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Posted in: Japan considering ¥100 bil investment in large firms hit by virus impact See in context

They shouldn't be bailing out large businesses. If a large company can't handle 2 months of revenue losses, it means they are incompetent and should be allowed to fail so they can have a new more competent management. Only small businesses should be helped, and the best way to do that is by cutting down all taxes and extending credit loan payments. Also cutting taxes for all people too. In times of crisis, people don't shop or use public services, they save their money, the govt. should do the same.

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Posted in: Countries crack down on basic rights amid virus pandemic See in context

So don’t cough, or it’s an ankle bracelet for you - even proposing that in Australia!

Even if it happens in Australia, it won't matter. You won't see a headline like "ex-prison colony Australia cracks down on human rights", you would rather see something like "Political disagreement on how to handle the crisis in beautiful Australia".

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Posted in: Countries crack down on basic rights amid virus pandemic See in context

In ex-communist Eastern Europe and elsewhere, populist leaders are introducing harsh measures

So they intentionally picked 3 negatives cases of 3 countries, and used the cold war term "eastern Europe", which is associated to over 20 different countries, and of course, don't forget that they are also "ex-communist". Just in case you forgot. They could've showed us positive examples, but no, they had to perpetuate the negative narrative "eastern Europe = bad, communism, dictatorship".

How is that any different from what ex-fascist Western Europe is doing? People in ex-fascist Italy (which was described as a "beautiful med country" by the same news agency by the way! notice the sharp contrast in wording!) has also quarantined people and people aren't allowed to leave their homes. So when Serbia and Hungary do it, the media points at the negative aspect of the quarantine to reinforce the narrative - these vile eastern Europeans are still dictatorships with no rights, meanwhile Italy and Spain DO THE EXACT SAME THING = beautiful med country just trying to protect its beautiful people. Unbelievable. I am sure before doing this piece, they had to look into the situation of multiple countries just to find out the most negative cases, and then cherry pick them to reinforce their narratives.

Multiple countries have declared emergency situation, which by definition takes away a lot of civil rights, and gives a lot of power to the ruling government. The media never criticized any other "ex-fascist" country for cracking down on rights, yet they criticize the "ex-commies" for doing what others have already done, and worst of all is that, it's only 3 countries that they picked, yet used the collective term to paint all others with the same brush, whether or not others have done the same is irrelevant for the Media, even just one "ex-commie" country to have done it is enough to use the term "eastern Europe".

It's just unbelievable to me that this kind of reporting is allowed. Absolutely vile and malicious people. Just give me control over the media for few months, and ill make even Switzerland look like Congo. It's mind blowing how this vile and vicious disrespectful, insulting and unacceptable deceptive reporting is allowed to continue. I would pay to read an article with the headline "ex-nazi Germany this and that", "ex-fascist Western Europe cracks down on human rights" and then point out at the French surveillance program which is NSA on steroids, but of course that would never happen, at least not from AP, AFP and Reuters. AFP being a French State media, and Reuters and AP being American and English news agencies written by Americans and English. Trump is right, the media = the enemy of the people. For once before i die i want to see the narrative makers suffer the way their pray does.

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Posted in: Trump seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators See in context

Trump has always been a big government buy. If you let businesses raise prices on the products with surging demand, you wouldn't have to force them to produce what the market needs. Companies know what the market needs better than Trump or any government. The reason they aren't producing it is because they have no incentive to do it. You can't increase the output without increasing the cost. If they were allowed to raise the prices, they would've had profit incentive to expand production of that product, and other producers would've had the same incentive too. The supply of the product will increase very quickly, and with it, the price will start falling again. Trump is probably the most economically illiterate president the US has ever had. Even Obama was more literate. Trump has a very nationalistic outlook on the economy. He thinks he can protect it, control it and manage it to work in his favor. That's a typical socialist/fascist way of thinking. The saddest thing is that people will now associate his policies with capitalism, when they are 100% socialist.

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Posted in: Xi tells Trump China and U.S. must unite to fight virus See in context

I like how they always use the term "state media" to subtly discredit everything they have to say. Strange how they never use the same term when referring to BBC. Even more strangely, how many people here know that AFP itself is partly owned by the French government? The Media, the nuclear weapon of the 21st century.

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Posted in: Pompeo says G7 agrees China spreading virus disinformation See in context

So what exactly is the "disinformation" he is talking about? This article just says that Pompeo accused China of disinformation - what is it? Give me an example of something China has said that isn't true? I can give you lots of examples of US govt. and CDC- can he give me an example of the Chinese govt?

Also, what conspiracy theory? The Chinese official literally asked a question. He made no claims. He asked about the data that CDC is not releasing, he asked about the US patient zero, and he asked the CDC to release the data. He said the virus MIGHT have come from the US. That is not a claim. It's not a conspiracy theory, it's a question, and it's a very valid question. There is tons of evidence that the virus MIGHT have originated from the US. Here is some: and it doesn't come from China either.

It's so obvious to anyone who doesn't have low-IQ that the Trump admin is trying to shift the focus from the incompetent way they handled this towards China. He praised China the first 2 months of this crisis, and then when it hit the US, the turned ballistic against China over night (source:

The argument for their China bashing hysteria is that they covered the virus for 2 weeks before their told the WHO. China claims they were conducting investigation to make sure this is a new virus before they sound the alarm, and that's why they arrested that doctor who released info, because it's against the law to release information on things that are under investigation. Once it was determined that it's a novel virus, they alarmed the WHO. This was back in early December. The US and Europe stood and watched China deal with the virus for over 2 months, and didn't do anything to prepare. Now you are telling me that if ONLY China were to alarm the world of the virus 2 week earlier back in December, this whole crisis would've been avoided? Is there anybody here whose IQ is low enough to believe this? They didn't act for 2 months, and now they claim the 2 weeks back in December is the reason for the crisis?

Let us also not forget who Mike Pompeo is. He is a former CEO director, and last year he openly said this: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. Hahaha" (source: Think twice before you trust a guy who openly says he cheated, lied and stole as a CIA director.

He is a comprehensive timeline of how China dealt with the virus: Look at the FACTS for your own.

This is a timeline of how the US dealt with H1N1 - Compare the way the two countries reacted, and make up your own mind about who is lying and who is telling the truth.

And here is a "conspiracy theory" about the virus possibly coming from the US - based on evidence and facts. Watch it and make up your own mind.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

They should rename this website to "England Today", since this website is now predominantly domestic English news. Why should anybody, obviously other than English migrants, care about that old nobody? He is irrelevant to the rest of the world. This is not "international" news.

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Posted in: China to lift lockdown in most of virus-hit Hubei province See in context

Since they won't be able to export their production for at least several months, now it would be a good opportunity to try again to let the Yuan appreciate in value so people can have higher purchasing power, and start consuming what they produce, rather than exporting it all to foreign countries. Now it's a good time to try to switch to a consumption based economy while the rest of the world is on lock down and keep pumping trillions into their crippled economies devaluing their currencies, ramping up inflation and one step away from a massive recession.

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Posted in: Mask diplomacy: China tries to rewrite virus narrative See in context

China will never be a global leader for two simple reasons:

1 - They don't want to. For the same reason Japan, which was the second major country after US for close to 40 years was never a global leader, because leadership and initiative are not part of east Asian cultures.

2 - They don't have international media. In the 21st century, it's the media, not military, that gives a country power. Notice who writes all these articles every day? It's always only 3 news agencies - AFT, AP and Reuters. They are written by Americans, English or French, and guess whose narratives and agenda they propagate? Have they ever interviewed or asked any Chinese people for anything related to China? Notice how Chinese people never seem to be interviewed or asked for their opinion in these China-related articles. You never get to hear the Chinese side of the story, only the American and their two lapdogs - England and France.

You cannot be a global leader if you don't have global media to shape people's view of your country and to push your agenda and narrative worldwide. America has that. China doesn't. Notice how nobody blames America for causing the European refugee crisis. That's not even talked about. Can you guess why?

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Posted in: Trump dubs COVID-19 'Chinese virus' or 'kung flu' despite hate crime risks See in context

Well, his prez campaign was based on anti-Mexican/Chinese/Foreign hatred, and it worked for him well. So why should he stop now. The funny thing is that, this virus could have actually come from America (reference =

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Posted in: "How are we going to eat?" Virus tests Europe's social nets See in context

In my opinion, what should've been done is to isolate the elderly and order them not to leave their homes, and everyone else under 60 or 50 should've been free to go about their daily lives as usual. There is very little chance that people under 50 will die from the virus. That way, the majority of people will pass the virus and hospitals and institutions would be free to deal with only the people in serious condition.

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Posted in: 'We're going big': Trump seeks $1 trillion economic stimulus as U.S. battles coronavirus See in context

"America will never be a socialist country". America already is 60% socialist, and is going for 65% thanks to Trumpski. What the orange buffoon is doing will only make things so much worse, but he doesn't really care about the long run, he only cares about getting re-elected. This crisis has only highlighted how weak the US economy really is. Businesses are riddled with so much debt, they can't survive even 2 months. Injecting so much money will only increase inflation even more , reduce purchasing power, and corrupt the economy even more with bad loans and credit. The US economy is such a mess, i have no idea how can people not see that this will end very badly sooner or later.

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

The best thing Japan and any other country can do right now is cut all taxes to zero, and stay away from the printing press. On one hand they are ordering people to not leave their homes, on the other hand they are thinking of injecting more stimulus into the economy to make people spend more. People aren't going to spend, and they shouldn't spend, they should save their money and buy only the necessary items, and businesses shouldn't artificially be made to divert resources producing stuff that people don't need and won't buy.

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Posted in: U.S. summons Chinese ambassador over COVID-19 conspiracy theory See in context

"China is seeking to deflect criticism for its role in starting a global pandemic and not telling the world," a State Department official said.

They did told the world as soon as they conducted an investigation to determine if there really is a new virus, which is the proper procedure done EVERYWHERE. That happened back in December. The world sat on their butts and watched how China quarantines city after city, and didn't do anything. Two months the world didn't do anything, and now they are "caught by surprise" and blame China for what they could have been prepared, but weren't. The blaming of China is really getting on my nerves, especially the never ending lies "they didn't inform us", "they were hiding the news". Mindless robots. China reacted faster than any nation in the history of the planet has EVER reacted to an outbreak. As soon as they found a new virus, they conducted an investigation which took 2 weeks, and then they informed the WHO, which then said the speed with which China reacted was "UNPRECEDENTED". TWO months buffoons in America stood and DID NOTHING, and now they can't stop blaming China for THEIR OWN incompetence. If this virus were to appear in America, it would've taken probably 2 months, not two weeks, before their govt. made any announcement. Same thing happened with H1N1. Truly disgusting and despicable people, especially the right-wing worms and their queen leech Fox. "Chinese virus", "Chinese virus!!", "they owe us an apology!" -- "well, what about America apologizing for H1N1, and for creating the European refugee crisis, and for killing millions in the middle east?"- "oh! You must be paid by the CCP!".

The problem with America is the one-sidedness of information when it comes to foreign affairs. Fox hosts constantly complain that they are the only one that present the "other side of the story" and that they are overwhelmed by the "liberal media" who pushes their views, and people never get to hear any alternative view points. Well, when it comes to foreign affairs, they are ALL on the same boat, pushing the exact same view, and people never get to hear the alternative view point, the other side of the story. RT reporters got banned from attending WH press conferences, and the rest of the media has ganged on them and tried to discredit them. CGTN or other Chinese media have practically zero presence in America. So, all Americans get to hear is one sided information. Imagine all you ever hear was Breitbart and Fox news. Every news channel was like Fox and Breitbart news. That's literally the case when it comes to China, Russia, Iran and any other nation that isn't "allied" with America. Here's the other side of the story when it comes to the "Chinese virus" a bit of perspective.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic flame lit in Greece amid virus precautions See in context

The fact that the Chinese were kicking a ball ten "billion years ago" doesn't mean they invented football; football, the game and its rules was invented in Ingurland.

Never mind we can barely play it now, but that's a different story!

Looking forward to upcoming "scientific" research "proving" that the Marathon was actually born in Kenya, that Yasuke (black "Samurai) was the best Samurai ever (!), or that the Yayoi were totally darkk, therefore making the Japanese the descendants of black people. Or that without black scientists, rocketry and the NASA moon adventures wouldn't have taken place.

I am not sure i understand your point. You contradict yourself, which is typical for English people. You claim that just because someone was "kicking the ball" in China does not mean they invented football, but then you claim that England invented football. Why? Just because someone was kicking the ball in England? You are confusing popularizing a game, and inventing a game. Football rules today are very different than back in 19th century.

Either way, what is that has to do with what i said? The ancient Greeks stole everything from ancient Egypt, including their mythology and scholarly work. I am simply saying that the sports that are now associated with ancient Greece were actually ancient Egyptian. The Greeks took the sports event from Egypt and re-named Olympus sports, because they carried it out at mt. Olympus. We are celebrating Egyptian culture, not a thief culture.

Also, Yayoi were not Black, they are ethnic Koreans.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic flame lit in Greece amid virus precautions See in context

Just like almost everything else falsely ascribed to ancient Greece, Olympic Games were too stolen from Ancient Egypt.

Read the book Stolen Legacy. Such a pity that the greatest civilization that ever existed, that gave birth to European, Indian and Chinese civilizations, is now reduced to ashes, and everything they gave the word is falsely ascribed and associated to the biggest thieves in ancient history - ancient Greeks.

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Posted in: Trump officials emphasize coronavirus was 'Made in China' See in context

The US is not even testing people in order to keep the numbers now, and they haven't taken any serious measures to contain the spread of the virus, yet they blame China that has quarantined half their population. Even the WHO said that the speed with which China reacted and took measures to contain the virus were, quote UNPRECEDENTED.

When is America going to apologize for H1N1 that killed millions of people worldwide due to the utter incompetence and lack of care on behalf of the US authorities? When is the US going to apologize for HIV? When is America going to apologize for killing millions of innocent people, women and children in the middle east? When are they going to apologize for bombing hospitals, schools and causing the refugee crisis in Europe? Oh that's right, never, because nobody has the media power to force them to apologize. The anti-Chinese hatred is disgusting. You are all despicable. I wanna say more but the mods are watching.

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Posted in: Japanese companies tighten belts, declining to offer base pay hikes See in context

@JJ Jetplane

That's because Japanese productivity is very low, mostly because of excessive red tape and protectionism, but also inflation. If productivity does not increase, any rise in the wages means increase in prices.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

Obviously he didn't mean to say that he wants all 1 million people tested on the same day on the same location. It would be spread out over the course of several weeks on multiple places around the country.

Japan always fears facing the truth. They want to believe that absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

Actually Japanese people, much like English people, believe that if they don't know something, then there's nothing to know. "I've never heard of it, therefore it doesn't exist", "I don't know anything about X, therefore there is nothing to know about X". Island mentality in action.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

Remember folks, no good deed goes unpunished.

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for ¥8.9 mil face mask price gouging See in context

We apologize for being economically ignorant buffoons who have caused and will continue to cause mask shortages by imposing price-fixing on a highly needed product thus reducing its production.

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Posted in: Makers distance themselves from Abe's 600-million mask pledge See in context

Now they are subsidizing the very industry whose production they themselves discouraged. Instead of allowing the prices to go up, which will immediately encourage producers to increase production, and encourage other producers to join in, they will now take the money from the people in the form of a tax and give it to the producers. This will not only decrease people's purchasing power even more, but it will also not help increase production significantly. Are they going to subsidize all industries, or only the mask manufacturers? If only the mask manufacturers, their increased production will still not be enough, there will still be shortages, but now people will have less money than they did before. If they allowed the price to go up, other producers would have been encouraged to stop producing whatever they are producing, and start producing masks, because of the increased profits. All the demand would have been met, and with the increased supply, prices would start falling again. Why don't these journalists ask some economists about this. Apparently nobody cares what economists think.

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Posted in: Japanese get creative in face of coronavirus crisis mask shortages See in context

Why is nobody pointing out the fact that the shortage of masks is directly caused BY government itself? They have imposed a price fixing on the production of masks, which has prevented companies from producing enough masks to supply the demand. This puts people's live in danger by making them use DYI masks which are obviously not reliable. This is stupidity at its finest. Like i explained before, you cannot increase output unless you increase production costs, which means you have to charge more for the product, otherwise you will be producing it at a loss. By allowing businesses to raise the price, the production of masks becomes more profitable, and the production increases. More businesses shift production to that product too. As the supply increases, the price falls down again. By preventing the initial price rise, they kill the incentives for producers to increase production. This is just another reason why people should be studying basic economics in school instead of history or other BS subjects.

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Posted in: Quarantine measures questioned as woman tests positive after leaving cruise ship See in context

Everything that doctor said online is now confirmed to be true. The entire quarantine process was handled by bureaucrats, rather than medical experts. Why are politicians in charge of this? Doctors and medical institutions should have been put in charge of this whole operation from the beginning, not politicians. They should put that doctor Kentaro Iwata in charge, rather than trying to discredit him to save face. I looked at his twitter yesterday, and just as i thought, his posts are swarmed with right-wingers hating on him and posting old tweets trying to discredit him. Apparently some have even called his university and tried to get him fired. Many of course accusing him of being a Korean. How can anybody be so mindlessly idiotic to prioritize "saving face" when people's lives are in danger? Idiocracy.

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Posted in: 'Bureaucrats were in charge': Japanese doctor blasts ship quarantine See in context

We can see one difference between China and Japan here: The Japanese government will not disappear this doctor for having spoken out.

I'm guessing you haven't heard of Prof. Masaki Shimoji who got arrested for 30 days for speaking against the nuclear radiation in Fukushima, and tried to organized several protests against nuclear energy. He had to flee to America to tell his story there:

Of course this wasn't covered by any Japanese or American media, but if this was a Chinese professor, oh god..

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Posted in: 6,000 hygiene masks stolen from Japanese Red Cross hospital in Kobe See in context

There is a shortage of masks because the govt. has imposed a price fixing on the masks, and doesn't allow the price to go up. It's the same in China. China is the factory of the world, so one would think they wouldn't have any problem producing any amount of anything especially when there is a huge demand for it. How can a manufacturing giant like China have a shortage of anything? The answer is price fixing. When there is a huge demand for something, the price of that product goes up, and producing that product becomes more profitable, as a result production increases, and more producers shift their production to that product. As supply of the product increases, the price once again falls down. When you however prevent the price from going up from the start, you kill the incentives for producers to increase production, and you discourage others from shifting their production to that product. If they can't increase their profit, they can't increase their output either, unless they work on a loss. Ironically, govt. trying to prevent a shortage is actually causing one. Also ironically the liberal media crying about racism is actually causing more racism with their profit-driven in and out hysteric covering of this virus.

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Posted in: 'There will be dad and mum': Putin rules out Russia legalizing gay marriage See in context

During his two decades in power, Putin has closely aligned himself with the Orthodox Church and sought to distance Russia from liberal Western values, including attitudes towards homosexuality and gender fluidity.

Why is this in the "news" section when this is purely somebody's ignorant conformist opinion? Russia is a Western country. Last time i saw there weren't Buddhist walking around in Russia, and there is no such thing as "western liberal values". Imagine trying to claim the very notion of being liberal as part of your culture, and then accusing others of being nationalists. This is the very definition of an Ultra chauvinistic attitude. There are liberal values, and there are conservative values. Values don't belong to any particular country, let alone fictional non-existent region that exists in the minds of tabloid authors and their books.

Germany legalized same sex marriage literally less than 3 years ago. Were their values "non-liberal" up until then? Was Germany a "non-western country'' until 3 years ago? Italy still hasn't legalized it, so i guess Italians aren't Liberal then. In the US, Obama unconstitutionally made same sex marriage federal law in 2015, despite almost half the states opposing it to this day, some even explicitly banning it. So i guess those states aren't Western, and don't have Liberal values then. In fact, Americans used to lynch Black people on the streets less than 50 years ago, so i guess America wasn't a Western country 50 years ago. And Europeans used to chase witches and burn them alive few hundred years ago, i guess they weren't Western too, since the very definition of this enigmatic term means modernity and everything holy in the universe. Thailand and few other east Asian countries have legalized gay marriage, i guess that makes them Western Liberal Democracies now.

This is an absolute cult perpetuated by mindless conformity. There is no other way to put it. They can't report the news without turning everything into my group is better than your group. News should be about reporting facts, not reporting your narrative. If i wanted to hear your narrative i would go the opinion section.

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Posted in: Oscars draws smallest-ever audience See in context

I watched "Parasite" yesterday. I have to admit it was a good movie, and the story was very interesting. However i still think that Korean comedies are much better than their dramas. To me a really good movie is one that you would want to watch over and over again, and "Parasite" isn't a movie you would want to watch over and over again. Still it was good. I really don't care about Oscars or what they think is "the best movie". That's just their subjective opinion, not a universal objective truth arrived at by some algorithm. A lot of Americans are pissed at the Oscars for not giving the award to minorities, i would assume that's why they didn't watch it. I am also guessing that had at least a little to do with why they gave the award to a foreign movie.

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Posted in: The South Korean film "Parasite" won four Academy Awards on Sunday, including best picture. Yet, foreign-language films with subtitles have a hard time drawing mainstream audiences in English-speaking countries. How do you feel about films whose dialogue is not your native language? Do you like watching such films with subtitles? See in context

I used to watch films with subtitles all the time growing up, since English isn't my native language. When i learned English, and starting learning Japanese, i used to watch Japanese movies, dramas and anime with English subtitles. Now that i can speak both languages, it feels so much better watching anything without subtitles, but i still don't mind watching films with subs. The problem i have is rather that often non-English/Japanese movies have references that makes sense only in the cultural context of that country, and it's very hard to understand the meaning from just the subtitles. Often the story is either feels weird or makes little sense without understanding the cultural context. Still, watching foreign movies is a good way to experience and get a touch of different cultures around the world.

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Posted in: Japanese companies confront reality of racial harassment See in context

Further, there were times when I was told very explicitly that my allegedly American ideas were not suited to British culture.

He is right. Democracy and individual freedom are not suited to English culture. Their culture is about nationalism and monarchy.

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