any admission of guilt. They're a wordplay of carefully crafted "expressions of regret" that "something bad happened". And furthermore, for each of these non-apologies, there is a disproportionate number of denials. The current PM of Japan have even said that the government does not stand with the Kono statement.


If you think that a 14 year old girl will voluntarily become a prostitute, you need to check your head. And if you think that all Dutch, Australian, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese former Conform Women would lie in such a consistent way, then you are hopeless. I would love to see you face any one of these women and say to their face that they are lying. Do you have the guts to do that?

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This is beyond ridiculous. Getting offended because somebody asked you to apologize. The hypocrisy of the Japanese politicians is astonishing. They insult the Korean victims all the time, calling them prostitutes and what not, visiting the Yasukuni and worship these brutal criminals who slaughtered Koreans, and now they have the nerve to get offended because a Korean lawmaker asked their Emperor to apologize, making it look like a huge unspeakable crime. These Koreans have no manners and are so rude asking our Emperor to apologize for colonizing them, meanwhile J-pol. saying things like "our solders had to rape their women to relief the stress".

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My favorite Japanese name is Mori (森). I don't know why, but i just love that name. Maybe because my favorite color is green, and i like forests, and the name reminds me of both.

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You have to admire the South Korean civil society. Japanese people have a lot to learn from them. In fact, some of the Japanese anti-Abe movement people do cite Koreans as a good example quite often on Twitter.

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The biggest source of discrimination against ethnic minorities in Japan is the government itself and politicians. They are the ones that fan the flames of discrimination against ethnic minorities. Why not make a law against politicians' speech instead.

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Or reduce social security costs instead.

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He's not wrong. The Chinese elite is yet to understand what Japan understood back in the early 1900s, which is that, you are either on the table, or on the menu. Japan understood long time ago that the world is not fair, and that you have to play the game as it is if you want to win, wheres the Chinese government doesn't seem to have any experience in diplomacy and is incredibly naive about how the world works.

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That's like saying: You may slide toward hangover as alcohol impact fades. Duh. So, what do you do next - keep drinking to avoid the hangover, or endure the hangover to recover from the intoxication?

Option number 1 - you endure the hangover. The economy falls into short recession, unemployment rises, demand contracts, and consumption falls rapidly as people choose to save their money until the intoxication (debt and mal-investments) is out of your body (economy). You are blamed by everybody for crashing the economy, you resign, and you never become PM again.

Option number 2 - you keep drinking. You inject another doze of QE, say this is all according to plan, everything is doing great. The new doze of alcohol gives the economy what it wants, everybody is fresh and satisfied (more intoxicated than it was before). You remain PM.

Which option do you think is more politically feasible? This is why they should be teaching basic economics 101 in school rather than history or those other BS subjects. If people were studying economics instead of history in school, our lives would've been so much better.

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As usual no common sense at all. Literally all they have to do is allow them to change jobs. That's it.

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The English language media extensively covered the HK police shooting, but not even a single media covered the video of the HK rioters setting a man on fire. Yes, you can actually see the video on YouTube. A peaceful man was having a dialogue with several of the "peaceful democracy loving protesters". He says to them "let's use dialogue instead of violence", and the next second you see the democracy fighters pouring gasoline on him and then lighting him on fire.

The fact that nobody reported on this, other than SCMP, but everybody focused on the HK police shooting is really telling about the media environment we are living in. Certain narratives are simply not shown on the mainstream media, whiles others are emphasized and drilled into people's heads on a daily basis. The sooner people lose all faith in the mainstream media, the better all of our lives are going to be. The better for all of humanity.

And about these violent separatists, they're really lucky they aren't in America or Europe. If you do 1/1000th of that in America, you can bet you will be either shot or send to prison for life. I actually suspect that, the central government in China is intentionally allowing these rioters to continue destroying their own city on purpose so they can create turmoil and destabilize their economy. Economically weak cities are easier to control. Just imagine a violent mob looting the city, burning cars, attacking police and innocent people, and waving Chinese flags, calling for separation of California from the US. Can you even fathom what will happen? Is there anybody here who honestly believes a violent mob like that is going to get even a millionth of a fraction of the same coverage the HK rioters are getting right now? From CNN to Fox News, everybody will be condemning them, calling them traitors, China spies, and national emergency situation. The military will be deployed within few hours, and there will be bloodshed on the streets.

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I think what Japanese people need the most is tolerance. One of the most striking things about Japanese culture is just how intolerant people are about "the different". They do not tolerate different beliefs, different behavior, different speech, different values. They have no tolerance for anybody who does anything differently from "the norm". Everybody knows that individual expression is highly discouraged and suppressed in Japan, but the core issue here is the lack of tolerance for people who are different. It's a cultural problem too. People pay too much attention about what other people do, as oppose to just let them be, and let others do whatever they want. It's very hard for them to just accept other people's differences. They need to learn how to be tolerant, and how to "live and let live".

On the other hand, Japan has a very deeply ingrained bulling and public shaming culture. Anybody who doesn't conform to the norm gets bullied. England has the same type of culture, and despite being more open and having a relatively big percentage of immigrants, that bulling culture is still there. So it will take at least several decades for Japan to change this aspect of their culture, even after they accept a large number of immigrants who will inevitably contribute to cultural changes in society.

But also, like i said in my other comment, when it comes to their historical issues, the Japanese think if they "admit" to these crimes, and if the world "knows" about it, their image will be lost, they will lose face, and they will be bullied and tormented forever. The nationalists don't want that to happen to them. The other two groups of people are the ones who have sort of accepted their fate, and then there's the more intelligent internationalized ones who know nobody is going to bully or judge Japan over their history.

The bottom line is, one of the most important virtues people can have is tolerance. Just being open minded and tolerant of different ideas and opinions, even when you are 1 million percent sure you are right, and the other person is wrong. Just be open minded, and accept that there is 1 percent chance you could be wrong, and listen to what they have to say, and then reexamine your own views. It's amazing how much people can learn and improve themselves by just being open minded enough to allow themselves to be exposed to new information.

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That's all he can do - threaten, but in reality, he has a very little leverage over Europe. For one, the majority of refugees in Turkey have already settled down, and even if he "opens up the gate", he can't force "millions of refugees" to move to Europe. They are not cattle. Some probably will, but not all. But also, if he does "open up the gates" and several hundred thousand refugees do try to move to Europe over a period of at least an year, what happens next? It's over for Turkey. He would have use the only card he has.

Germany, which is the country likely to suffer the most from any refugees coming from Turkey, is ironically the country that helps the Erdogan regime remain in power by investing millions into the new Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Turkey.

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And people wonder why are Koreans still upset with Japan. Does this look like the behavior of someone who feels even a grain of remorse about the past? To expect a sincere recognition and apology from these people is more than wishful thinking. Is it also any wonder why the majority of Japanese people are utterly ignorant about their past? The J-Govt. have done everything they can to keep people indoctrinated with one-sided information, and prevent them from being exposed to new information. Alternative views and information different from the "official one" are not allowed in Japan. Authoritarians hate all freedoms, the freedom to speak, the freedom to choose what to buy, where to buy, where to work, who to vote for etc. Authoritarians want to control you, what you can say, what you know, what you should think, who you should vote for, where you should buy from, what to buy, how to buy it etc. everything. It's not about the culture, it's about the system.

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Nothing screams guilty more than these obsessive attempts at trying to stop people from listening to different view points. One of the biggest myths about Japan is that people are conformists and avoid confrontation because they value social harmony. That's BS. Japan is a society of coercion by intimidation. People don't want to express themselves and speak their mind because they are scared of the consequences. And for a good reason too.

On the other hand, i can understand why these nationalists are so brutal and obsessed in burying their history and making sure nobody knows about it. They project their own twisted mentality into others. We all do that. They think if the world "knows" what Japan did, Japan will be seen as "bad" and will be constantly bullied and looked down on. They will lose face forever and their precious image will be lost. That's what happens in Japanese society when someone loses face, and that's what they think is going to happen to Japan on the world stage. Imagine a little kid who wet his pants, and is now afraid to death that others will find out about it and laugh at him, so he is desperately trying to hide it. Little does he know, everybody already knows, but simply don't care.

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How Bulgaria’s booming transport industry has made it a target for desperate people risking their lives to cross borders in the back of lorries | The Independent

Also, they are not trying to reach "The West", because they have reached "the West'' the moment they land in Bulgaria. What they are trying to reach is a particular country, depending on their circumstances. In 9 out of 10 cases, that particular country is Germany. Many don't even want to stay in Austria or Scandinavia. Even those who cross the med sea to reach Italy don't want to stay there, they want to go to Germany. Also, this story is from 2015, the peak of the refugee crisis.

I don't think i remember ever seeing a positive story about Bulgaria from DW. I see they actively maintain the cold war terminology and mindset division in Europe. I also like the fact that, the English press is already trying to desperately shift the focus from themselves to somebody else. They already can't stop writing about how bad Bulgaria is and how we have a problem with smugglers despite the fact that, this tragedy has nothing to do with Bulgaria. But of course, you would never see the Mirror or one of these pseudo news websites writing anything bad about their own country.

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Logic failure. Do you really think Bulgarians all reside in Bulgaria? Yoinks.

Where is the logic that Bulgarians have anything to do with this? Why are we even talking about Bulgarian involvement when there is zero evidence for it? The truck company was registered in Bulgaria by a woman from Northern Ireland in 2017, and the truck has not entered the country since then. The container or the trailer was shipped from Belgium and presumably attached in England. The Belgium media have said that, they don't believe the people were smuggled inside the container in Belgium because containers are examined before shipment in the ports. Which to me means that, the people were smuggled either en route to England, or IN England. So what does Bulgaria has to do with any of this again? Other than the obvious hate for us of course. Also, just today, two English people were arrested in suspicious of human trafficking and murder, while the driver of the truck, who is coincidentally from Northern Ireland, remains arrested. So, again, why are we talking about Bulgaria? I don't see any reason to even think that Bulgarians are involved in this. To think logically means to think in accordance with facts, so which facts makes you think that Bulgarians are involved here? All the known facts so far point to British smugglers and criminals, but then again, they control the media, so we get to be blamed for it. That's how it works.


And how many British smuggler gangs are serving time in British prisons? Or am i not allowed to ask questions that may portray England in a negative light?

Why are you even focusing on Bulgarians, when this is clearly done by British criminal and smugglers? There is zero evidence for any Bulgarian involvement, and yet here you are talking about Bulgarian smugglers. You can't help yourself blaming somebody else. There are likely many times more British smugglers, but you would never hear about them from the English press.

Even if there are Bulgarian people smugglers and Bulgarian pickpocket gangs who fly into London every weekend does not reflect on all Bulgarians. All nations have their criminals and crime.

Yeah, and even though there are British smugglers and British scammers who scam people in Bulgaria and all across Europe, which is never reported by the English press, that doesn't reflect on all Britons, just the majority of them and those who seek to hide it or deny it.

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Mah Friend, didn't your tabloid media inform you that the truck itself was registered in Bulgaria in 2017, and has never entered the country since then? The container of the truck that contained the bodies was shipped from Belgium. So, Bulgarians have nothing to do with this other than allowing British criminals to register their crony businesses in Bulgaria because the taxes are too low. We did had problems with human trafficking and smugglers during the peak of the migration crisis, but ever since we build a huge wall on the Turkish border, the trafficking stopped.

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According to Gallup International, 33% of Britons want to leave their country, which is the highest in the developed world. Even higher than less developed countries like Romania. Quote from the Gallup survey:

"one in three Britons say they would like to leave their country permanently if they had the opportunity. Britons, in fact, are among the most likely in the European Union to say they would like to move, sharing the top spot with Romanians - 31%".

What is it about Britain that people will do anything to leave the country permanently? Perhaps Jimizo can enlighten us.

Also, according to another Gallup Survey that ranks the Tops Desired Destination Countries for Immigrants, the US is by far the top desired destination, the distant second is Canada, and UK and France share a 3rd place. Here is quote from the report:

The United States is the top desired destination country for the 700 million adults who would like to relocate permanently to another country. Nearly one-quarter (24%) of these respondents, which translates to more than 165 million adults worldwide, name the United States as their desired future residence. With an additional estimated 45 million saying they would like to move to Canada, Northern America is one of the two most desired regions.

The rest of the top desired destination countries (those where an estimated 25 million or more adults would like to go) are predominantly European. Forty-five million adults who would like to move name the United Kingdom or France as their desired destination, while 35 million would like to go to Spain and 25 million would like to relocate to Germany. Thirty million name Saudi Arabia and 25 million name Australia.

The most logical conclusion of this survey is that, people who speak English want to move to an English speaking country, the US and Canada being their top destinations. If they can't find a way to cross the ocean, England is the second best option since it's nearby and easier to get to. On the other hand, people who speak French would like to move to a French speaking country, hence why most immigrants to France are from their former French speaking colonies. Most immigrants to Spain are from Latin America for the same reason, the language.

While few countries speak German, Germany is likely seen as the best option for those who speak neither English nor French. Germany ranks 2nd after the US for foreign-born population with over 12 million. Russia ranks 3rd, likely because of the Russian speakers from central Asia. UK ranks 5th.

When it comes to the Chinese citizens from this article, nobody knows yet what exactly has happened. It is not known whether they were even trying to illegally get to England, or maybe they were forced for other reasons. We don't know. We can only speculate. China is arguably better off economically than England for low skilled people, and more developed countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia are much closer to China than England. So it doesn't make much sense for a Chinese to go through all this just to immigrate to England to get a low skilled job, when they can do that in their own country, or immigrate to Japan where they are actively seeking low skilled labor at the moment, or maybe try SK, Singapore or Australia. But again, nobody knows what happened yet.

I am just putting these numbers out there for perspective. It's really sad and pathetic when nationalists use this tragedy as a way to boost and reinforce their superiority complex. Hundreds of people from Africa die every year trying to get to Italy, but you don't see Italian nationalists boosting how great they are because there are people wanting to escape to their country. Virtually all of the Middle Eastern refugees want to go to Germany, going as far as chanting " we want Germany", but you don't see any nationalistic boosting from Germans about how superior and great they are because desperate and poor people want to move to their country. You only see that kind of pathetic chauvinistic boosting from English nationalists. See the comments on the previous article for reference.

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I often wonder why hasn't the US media picked on this yet. A lot of Americans would be upset to know that the Japanese worship the war criminals that started the war and attacked America. For the Japanese, including the Japanese government, knowing that their image in America is being tarnished matters more than antagonizing the Koreans and the Chinese.

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CNN: Crickets

Fox News: Crickets

MSM: Crickets

EU: Crickets

So what have we learned from this? I personally learned two things. One is that, if you have a democratic form of government, the MSM and the people of the world would not care even if you crack people's head open on the streets, arrest and beat to death separatists and use any form of power necessary to contain any form of discontent or uprising happening in your country. If, on the other hand, your form of governance is not democratic, and there is a separatist riot happening in your country, the MSM and the people of the world will be very upset with you if you even attempt to defend yourself.

The second thing that i learned is that in a sick society, hypocrisy is only a problem when it conflicts with somebody else's hypocrisy.

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We should write a big message in the fields of Calais -- "WE DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE".

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@JJ Jetplane

Anybody can sue anybody for anything. At least that would be the case if Japan had a good working judicial system. The train companies are private businesses. If you have been abused or wronged in some way inside the premises of a private business, you can hold them accountable for allowing this to happen. This will not be a bad precedent, but a very good one. Businesses and institutions must be liable for what happens inside their premises. When someone feels liable, they tend to be extra cautious.

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It's pretty obvious that Erdogan wants to kick the Kurds out of Turkey because if Kurdistan ever becomes an actual nation, it would mean Turkey would loose a big chunk of its territory. He wants to kick them all out of their territory to prevent that kind of a scenario. Also, the fact that, Turkey began their military operation literally the very next day after the US troops withdrew tells me they must have coordinated this beforehand with someone from the US.

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I've said this before many times. The way to deal with school bullying, chikan and pawa-hara is by reforming the judicial system so that parents, workers or ordinary people can sue the bejesus out of these failed institutions. Trust me, 2 heavy lawsuits for tens of millions will make any school director, no matter how incompetent he is, deal with the situation promptly. You hit the train company for several millions and they will find a way to deal with the grouping issue. Sue a corporation for power harassment few times, and you'll be amazed at how quickly they change their behavior. The fear of a lawsuit is a very powerful tool.

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I've been to Sapporo before once. It's a very beautiful city, especially in the summer and autumn. They definitely need more recognition, and this would be a good opportunity. The only problem with Sapporo is that they aren't connected with a shinkansen yet with the mainland. They are currently building the line, but it's scheduled to open in 2030. When Hakodate got linked with the shinkansen, tourism in the city boomed, but Hakodate is by far one of the ugliest and dull cities i have ever been to in Japan. Hokkaido in general would've been so much more better off if they had more political autonomy. I've been told that the reason why there are so many traffic accidents in Hokkaido is because they are stuck with the same traffic laws passed by the central government, which are entirely designed for the narrow roads of the mainland.

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No, they just trash their own Romany citizens and help breed Nazis. Lovely folks they are.

Can you give me a shred of evidence for that claim? I have never seen a newspaper or media outlet talking trash against Romani citizens. If they did that, they would get sued instantly. So again, give me your sources? Unless of course, you don't have any, and you are just an ordinary anti-Bulgarian liar?

Hating the English isn't going to make whatever dump you fled from any better.

So you are actually calling Bulgaria a "dump", and you think that's not racist at all? Sad how utterly incapable you are of looking at the mirror.

I think it’s time for a ban on Bulgaria in football competitions until they can rein in their racism.

It's really irritating how you English are utterly incapable of looking at yourself, instead blame others for what YOU do. Ban for what? 20 hooligans who were expelled from the stadium? Are you this utterly delusional about your own country where people are murdered on the streets? You can find 100 times more vile racism on a daily basis in England than you can ever find in Bulgaria.

I’ve read shocking reports about racism in that country

Like what?

Like this for example - ? Calling an entire nation "animals". Yep, that's definitely not racist in the slightest. Is this normal in England? That's a rhetorical question of course, just look at those headlines - Is this normal in England? You don't wanna answer anything that is inconvenient to you. Thousands of hate crimes, thousands of English leaving racist hateful comments, thousands of cases of racist abuse, Poles getting killed = non of that represents the English population. 20 hooligans in a football game = represents Bulgaria. You are racist, and you hate Bulgaria. Shame on you.

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