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QE has been happening for nearly 2 decades and the result has been low to negative price inflation, not to mention and a very stable global "safe haven" currency. How do you explain that?

Consumer prices have risen many times over the last 3 decades, even today, prices are rising, and this is something everyone can feel when shopping. Also, the Japanese yen is pretty much pegged to the dollar, and one of the main reasons for the QE is to maintain a weak yen that benefits the japanese export industry. The yen is not a safe heaven, it is a weak currency kept that way to favor the export industry on the expense of people's purchasing power.

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3 lost decades, heading for the 4th one, proves that it can't. It's really basic economics. You cannot keep inflation under control unless you stop the QE. QE creates a bubble of malinvestments and debt, which then has to get liquidated and removed from the economy. To do that, you have to stop the QE program, but doing so, would result in a mile recession, which they want to avoid, so they keep the printing press going thereby worsening the problem, as the inflation starts eating your saving, and increases the consumer prices, all that is happening in Japan, and has been happening since at least 30 years. There is very little productivity increases in Japan, which is why wages are not growing, but merely adjusting for the inflation.

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Because deflation has been an on going problem here. Kuroda and Abe want businesses to raise wages, so prices will rise, yet for far too long prices on many products here are artificially kept high already.

There are far too many structural problems with the economy that keep prices artificially high, and deflationary pressures continue, hence part of the reason for the easy money policies, instituted by ABE and not Kuroda!

For whom is deflation a problem?

I don't understand what you're saying. If prices are kept high, how can deflationary pressure continue? If there was a deflationary pressure, prices would be falling.

If the wage increase is a result of productivity increases, the prices will be going down, not up. The Japanese govt. wants to raise wages by raising prices, which they do by increasing the money supply in the economy. Obviously this is not a real wage growth, as any wage growth under these conditions will be merely an adjustment for the inflation with the extra bonus of killing all your savings.

Stimulus measures and QE cannot go forever, it is not a sustainable scheme for obvious reasons. To me it's clear that they don't want to let the bubble burst, which will happen as soon as they stop with the QE program. They are forced to keep doing what they are doing until they can't do it anymore. Unfortunately it is the average Japanese who is suffering, as the standards of living are decreasing.

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From the perspective of people's livelihood, what's more desirable is for prices to fall, not rise."

I am shocked such a common sense statement can come out of a Japanese politician's mouth. But then again, if he really believes this, why is he advocating for monetary easing aka inflation? Again with the contradictions.

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The USSR was forced, little by little to lose its stranglehold on the people of Eastern Europe, sanctions, tariffs ... whatever is needed must be used to diminish the power that is and allow the people to be free and the nation stop being a threat to all of Asia.

First of all, that was Eastern bloc, not eastern Europe. Second of all, i have never heard of any US tariffs and sanctions on the Soviet Union to begin with. The Soviet union was communist. The Eastern bloc countries and the Soviet union people were not allowed to leave for non-Soviet countries, they were also not allowed to export or trade with non-Soviet countries. The eastern bloc countries were exporting to Russia, in Russia every industry was micromanaged by the State. During that time, the countries that were trading with the Soviets were not allowed to trade with America, and vice versa. So that means tariffs or sanctions would've had no effect at all. What brought the Soviets down is their own inefficient system. Do i have to explain why communism and central planing does not work? The US didn't even have to do anything, they just waited for the Soviet Union to collapse on itself. The US used to spend about 3 percent on military, wheres the Soviets spent over 30% for the same period.

Also, according to various surveys, most people in the world see America as the biggest thread to World Peace, not China. It is the US interventions and provocations that is destabilizing the world. China is very much a pro status quo country, because they benefit from the international institutions. China does not interfere with foreign countries, nor does it impose their will on them, America does. Hong Kong is a different story, because they are part of China, they are not a foreign country. The whole hysteria about the extradition bill is massively exaggerated. There are currently no extradition laws in place, and the purpose of this bill was to allow that Hong Kong murderer who killed the Taiwanese woman to be extradited to the mainland. Many Hong Kong scholars have said they see no problem with the bill.

Ultimately, Hong Kong is a Chinese city. You may not like how the central government is running their own country, but that's their country, and not yours. I am sure Chinese people don't like how the American federal government is treating Detroit or Puerto Rico, but it's non of their business, so they don't say anything.

I am not saying i agree with the Chinese system, but it's their country, they can do whatever they want, it's not your business to interfere with them unless you want them to interfere with your country. Also, don't forget that not everybody in Hong Kong is against China. The US media reported that 1 million people were demonstrating, but the Hong Kong media reported that there were no more than 250,000 people citing policeman on the ground.

If you want to be a positive change in the world focus on being a good role model others would want to imitate. The power of example is much stronger than the power of forceful regime change or interference. Good leaders lead by example, which is ironically what China is doing.

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The solution is to break the chains of central command, and let the private market take over education. You will then see an explosion in all kinds of schools with creative curriculum. School diversity will offer parents of all kind choices to enroll their kids in the type of school they want and prefer. Some schools will do better, others not so much, those that do better will be preferred by others, soon more schools will copy them. The good thing is that parents will have a choice, they don't have that right now. The one fits all central approach is terrible for education, it promotes rigid uniformity rather than diversity.

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If the people of that island get too angry all the plumbers will go home.

There you go. Finally i made some of you show us your true colors.

The perpetuation of lies-based narrative in order to assert dominance and power. The narrative that Poles living in England are low-life plumbers who are at the mercy of their righteous English masters, so they shouldn't complain too much.

@Jimizo, see what i am talking about? It's not just a minority, they are the majority. It's what they always think, but rarely say out loud, because they are worried about their image, their fake image based on lies.

Notice the patterns. Make up a lie (=Polish people equal plumbers), repeat the lie, others conform to it, it becomes a mainstream narrative, now you can use it anytime to put others down and assert your dominance. It's such a flawless tactic, but it can only work with a collectivist societies.

Feels good to be vindicated once again.

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I can sense a certain island located Northwest of Poland getting angry over the newfound special relationship between Poland and America.

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30 million visitors is not "overtourism". Italy, which is smaller than Japan, has 60 million visitors each year. Even tiny Greece has about 30 million, and they are the size of Kanto Area.

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That's not the case at all. Criticizing the leader of a nation is not the same as criticizing the nation itself or even the whole government.

I don't know about American cartoons but the US media is literally 24/7 screaming against THE GOVERNMENT. Notice the word -- GOVERNMENT. When something happens in America, you never hear CNN saying this ONE guy is wrong, no, they THE GOVERNMENT THIS DID. But in England, saying these words would get you fired, or at the very least it will provoke an insane reaction against the person accusing him of being anti-British traitor. You never utter the words "our government is bad" in England. Never. Prove me wrong.

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Make your mind up, are you talking about England, or Britain? Or maybe the UK? Do you know the difference?

In all my comments i am referring to England, not Britain. Above i said that if anyone says anything bad of the government, they will be accused of being anti-British. THEY will say that, not me.

No it isn't. Nowhere near.

If you want to see Brits taking the urine out of the 'whole government or nation', go to YouTube and watch some old episodes of Spitting Images. Nobody insults themselves like the Brits do, and it's brilliant.

Again with the lies. Go ahead and give me a link of A SINGLE news article that criticizes the UK government. If you could, copy the link of a YouTube video where you think i can find comments posted by English people criticizing their own government. Again, NOT individual people or party , but GOVERNMENT and/or Nation.

Just few weeks ago there was a massive protest against their government. Who did the protestors target? Who did they spoke against? May, Boris, Nigel Farage. Not once did they utter the word "GOVERNMENT" despite May being elected by the WHOLE GOVERNMENT.

Brits insult themselves? in your dreams maybe, no in the real physical world i am living in. A lot of English people think they are the only ones with self-depreciation humor, when in fact that's a pretty much the norm in every European country, however having a self-depreciation humor is the same as speaking against your country and government. I have never seen anybody does that in England, that's my opinion derived from my personal experience. It will not change until my experiences change.

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@Jimizo Is this enough basis for you? Skip to the last clip for a good example of what i am talking about.

Like i've said to you last time, not ALL are the same, just the majority of them. But they definitely have an insane collectivist mindset and are very conforming to each other. Including their institutions, they protect each other. I've heard experts say this as well (here: They have what is known as Organizational Loyalty, which is the same mindset the Japanese have. The Chinese for example are more family-oriented, wheres the Japanese and English people have an organizational loyalty, if somebody doesn't conform to the norms of an organization, they kick him out, whether he is family or not.

A common trait that you see in England is lying and perpetuation of lies. They have learned how to "win" but making up a lie, then perpetuating it into oblivious by repeating it over and over again knowing others will conform to it and start repeating it too thereby creating a narrative which is very hard to counter once it enters the mainstream. I have personal experience with this, and have seen it more than once. I can give you concrete examples if you want but my comment will probably get removed.

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Can you give me some example of "anti-England" cartoons on the independent and the Guardian because i don't remember ever seeing any? I have seen cartoons targeting SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL people within the government and making fun of them, but never the Nation of England in a generalized way the way they do with others.

The reason why you will never see anybody saying anything bad against the whole government or nation is because if they did that, they will be targeted and accused of being anti-British. England is similar to Japan in this way, they are extremely conforming, and have group mentality. In their mind, if you criticize the government, you criticize England. That's why they never do it, they only criticize individuals within the government, but never the whole government itself like you see in pretty much every other country.

Notice how Nigel Farage for example have never in his life said a word against his own government against the things he is criticizing the EU for. He criticizes the EU for being too bureaucratic, but if he was principled, he should've criticized his own government for being too bureaucratic, yet he doesn't. How come? When the unelected Lords proposed a ban on Porn, Nigel again did not say a single word against this. He knows if he does criticizes his own govt. he will be accused of being anti-British traitor. It's a very collectivist society contrary to popular belief.

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I want to see more anti-England cartoons, and i am prepared to pay extra to see them. One that comes to mind could be a snake swirling around a visibly poisoned King who is breathing heavily on his throne. The King is wearing a crown with the US flag on it, while the snake's skin has the colors of the UK flag. The snake is painted with a smirk on its face, and a thought bubble above its head reads: "we have a special relationship, Milord''.

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How can a businessman be this economically illiterate?

First of all, China has already overtaken the US as the largest economy on PPP basis, which is the only basis that actually matters, in economics, it's called ''REAL GDP'' for a reason, because it measures the real size of the economy adjusted for the consumer prices of the country.

Even if China cut its economic growth on half, it would still grow faster than America and still overtake America within a couple of years for two reasons. 1 is because they are an industrial giant. They produce stuff. They manufacture everything. America doesn't produce anything anymore. Even their military parts are imported from China. You cannot be a military superpower if you're not an industrial one, and America is not anymore. 2 is because they are literally still only half way developed, which tells you how much more room for growth they have. Currently China is about 60% urbanized, wheres America is over 90%. Each year, millions of rural Chinese move to the big cities to enter the labor market. New cities get built every year, existing cities expand. What is happening in China right now is similar to what happened in America in the early 20th century when millions upon millions of immigrants from Europe and around the world immigrated to America. The economy boomed with all that new labor. Same is happening in China right now. Right now, they have about 400 million people mostly living on their coastal provinces that make up about 30K a year US dollars, which puts them in the middle class. And that's less than half their provinces. The manufacturing is currently moving from the rich coastal provinces into the inner provinces, while the coastal provinces are moving into a more services sector or high end production value jobs. It is estimated that within 40 years, China's economy will be larger than America and Europe put together.

Also, trade is not a zero sum game. It's a win-win game. You cannot win on trade unless you have a mercantilistic mentality and think exports means winning. For every economy the ideal situation is to import as much as possible and export as little as possible. Is it not a common sense that you want to GET as much stuff as you can and GIVE as little as possible? You only export to pay for the stuff you import. Trump thinks the economy is a number, but it's not. The economy is all the people living in the country. People benefit by being able to buy cheap stuff, they don't care where they buy it from.

Trade deficit is not an issue, and is certainly not their fault for being so productive that they have too many things to export. The dollars that the Chinese get from selling to Americans are re-invested back into America one way or another, so that benefits Americans in other sectors of the economy. It's the same of the seen vs the unseen.

Intellectual property theft is another subject, it's not related to trade or winning in trade.

It's really ironic how blustering Trump is against China without seemingly realizing that China is propping up the American government by buying US treasuries, and literally supporting the American middle class with affordable goods. They can tank the US dollar over night if they sell all those dollars. China having a weak currency is bad for China and good for America. Strong currency is good for China and bad for America. He doesn't understand any of that. He is clueless and illiterate.

You can't blame Trump for lying so much, you have to blame the people who fall for it. As long as there are suckers, there will be scammers.

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What obligation goes Mexico have to keep these people within their borders and stop them from reaching the US? They want to go to the US, not Mexico. They are not Mexicans, so why would Mexico be obligated to forcefully keep them within their borders, or turn them back? I guess they could turn them back, but that's not going to stop them, they will just start using more dangerous routes to reach America, just like EU countries trying to stop the migrants from entering their countries through the land boarder is only making them start using boats through the sea, which results in countless deaths. Same will happen in America if they can't use the land route.

If anyone has an obligation to help them, it's the US, since they are the primary reason why these countries are in mess to begin with. US war on drugs and mass demand for drugs is what creates and maintains the drug carters in these countries. On top of that, the wars and regime changes in these countries further destabilized them. They want to go to the US, they are not going to file for asylum in Mexico. Building a wall or bulling Mexico into stopping them is not going to solve the problem, it might even make it worse. There are other ways of dealing with the problem.

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Spending is not a measure of economic growth, savings is. Tell the us the data on household savings, and capital investment.

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divide Europe for decades between the West and the Soviet-controlled East, the face-off line of the Cold War.

Why do people use the term The West to describe The Western bloc from the Cold War?

The political division during the Cold War was not The West vs Soviet-controlled East. It was between the US-allied / controlled countries also known as Western bloc, which includes Japan and Turkey, and Soviet-allied / controlled countries also known as Eastern bloc. Originally they were called Capitalist bloc vs Communist bloc, but then the media kept referring to them as western and eastern bloc, and then they started abbreviating that to west and east, and then even more wrongly, they started saying western europe and eastern europe. These are cold war terms. Turkey is not in Western Europe, neither is Greece or Italy, neither is Japan. And the balkans are not in eastern Europe, neither is Poland or Ethiopia which was part of that communist bloc. Even more mistakenly people confuse the term western world, a historical and cultural term for Europe, with western bloc, because both are abbreviated as just "the west".

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War is all about money. Watch the documentary -- Banking with Hitler. America actually funded both sides of the war. Hitler is portrayed as a crazy ideologue, but if you examine his words and actions, they don't match. He was a hypocrite who changed his positions and views all the time to match the situation he was in. Ideologues are consistent, he wasn't consistent. Wars are all about money, power and control of the elite.

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I have been using YouTube since 2010, and i can honestly say the current management of YouTube is THE worst. YouTube has never been run by such an incompetent team. Ever since that guy Robert Kyncl took the job as the head of the business administration of YouTube, things have went worse on so many levels.

The main problem with YouTube was their "court system". Anyone could've strike down your video, and youTube would automatically shift the monetization from the video into your channel without actually investigating who is right and who is wrong. This was an issue for a very long time. When the new team came about, instead of fixing this system and making it more fair for both sides, and more easy for people to file a complaint against others and more easy to settle disputes, what they did was the opposite, they adopted a policy of micromanaging EVERYTHING in order to prevent an issue from occurring.

Their logic is because they don't have laws, they need to police every household to prevent crime from occurring so people don't need to use the courts in the first place.

It's a massively failed and stupid logic, and it resulted in so many more issues. Innocent channels are constantly shut down and demonetized. Big channels are left untouched while small channels can disappear over night without warning or notification. If you are a small channel, YouTube doesn't care about you. They automatically strike down channels by key words, and it can take up to several months and a lot of effort on your behalf to restore your monetization. People from YouTube team can also subjectively demonetize your channel.

Not to even mention the prevailing double standards everywhere. Big channels like Pewdiepie( who i detest ) can do whatever he wants. He can bully and dehumanize anybody, any group of people he wants, and his army of mindless conforming children love it. You can strike down him 1 million times if you want, youTube doesn't care, but god forbid if a small channel uses the wrong word, and you get shut down instantly.

At the moment, the small guy is powerless and voiceless on YouTube. Rules aren't the same for everybody. The system is incredibly biased and corrupt to its core.

They want to get rid of hate speech, but what is hate speech? For me almost every video of pewdiepie is hate speech, but why isn't youTube shutting him down? They would shut down someone for saying the word "idiot", which isn't remotely offensive, but pewdiepie making a video with over 50 million videos in which he says Indians have poop for brains, that's not hate speech? Of course, that's JUST A JOKE BRO, right? Massive hypocrisy. Never ending double standards and injustice.

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Isn't this dress code mandated by the government? As far as i understand, the group wants to make the government abolish this law.

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and for Japanese authorities to respect "the presumption of innocence" in their handling of the case.

How can they respect something they don't have, and most likely have never heard of?

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To me what is outrageous here is the fact that the central government is dictating to private businesses what dress code they should have.

"It's generally accepted by society that (wearing high heels) is necessary and reasonable in workplaces," Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Takumi Nemoto said during a Diet committee session.

Who is speaking for "society"? This guy isn't even elected by that same society, yet he thinks he can impose his value on people? Let people be free to make their own choices, and then we'll see what is accepted and what isn't.

Society is made up of people, and people aren't the same. It's really irritating how for them the notion of private property is completely alien. It's completely unacceptable to tell a private business how they should dress.

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Sure you can post pictures of your lunch or videos of your cat doing cat-stuff, but try posting a scathing profanity-laden rebuke of Xi, like YouTube activists do to Trump. Try damning the communist party, try posting a picture Winnie the Pooh even.

Progress and change takes time, that's my point. You can't openly call for political change, but you can still express criticism of the government, as many do. The point is that, 30 years ago, you couldn't do 1/10th of what you can do today. If you appreciate the change that happened in just 30 years, it's easy to see how things will change 30 years from now. Are you under the impression that the democratic countries of today were "born" democratic, and it didn't take hundreds of years for them to BECOME like that? Literally 50 years ago, women weren't allowed to vote in America, and Black people were hanged on trees. Social change takes time. Just because America overcame these issues and progressed does not mean every other country is on the same level. They are overcoming the issues now that you overcame then, give them time, and stop antagonizing them.

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A million interned Muslims might disagree.

As far as i know, the excessive policing in Xinjiang is due to the terrorist acts and multiple violent protests there. They show you the arrested muslims, but they don't show you the violent protests where they burn cars and attack random people on the streets. Also, you can still dozens of news about terrorists attacks in China, explosions at airports, car explosions, murders, attempts at murders and so on. That is the reason for the excessive policing in that particular region, in order to prevent acts of terrorism. You make its sound as if they are arresting innocent Muslims just because they are Muslims, if that were the case, why are they not arresting ALL the muslims, but only some? And if its just some, who are those "some" exactly? It's people suspected of either committing or plotting to commit act of terrorism. Also, several laws were passed banning the Muslims in that region from forcing women to wear hijab or other clothes against their will.

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Again with their schizophrenic mentality playing the "cool card" - "oh we are so important, we don't want the American president to come here, but he wants to come because we are so special and important". Dudes, YOU BEGGED FOR HIM TO COME to your island. They beg for Trump to come, and now that he comes, they pretend they don't want him in their country. They are the ones that beg for Trump to come, beg for special relationship with America, and then pretend they don't want the US president coming to their country.

I still remember the state-owned BBC doing a 1 hour special program dedicated to discussing why did Obama use the term "partnership" instead of "relationship". They beg for recognition by the US like a kid begs his father to let him drive the car in his lap. Now that their father / master is visiting, they play the "cool card" again. I bet in 2 weeks from now they are going to be crying again - please America, recognize us, we have special relationship, right? It's you and me vs the world. We cool, right? Please notice me, Senpai.

I've noticed that, the reputation of a country is largely crafted by a small loud minority. In the case of Japan, the right-wing nuts are responsible for a lot of the perceptions foreigners have of Japan, even though most Japanese aren't like that. Same for England. They have a reputation of being a "liberal Jeffersonian democracy", yet that image comes from a tiny unrepresented minority, wheres the vast majority of English people are ultra-nationalistic, who secretly enjoy the fake image portrayed by the small minority, who they also hate.

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Actually, protesters' goals are closer than ever before. Since the 90s, China's lack of political freedom has not changed one bit, however, their individual and social freedom have exploded. 30 years ago, there was 1 type of clothes allowed, 1 radio channel, one type of shoes, one everything. Today you have an abundance of choices. Even foreign movies are allowed, foreign brands are everywhere, everything is different. China have something like 4 websites just dedicated to sharing videos like YouTube. There are at least a dozen foreign brands alone dedicated to providing just one particular service just in one particular city. There are probably 10 different pizza brands just in Shanghai alone. 30 years ago people didn't even know what pizza look like. People have never been more free and better off than they are today. Economic freedom is prerequisite to political freedom.

Democracy in itself should not be the end goal. Freedom should be the end goal, and there is a big difference between the two. One is majority-rule, the other is individual rights-rule. Look at India. It's a democracy, but they are less economically and socially free than China. They have a massive bureaucracy, bigger than China's, and their corruption levels far exceed that of China.

The goal should not be voting, it should be having a good governance. Otherwise why not let 10 year old kids to vote? Because we all recognize that kids aren't smart enough to vote. Well, what makes you think that an illiterate uneducated farmer is competent enough to vote? You want good governance, not voting for the sake of voting. Stupid people vote for stupid politicians, who then destroy their own country.

Look at Hong Kong or Singapore. Two city-states with standards of living higher than many European countries with "glamorous" image like Italy and France, yet they don't have political freedom, but they have more economic and social freedom than many European countries do.

If i could choose not being able to vote in exchange for having complete personal freedom, i would choose that option before having the right to vote but being ruled by socialists who want to take 70% of my income and forbid me from selling lemonade in front of my own house.

I do believe over time China is going to become more and more democratic as people become richer, but it will take time, and it will happen naturally.

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The irony is that America is actually doing China a big favor by pushing them even more and incentivizing them to make the transition into a consumer-driven economy by increasing the value of their currency so their own people can buy the stuff they produce. All the reformers in China are cheering this trade war and using it to advance their cause.

China needs to dump all US treasuries, and then use all that money to cut down all taxes, so their people can retain a bigger part of their income, and thus have higher purchasing power to buy the stuff that they produce. They need to privatize their state-owned companies and stop subsidizing them. Once they stop doing that, their currency will rise in value, and now Chinese people will be able to afford to buy all the stuff they produce, then their companies will shift from exporting what they produce, to selling it on their own domestic market.

They have been talking about doing this for almost a decade now, but the vested interests inside the country are so massive that they haven't been able to do it yet. Once you merge big businesses with politics, you create powerful vested interests who will fight to their death to maintain their status quo. America is giving them all the incentives they need, will they manage to do it, remains to be seen.

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Dominace is peace. It is in our nature to compete and out do each other when we can. It's only when a winner is chosen that the fighting stops. Only through dominance can there be a real and lasting peace. Pax Americana has been one of the longest periods of relative peace we have known. Now that China is getting to the point where it can challenge the US and US dominance is diminished, the region has become less stable. So before you go to bed, remember to thank the US for the blanket of peace and stability that you sleep under. It will likely not last.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The Party believed that they could endlessly engage in a war to keep peace in the country. This slogan describes the reality of accepting two mutually opposing beliefs simultaneously as correct. -- 1984

I see you have been well indoctrinated by the Propaganda Machine. Competition is not the same as oppression. People in any country do not want wars, it is only a certain group within the State that want Wars and control over the world for their own benefit. Neither do most Americans want to control the world, neither do most Chinese. That's why all wars are sold with deception. Remember the incubator babies, nuclear weapons.. all lies sold to the people, because they know without lying people won't support the wars.

Peace is not achieved by dominance and suppression. That's called tyranny. You can't achieve peace through fear and intimidation, that only leads to anger and conflict. Peace is achieved through mutual agreement and understanding, but most of all, respect for other people's right to live in accordance with their own values.

America and the Soviet Union are responsible for the destabilization of half the world, in particular the Middle East, Korea, Latin America, Central Asia and about half of Africa. After the Cold War ended, America had already build a war machine called Military Industrial Complex with a budget larger than all the countries in the world put together. To maintain that budget, they had to invent enemies and maintain conflicts around the world for their own benefit. That's where the Iraq war started, and all the regime changes that destroyed country after country, left millions of innocent civilians dead, caused tremendous anger against the US and gave birth to terrorism all around the world. Non of that causes peace and stability. The middle east is not more peaceful or stable because of American dominance. Latin America is not more peaceful or stable because of American dominance. America needs conflicts and wars to maintain their military industry going.

If America did not intervene in any conflict, those countries would've found a way to solve their problems. If America did not have vested interests to maintain North Korea as a thread, SK and NK would've found a way to live with each other in peace long time ago. Same goes for Israel and Palestine, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is the American meddling that perpetuates these conflicts. Peace is the last thing they want, they want conflict, because no conflict = no arms sales = no money.

Peace in Europe did not come because of American dominance, it largely came because Europeans were tired of fighting with each other, that was one of the reasons for the European Union. If countries in the middle east or Africa wants to fight, let them fight. It's non of your business. If you want to help, you can help through dialogue and diplomacy, but forcing them to go your way does not solve the problem as we have seen already.

The world in the 21st century will be multipolar. US, EU, India and China. The existence of multiple super powers will give alternatives to countries who are sick and tired of US bullying them. The existence of alternatives prevents one power from dominating all others, it prevents tyranny. That's the sole purpose of the idea of separation of powers, the principle upon which the US government is based on, because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Market competition is not the same as government competition. Governments are monopolies, and they monopolize power. In the market, all competition is always a win-win situation for everybody, wheres government competition is the winner takes all.

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When trade stops, war start.

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